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Here's a roundup of the most interesting stories we've seen on the web in the last week or so.

  • Ways to Cut 100 Calories from Your Meals, from Women's Health.
    I love features like this, where you learn painless and simple ways to save calories and still eat well. Do you have a tip for saving calories effortlessly. Here's my tip: I cut the cheese and sour cream from my burrito and have only guacamole. I still get a creamy, rich topping, but the fat from avocados is the heart-healthy kind. Another good one: Skip the mayo and cheese on a burger.
  • Denny's Lowers Sodium in Several Menu Items, from AOL Food.
    According to Nation's Restaurant News, the chain reduced sodium by 25 percent in its hash brown and shrimp skewers and by 20 percent in its cheese sauce. The rest of the menu remains untouched. It's a good start, but there are plenty of other items with incredibly high sodium content.

  • The Happy Weight Calculator from Self.
    We all have an "ideal" weight in our mind, but what must you sacrifice to get there. This fun calculator helps you determine a goal weight that will allow you to be happy and healthy!
  • Optimists Live Longer, from FitSugar.
    Do you see this glass as half full or half empty? Your answer could determine the length of your life, according to a new study.
  • Tips, Tricks and Techniques for Cooks of All Skill Levels, from Cooks Essentials.
    This site's "Building Block Recipes" are particularly helpful. Learn the basic techniques for soups, sauces, stocks, omelettes and more.
  • Hundred Pushups Challenge Fail, from Dietgirl.
    Shauna Reid is so funny and down-to-earth! Her blog post about failing the 100 pushups challenge reminds us that it's not the destination, it's the journey!
  • Recipes from The Joy of Cooking are higher in fat and calories than they were decades ago, according to an AP story.
    On a related note: Has anyone else noticed the line of frozen foods bearing the Joy of Cooking name? Isn't promoting frozen foods and cookbooks contradictory? That cookbook (an older version, from the 60s) is my go-to reference in the kitchen. I'd much rather make a from-scratch version, wouldn't you?

    What stories interested you this week?

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  • 82
    WOW!!! My Happy Weight is 27 lbs. less than SP recommended and 37 lbs. less than LA Weight Loss recommended several years ago. At my age, I would be as wrinkly as a prune!!! - 3/19/2009   4:22:37 PM
    Interesting about the Joy of Cooking. This has been my go-to cookbook for forever. Whenever I need to learn how to cook a new dish I can depend on JoC to give me a dependable recipie, nothing fancy but every recipie works.

    I'll have to look for an old edition of the JoC! - 3/17/2009   10:26:33 AM
  • 80
    Wwell, as interesting as the article was I was shocked and dismayed to learn that I am 99 pounds over my "happy" weight. I didn't think it was that bad. I have been working out for about three years and have never lost more than 40 pounds at a time. I have just lost ten. I really need to think about this and get more serious. - 3/16/2009   8:37:54 PM
    my happy weight is 132.4, but i'm happy with 125. As long as I feel healthy, that's good. - 3/16/2009   8:16:58 PM
  • 78
    My happy weight is (supposedly) 124, which is 13 lbs above my goal weight. Considering that I'm wearing a size 8 (well, in some brands) at 10 lbs above my goal... I won't be going for 124. - 3/16/2009   2:15:52 PM
    My Happy Weight says 139....my doctor and I have agreed on 125. 139 is only 12 pounds away! After losing 30 pounds that sounds wonderful. - 3/16/2009   1:26:53 PM
  • 76
    I found the Happy Weight article interesting. Actually, it indicates my happy weight (142) slightly higher than my goal (135). DH would love that since he's told me he doesn't want me to get too skinny. He likes for me to have meat on my bones. - 3/16/2009   12:23:40 PM
  • 75
    I loved the "happy weight" thing, but had to chuckle. I'm currently 155. My ultimate goal is 120, but I've said to my husband, "I'd be happy w/ 135".
    Guess what "Self" said was my happy weight: 132!!
    How accurate (but funny)!!
    I LOVE sparkpeople! Jennie - 3/16/2009   3:10:14 AM
    my Happy weight is less than my Ideal BMI- both numbers are unrealistic. I would be very ill if i weighed this amount. I have weighed this before and was very weak. - 3/16/2009   12:18:55 AM
  • 73
    I used the happy weight calculator. I changed my frame from the default small to medium. My happy weight is 141, which is 1 pound more than the goal weight I set for myself. WooHoo! - 3/15/2009   7:13:20 PM
  • 72
    I could not get the weight calclatore to work i am sure it is my computer..
    It is a great blog.. - 3/15/2009   12:05:32 PM
  • 71
    My happy weight is 160.5, about 2 pounds less than I figured. I don't know if I'd be happy there, but it beats where I am now, lol! - 3/15/2009   11:59:42 AM
    My happy weight is 113 lbs. The last time I weighed 113 lbs, I was 14 years old. I weighed 120lbs when I graduated high school. At my peak fitness condition as an adult I weighed 125 lbs and ran a 5K. My goal weigh is 120 lbs. I don't think I could ever get back to 113 lbs and remain healthy. - 3/15/2009   11:49:33 AM
  • 69
    So maybe its better to use the "ideal weight calculator" It at least gives you a range to fall into. - 3/15/2009   11:40:06 AM
  • 68
    Mine says 146...I'm 135 now and want to lose 10... I would not be happy at 146. - 3/15/2009   11:35:10 AM
  • 67
    Ack! My happy weight it says is 133 lbs.. I exercise about 5 times a week.. not high impact, but I walk (or try to at least) about 1 and a half hour after dropping my kid at preschool.. I weigh 115lbs right now.. at 133, I was definitely not ermm happy lol... - 3/14/2009   8:21:13 PM
  • 66
    thanks for the links. Tips for cooks did not work for me. I loved the happy weight link since it says 135.1 is my healthy weight! WoooHoooo!! - 3/14/2009   8:03:17 PM
  • 65
    Aren't men allowed to have a happy weight? Why is it that most articles ignore men who have weight issues. Hummm, isn't it sexist to assume that women only have weight issues! - 3/14/2009   4:37:35 PM
  • 64
    my "happy weight" is where I am at right this moment. Maybe I'd like to tone up some more, but the calculator would like me to lose thirty more pounds! It's just one way of looking at things, you don't have to completely rethink your goals.

    Your mind will know where you feel comfortable and at your best. Not the numbers on the scale! - 3/14/2009   1:38:23 PM
  • 63
    My "Happy Weight" is 5 pounds less than my goal. Hummm maybe I need to adjust my expectations. - 3/14/2009   11:55:32 AM
  • 62
    WHAT????!!! My 'happy' weight is 3.5 lbs less than my M.D.'s ideal. This does NOT make me happy!! - 3/14/2009   11:35:49 AM
  • 61
    I think its interesting that most (not everyone's) people's happy weight is only a few pounds shy of their goal weight.

    And I can't ditch my pop tarts to cut calories! Toaster's aren't allowed in dorm rooms! - 3/14/2009   10:04:18 AM
  • 60
    I'm currently 259 lbs. My goal is 160. My happy weight is 155.5 Right now I'm happy that I've lost 16 lbs since 1-1-09. - 3/14/2009   2:13:37 AM
  • 59
    I know what weight will make me HAPPY and I am going to get there. - 3/14/2009   2:00:17 AM
  • 58
    The calculator seemed to have a really low number for me. My happy weight was 122 after changing it to work out 1x a week (which I don't) and allow treats. Honestly my 'ideal' weight is 125 but i was expecting my happy weight to be a little higher then that. - 3/13/2009   4:58:31 PM
  • 57
    My happy weight is 131.5
    and my goal weight is 132, so I guess I made my goal pretty accurately, not I just have to keep on working at it til I hit it. - 3/13/2009   3:58:46 PM
  • 56
    Quite interesting about the Joy of Cooking analysis. Thanks for the link. Food for thought! - 3/13/2009   3:21:03 PM
  • 55
    My Goal Weight is right on!!! - 3/13/2009   2:34:41 PM
  • 54
    Yay!! My goal weight and happy weight is a difference of 12 lbs. - - to my favor! - 3/13/2009   1:58:03 PM
  • 53
    My happy weight is 139.5 but I weighed 145 in high school during peak training for track and field! I currently have a lean mass of 155 pounds. These calculators never seem to work for me. - 3/13/2009   12:22:49 PM
  • 52
    My happy weight is 128 and I am at 131 as of today - Little more work to be done there.. :) Thanks for the article. - 3/13/2009   11:56:39 AM
  • 51
    I have to laugh. Most of the comments on this blog are about that stupid Happy Weight Calculator! I am really flummoxed. I am 5'6" and it says I have a SMALL frame?? Not sure that is true, as I have never considered myself SMALL, but oh, well. In any case, I figure my goal weight is 160? Happy Weight Calculator says 137! Sheesh! Talk about a lack of continuity! I am rather disgusted with the calculator. I think that is unrealistic. I haven't been under 140 pounds since I was in JUNIOR HIGH, and was 5'4"!

    Ok, so enough ranting. I also looked at the 100-calorie article. Great ideas; most of which I already do. And I looked at the dietGirl blog - she's great! Anyone who hasn't read her blog, definitely pick up her book. The book was super and really inspiring to read. It's like reading a Motivator's blog.

    Thanks for the blog! - 3/13/2009   11:53:17 AM
    According to the "Happy Weight" calculator, my ideal weight is 162 - which is about what I weighed when is was 18. I am 6 feet tall and fairly muscular, and my goal weight is 170ish, so I guess the calculator is not too far off, but 162 sure is optimistic. Love the links! - 3/13/2009   11:51:59 AM
  • 49
    The "happy weight" calculator put me at my starting weight, which is crazy. It happens that my wrists (& ankles) are a bit thick, but in my case that doesn't mean I have a large frame overall. I'm much happier & more attractive at my goal weight, 22 lbs below that supposed happy weight. Happy to be on my way there! - 3/13/2009   11:46:27 AM
    FYI: one tablespoon of salted butter is 102 calories, and one tablespoon of regular sour cream is just 26 calories. Check it out in the SparkPeople Nutrition Food Search if you don't believe me. Sure, Greek yogurt has 4 calories in a tablespoon, but it's not available everywhere (especially at restaurants) and it doesn't taste the same at all. I don't know what that Women's Health website has against sour cream! - 3/13/2009   11:14:35 AM
  • 47
    130 is my goal weight - Calculator 137.3 is my Happy weight.
    That would be nice!
    I'm already at 136.... And I think at 133 I'll be happy. The pants need to fit and the butt and tummy need to be toned.... Those jeans are going to fit comfortably! - 3/13/2009   11:01:48 AM
  • 46
    Well apparently my "Happy Weight" is 122. I thought it was 130 but now I feel like I have to push to get even lower. I wish I didn't know that and I would have been happy at 130. - 3/13/2009   10:43:44 AM
    My happy weight is 138 - 3/13/2009   10:38:05 AM
    My final goal weight would be 140 pounds. According to the Happy Weight Calculator my happy weight is 147.5 pounds. I could live with that! Thanks, it was fun to do! - 3/13/2009   10:13:08 AM
  • 43
    i'm not that happy either with the happy weight calculator... seems unrealistic to me! I always thought I was a large frame but Self puts me at medium and wants me to be happy at 130! (20 pounds below my goal weight!) Damn right I would be happy if I EVER get to that number again.... I don't even think it's possible! - 3/13/2009   10:11:52 AM
  • 42
    Not bad, I wasn't to far off. Goal weight, 135. Happy weight 131.2 - 3/13/2009   10:04:48 AM
  • 41
    My happy weight is 126.2. My goal weight is 115. - 3/13/2009   9:59:18 AM
  • 40
    My goal weight is 145. My happy weight is 150. I would be very happy when I reach either one! - 3/13/2009   9:47:00 AM
  • 39
    If I get to my "happy weight" according to this, I'll be back to my "high school" weight--and I haven't seen that since 1967! Linda C - 3/13/2009   9:33:25 AM
  • 38
    The happy weight calculator was pretty much right on for me. Interesting about the Joy of Cooking frozen meals. I haven't seen these. Then again, I've stopped buying so many frozen meals. - 3/13/2009   9:27:14 AM
  • 37
    The happy weight calculator put me at 15 pounds less than my goal weight. In fact it had me where I was almost 30 years ago and before two children and a complete hysterectomy! I think I'll stick with my goal that I've got set for myself. - 3/13/2009   8:58:36 AM
  • 36
    My goal is 150. My "happy weight" is 140.5. Hmmm. I think when I get to 150, I will be quite happy, but we will see. I'm interested in the 100 Pushup Challenge, though. I'm going to check that out. - 3/13/2009   8:42:08 AM
    I think the happy weight calculator is also guilty of being unrealitic. It suggested a weight of 126 for me...at 140 (my goal) I am under 20% body fat. When I did get down to 124 years ago, I quite my menses for over a year and was medically advised to gain 10 to 15 pounds. Some of us are just more solid! - 3/13/2009   8:23:37 AM
  • 34
    The Happy Weight Calculator, it put me 2 lbs above my official goal weight. - 3/13/2009   8:19:50 AM
    The weight calculator says 138 for me, which is 1 lb higher than my original goal weight and 4 lbs higher than my goal that I have in mind now. And is only 10.8 lbs away, WooHoo! - 3/13/2009   8:12:18 AM

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