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Should Spain Ban Diet Ads before 10 p.m.?

Smarter Eats: Roast Your Own Sandwich Meat

The Brilliant Skinny Salad Trick

Jane Fonda Fitness is Back

Spotlight Recipe: Chocolate-Dipped Clementines

Eating Junk Food Will Spoil Your Mood

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  • 27
    Jane Fonda, NO WAY. I like Jane, honestly, but I was SO disappointed when I bought her Video years ago as she WASN'T in it! She introduced it and then someone ELSE did the exercise. What a disappointment. She was in the book, but that was a lot more expensive to buy than I was willing to shell out for.

    I'd like to see SALLY FIELD do a video now as she would be so much more honest about it. - 3/14/2010   12:51:22 AM
    When I first read the headline about chocolate covered clementines, I thought "why add calories to a great snack?" but after reading the recipe, I can see that it would provide a really special dessert...something you could linger over. So I've copied it and will try ... too bad this didn't come along when the clementines were $3.99 a case... - 2/16/2010   5:52:16 PM
  • 25
    Chocolate dipped clementines - oh yum, that sounds wonderful, I've gotta try that one!!!! - 2/8/2010   9:01:43 AM
  • 24
    I'm on vacation in Spain right now... I haven't watched the local TV shows, but that's an interesting idea. I definitely get tired of dieting ads, especially the late night snake-oil ones.

    I just spent a few weeks in France where all ads for food have a large warning on them. It's usually something like "nibbling between meals is bad for you" or "try to eat five servings of fruits and vegetables". It's not as intrusive as the warning on cigarettes ("Smoking kills" will take up half the box), but it's constantly there. Then again, I never saw skim milk or low-fat dairy products anywhere in France and our lunch at school was a big meal with desert. I usually had a simple snack for dinner because I was still so full. I'm not surprised that France and Spain are taking these measures. Our government in the US also tries to get people to stop smoking or generally be healthier, but in a society with national health care, the government has a much larger incentive. - 2/6/2010   3:39:48 AM
  • 23
    My favorite was Diet 101: American Heart Association Diet
    / - 2/3/2010   8:29:32 AM
  • 22
    Those chocolate-dipped clementines look AMAZING. I'll DEFINITELY be trying those next week after I do my shopping!! - 2/2/2010   7:25:21 PM
    I am so excited that Jane Fonda is going to do a new fitness DVD! I still have one of her work out books from the old days... - 2/2/2010   9:50:35 AM
  • SUNSET09
    I think junk food relates to high calorie content and can be a mood blower but not all. Comfort foods are the best! Whoo, ho! - 2/1/2010   2:08:46 PM
    Regarding the skinny salad trick, when I can't make my own, I'll mix 1 Tbsp creamy dressing with cider vinegar. It thins the dressing to the point that it can drizzle and go further, and I like the tart taste. - 2/1/2010   2:07:01 PM
  • 18
    I agree and I too love Jane Fonda - 2/1/2010   1:27:03 PM
  • 17
    Jane Fonda is awesome!
    I know that junk food affects mood. When my kids were little and were playing on 3 separate soccer teams (and before I realized that I could make quick meals) we were going to fast food practically every night. I was grumpy and had NO energy. One night I actually stopped off at the store to buy green beans because I was CRAVING them!!

    As for the salad trick...I've been doing that, too but it's always good to spread the word! - 2/1/2010   12:33:45 PM
  • 16
    I'd love to try those chocolate dipped clementines, but can't have chocolate or citrus right now; going through radiation treatment and having acid reflux issues from that, but I'm saving the recipe to try later. - 2/1/2010   10:38:45 AM
  • 15
    That skinny salad trick sounds good. I used to love Jane Fonda workout videos. I still have a VHS tape of hers called " The Challenge". It's a great full body workout . The cardio section is kinda dorky with the music, & choreography, but the rest is killer especially the abs section. I've never been able to get all the way through it. So I would try a new DVD by her. I wonder if she's in good shape like she was back then? - 2/1/2010   10:35:38 AM
  • MCKM57
    definately make own dressing - 2/1/2010   9:09:59 AM
  • 13
    I laughed about the skinny salad trick - I've been mixing 2 parts salsa to 1 part ranch for a long time! It gives me an opportunity to try out all the great salsas that are out there! - 2/1/2010   8:24:41 AM
  • 12
    The clementines sound great. I am in Florida and we don't grow them here but I received some as a gift and they are delicious! - 1/31/2010   5:33:06 PM
  • 11
    I just made the avocado cupcakes (half batch = 12), but used regular frosting. The family loved them and no one guessed the secret ingredient. Although everyone likes avocado, I'm not sure how the little ones would like it in their chocolate cupcakes, so I only told DH - he was really surprised. They were really moist and yummy! - 1/31/2010   5:20:05 PM
    There is a skinny salad trick? I am sure if we knew the exact ingredients of our sald dressings (like ranch) we could make it home made and it would be better for us. - 1/31/2010   4:39:26 PM
    I can agree with the junk food article. All that stuff spikes you blood sugar and then you crash and burn. - 1/31/2010   4:36:05 PM
  • 8
    liked the chocolate dipped clementines... combing two great tastes! - 1/31/2010   4:34:11 PM
    I agree with the junk food article. - 1/31/2010   4:19:19 PM
  • 6
    I was too young to catch Jane Fonda her first time round, but I've got to say WOW, she looks good at 72!

    Those chocolate covered clementines look great!!
    - 1/31/2010   12:10:36 PM
  • 5
    I thought the article about Spain potentially banning diet ads before 10 am was interesting. So many young people have such negative body image, and it can create that downward spiral for them. - 1/31/2010   11:56:54 AM
    I've long ago forgiven Jane for her past misjudgements and errors which she has half-heartedly admitted in recent years but we are all responsible for our past acts and must live with our actions whether they be right or wrong. Her horribly misplaced but aggressive support for contrived enemy propaganda while her nation was at war was a most regrettable act. Many of my comrades are not so forgiving and will carry ill-will for her to the grave. Unfortunately, our mistakes, when momumental and so significant, do far outlive us as is the case for one considered by most to be a traitor to her country. - 1/31/2010   11:28:55 AM
  • 3
    Personally I don't think it's a great "skinny" salad trick, unless you're making the ranch and salsa yourself. Otherwise the sodium would be insane! - 1/31/2010   11:18:54 AM
  • 2
    Here's my idea! We cut all junk food & diet pill related commercials and replace them with healthier images & goals...like commercials for books like The Spark, maybe popular workout dvds, products like the best dumbbells or other equipment and maybe even healthy cookbooks?? So the images are not trying to lose weight as fast as popular, but to change body composition and be healthier? But no fad products...hmmm... - 1/31/2010   11:01:12 AM
  • 1
    Hurrah to Jane Fonda! - 1/31/2010   10:29:35 AM

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