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Stay on track with Weight Watchers Snack Cakes, Brownies, and Muffins. These delicious treats are perfect as part of a smart breakfast, an afternoon snack, or an easy, sensible dessert to finish your day. Making smart choices doesn’t mean sacrificing deliciously satisfying treats.
  • Weight Watchers Blueberry Muffin – Topped with coarse sugar crystals and filled with real wild blueberries, this classic morning treat looks and tastes like a bakery fresh muffin.  But with 5 grams of fiber, 160 calories and a PointsPlus® value of 4, this muffin is a great addition to a well-balanced breakfast or morning snack.

  • Weight Watchers Double Chocolate Chip Muffin – For chocolate lovers, this muffin delivers a burst of real chocolate flavor from larger chocolate chips, coupled with a slight sweetness from the coarse sugar crystals on top.  With just 160 calories, a PointsPlus value of 4 and a filling 6 grams of fiber, this quick treat satisfies taste buds and hunger pangs at any time of day.

    For more info, please visit: www.weightwatchers.com/sweetbakedgoods

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  • SANDRA11370
    I love the coffee cake. If you like cinnamon they are awesome - 3/18/2012   4:51:38 PM
  • 28
    I tried the chocolate chip muffins...they are very soft. And the sugar on top is gooey- almost like frosting. lol - 3/1/2012   9:07:23 AM
  • SAS202554
    I like some of the weight watchers products. It helps to have them on hand of you are in a hurry and need something quick to take with you!!! - 2/25/2012   11:29:31 AM
    I do not like the muffins as well since they have added the crunchy sugar crystals on top. - 2/11/2012   7:16:55 PM
  • 25
    I don't do weight watchers. But, I have brought some of their baked goodies. - 2/5/2012   7:23:23 PM
  • 24
    I did weight watchers for almost 2 years and I love the chocolate chip cookies. I also continue to eat weight watchers seedless rye bread and whole wheat muffins for breakfast. Saves on calories and such. - 2/5/2012   7:14:13 PM
  • EMILYD1952
    I agree, they are tiny.
    Also they are dry, and not very flavorful.

    I much prefer Chef Meg's Blueberry Flax muffins. They are much better tasting and actually have healthy ingredients. - 2/1/2012   4:58:34 PM
  • 22
    I tried the carrot cake yesterday. Was shocked at how tiny it was once I opened the box. It was ok but a little on the dry side. I agree with others and would rather make my own version with whole ingredients. - 1/29/2012   10:07:16 AM
  • 21
    If I am going to have a muffin, I like the "VitaMuffins" ay 90 calories. If you really wsnt a wonderful treat, cut it in half and spread with a little fat free Cool Whip. - 1/29/2012   7:09:41 AM
  • 20
    Weight Watchers also makes chocolate chip cookies and oatmeal raisin cookies that are found in the same section as the products above in your local grocery store. Delicious! Each cookie is individually wrapped, 9 come in each box, and my favorite part....the cookies are soft! And at 90 calories each? - I satisfy my sweet tooth with minimal guilt! - 1/19/2012   1:12:41 PM
  • 19
    I like many of Weight Watchers products, especially the little snack cakes, but these muffins just don't cut it for me. I was recently on a tasting panel for both varieties, and they weren't very good - the texture was gummy, and the chocolate muffins had a cloying taste that overpowered the chocolate. They got some things right, like the nice aroma and sugar crystal garnish on top, but I'll be passing these up until/unless they redo the recipe. - 1/16/2012   10:18:54 PM
  • ***LISA***
    I agree with TUBLADY, I'd rather make my own treats so they aren't loaded with preservatives and other ingredients I can't name. But, in a bind these wouldn't be too bad. - 1/16/2012   7:30:34 PM
  • 17
    Back in the beginning of my weight loss journey I tried some of these snacks, plus other 100 calorie Hostess cakes, etc. They are not that good. Too processed. You can make your own fresh ones , using healthy ingredients . For the sweet tooth craving, I turn to fresh fruit, mostly grapes for my sweet fix. - 1/11/2012   7:16:47 PM
  • GBRACK77
    I totally disagree with JLDACQ. She evidently has not tried the Weight Watchers cakes, the lemon, and chocolate. I am an avid sweet eater and when I diet I have to have good sweet substitutes and these Weight Watcher cakes in the lemon and chocolate cakes are absolutely the best; the best. - 1/11/2012   10:51:38 AM
  • 15
    I tried the WW sweet baked goods, and I don't like them at all. The cake parts were not moist at all and the icing wasn't all that tasty. Weight Watchers, I'm very disappointed in these products, and I won't be buying them again anytime soon. - 1/11/2012   9:05:01 AM
  • 14
    I have enjoyed the WW treats however, since I have stared to watch my sodium intake, I have found that a lot of WW products have a high amount of it. I would suggest that if you are watching the sodium content, read WW labels carefully.

    Nora - 1/10/2012   5:20:28 PM
    Since I do have a sweet tooth...these can satisfy me with a controlled portion (you'd be amazed at how many bites I use to finish a muffin...to make it last). Yes, it isn't the healthiest choice...but my choices are so much better than in the past. And I'm quite happy that I have a choice. Thanks for the info (I have no problem with SP talking about products from sponsors...it's stated right up front). I'm a big girl ( no where's near as big as I was) and I can decide what I want to read and what I want to buy. - 1/10/2012   5:02:22 PM
  • 12
    When are they gonna come up with a frozen donut with half the calories? I'm not a muffin person at all! - 1/10/2012   4:05:57 PM
  • 11
    Good info - 1/10/2012   3:17:45 PM
  • 10
    Good info - 1/10/2012   3:17:43 PM
    Hmmmm, SparkPoints for commercials? Oh well, I guess whatever keeps the site free. - 1/10/2012   2:50:32 PM
  • 8
    Although these desserts have a considerable amount of sugar, this does offer people an easy low calorie snack that tastes just as good as the even more sugary snacks they are used to. Moderation is the key anyway right? - 1/10/2012   2:03:36 PM
  • 7
    I am trying hard to not eat processed stuff. I would rather have a big banana or a boiled egg than a tiny muffin. - 1/10/2012   1:58:44 PM
  • 6
    these are still loaded w/ sugar and carbs. Not good for diabetics. - 1/10/2012   1:39:41 PM
  • 5
    This might be a good way for people to transition to more healthy eating from eating out. Convenience and portion sizing - good way to start.

    Jocelyn - 1/10/2012   1:23:19 PM
  • 4
    I bought some of the little chocolate rolls, they're filled, and 100 cals each I think. But LITTLE is the operative word here. I think you could have that big of a piece of a Hostess HoHo and it would be 100 cals, cause it's really SMALL. Just makes me want MORE. - 1/10/2012   1:12:49 PM
  • 3
    My main goal for 2012 is to eat a lot less processed food, but if I had to grab something ready-made these seem like they would be a pretty good option. - 1/10/2012   12:43:25 PM
    Some of there stuff is really yummy! Thanks for acknowledging these good treats! - 1/10/2012   12:14:34 PM
  • 1
    Thanks for the tips! - 1/10/2012   10:11:43 AM

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