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Ban Butter for Greater Health?

Ahoy, Soy!

Ankles Gain as Candidates for Joint Replacement

Denise Austin is still going strong

Yoga to the Rescue Facebook giveaway

You Call This Curvy?


Excuses Begone! The Resolution It's Never Too Late to Make

The Not-So-Usual Suspects: Some Surprising Weight Gain Causes

What stories piqued your interest this week?

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  • 34
    Ban "fake food". - 1/28/2010   10:31:07 PM
  • LONG35
    Ban butter? Not in my house. On the other hand, I have a family full of milk allergies - who ever said humans should drink cows milk? Hmmmmm? - 1/28/2010   9:08:04 PM
    The whole banning butter idea is freaky to me- in moderation it is fine, and you can't save everyone from themselves no matter what the laws are. Compare its ingredients to margarine someday. You can't even pronounce a dozen of the things in marg without pausing and stumbling through it. Butter's ingredient: cream.
    'Nuff said. - 1/27/2010   11:39:16 AM
  • 31
    I don't believe in banning butter; I love Denise Austin & was glad to see her doing so well!!! Thanks for the blog!!! - 1/27/2010   9:42:57 AM
  • 30
    I do suffer from panic attacks, and have for about twenty years now. i am on medication, and so much better, than I was in my forties. I don't have nearly the problems, I used to. I feel just terrible for people who just don't know what to do, in this situation. It is hard to calm down, when you are all revved up, that's for sure, but deep breathing, exercise, etc. certainly do help. - 1/26/2010   4:15:46 PM
  • 29
    I LOVE the "You call that curvy" article. FINALLY, someone else in the universe understands that someone being a size 2 instead of a size 0 is NOT round, or curvy, or whatever -- that is still very thin, even if you're 5'1". I hate that not-as-scary-thin women are called "womanly round" while Mo-Nique is hailed for being willing to even show her truly plus-sized face to the public. EFF THAT -- just let people be the size they are without acting like it's a damn political issue. - 1/25/2010   5:10:17 PM
  • 28
    Love the quote from the Surprising Weight Gain article: "Stress-busting speaker, Loretta Laroche, has a great line that encapsulates all the wonders of menopause: “I’m out of estrogen and I have a gun.” ‘Nuff said." - 1/25/2010   4:11:54 PM
    Ban butter? Really? It's main ingredient, milk, occurs in nature and butter is simply a byproduct. I limit my synthetic product usage and margarine/vegetable spread is synthetic. - 1/25/2010   4:11:19 PM
  • 26
    What surprised me about Panic Attacks is thier causes....ones I would never have considered, but observed this on Dr. Oz's show. Three people with panic attacks....one turned out to have Graves Disease. Don't remeber the rest, and can't find my notes on that show! YES, I did take notes!.... - 1/25/2010   2:19:16 PM
  • 25
    Lots of good stuff! I do not agree with the banning of butter. I've read lots of articles on it,& feel like butter in moderation is my best choice. I think Denise looks fabulous! I am not surprised with these culprits of weight gain . I have hypothyriodism too, so I can personally vouch for that one. Thanks for all the good info. - 1/25/2010   1:51:01 PM
  • 24
    Yes, I ban butter. I don't use anything to replace it. I just don't eat stuff with butter!

    And the panic attacks article was really interesting to me as I suffer them quite frequently. - 1/25/2010   12:12:34 PM
  • 23
    What a great list- I read them all and even followed some of the links to more. Thanks for sharing. - 1/25/2010   10:07:29 AM
  • 22
    As a procrastinator with plenty of excuses, I'd better get off the 'net and get going! - 1/25/2010   9:28:42 AM
  • 21
    "Ban Butter For Better Health?" I don't think so, give me butter rather than margarine. We must learn how to eat the right amount of anything being it butter, potatoes or whatever, when we overdo it is where the problems begin. - 1/25/2010   8:57:37 AM
  • 20
    "Ban Butter for Greater Health?" Huh? I'd better buy produces with real butter rather than the unsafe alternatives: hydrogenated or partly hydrogenated oil or other crazy ingredients.
    Mr. Kolvekar doesn't say what "a healthy spread" is. Olive oil on toasts?

    The "Excuses begone" picked my attention, but after reading the first paragraphs and first affirmation, I just shut the window. Not something I can relate to. - 1/25/2010   4:40:26 AM
  • 19
    Ban butter? No way! Moderation is the key. Now if someone said to ban prime rib, with all its fat, I'd totally agree. Gross just to look at!

    The article that grabbed me was the one about ankle replacements. My surgeon and I talked about this years ago....at the time none were successful so I had an arthroscopy to have the bone chips removed, knowing that I'd probably have to have it done again. No way was I going to have a fusion done.

    Thanks for the great selection of articles, Stepf. - 1/25/2010   1:54:30 AM
    DO NOT BAN BUTTER darnit!! Yes, it has saturated fat....so eat it in moderation. If you're going to butter your toast, watch your saturated fat count for the whole day. Margarine is not something your body can process, and nobody should be using it. Organic butter made from milk from pastured cows is better than the grocery store butter - check your farmers market. Why oh why people want to give up something as tasty as butter for some petrol-tasting goop is beyond me.. - 1/25/2010   12:09:12 AM
  • 17
    I would take butter any day over margarine. I try to use olive oil as my main fat but sometimes you just have to have butter! - 1/24/2010   9:38:20 PM
  • 16
    Curvier on the Golden Globes? Who cares? I didn't even bother with them this year. - 1/24/2010   9:36:36 PM
  • 15
    I always peak at Dennis Aunstin's workout video's on Amazon, but I have yet to purchase one (to add to my slew of videos)... any suggestions? Are they challenging, motivating, fun? I would love to know, I am starting to get tired of Jillian Michael's videos! - 1/24/2010   9:09:44 PM
    Great picks, especially the "curvy" celebrities, lol!
    I prefer olive oil to butter, but I wouldn't totally ban it either :) Margarine is just plain gross. I'd rather have my bread plain! - 1/24/2010   8:14:33 PM
  • 13
    Banning butter...what a hoot. Banning people from making stupid "expert" comments in public would better serve our health. Loved the article on curviness (or the lack thereof) in celebrities. Thanks for bringing these articles to readers' attention. - 1/24/2010   5:56:00 PM
  • 12
    Oh, and Denise Austin? You go girl! Thank you for being a wonderful role model. - 1/24/2010   4:27:56 PM
  • 11
    Banning butter? Please, get real. These so-called suggestions have nothing to do with helping people with their health. These blanket bans are all about control. It's about controlling every aspect of people's lives. Please, give me a break.
    Everything in moderation. - 1/24/2010   4:25:31 PM
  • 10
    Great reads as always!

    The banning butter idea is ridiculous! Much as I agree that butter could often be swapped out for healthier substitutes, there are certain places where there really IS no good substitute. And I'm just not a fan of the gov't banning foods in general...seems like a little too much control :)

    And so great to see an article about Denise Austin! My hubby is a little scared of her videos (because she is so chipper, I think?) but I'm a fan. - 1/24/2010   4:09:22 PM
  • 9
    Denise Austin! LOVE HER!!!! - 1/24/2010   4:05:20 PM
  • NJ_HOU
    Ban Butter article: This IDIOT reminds me of the lectures on eggs -- stupid stupid stupid. Real food is always best for you. He probably was around when the AMA argued against seat belts as it would damage their business. WHAT A JERK !!!!
    - 1/24/2010   2:19:11 PM
  • 7
    Thanks for all the info. I feel butter in moderation is not a problem. I think it is better for you than the substitutes with chemicals! I grew up on real butter, my grandfather owned a dairy farm and by the way, he lived to a ripe old age! - 1/24/2010   1:24:39 PM
    Thanks for the good info! I've given up many foods since I started SP. Potato chips, fried foods, many sweets, etc. and it's making my life better. But one thing I refuse to give up is butter! There is no substitute for that taste and since I use very little of it anyway, it will remain in my diet. I agree with the quote "I'd rather trust a cow than a chemist!" - 1/24/2010   1:07:20 PM
    Thanks for all these very interesting articles. - 1/24/2010   12:53:02 PM
  • WALEB1002
    thanks for the headlines....lots of great info!!! - 1/24/2010   12:12:01 PM
    I enjoy this new feature; headlines :-) Interesting about butter as it is one of my "favorite" fats. As the quip says, "If i have to choose between chemists and cows, I'll choose cows." - 1/24/2010   11:59:15 AM
  • 2
    I enjoyed all the headlines but my favorite is the one about Denise Austin. I have always admired her. We have one thing in common - we are the same age. She looks amazing! Thanks for all the headlines! - 1/24/2010   11:55:26 AM
    Oooh, I LOVE that you troll the web for fascinatin' fodder so that we don't have to, Stepfanie! Which to choose as a fave amongst all these goodies? I'm prone to panic attacks, love butter, and live within "commuting distance" of the legendary Denise Austin. (What?? A BALCONY off her personal gym?! Has she seen the dumbbells behind my chair...or the dumbbell IN it?) Ghrelin "ghremlins" ("Not-So-Usual Suspects") - what's not to love here? Your forever fan, Susan

    Thanks for a stellar selection, Stepf! (Yup...am feeling a tad alliterative this morning!) - 1/24/2010   11:50:23 AM

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