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Here's what we're reading this week:

Watching TV Increases Your Risk of Early Death

I Can Do Anything—I Ran a Marathon

Don't Trust Calorie Counts on Menus

The Surgeon General’s Weight Struggle

RECIPES FOR HEALTH: Portobello Mushroom Cheeseburgers

Researchers ask why optimism is associated with health, pessimism with disease

Finally! A Study That Will Make You Feel Good About Your Butt and Thighs

How do you lick your forearms?

What health stories piqued your attention this week?

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  • 28
    The Surgeon General's weight is certainly an issue as it is like ANY fat doctor or fat PE teacher trying to tell us we SHOULD lose weight. She needs SPARKS. - 1/29/2010   8:26:25 AM
  • 27
    Portobello mushroom burgers - yum! Also love the "butt and thighs" article, does make me feel good! - 1/20/2010   8:27:45 PM
  • 26
    the one you will feel good about your butt & thighs - 1/20/2010   5:55:38 PM
  • 25
    My Licking forearms? Long car rides lol - 1/19/2010   7:16:55 PM
  • 24
    I hate reading articles about how I should "rejoice" about my hips and thighs. Guess what, I don't have any! I also wish I had a butt. It would make sitting much more comfortable! I can never sit and enjoy anything because my butt bone starts hurting too bad.

    Now if I could just get my stomach to stop pooching out, I could stop stressing! - 1/19/2010   3:42:09 PM
  • 23
    The big butts and thighs news caught my attention earlier this week. I agree that it's certainly more readily shed since the pear shape I used to be with round butt and big saddle bags has been slimming down the longer I breastfeed my baby, while the belly fat is sticking around.

    The "How Do You Lick Your Forearms?" blog was definitely catchy. It's an important one and well-written to address the 5 senses in how we care for ourselves. - 1/19/2010   12:43:02 PM
  • 22
    That calorie counts were wrong on products that I purchase at the store. I rely on them to be correct in their calorie counts. Restaruants I never do believe what they say on the menus for calorie counts because every chief is different so I have always added an additional 150 when I go out to eat. - 1/18/2010   10:11:42 PM
  • 21
    I challenge the Surgeon General to join Sparks People. I believe this invitation should come from Chris and his staff with a complimentary Spark book from all of us. This call to action is fundamental for a true health care program. Talking about things only gets us so far, we are rewarded for action. - 1/18/2010   3:26:53 PM
  • 20
    I liked Lickin the forearms. My calmer is to go for a ride in the country or off the interstate. - 1/18/2010   2:09:39 PM
  • 19
    I WOULD have liked the one about lower body fat, if they had explained why the difference matters, how the two fat locations metabolize differently, and what kinds of people had participated in the study. That little summary doesn't cut it for me.

    The article about the surgeon general is fascinating, though. I think that she has done more than enough as a doctor to set the right example and improve health, by opening clinics and focusing on the needs of the very poor, who have no health care or access to basic prevention. The fact that she is overweight (and not even THAT overweight) means little, since I'm sure she eats nutritious foods, stays active, and knows how to take care of herself. I, for one, find her inspiring!! - 1/18/2010   1:17:36 PM
  • 18
    The story about the Surgeon General. I know that when Surgeon General Koos was in office I thought they are trying to get us to lose weight and he doesn't do anything about it. I wrote a letter saying he made a bad example to others especially the Drs. who looked up to him. 3 weeks after sending the letter he resigned. This woman though is concerned how to quit smoking for thousands and she is trying to lose the weight and exercises. She is doing something about it. I look forward to her approaches in health issues. - 1/18/2010   9:50:50 AM
  • 17
    All good articles.

    I was interested in the optimism/pessimism research article. It seems the researchers still haven't been able to scientifically prove the connection to physical health, but they know it exists. Maybe something to do with the whole person?

    How do you lick your forearms caught my eye because we have a dog that does the same thing. I have several self-soothing favorites, but I think listening to music is my favorite. I can choose whatever type of music suits the situation, and what could be easier and more convenient? - 1/18/2010   8:54:22 AM
  • 16
    licking the forearms was a pleasure to read; gotta learn some self-soothing techniques - 1/18/2010   8:47:05 AM
  • 15
    "Don't Trust Calorie Counts on Menus" piqued my attention. I never trusted them, and was right. - 1/18/2010   4:32:13 AM
  • 14
    Licking your forearms, gives me something to think about. I have an anxiety disorder myself, besides the medication...food and smoking have been my calmers for years. Well it is definately time to rethink.... - 1/17/2010   11:03:17 PM
  • 13
    my attention was immediately caught by "how do you lick your forearms"! It really made me stop and think--and I really can't answer the question! Obviously some food for thought...I think most of my self-soothing has been negative behaviour like eating unhealthy foods mindlessly...so I guess it's time to focus on what healthy behaviours I find self-soothing, and focus on them. - 1/17/2010   9:54:35 PM
  • 12
    I loved the "How do you lick your forearms" article. It made me smile as I have a dog with the same self-soothing traits. Thanks to lifestyle changes this past year, my best "self-soothing" strategy is to go to the gym and take an exercise class - I love the music, I love having someone else tell me what to move next, and I love the way physical fitness makes the stress go away! - 1/17/2010   6:31:21 PM
    I appreciate the education about reading menu calorie counts. It's too bad they couldn't at most be within 10%. - 1/17/2010   5:47:37 PM
    I loved "How Do You Lick Your Forearms" article and gave me a lot to think about. I think it may be a key to keep from doing destructive behaviors (like overeating) or doing benign activities to the point of destruction (ok to watch TV for an hour, not for 10). - 1/17/2010   5:23:55 PM
  • 9
    Interesting story about carrying extra fat in your hips, thighs and buttocks. That makes me and a lot of women feel a little better! - 1/17/2010   5:04:21 PM
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  • 7
    It seems now matter how much weight I lose I also have some extra still on my thighs and butt.No matter what I can't get it off of there so now I won't sweat it anymore - 1/17/2010   3:59:19 PM
  • 6
    great thanks love the butt thighs one - 1/17/2010   3:26:00 PM
  • 5
    I gave my hubs a high five for the butt and thigh article! Yeah for big butts!

    I also liked the licking my arms artlcle! It made me giggle... I stroke my cheek with my thumb when I am highly stressed. It helps me relax! - 1/17/2010   12:18:54 PM
  • 4
    Thanks for the articles! I loved the one about running the Disney marathon. - 1/17/2010   12:15:22 PM
    LOVE the burger recipe! I'll definitely be using that when the boyfriend is away for dinner one night (he hates mushrooms)!

    I now feel a little bit better about being a pear shape too! Maybe not so bad to have huge thighs after all! ;) Very interesting! - 1/17/2010   11:25:44 AM
  • 2
    Now I won't feel so down on myself when I am the only chick in my yoga class with a butt :) (A Study that will Make you Feel Good about your Butt and Thighs-- awesome :) - 1/17/2010   10:10:01 AM
  • 1
    Finally! A Study That Will Make You Feel Good About Your Butt and Thighs - Ha! Loved that one!

    Liked the one about "licking my arms" speaking of self soothing. Pretty thought provoking. I think for me it would most often be a bubble bath if it's a possibility in my schedule. Journaling is a good self-soother for me. It helps me get my feelings out and think rationally about what is disturbing me. - 1/17/2010   10:00:58 AM

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