What We're Eating: New on Store Shelves, Plus a Giveaway

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Metromint Waters
Our friends at Metromint sent us some of their mint-flavored waters to try. You know we like to drink water, but we do try to be environmentally friendly whenever possible. Still, we like to shake up our usual H2O sometimes, so we were happy to sip on these. The Spearmint variety was reminiscent of mouthwash, but the Chocolatemint variety was crisp and clean. This would be a refreshing beverage to try after a long workout. ($1.39-1.69 per 16.9 ounce bottle)

Kashi GOLEAN CRISP! Toasted Berry Crumble

We usually have at least one box of Kashi among our myriad cereals in the SparkPeople kitchen. The box of Toasted Berry Crumble sent to us by Kashi went quickly. With a nice--and not artificial--berry flavor and a nice crunchy texture that didn't get soggy quickly, this was great on its own or sprinkled on yogurt. ($3.99 per box)

Bear Naked Maple Pecan and Peak Flax Oats granolas

I love real maple syrup, and this Maple Pecan granola is made for maple lovers. The granola itself is sweet without being overpowering, and the accompanying candied pecans have a hint of rosemary (confirmed by reading the ingredient list). Trust me--you'll want to splurge on this. The Peak Flax Oats granola was so-so. My homemade granola is better and cheaper. All I have to say is that it's a good thing Bear Naked doesn't sell bags of just those pecans. Those are irresistible! ($4.49 per 12-ounce bag)


KIND Bars are essentially nuts, dried fruit and honey in bar form. If you like your bars to have short ingredient lists, you'll like these. With about a dozen varieties (we were sent Nut Delight, Fruit & Nut Delight, Mango & Macadamia, and Banana & Oatbran to try), there's a bar to suit everyone's palate. We liked these bars. They were filling and delicious. With 160-230 calories and 7-15 g fat (mostly from the nuts) per bar, these were a great pre-workout snack. These are part of the new healthy snack initiative at Starbucks, so if you don't recognize these bars you soon will. ($1.99 per bar)

Fiber One Muffins

Most of the fiber in these blueberry muffins is added in the form of inulin, and the primary ingredient is wheat flour rather than the better-for-you whole-wheat variety. Not as tasty as Chef Meg's blueberry muffins, but at 170 calories each with 7 g fiber and 4 g fat each, these are a lot less scary than the variety you see at most bakeries. ($3.99 for four)

NEW Greek Yogurts
Dannon and Yoplait now have their own fat-free Greek yogurts in single-serving tubs. The general consensus: Thumbs-up if you like Greek yogurt. The Yoplait is tangier than the Dannon, but both are good. I usually make my own, but it's nice to know that plain Greek yogurt is becoming more readily available.

There's no information available on either product on the company websites, but I saw them for $1.19-$1.29 each. (I bought these products myself)

Equal Exchange Coffee and Chocolate

Just in time for Valentine's Day, we heard about the Equal Exchange Organic Chocolate & Coffee Pairing Gift Bag. This kit includes a variety of organic coffee and chocolates and packaged in a 100% Recycled Printed Gift Bag for $34.95.

Equal Exchange chocolate bars are on sale until Sunday (Valentine's Day), so enjoy free shipping with the code "chocolatelove" (contingent USA only). Dark chocolate is the way to go, and when you pair it with coffee, you'll notice all sorts of nuances beyond the sweetness.

Salada Tea and Elements Giveaway

In honor of the Salada Tea/Element DVD partnership (Salada coupons in Element DVDs and coupons for Element DVDs in boxes of Salada Tea), the companies have created 5 gift sets featuring some Salada freebies like tea and a water bottle and Element DVDs. Five lucky readers (U.S. only--check out the rules here) will win a gift set. Click here to enter. The contest runs until Tuesday, Feb. 16, at 9 a.m. EST. (we'll be reviewing some Element DVDs soon, too.

What is your new favorite food? Have you seen anything on store shelves that we should try?

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I'm a fan of just plain water. Neither my DH nor I liked the MetroMint waters. I make my own muffins. Haven't seen the other products around here. Report
I really like the kind bars. They are a great fillling between meal snack. Report
Yum! Report
My husband LOVES MetroMint Water! He has not tried the chocolate one - I don't see that one on the shelves. I may have to look online so he can try it. I personally like Hint Water; however I honestly have not found a low-calorie or NO calorie water that I absolutely love :( I used to drink Vitamin Water all the time, but I know it's junk. Report
I love metromint water, Just a little to expensive to drink on a regular basis Report
My dd likes the KASHI products. I think they are expensive, but since she'll eat them, I let her get them. Report
Thanks for testing these - some will work for my daughters as well. Report
I agree with PICKIE98. Remember local, fresh and real. If you like minted water, add mint leaves! It is cheaper, fresher, and not wasteful! Report
I love mint but find the MetroMint a little light on flavor. I think I will stick with Propel. The cost is the main reason for this. I can get the dry propel packets for about 30 cents each and don't have to have a new bottle every time. Report
The problem with most of the healthy grocery items is the price! I love Kashi products, but cannot afford them anymore.... Report
I just picked up a box of the new Kashi cereal this morning. Haven't tried it yet, but it looks good. :) I think I'll stick to plain ole water. Report
Have you tried PB2? It's dehydrated peanut butter that is lower in fat and calories than regular peanut butter. Report
I love Kashi cereals but find them a bit pricey for my budget. Report
Why do we need another bottled water? Just another example of a waste of resources when you toss the bottle away. Let's stick with plain water! Report
All those bars and flavored waters are yet another gimmick to get us away from more local, smaller footprint nature foods like celery, peanut butter, etc. JUST WATER. Why do I need to have flavor in water? In the history of the earth, I do not see where people could not live without processed water!!
I always make my list as an essentials list. Needed things, not wanted things. I agree with Miezekatze: gag.. The human body was not created to be bombarded with inventors whims,; it was, however, designed to be flushed out and replenished with fresh water, provided conveniently by the planet, not by a factory. Report
I saw the Fiber One Frozen Muffins yeaterday, looked good except the price, I will not be purchasing them anytime soon. I certainly know how to make extras and freeze my own. Report
I just say no to bottled plastics and drink delicious cool water from the steel bottles I carry with me. Water in plastic- yuck! Toxic to my body and to the environment. Report
Thanks to a handy decoder from Kashi, I'm getting better at understanding labels but my new pet peeve is "SUGAR FREE" in big letters and, in tiny print one of the ever increasing artificial sugars or sugar alternatives that all trigger migranes in me. I do; however, enjoy trying new foods. They are not new but my current favorite is the Del Monte fruit cups, especially the red grapefruit and the peaches (not the sugar free). They both have sugar but the calories are at reasonable levels. Why not just work small amounts of the real thing into your food plan instead of using alternatives? Report
Oroweat Double-Fiber Whole Wheat Bread: big slices, 70 cals and 6 g fiber per slice. Also the Oroweat round flat sandwich roll, whole wheat, 100 cals, 5 g fiber per roll.
May not be new, but Mrs. May's all natural Almond Crunch: slightly sweet and healthy, 6 pieces per serving, 156 cals and 3 g fiber. Report
I like the fiber one bars but they are too much like eating candy so I am trying to cut back on them. Kahi-go lean is my favorite breakfast. I noticed there is an additinal serving size for calorie conscous people. I never eat it with milk . I eat it with cottage cheese and frozen wild Maine blueberries =Yum ! Report
I tried the metro-mint water (though i was a bit skeptical... chocolate water??) and it was surprisingly good. It didn't have that artificial chocolate flavor i expected. The other flavors were very good too. Report
I don't know if it is NEW new, but my new to me favorite food is Natures Path Organic Granola Bar Chewy Cranberry Ginger. I will look for the new Kashi cereal. I love anything Kashi, their granola bars are great and I have GoLean cereal for breakfast almost every morning. I also like Kashi 7 Whole Grain Puffs, especially that it has no added sugar, but since I am working on increasing my protein and fiber, I usually stick with the GoLean. I originally bought the Puffs as a treat for my chinchilla, but I ran out of cereal one day, swiped some of hers and discovered that I liked it! Report
everything sounds great-- I am going to buy the water tomorrow Report
Olivia, the water doesn't have any kind of sweetener at all. Just peppermint and some sort of cacao extract. Report
Thanks so much I love kashi!!! Report
I've tried fiber one and greek yogurt as well as the water don't like the water though Report
Cheaper yet - If you grow your own mint - peppermint or spearmint add a sprig to a bottle of your own water - I use a brita - so I have filtered water without the waste of all those bottles. Mostly in the summer I'll add some peppermint - and sometimes a slice or two of lemon, lime or orange - which is good for a couple of filling of my water bottle before I have to replace them.

I have tried the greek yogurts - and although they were good, I still prefer Fage fat free Greek yogurt - usually on my oatmeal with a touch of cinnamon and sugar. MMMMMM. Report
I've tried the Water- I have to say it must be an acquired taste? YUCK! Report
I also had terrible problems with "Fiber One" bars. They are made with peanut flour and I'm alergic to peanuts.. they about put me in the hospital. I checked the label and didn't buy the peanut one but it didn't matter because its in the incredibly small print in the ingrediant section. I learned my lesson there. READ IT ALL... I just feel that if the company really cared about its customers and product they would of listed it on the wrapper so we all could find it easier. Lots of company's do. Report
Kashi cereal looks yummy--can't wait to try it! I've the Rice Works brown rice crisps and they are now my favorite chips! I love the whole grain taste! Report
I have tried a few of these products, and I was happy with them. The one on this list I'm most wary of is the chocolate mint flavored water.... kind gives me the heebie jeebies lol Report
That Kashi sounds AWESOME!! As for the Greek yogurt, I'll continue to get mine from more environmentally-friendly, small-scale sources. It's the same price and I find that Yoplait and Dannon use corn syrup instead of sugar and WAY more of it than other companies.

I would love to try KIND bars sometime -- maybe next time I go hiking and can spare 250 calories for a snack-sized item. Report
I love anything Kashi and can't wait to try Bear Naked products! Report
I like the Kashi Go Lean Crunch cereals, however, I am becoming more and more aware of the amounts of sugars in products. At 12g of sugar per serving, that works out to almost 3 tsp. of sugar. A little less sugar would be ok with me. Report
I love flavored water, but finding it without sucrose or something in it is hard-do these mint waters have fake sugar? I hate the aftertaste. Report
I've had Skyr before, but never in the U.S.-what stores do you know of that carry it? The one big problem with it is that it's sooo sour that you have to put sugar in it, way more tangy than yogurt. Report
I found the Fiber One bars had too much fiber as well. However, they now make a lower fiber and lower calorie (90) bar that is much easier on my system. They come in chocolate and peanut butter. I actually prefer them to the original. Report
I just have a hard time with the fiber bars, terrible gas I hate it but I need fiber for irritable bowel. Report
I got turned on to the Kashi producst by way of a coupon for a free box of cereal in the mail and I've been faithful from that day. It's a healthy and tasty alternative to good eating. I'll have to check out the Metromint waters. Doesn't sound to exciting but we'll see, thanx! Report
I like the Fiber One Bars. Also I like Kashi products too. Report
I have always been a big fan of anything Kashi and Bear Naked!
Not so sure about a chocolate-mint flavored water, but I'm always up for an adventure (now, watch! I'll probably love it and have to fill the fridge!) Report
I too carry my steel water bottle. However, I hate water. I drink it anyway. I Love Hint favored waters. Pear is my favorite. Its not heavy or overly sweet like so many flavored waters it "just a hint." If I find my self at the grocery store and hungry or craving unhealthy food I pick up a Hint and it keeps me on track until I've made my meal.

I'm skeptical of Dannon or Yoplait's greek yougurt. How authentic can it be? I do like Oikos. I'll give it a go.

Love the Kashi cereals! Report
Chocolate mint water?

I think I just threw up a little in my mouth. Report
Has anyone tried Skyr? Not sure if spelled correctly - it is an Icelandic type of yoghurt and I like it better than Greek Yogurt, but it is only available in select areas of the U.S. I love Kashi products, but haven't seen the crumbles yet. Report
Hmm...but how many chemicals are in those new greek yogurts? Right now I am obsessed with Chobani because I can trust the ingredients!

And Kashi cereals are AWESOME! Report
Thanks, if I can find some of them I will try. Report
Love the fiber one products. Report
I have tried the Kashi Toasted Berry Crumble cereal, and it is FABULOUS! I sprinkle it on top of Greek Yogurt with a few frozen (thawed) berries mixed in, and it is a great breakfast or snack that sticks with you.

I am so glad to see that Yoplait and Dannon are both going to have Greek yogurt now. I can't get Greek yogurt at the three main grocers in town and have to make a special trip to another store to get that, so it's more of a treat than a staple at this point. Since Dannon and Yoplait are more mainstream, I'm hoping I'll start seeing this on my grocers' shelves soon! Report
Oh, Equal Exchange makes the best coffee and chocolate. If you or your honey are a fan of both, this will be an absolute score! Report
Peppermint water is great, I make my own. I drink it all the time at room temperature, but it is good cold too. For those that donít use the plastic water bottles, you can buy Peppermint oil and drop a few drops in your water for a burst of energy. I am not sure about the other products because I have
allergies. Report
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