We Tried It: The 'Squeeze It In' Workout DVD

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Like many of you, I'm a busy mom who tries hard to balance work, family life and my own priorities. One of my personal goals is to stay healthy and fit. That's not easy, especially on those days when I barely have enough time to brush my teeth, much less find time for a long workout. That's why I was excited to check out the DVD our friends at SqueezeItIn.com sent us to try. It sells for $14.99 and can be purchased on their website.

SqueezeItIn.com is a website full of exercises that you can do anytime, anywhere. The exercises don't require equipment and often use everyday movements to create a workout. For example, countertop push-ups can be done while making dinner, and hot squats can be done while blow drying your hair. The program suggests dividing your workout into three 10-minute segments throughout the day. The DVD contains many of the exercises that are found on the site, as well as a longer workout and more tips for how to fit exercise into a busy day.

The 30-minute workout is broken down into three sections: lower body, upper body and core, and each section also includes some cardio. The routine was easy to follow and the instructor provided good tips for using proper form for safety and effectiveness. I would consider it to be a good workout for beginners.

The DVD also contains lots of bonus features, including six sections of exercises for different parts of the day: at the office, at the grocery store, at the playground with your kids, and more. Some of the exercises were standard suggestions, but there were a number of unique ideas that I never would have considered before. I'm not sure I'd do bicep curls and one-legged squats in the middle of the grocery store, but if a few looks from other shoppers don't bother you, go for it!

Two other members of the SparkPeople staff also tried the SqueezeItIn.com DVD. Here's what Rachel, busy mom of two had to say:

"The DVD has its best elements in the Squeeze It In exercises. There are many examples of exercises for 5-6 parts of a busy day. I think these exercises can realistically be done in the different settings and are difficult enough to provide benefits. I would consider some of the exercises commonplace, but many of them are inventive, especially for the setting. The video quality is very good and the exercise form is clear to the viewer."

Coach Nicole, dailySpark blogger and SparkPeople fitness expert said this about the video:

"I really liked this DVD and the instructor. She provided great cues and instructions for each exercise and I was glad that I could do them at home without any special equipment. Some exercises were harder than others, but overall, I thought the workout was pretty good. I liked that it combined strength training and cardio components into one workout. I did notice that on unilateral (one-sided) exercises, there were a few instances where she did not do the same number of repetitions on each side or that when she said we'd do 12 reps, we only did 10, but knowing that, you can still squeeze out a few extra reps to even things out if you're counting along. Overall, I think this workout is GREAT for beginners to strength training and busy parents in general because it provides them with a full-body routine they can incorporate into their busy lives. Intermediate to advances exercises would not get as much out of this DVD.

"I loved the bonus features, which are the same videos you'll find at SqueezeItIn.com because they show you how to bring exercise into your everyday life. It's so true that you don't need to set aside a block of 30 or 60 minutes at a time to work out, but most people don't know exactly what to do for a few minutes at a time. It provided so many great ideas that I started thinking, 'How else can I squeeze more fitness and activities into my busy days?' I think that's something we could all think about and act on more often and that if we did, we'd really reap the benefits. Even if you don't have time to get to the gym, you DO have time to squeeze exercise into your busy days and this DVD will show you how!"

My viewpoint? Overall, I liked the concept of easily squeezing exercise into your day. I would consider most of these to be beginner-level exercises, so those who are looking for a challenge will eventually have to progress to more advanced workouts. While I appreciate that the instructor did a really great job describing proper form on each exercise, I found the workouts to be slightly boring. However, the SqueezeItIn.com workout DVD is great start to show anyone that exercise doesn't have to take large amounts of time each day in order to be effective.

Will you try this DVD? How do you squeeze exercise in each day?

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You can also download an app for your iPod Touch of iPhone for SqueezeItIn! It's nice to have if you're stuck waiting for someone or at the park with the kids.
I think I might give this one a try. If I enjoy it and get beyond its benefits I would pass it along to my mom, who has some heart issues but is still trying to find ways to get exercise in. This sounds like a great one to get the ball rolling for her in small spurts instead of big blocks of time.
I am saving this blog so I will remember to look & purchase this in the very near future.
Hey, Mother's Day is just around the corner! Report
Try yard work, it burns alot of calories. You have to keep in mind to lose weight you have to burn more calories that you consume. You accomplish getting er done and loosing weight. You can still do other exercises while cooking, blow drying etc. however the big bang for your efforts and getting something done around the house at the same time comes from working hard and staying focused on what yiou are doing and trying to get accomplished. Shut the TV off!
It's just a distraction. Watch TV while in bed. Afterall you are in bed to relax so relax. Report
I may well have to try this one.I have bought a couple of dvd's and my problem is they go so fast I can't keep up with them.I am sure as time goes on I will.I am looking for one for a beginner. Report
Sounds like a good way to start exercising. Report
Interesting. Plan to try. Report
That is a great idea. I sometimes get so wrapped up in what I am doing tat I forget I can do other things while standing around. Report
Not sure I'd do one-legged squats in the market -- I'd probably lose my balance! But I do calf-raises while waiting in line in the market or waiting for the gas to pump or whatever, and yes, sometimes people look at me like I'm nuts. I also occasionally recognize a movement that's duplicated in a lifting class I take -- last week I did something, and felt that it was a hip-hinge. So now I'm looking for those opportunities to focus on my movement as though it were a workout. Report
I read about this and looked through everything and alot of these also sound like I could do when I am working. I am also very busy so every little tip sure does help. I will more than likely purchase this DVD. Thank you Report
I will definitely need to check this out. It sounds like a good first step to other exercises. Report
On of my biggest problems is my sluggish metabolic rate. I have an 8 to 5 mostly sitting job and am a full time grad student now. Actually started SP on advice of my daughter to help get and keep me healthy for all of the "brain" workout. Never heard of Squeeze It In, don't know that i would buy the DVD, but I do counter push ups in the office kitchen waiting for my lunch to heat. Park the car at the end of any parking lot and walk to the office, shopping, whatever (better for your car, too -- fewer dings). Waiting in lines is a great time for any tightening type exercises. Ever heard of "aerobic" grocery shopping. Try to plan my route and not dawdle but move briskly through the store, squeezing glutes, etc., and I add the 20 lb. bags of cat food and litter first so I'm pushing weight throughout the store. Last time I had to wait at the doctor's office I did leg extensions, raises and squats -- of course, I had to explain my elevated heart rate. She'd never heard of SP -- she knows now. I'm relearning how to "fidgit" -- Mom was always telling me to sit still, now I move every chance I get -- doing leg raises at the computer right now. Does not count for my main exercise. I still try to fit in 30 minute weight workouts or walks each day, but these keep me moving in the sedentary part of my life. If I had only been doing this all the time and not just since January, maybe I'd be in a different place in my journey. Never too late to start, and I've dropped 51 points on my cholesterol, 13 pounds, and my sweetheart, who had not seen me for a month, told me that my new jeans that fit at Christmas were baggy in the legs and seat... sweetest thing I think I've heard in a long time! Don't let this replace exercises, but it would be a great addition. Report
I stretch when I get things from the cupboard, I stretch when i watch tv, I do squats to reach down to pick things off the floor, I jog in place sometimes. Report
Will check this out, considering buying this. Report
I am going to try it. I ordered the DVD. There was a 20% discount, which covered half the shipping costs. Report
Sometimes when I walk I squeeze my glutes.. My husband caught me one time and thought I had to pee...lmao Report
I don't really feel like I'm exercising unless I work up a sweat, and I do not like to work up a sweat in my work clothes! I'll stick with my traditional gym exercise sessions. Report
I work full time during the day and am going to grad school at night, so I don't have a lot of time to work out. I usually can get in a half an hour first thing in the morning, but I found a great way to get in a workout was to keep one of Leslie Sansone's mini-walk DVD's at my desk. I pop it in the computer and, 15 minutes and a coffee break later, I've put in a mile! Report
I am considering purchasing the DVD - It seems if I don't get up early enough to exercise, it doesn't happen Report
I have been very happy with Spark People 10 minute exercise videos. Coach Nicole is awesome when it comes to putting together beginner friendly routines. I do want to check out the website tho. Squeezing in some extra exercise between work outs is a win win. Report
I will check out the website for ideas...do not think i will shell out $14.99 for the dvd though...since i can get 10 minute exercises for free elsewhere..like the on demand feature with my cable company. Report
I will check out the website for ideas...do not think i will shell out $14.99 for the dvd though...since i can get 10 minute exercises for free elsewhere..like the on demand feature with my cable company. Report
I like squeezing in a lunchtime walk.
I'm not sure about purchasing the DVD, but I just checked out the website and it really has some easy and unique ideas. Now I just have to remember to do it! Report
I am going to check out the website now . . . thanks for sharing. Report
I am going to look t itand see, not sure about buying it. going to see if maybe our library has it. Report
I do chair exercises and some stretches while watching TV. Report
I will check it out, don't know if I'll buy it. Report
This sounds like something I will get some good ideas from. Report
Its true that you can exercise just about anywhere, but the concept here of 10 minute bursts of exercise is not new or unique. Prevention has touted that idea for a long time. I won't buy this DVD. Report
"Will you try this DVD? How do you squeeze exercise in each day?"

I will definitely look into this DVD. The only idea I have come up with to squeeze in a workout is to walk to work every morning. I live a 10 minute walk from work and for 15 years I have driven to work. Now, I can't imagine NOT walking to work! I have only been doing this for three weeks but I have already earned my first reward...red rubber rain boots!
I do a regular workout but I try and use "standing around" time to fit in a few extra strength and flexibility moves, like doing wall pushups while the kettle boils for tea. I am definately going to check out the website for some more ideas. Report
Like the idea of a quick 10 min workout but still not sure I would be disciplined enough to do them. But I do do some stretching exercises and walking up and down while cooking or on the phone, its surprising what you can do.Would be interesting to have a place where "fit in" exercises could be listed to give us all extra ideas. Off to clean my teeth now and do some calf raises! Report
I would most definitely try this DVD!! Report
I love all the tips from others on how to squeeze more exercises during the day! They are helpful and will all add up! Thanks for the great advice! Report
This looks very interesting i will have to give it a try. Report
This is so neat,I woule love to buy the program,Keep up the good work.I just love this site......Carolyn Report
When looking a calories in v. calories out after we figure in our BMR (basal metabolic rate) we usually just figure our "exercise" calories. But there is another area concerned with"non-exercise everyday activities" such as parking far away from the store, taking the stairs. Even though my kids are grown and I'm retired, this DVD sounds like it would have ideas for me. You can bet I will be doing squats while I dry my hair. Report
I belong to SP's QuickFire Challenge team whose philosophy is very similar - small bursts of exercise throughout the day to keep your metabolism revved. I probably won't try this dvd, but I appreciate knowing what's out there. Thank you for your review! Report
Yep! I could see how the regular work out may be boring, but you would not normaly do the regular workout! It is just put all together so you can squeeze those bits a pieces into your busy day. Who doesn't have busy days? Report
I need a beginner work out video. I will think about giving it a try. Report
my biggest problem! I'm going to take a look!!! Report
I do wall pushups before I get in the shower. I really like the squats while blow drying idea as well as the shampoo curls! I'll have to try tomorrow...The calf raises while brushing teeth sounds good too! Report
I receive the emails from Squeeze It In and LOVE them! Report
PHEBESS - I do wall pushups in the shower. Report
Doesn't sound like it would be enough of a workout for me. But I might take a look at the website. Report
Thanks, I will check this out. I am always looking for ways to improve my fittness. Report
Will have to check out there website. Report
Sounds like something that beginners can get started with......Exercising 10 minutes, 3 times a day can be worked in for busy lives. This DVD sounds interesting, but doubt that I'd buy it. I love Coach Nichols and "Walking with Leslie Sansone DVD's Report
Some days those quick "squeeze-it-in" exercises are all I have time for, so even though it's not the workout I'd prefer, it's better than nothing! Report
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