We Tried It: 'Yoga to the Rescue' Workout Cards


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Call me biased, but I think the world would be a much better (calmer, happier and nicer) place if everyone did yoga. It can help so many of our day-to-day troubles.

Had a rough day? Do yoga.

Need an afternoon pick-me-up? Try yoga.

Feeling blue? Yoga again.

Have a tension headache. Yep, yoga.

Sometimes it's hard to figure out which poses can help your current situation. That's why I love these new workout cards, Yoga to the Rescue: Remedies for Real Girls. They're portable, easy to read and full of poses that will help you feel balanced and centered no matter what ails you.

Here's what they say:
"Yoga to the Rescue is an engagingly illustrated guide that tackles every girl's dilemma and pain in 7 useful categories, from Sexy to Sanity. User-friendly for yoga beginners, yet challenging enough for yoginis!

The front of each card features a yoga pose and an easier version. Back of each card provides: Detailed instructions on how to get into the pose; Benefits—both mental and physical; and Focus points—key elements that will help you achieve the correct pose.

• Size: 5x5 in. square
• fabulous 64-card set
• 48 classic yoga poses
• Super-thick cardstock
• Printed on FSC Certified recycled paper
• Fastened with a removable book ring— keeps cards neatly together"

We say:
Though the content is presented in a fun and light-hearted way, with colorful illustrations and humorous taglines, Yoga to the Rescue takes yoga seriously. You'll find explanations about the basics of yoga, from bandhas (energy locks) and drishti (gaze) to posture and accessories to ease you into poses.

The cards include both the Sanskrit and English names for each pose, which is helpful for beginners. They also list modifications for newbies, tips to prevent injury and a step-by-step illustration.

The card set, which is conveniently held together by a metal ring, has routines to help with every mood: Sexy (fitness and confidence), Calm (stress relief), Energy (boost and invigorate), Restore (feel like a kid again), Cleanse (detox and purify), Sanity (mood and balance and Ragtime (PMS and period relief).

Take a look at a couple of the poses:

Pretty entertaining and educating, I think! This is a great resource for yogis who travel frequently. You've got asanas (poses) at your fingertips.

You can buy it straight from the source at RescueGirl.com for just $17.95.

Would you try these cards? What is your favorite yoga pose? Which of these routines could benefit you most? Today I'm most in need of ENERGY!

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  • 133
    They look like fun cards, but I don't really like the price. Plus, I prefer books with a lot of info. I love reading! Thank you, though. This looks like a great format to take to the park or to a friends house to share. My favorite pose is Natarajasana, King Dancer Pose, or Lord of the Dance pose as it's now known. I love the stretch you get, it's like nothing else! Well, I have insomnia, so I need to focus on calming, I think. - 3/23/2015   7:24:25 AM
  • 132
  • 131
    These cards look great and they are only $6.47 on Amazon so I grabbed them. - 8/9/2011   1:42:06 PM
  • 130
    Easier than trying to remember what poses I am going to do!!!! - 5/18/2011   7:53:26 AM
    I would love to try these cards..looks like something i have been searching for - 1/9/2011   9:03:25 AM
  • 128
    These look absolutely awesome.I have been trying to follow along with the yoga shows on tv but I am just starting out and they go way to fast. No classes are offered around so yes I will be purchasing them. - 1/30/2010   5:35:39 PM
  • 127
    These cards look very helpful. I took yoga many many years ago but remember little of nothing. I need something easier now and I like it that the cards mofify for you. - 1/30/2010   12:51:09 AM
  • 126
    Went to the site to see if they posted to the UK ... yes but at the cost of over$13 - almost the cost of the cards!

    Do they have an ISBN no on them so I can try and source them here?
    Cas - 10/5/2009   9:03:10 PM
    These look great. I really enjoy my yoga classes but sometimes getting to them just doesn't work so these cards would save the day. Thanks for the info. - 10/5/2009   2:02:51 PM
    These look so cool! I can't wait to get these. - 6/3/2009   5:30:34 PM
  • 123
    Real Solutions for Real Life - 6/3/2009   1:23:58 PM
  • 122
    I don't know about where you live but where I live, it's $25-$30. per session for yoga classes which puts it way out of my league!
    This looks pretty cool and the directions seems like even I would understand them!! - 5/31/2009   6:45:08 PM
  • 121
    Have never tried yoga but this looks like a fun way to feel better about myself. I walk and do cardio and have hit a plateau so this could be the next step. - 5/30/2009   6:36:46 AM
  • 120
    I like th is, I don't know how I missed it. I have been watching yoga on FiTV and trying to do some of this. What a great way to present it. I am going to go & check these out. I know I always feel better afterwards. I am sure I am not doing the poses right But it is fun to try..
    - 5/28/2009   9:18:07 PM
  • 119
    Those look great! Cute but really useful! (Just like me :) - 5/28/2009   1:38:11 PM
  • 118
    Bliss for Big Girls - 5/28/2009   1:24:29 PM
  • 117
    This would be a great way for me to learn how to do yoga! it looks like alot of fun and i think i would enjoy it! - 5/28/2009   12:16:18 PM
  • 116
    I have tried yoga on the wii I would love to win this and then I could do it more often. Yoga is very relaxing and helps me stretch. - 5/28/2009   8:39:03 AM
    Wanted to share a beautiful quote about breath (breathing often gets ignored and if we become aware of it each day and practice it fully, we become less stressed. It also nurtures every part of our bodies AND it does eliminate fat and toxins!
    "Breathing in, I know I’m breathing in.
    Breathing out, I know
    As the in-breath grows deep,
    The out-breath grows slow.
    Breathing in makes me calm.
    Breathing out makes me ease.
    With the in-breath, I smile.
    With the out-breath, I release.
    Breathing in, there is only the present moment.
    Breathing out, it is a wonderful moment."
    -Thich Nhat Hanh - 5/27/2009   9:29:45 AM
  • 114
    Okay that is just rocking hardcore cool - 5/26/2009   10:39:39 PM
  • 113
    What a clever idea.
    These would be so handy. - 5/26/2009   7:51:10 PM
    Love IT!!! I work graveyards at the hospital, and on slow nights on our breaks, we will often try to do some yoga to renergize our body. It sure helps keep us awake! These cards look like fun, and you could choose what you wanted to do, even in a short amount of time! - 5/26/2009   11:10:45 AM
  • 111
    oooh this looks great. I think I know what some of the girls in the office are getting for Christmas next year! - 5/26/2009   8:33:43 AM
  • 110
    I love these. Especially that in the upper corner is the modification pose to make it a little easier for the beginners. What a great idea! - 5/26/2009   7:44:37 AM
  • 109
    I have been wanting to explore yoga more and this looks like a great way! It seems simple, light hearted and fun. However, I do see the reality of the techniques in the presentation. I think I could get my boys to share (give) me some time for yoga this way! Love it so far! - 5/25/2009   2:03:29 PM
  • 108
    Look like fun! I'd like to give it a try! - 5/25/2009   12:31:04 PM
  • 107
    Looks like a great idea - will need to go out and get them. Thanks for the info. - 5/25/2009   9:55:13 AM
  • 106
    I didn't know you could relieve headaches with yoga, I think I'll get some for both me and my daughter. - 5/25/2009   9:37:14 AM
  • GRIFFIN1104
    I've done the yoga cards from the Detox in a Box kit by Dr. Hyman and have absolutely loved it. In the space of a week, I had improved so much. It's a great program, focusing on "energizing" poses in the morning, "digestive" poses in the afternoon, and "relaxing" restorative poses before bedtime. Perfect. - 5/25/2009   9:36:04 AM
    I love it! The cards are great. - 5/25/2009   5:12:26 AM
  • 103
    Oooh I want this.
    I really want to start yoga. My mom just gave me a yoga for weight loss tape, and now Im going get these cards! - 5/25/2009   12:10:44 AM
  • LEGZ000
    I've been doing yoga for a few months and I absolutely love it. The one thing that has always bothered me was that I always need an instructor to practice. I think these cards would make it easier to be able to practice on my own. And as for my favourite pose...that would have to be pigeon pose. It's a great hip opener.
    Namaste - 5/24/2009   8:58:48 PM
  • 101
    I've never tried yoga but have been tempted to and these do look tempting. - 5/24/2009   7:02:48 PM
  • 100
    Hey! She reminds me of me! These are really cute. I'll have to check into them. - 5/24/2009   5:53:26 PM
  • 99
    How great! These are now on my meeting goals rewards list!

    - 5/24/2009   12:50:30 PM
  • 98
    I would love to learn how to do yoga so the cards may help i may have to get some thanks - 5/24/2009   12:08:25 PM
  • 97
    I would certainly use these cards. I do yoga on a regular basis and I really enjoy it. It has changed my life so much. It is certainly not as easy as people may think. You can get a serious work-out doing yoga.It works both your mind and body. - 5/24/2009   7:45:55 AM
  • 96
    Would you try these cards? Yes

    What is your favorite yoga pose? have never tried

    Which of these routines could benefit you most? all of them

    Today I'm most in need of ENERGY!
    - 5/23/2009   10:31:00 PM
  • 95
    I love Downward Dog to stretch my hamstrings & calves.
    Namaste - 5/23/2009   9:04:20 PM
  • 94
    those look cute and simple - 5/23/2009   6:34:18 PM
  • 93
    I think these would be great, especially for beginners. I used a book that was similar to these cards in style, info, and content (Hatha Yoga Illustrated) but trying to keep a book open and flip pages while learning and moving between asanas tends to be pretty cumbersome. These days I don't use books or videos...I know what my favorites are, what they do for me, and how to do them...but I sure could have used these cards a few years ago when I was just starting. - 5/23/2009   6:01:03 PM
  • 92
    I'm just starting to learn yoga and these would be wonderful. - 5/23/2009   5:28:21 PM
    Hello Fabulous Spark Gals!
    I'm the author/illustrator of Yoga to the Rescue, Amy Luwis, and I just had to post something after reading through all of your enthusiastic and inspiring comments. I created Yoga to the Rescue to help women feel fabulous about themselves just as they are and to embrace their individual beauty. And in my opinion and experience, yoga does a pretty miraculous job at helping you achieve these goals (not to mention practicing yoga is as close as you can get to drinking from the fountain of youth!). Even if you were to do only one pose a day like Corpse Pose (beginners can do this easily) you'd start to feel a big difference in your life—mentally and physically.

    I'd also like to mention that there are two sequences from Yoga to the Rescue on iYogaLife.com: http://www.iyogalife.com/yoga-cgi/c

    btw, this is my first ever blog response—I couldn't help myself, I was so moved! Namaste! Amy Jean - 5/23/2009   12:54:16 PM
  • 90
    These look great! I just ordered them, thanks! - 5/23/2009   11:59:49 AM
  • 89
    I really like this idea. I'll check out the site and if they deliver to Canada, I think I'll order them in time to take them with me on our annual vacation to our maritime cottage and do yoga on the beach by the ocean. - 5/23/2009   11:49:37 AM
  • 88
    These are adorable! - 5/23/2009   10:28:17 AM
  • 87
    YOGA has been practiced for 5,000 years by people with no medical attention available and little food, so the science developed to heal the body itself. One of the best books to read is B.K.S. Iyengar's "Light on Yoga". I'd not spend $17.95 for these cards, but opt for a video by Rodney Yee or Patricia Walden on Iyengar Yoga practice, that is easy to follow as they are Master teachers. - 5/23/2009   10:20:46 AM
  • 86
    These cards will be a reward for me if I continue exercising daily for the next month! - 5/23/2009   9:46:59 AM
  • 85
    The drawings are engaging and motivating. I will consider buying this. - 5/23/2009   2:25:25 AM
  • 84
    I've never done yoga but have been wanting to. This looks like it could be a great starter! (Now hopefully ebay or a bargain store online will sell it cheaper). Thanks for sharing! - 5/23/2009   1:58:46 AM

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