Weekly Link Roundup: Avoid Your 'Bliss Point,' and How Celebs REALLY Slim Down


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Did you know that legally, our food can contain maggots?

Did you know yoga has been proven to help asthma patients?

And did you know that those vehicle warranty calls are a scam?

We're not making this stuff up. Read on to learn what caught our attention this week.

Texting May Be Taking a Toll
"They do it late at night when their parents are asleep. They do it in restaurants and while crossing busy streets. They do it in the classroom with their hands behind their back. They do it so much their thumbs hurt."

From NYT.com

Avoid Menu Items That Take You to Your Bliss Point
"The "once you pop, you can't stop" campaign seemed kind of cute, but the catch phrase actually embodied truth in advertising. Former FDA commissioner David A. Kessler says some foods are scientifically engineered with particular combinations of salt, sugar, and fat that ultimately take you to your "bliss point" and keep you reaching for more."

From FitSugar

Just in Time for Cookout Season: The Pros and Cons of Condiments
"As the rest of the world teased out the political implications, I, of course, got to wondering which was the more nutritious pick. Must be the mustard, I figured. But that question raised others: Is mustard much better than mayo? Does pickle relish -- or, to revive an old controversy, ketchup -- count as a vegetable?"

From Washington Post.com

How Celebrity Moms (Really) Lose the Baby Weight
"A combination of many emails and my brewing disgust at the celebrity magazines and their coverage of "How I Lost The Baby Weight" have compelled me to finally expose the sham behind what has frustrated women all over the world.
Remember, I train celebrities and I am forced at times to put up with their unbelievable nonsense. So here's the deal."

From Jonny Bowden

Yoga Helps Asthma Patients
"Adults with asthma reported increased quality of life and reduced asthma symptoms after 10 weeks of yoga practice, according to research presented today at the 56th Annual Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) in Seattle. The study followed 20 subjects age 20-65 who were beginners at yoga."

From American College of Sports Medicine

FTC Files Suit to Stop Illegal Robocalls Pushing Vehicle “Warranty” Extensions
"The Federal Trade Commission is asking a federal court to shut down a telemarketing campaign that has been bombarding U.S. consumers with hundreds of millions of allegedly deceptive “robocalls” in an effort to sell them vehicle service contracts under the guise that they are extensions of original vehicle warranties."

From Federal Trade Commission

11 Secrets the Food Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know
"Sure, the FDA limits the amount of rodent droppings and other appetite killers in your food, but unfortunately that limit isn't zero. The regulations below aren't harmful to your health—but we can't promise that the thought of them won't make you sick.

  • Canned pineapples can contain up to: 20 percent positive mold tests
  • Canned tomatoes can contain up to: 5 fly eggs and 1 maggot per 500 grams
  • Frozen broccoli can contain up to: 60 mites per 100 grams
  • Ground cinnamon can contain up to: 400 insect fragments and 11 rodent hairs per 50 grams"

    From Women's Health

    Which story or stories caught your attention this week?

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  • 69
    Add pecans to the list of Food Secrets, I'm sure!! Today, I just discovered that a bag of pecans I bought at grocery store (not a corporate brand, but some farm out of Georgia that sells bags of nuts) not more than a month or so ago - apparently had some freeloaders packed in with them, or the eggs thereof, but they are now alive and well and crawling around, eating through the pecans, and leaving their webby remains. Ewww. I had to throw the bag out - just a little too much "protein" for my appetite!! - 11/27/2010   12:46:55 AM
    I already knew about food allowances for parts of creepy crawlies. As someone who grew up on a farm, I can tell you, you get some off all foods, including fresh. - 3/11/2010   10:36:05 AM
  • 67
    Please don't get wigged out about a few biological contaminants in your food.

    Having grown up helping tend the family garden and later educating gardeners on Integrated Pest Management techniques, all I can say is learn to tolerate a few creepies. You eat them regularly in fresh and canned organic food.

    The alternative to tolerance is increased use of pesticides and increased food prices.

    One of the reasons "organic" products are more expensive, aside from marketing, is the increased labor and associated costs needed to manage pests and maintain productivity.

    The FDA does have to respond to consumers and producers. The regulators are aware of the public's general intolerance of pests in food. The maximum tolerances are set so the food will not cause harm. In addition, the producers don't want to spend too much money on pest control. It eats into their profits.

    Go back to your garden. Five insect eggs and one maggot are small. You likely get more than 20 mold spores in your bread than your pineapple. You introduce more storage pests into your food in your cupboards than pests in canned goods if you are not storing your food properly or trust the grocery store is going so.

    There are a lot of Sparkers commenting on tolerance here. I'll add my admonition to theirs and ask you to consider if you want to pay more and tolerate less. - 2/7/2010   6:04:17 PM
  • 66
    I'd have to thank JB for putting celebrity moms on blast and opening a few eyes. We have to accept that in order to get a "REAL" hot bod and be healthy, you have to put in the work! That means diet and exercise under your own steam! Think how wonderful those results are when you do it the right way and don't seek the quickie way (read surgeries and unsafe diet pills). Thanks so much for the article, us real women are willing to do the work (no nannies, no trainers no surgery) good diet, good exercise and the awesome support team at Sparkpeople! - 10/25/2009   10:37:27 AM
    I was just reading the article about texting. Last year, a 14 year old girl from my children's school walked off the school bus, straight into the road, whilst texting. She was hit by a car that had no chance of avoiding her, & killed instantly. There is no doubt that if she hadn't been texting, she would be alive today. The person she was texting was her boyfriend - who was on the bus she had just left & who saw her die.

    Such a sad & unnecessary waste of a young life! - 6/8/2009   7:07:16 AM
  • 64
    okay the food thing is just plain gross.. I do rember my mom always put flour in the frezer but i never knew why.. Now i know !!! I just always did this because she did.. She did say that it keep it fresh.. - 6/2/2009   12:43:04 PM
  • 63
    Great links, thanks! - 6/1/2009   1:04:36 PM
  • 62
    In addition to what biological waste can be accepted, think of the chemicals!! Canned foods all contain high levels of BPA! - 6/1/2009   12:52:58 PM
  • 61
    Students are not permitted to text or use cell phones in our school. The phone is taken away and parents have to come in to pick them up.

    The problem arises when the parent has been texting his/her child during class and is angry at having to come to pick up the telephone. We try to explain that we will get the student to the telephone as quickly as possible or give them a message.

    I just want to keep my students on track to finish the lesson. I don't want to fight parents as well as the students' friends to do it. - 6/1/2009   12:18:48 PM
  • 60
    Reading the FDA thing makes me that much gladder that I keep kosher, since those levels are not acceptable under kosher standards, and products that are certified kosher have to undergo their own inspection. Like the Hebrew National hot dog ads say, we answer to a higher authority!

    Here's another crazy quality-control thing: the standards for tap water are higher than the standards for bottled water. So you're tap water may very well be purer and less contaminated with, well, anything, than your fancy, store-bought, plastic-encased bottled water. - 6/1/2009   11:18:15 AM
  • 59
    I read the texting article, as I have two teens (and two pre-teens) and they text all the time. Hard to believe it, but they can text with their hands inside their sweatshirt pockets - yikes!

    I also read the article on the condiments. That was good information; thanks for including that. I skipped the article on the 11 secrets. I think I'd read that on Eat This, Not That before, but I already knew it and didn't want to sick up my breakfast.

    The celebrity moms article just disgusted me. Why bother having a baby if you're not even going to bond with it? And who cares if they have plastic surgery (i.e., why try to hide it)? They all have surgery in the end anyway; that is their profession: looking good for the camera.

    I was really glad to read the FTC autodialing article. I really hated getting those calls. For a while, I was getting 2-3 a day on my CELL phone. I don't give anyone my cell phone number, so I knew it was a fake call. Plus, when I tried to get them to take my name off the list, they hung up on me. And, when they actually get on the phone, they wanted ME to tell THEM which car THEY were calling about! I was like, "If you don't know which car I have, then how do you know the warrantee is running out?" They hung up on me again! What a pain. Thank goodness someone is taking care of that problem. - 6/1/2009   11:15:03 AM
    After being in the navy and doing three deployments, the bugs in the food doesn't bother me much. We just kind of took it for granted that our food was going to have something "extra" in it. Some of us joked about it being UFO's, unidentifable foodlike objects. - 6/1/2009   6:45:48 AM
    We are over protected, where are the days of just accepting that not all germs are bad for us. Our immune systems are very powerful things. We rely too much on modern day antibiotics and run a mile from anything slightly dirty. Time to relax a little and trust our bodies. - 6/1/2009   4:43:13 AM
  • 56
    Heh. I probably shouldn't be admitting this but the rodent hair thing didn't make me bat an eye. I have pet rats that I smooch constantly and I'm sure I've eaten more of their hair straight up (and my cat's hair) than what's in PB on the shelves.

    True, my rats are "clean" (as animals can be) and domestic but their hair is, you know, rodent hair. And they clean themselves like cats... so, not really clean just covered in rat spit. Ditto my kitty. LOL.

    I joke that cat/rat hair is condiment at my place. *eyeroll* And I vacuum a couple times a week!

    As a vegan of six years, I have to just try not to think of eating bug bits in my animal-ingredient free food. If I find bugs in my produce I just note that it's for sure organic... no pesticides/insecticides. ;) - 6/1/2009   1:33:03 AM
  • 55
    Ewwwwww, makes ya wonder about the FDA. I like the article about yoga and asthma as I will inform my daughter she should start doing yoga now. We never got the extended warranties, usually they just cost you cash and whatever you bought works till teh warranty is over. - 5/31/2009   6:08:56 PM
  • 54
    I'm glad I was reading on an empty stomach because my stomach started doing flip-flops! *gag* - 5/31/2009   5:52:39 PM
  • 53
    Makes me glad I just hang up on telemarketers. - 5/31/2009   3:43:41 PM
  • 52
    Think about it gang. "Can have" doesn't mean "does have". Zero is a physical impossibility. They had to set the bar somewhere. - 5/31/2009   2:16:41 PM
    And as far as the broccoli goes, the mites and germs are boiled out anyways. - 5/31/2009   1:25:48 PM
  • 50
    you should see the kitchens at "gourmet" restaraunts - nasty... - 5/31/2009   1:25:25 PM
    I really didn't want to know about the maggots thing. The article about celebrity weight loss after having a baby intrigued me though. - 5/31/2009   1:23:52 PM
  • 48
    I really like these "link dump" kind of posts that fit a lot of different types of info into one post.
    EW Ew Ew ew ew ew...I could have done without this knowledge about buggy things in my food thank you very much! - 5/31/2009   12:54:53 PM
  • APO5758
    Ok, so from now on when I am wanting to eat something I shouldn't, I'll just visualize fly eggs or maggots or insect parts. Yep, that should keep me on tract! - 5/31/2009   12:16:39 PM
  • 46
    First of all Steph, thanks for telling me about the maggots. Really got my day off to a great startLOL!
    As for the celebrity moms, I've always been sure there's some lipo and tucking accompanying those Nutri-System, Jenny Craig and red carpet shots. No one can get into shape that fast following a C-sect! - 5/31/2009   11:08:21 AM
  • 45
    I've just ordered The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite for my Kindle - as SP Nancy states above - yet another reason to give up processed foods! - 5/31/2009   11:03:10 AM
  • 44
    I would almost guarantee most of us have eaten something worse at a restaurant then what was listed as acceptable by the FDA, do you really think the chef or waitress cares if your roll falls on the floor or your seafood is questionable at best? - 5/31/2009   7:01:33 AM
  • 43
    Um, in re the 'contaminants allowed in food'- well, duh. That stuff happens. Doesn't mean it WILL be there, that's just the max allowed. Most of those foods were cooked- so they will be ok.
    When I cook, I know there will sometimes (rarely) be stuff that falls in... sounds like life. Cooking in the woods on a camping trip, I just pull the leaves back out. No sweat.
    Vegetarians used to get lots more protein in their diets- the bugs that were on in pre pesticide eras.
    Don't sweat the small stuff. - 5/31/2009   3:40:29 AM
  • 42
    WOW!! The article about celebrities lying to everyone about their post baby weight loss is kind of surprising. I know i shouldn't be, but they all swear they do this and that, and work sooo hard at losing the weight, breast feeding, etc. What a bunch of liers. - 5/31/2009   2:54:32 AM
    "Canned pineapples can contain up to: 20 percent positive mold tests."
    That is disgusting. Considering I love pineapple and I'm highly allergic to mold, I guess I'll be buying fresh pineapple from now on.

    - 5/31/2009   12:40:25 AM
  • 40
    Breastfeeding an infant most certainly will help you lose weight. I nursed four of mine and lost all the weight with in three months. - 5/31/2009   12:17:29 AM
  • 39
    Wow I was in the dark about this. Sounds like the biggest loser deal. - 5/30/2009   9:14:38 PM
  • 38
    I don't believe that all "celebritys" are like that. Seriously, celebrity or not, they are now mothers. Who didn't change the minute they became a mother? I find it hard to believe they hardly see thier baby and care only about themselves and thier bodies when they have a new baby in thier life now. - 5/30/2009   6:01:34 PM
  • 37
    hey, maggots are just protein. - 5/30/2009   5:06:42 PM
  • 36
    Two articles caught my eye: The one about Yoga relieving Asthma and the one about what foods can contain. - 5/30/2009   4:54:04 PM
  • 35
    YUCK, after reading the story about what our food can 'legally' contain, I think I will stop eating! At least, I will finally lose the weight! Ha! Ha! It is a wonder that we don't have more people getting sick from the foods they eat! - 5/30/2009   3:15:16 PM
  • 34
    Oh YUCK! Now I must throw out my cinnamon before I get ill myself.

    Of course, I have known for years that flour has bugs in it too - that is why I freeze it before I use it, that kills the eggs or whatever they are in the flour.

    On the brighter side, it is organic.

    EEEWWW. - 5/30/2009   2:44:55 PM
  • 33
    The celebrity baby weight story was interesting, but Mr. Bowden I believe was mistaken about breastfeeding. Not only does breastfeeding release a hormone that helps the uterus contract to its usual size, but some calories in food eaten while breastfeeding goes to the milk. My children are grown, but I bottle fed the first and breastfed my other two. I lost the weight much faster with the two younger children. Not to mention the wonderful health effects for the babies, the closeness that it fosters between mother and child, and the fact that it was the first time in my life I had a "womanly figure", so to speak.... - 5/30/2009   12:04:37 PM
  • 32
    You know, all that stuff is processed food. Cut out the processed stuff, you cut out a lot of junk. HFCS is no fair trade for fat!

    I don't care for the fat-free, over-sweetened stuff, but I do buy the reduced-fat sour cream and ice cream. Some of it is pretty good. - 5/30/2009   11:32:03 AM
    A stand-up job as always, Stepfanie. Dr. David Kessler is my favorite FDA commissioner of all time! I've heard him on many a local talk-radio show, and his research is impeccable. What gives him even more credibility is that he has struggled with his own weight, and he knows of what he speaks! - 5/30/2009   10:50:20 AM
  • 30
    The only one I didn't sound interesting and that was the texting. No kids here. My sister has Asthma so I sent the link to her. The story about the suff that can legally be in our foods was just gross. I'm going to be looking at my food a lot closer now. Thanks for getting these all together for us! - 5/30/2009   10:04:39 AM
  • 29
    Thats the first I heard that food had hairs and maggots in them. UGH! I'm glad they arn't in every can. It can be but not necessarily in every can. - 5/30/2009   9:58:45 AM
  • 28
    I find it "amusing" that the food industry is "allowed" so many different non-food items in their processed foods. Did YOU know that (I don't know the percentages) cockroach and mouse droppings are also "allowed" in chocolate??? The first time I heard that I was OFF of chocolate for over a YEAR, and as a self-confirmed chocoholic, that was HARD!
    Also a side note, make sure to wash the tops of your cans before opening if you've got a can opener that cuts into the cans - they could have mouse urine on them. Besides, a lot of times there is DUST from just sitting on the store shelves.
    Oh, another note. When you go to buy a bag of rice (or flour, if you can see through the wrapping) pick it up, shake it, then place it back on the shelf and wait a minute or two. If you don't see little "critters" moving in there, it's safe to buy.
    When we lived in Tripoli, Libya we had to sift not only flour, but powdered milk as well (the powdered milk was in tins) not for being chunky, but for WEEVELS and their eggs. NASTY little bugs!!! - 5/30/2009   9:47:28 AM
  • DAWNB14
    I dont know why anyone is surprised by maggots (which are really fly larvae, btw) in their food. Food does grow in the ground, and what is found naturally in the ground????

    I'd rather eat the bugs than anything else. My grandfather worked for Heinz and no one would eat ketchup if they knew what all the extras were added to the vats were. My friend's husband works at a food processing plant. Nuff said :( - 5/30/2009   9:40:50 AM
  • 26
    A few comments: on the how celebrity moms lose the weight, I'm not all that surprised, it's really awful. However, the guy states that breastfeeding will not help you lose weight. That's not true, it does. It increases your metabolism and on top of that, it helps shrink your uterus back to normal size faster so you won't seem so bloated.

    I also ready the article on what's in our food and that is really disturbing. I think Canadian standards are higher but I'm sure there is a lot of gross stuff there too. I also at the same time took a peak at the Eat this, not that site and watched a couple of the videos. THAT was shocking. It's so hard to make healthy choices when the info is not in front of you. We really have to educate ourselves better and plan our food outings ahead of time. - 5/30/2009   9:37:09 AM
  • 25
    The story how celebs lose weight after giving birth..........my goodness..they gave up thier God-giving chance to bond with thier babies just to lose weight...........now that my dear is what I call a real LOSS....shameful - 5/30/2009   9:02:23 AM
  • 24
    Oh my gosh, the 11 secret's I should have skipped.....so glad I had already ate breakfast....but then again I can remember as a child we had limited supply of food and while having pancakes for supper one evening I noticed worms on my plate...I showed it to my mother but she told me to shush..........that was the only item we had for a meal that day so the others were not made aware of it.........did not kill us.obviously...........and has made me appreciate GOOD food.........now I read this.........like I said........oh my gosh - 5/30/2009   8:57:34 AM
  • 23
    Wow, the article tells how celebrity moms lose their weight is really an eye-opening. This article has been very valuable to me, especially when you see a celebrity that gained so much weight during pregnancy and after a month she is a thin mint with no stretch marks or fat pockets, wow. I am amazed - 5/30/2009   8:26:32 AM
  • 22
    I heard about the maggots, etc. being permitted in foods on Jillian Michaels' radio show.
    Just another reason why the FDA is pretty useless, IMO.
    Interesting links overall. Thanks for sharing! :) :) - 5/30/2009   8:13:56 AM
    WOW !! What a shock ... I will think of these every time I see the items, in the article. - 5/30/2009   7:56:19 AM
    Being a yoga "addict," I was quite interested in reading that this wonderful practice helps asthma patients. Add that to the already lengthy list of benefits! I can personally attest that it also helps with arthritis and other diseases of the joints, improves posture, and does wonders for one's emotional outlook.

    Yay for Yoga!! - 5/30/2009   7:05:29 AM

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