Weekend Reading: The "Let's Move" Edition


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Tempting Fate at the Winter Games

Commercials Are the Culprit in TV-Obesity Link

Why Are Daughters Outweighing Their Mothers?

What 3 Steps Reduce Childhood Obesity by 40%?

Trip-py Fitness

Valentine's Day Candy Breakdown

Premature death is more likely in obese children

What stories piqued your interest this week?

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  • 26
    Hugs - 3/15/2010   2:05:57 PM
    The article on daughters outweighing their mothers hit home for me. I'm exceedingly conscious of the fact that I'm two inches taller and 30-40 pounds heavier than my mom! - 2/17/2010   9:25:41 AM
  • 142LAURA
    the one about premature death... another reason for me to meet my goals BEFORE I become a mommy. I dont want to pass on the bad habits to my kiddies. - 2/16/2010   5:47:24 PM
    Tempting fate at the winter games: It was a horrible tragedy for the 21 year old and him family and for all the Athletes. In the defense of the Olympic games however, the athletes know what they are up against and do things that we all only dream of doing. These folks train,train and train more in the off season. Accidents happen --fact of life. The athelete's know that when they sign on. With that said, I do beleive that extreme percautions should have been taken with the Luge track, the poles should have been heavily padded and this may have turned out differently. Maybe the wall on the outside could have been higher. Who knows what the outcome could have been. It may have resulted in the same demise but who knows? - 2/16/2010   1:30:16 PM
  • 22
    The Daughter & Mother, artical was an eye catcher.
    I did out weigh my mom, I know my daughter out weighs me. - 2/16/2010   10:27:10 AM
  • 21
    The Mother/Daughter article is interesting, although it doesn't mention another way society enables obese children (and this was different back in the 50's and 60's) -- school cafeterias that sell pre-fabricated pizza, burgers, chicken nuggets and fries instead of balanced, homemade meals, and infrequent PE classes that don't keep kids active for more than 20 minutes. - 2/16/2010   5:52:55 AM
  • 20
    I found the article Daughters out weighing their mothers was interesting. - 2/15/2010   3:56:29 PM
  • 19
    I didn't want to but I had to check out the candy breakdown!! I am happy to say that I have done a lot better than I thought!! Chocolate is a big weakness of mine!! - 2/15/2010   12:55:14 PM
  • 18
    I was interested in the Daughters Outweighing Their Mothers and also the Olympic one - 2/15/2010   12:42:31 PM
  • 17
    Daughters outweighing their mothers. And then the Olympic concerns that, horrifically, ended with a death last week. - 2/15/2010   11:53:03 AM
  • 16
    dark chocolate is the best to have around,when I don't feel well ,oe when my sugar falls dark choc.helps greatly. - 2/15/2010   11:36:11 AM
  • 15
    The article about daughters outweighing their mothers.

    I'm 10 inches taller than my mother. I will be really thin before I weigh less than she does. - 2/15/2010   11:20:05 AM
  • 14
    Lots of good information. I've seen quite a few daughters heavier than moms sadly.my husband doesn't usually get me treats because he lnows I try to stay away from, but I told him Godiva chocolates would be okay, but those calories add up so quickly. Good tips for traveling. I try to always make sure wherever I go has a workout room, but in case they don't I would use those gadgets, especially the jump rope. - 2/15/2010   9:56:31 AM
  • 13
    I weighed more than my mother for a time and that was the article that piqued my interest this week. - 2/15/2010   9:34:41 AM
    Thank you for these articles! The daughters outweighing their mothers was very interesting... - 2/15/2010   7:48:07 AM
  • 11
    Why are daughters outweighing their mothers. - 2/15/2010   7:46:17 AM
  • PAYDAY10
    The information about children being heavier that parents should be a reminder that as parents we need to take the responsibility for what we do which carries over to our eating lifestyle and in general behaviors. Our children love us and copy what they see us do more it seems than what we say. We are an example to our children and grand children when we are not even aware we are being observed. This is expecially true of our families and we can be motivated by this information to make better choices. - 2/15/2010   1:20:45 AM
  • 9
    Definitely "Why Are Daughters Outweighing Their Mothers?" - 2/14/2010   10:48:35 PM
  • 8
    Sadly, tempting fate in the winter games proved to come all too true, with the death of the 21-yr-old luger. A sad, sad beginning for the games.Our prayers are with his family, and all the athletes. - 2/14/2010   8:38:40 PM
    Oh my gosh- thank you for the candy calorie breakdown. It's hard to practice portion control when faced with an entire box of tempting chocolates. :) - 2/14/2010   7:00:31 PM
    I was the daughter outweighing the mother 15 years ago. My mother never taught me good eating habits and she pretty much let me have anything I wanted. I watched a ton of TV and ate a lot of things like Doritos. But it was abnormal when I was a teenager- now it is common. How sad. It is so hard to go through those tough teenage years with extra weight. There is so much pressure on teen girls anyway about their bodies, it doesn't help to be overweight or obese.

    Is it just ignorance on the part of the parents? I really regret that my mother didn't teach me anything about nutrition. It was much harder to learn it on my own later, but not before I got to almost 300 pounds. My heart goes out to these girls. - 2/14/2010   6:38:31 PM
  • 5
    the one about the daughters outweighing their mothers - 2/14/2010   3:08:36 PM
  • 4
    The candy - though I've been good so far and had chocolate covered strawberries (2) at the chocolate store DH took me to. - 2/14/2010   2:17:34 PM
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  • 2
  • 1
    The Valentine's Day candy piqued my interest as I am struggling with that this very day! - 2/14/2010   12:39:20 PM

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