We Tried It: NEW Kashi Cereal and Crackers


By: , SparkPeople Blogger

If it's crunchy, we'll try it!
So when Kashi recently sent us a couple of their newer products to try, we put the foods in the SparkPeople and people happily dug in.
What we say:
The Island Vanilla Kashi cereal is great. It's like a vanilla frosted wheat, minus the frosting. It's sweet and filling. I ate it for breakfast twice.

I love shredded wheat, and this is even tastier. There's no frosting, but it's definitely sweet. I could see flecks of real vanilla bean floating in my milk—delicious! The cereal is really good. I'd definitely buy this again.

We tried the three flavors in one box version of the crackers–Original 7 Grain, Country Cheddar and Fire Roasted Vegetable. The first ingredient in these is wheat flour, not whole wheat flour, so there is less fiber than I'd like. Still, they are made from more natural ingredients than some other brands of crackers.

These were a great, salty afternoon snack. I liked them, and they were portion-controlled!

Tasty. I had the cheese crackers, and they were nice and cheesy--just how I like them.

What they say:
"Our whole wheat biscuits are baked with rich organic vanilla and the perfect touch of natural sweetness to create a blissful breakfast paradise. Finely ground organic vanilla beans lie within each biscuit and escape to drift dreamily about your bowl. And with a full day's serving of whole grains, you can enjoy wholesome nutrition with pure delicious taste.
  • 48g whole grains
  • High Fiber
  • Low fat
  • Sodium free
  • USDA Organic

"Island Vanilla cereal marries the smooth taste of real vanilla with pure wheat biscuits for a calming flavor oasis. So relax, pour a bowl, and unwind.

"We’re making positive nutrition portable! Our Tasty Little Crackers are now available in convenient, single-serve pouches. Each carton features 6 pouches of the Kashi TLC Snack Crackers you know and love.

"As always, our snack crackers are made from our unique combination of Seven Whole Grains & Sesame. Our blend is stone ground into flour, tossed with whole cracked wheat berries and toasted sesame seeds, then baked to crispy perfection, creating a hearty, crunchy snack that’s just the right size for popping in your mouth.

"And with zero grams trans fat and 8g of Whole Grain*, they’re a great-tasting snack you can feel great about. Give yourself some TLC today!"

Nutrition and Pricing
TLC Snack Cracker Packs: $3.19 per box of six

Island Vanilla cereal: $3.99/box

I know I say this every time I write about supermarket products, but here's a helpful hint!

Note: We've heard some people talk about the cost of some of the snacks that we review. I'm a really frugal shopper, but I always keep Kashi granola bars and a few other snacks in the house. My strategy is to stock up when bars go on sale, and I also grab stacks of Mambo Sprouts coupons each time I go to the supermarket. (If they're not available in your area, order them online. They are full of healthy foods coupons.)

How do you save money on your favorite healthy (or healthier) products? Meanwhile, what healthy products would you like to see us review?

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  • 70
    I love eating kashi go lean crunch honey almond flax cereal with my yogurt and fruit for breakfast! mmmmm yummm.

    It's $5.49 a box... but compared to my other half's $4.99 fibre one cereal... it's a bargain! I'd rather have the grains, and natural sugars than HFCS. - 10/1/2009   11:41:12 AM
    I love all the kashi products I will look for this flavor in the store Would love to try it ! - 6/22/2009   7:43:08 AM
  • 68
    I really like all of the Kashi product that I have tried. Their Raspberry and Chocolate Fruit and Grain bars are unbelievably yummy. 120 Calories, 3 grams of fat and 4 grams of fiber. Better than a candy bar and taste better, too! - 6/8/2009   11:15:13 PM
  • 67
    I love Kashi, though I only usually buy it whenever I have a coupon handy due to the prices. - 6/8/2009   9:02:46 PM
  • 66
    I LOVE Kashi but I live in Northern Alberta, Canada and I find that a lot of stores only carry a small portion of what Kashi offers. I can find the granola bars (the trail mix one is my fav!), go lean crunch cereal and the crackers. I've been meaning to try them but didnt want to buy a big box if I didnt like them. Glad to hear they have a variety pack of small ones! I hope I can find them here because i'd love to try them. I know they make oatmeal cookies and would love to try them but no one here has them. :( - 6/8/2009   6:42:09 PM
  • 65
    After reading about it here, I bought Island Vanilla and had it for b'fast this AM. I think it will become a snack choice for me, as I found it to be a little too sweet for my first meal of the day. - 6/8/2009   4:05:05 PM
    I love Autumn Wheat but have not tried the Vanilla yet :) - 6/8/2009   3:55:41 PM
    I love shredded wheat I put some strawberries or bananas in there and its so good. I will be buying this ceral on my next shopping trip I'm interested to see how it tastes. - 6/8/2009   1:14:34 PM
  • 62
    OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!! After reading some of things I have read on here I now have three different flavors of the cereal and I am going to have to go and get the crackers and give those a try also......

    I TOTALLY LOVE the cereal, I keep looking for the Island Vanilla at either the grocery store or wally world and havent found it yet, but when I do I will most deffenitly get it also......

    Thanks to everyone that has given great comments on the products and I will go and sign up for the coupons also......

    Great Great Great product - 6/8/2009   10:21:47 AM
  • 61
    I hope this is ok to post, but amazon is running a sale on these through June 30, 2009. If you sign up for the subscribe and save then the promo code KASHNTRL, they are 40% off with free shipping. You can immediately cancel the subscription if you want to. - 6/6/2009   2:59:21 PM
  • 60
    If you love Kashi as much as I do, sign up at their website. they will mail you coupons, as well as offer them online. I LOVE that company!!! - 6/6/2009   10:35:05 AM
  • 59
    I love Kashi Go Lean cereal. I will definitely try these new products. - 6/5/2009   6:50:06 PM
    sounds yummy - 6/5/2009   4:30:06 PM
    sounds fantastic,,,will try them. - 6/5/2009   3:01:49 PM
  • 56
    I will get some the next time i shop thanks so much !! - 6/5/2009   1:25:14 PM
  • 55
    You made Island Vanilla sound so good I bought some today after reading about it yesterday, and had it for my snack (1/2 serving). That cut the sugar to 4.5 grams and the 0 sodium was a hit for me as I have to keep it way down. Thanks for checking this out. I would highly recommend this, but watch your serving sizes. Yummy! - 6/5/2009   12:07:17 PM
  • 54
    I've tried it and love it! - 6/5/2009   12:32:43 AM
  • 53
    i have try it and like it very much - 6/4/2009   10:19:45 PM
  • 52
    Our local grocery stores will not accept internet coupons, neither will KMart and other stores are beginning to do the same. - 6/4/2009   9:10:11 PM
  • 51
    I love all things Kashi, never seen the Island vanilla but will be sure looking for it now. Kashi has lots of taste, nutrition and well worth the little extra you pay over normal cereals and bars. - 6/4/2009   5:04:07 PM
    This sounds like a really good cereal. I love Kashi brands of cereal any ways, I don't all ways buy them because of the price. I get them when there on sale, then I stock up.This will be the first one on my list to get. - 6/4/2009   4:21:25 PM
    I like the Kashi Dark Choco. breakfast bars. - 6/4/2009   2:26:11 PM
  • 48
    I never used to like shredded wheat but I do now and this cereal sounds so good. Vanilla is my favorite so I would love to try it. The snacks also will get tried. As far as the cost, I will be eating less so they will last longer. I'm up for this one! - 6/4/2009   1:05:36 PM
  • 47
    I save money on Kashi products (since they are worth it) with coupons. I went to their tour of change and now I have coupons to last me through this year! I wait until they go on sale and buy up a bunch. Their caramel peanut rolls are high in protein and fiber, and they keep me full, sometimes longer than a meal would!

    Plus their go lean cereal can't be beat! - 6/4/2009   12:22:59 PM
  • 46
    I plan on trying Kashi products, especially the no/low sodium crackers. - 6/4/2009   11:40:43 AM
  • 45
    I love Kashi products! The oatmeal dark chocolate cookies are one of my favorites - another is the dark chocolate coconut granola bar. Yum! I probably won't try the cereal, but I have tried the asiago TLC crackers, which I like! - 6/4/2009   11:31:03 AM
  • 44
    Cost is not a major concern of mine when it comes to trying healthier foods, especially snacks. I can't wait to see if my grocery store carries both of these! I like portion controlled snacks and I am really looking forward to the vanilla shredded wheat. I don't like frosting, so this will be a trattreat! I'm thinking the cereal will make a nice snack too. I sure hope my grocery stocks both! Thanks for the review and introduction to these products.! - 6/4/2009   11:08:10 AM
    How's the sugar on the cereals? That's my hardest part of trying new things, i never know what's natural sugars and what's added... - 6/4/2009   11:06:55 AM
  • 42
    For anyone that lives in Northern California, Oregon and Washington, if there's a Grocery Outlet near you, check that first. They usually have Kashi products (not to mention a whole lot of other healthy/organic products) for a fraction of what you'd normally pay for them. - 6/4/2009   11:03:19 AM
  • 41
    Kashi cereal really isn't any more expensive than other brands, and it does taste good! Wal-Mart sells Kashi products cheapest, at least here in Cincinnati.

    You can't put a price on health. My family stopped going out to eat so often in order to afford organic and all natural foods, as we don't have a lot of money. It is so worth it, and the foods taste better and are much more satisfying. Being healthier is just an added bonus now. - 6/4/2009   10:21:56 AM
  • 40
    i haven't seen/tried this new "island vanilla" flavor yet, but, I LOVE the kashi "for good friends" & "heart to heart"...actually, i love most of kashi's products, their waffles ROCK. - 6/4/2009   10:14:43 AM
  • 39
    Wow, that cereal sounds delicious! I definitely will be looking for the cereal and the crackers in my next grocery trip. - 6/4/2009   9:48:55 AM
  • 38
    I recently bought the crackers and really like them.I really like the cheddar crackers the best.The fire roasted crackers are quite spicy so I am not a fan of them.I will buy the cheddar crackers again but will pass on the fire roasted and the original 7 grain crackers. - 6/4/2009   9:45:14 AM
  • 37
    I love Kashi products. Go to their website and you can sign up to get newsletters, which include coupons sometimes. I also got a coupon for a free box of any Kashi product for taking part in a survey. A grocery outlet store near me often has Kashi products, so I've been blessed to be able to try many of them at a huge savings. My cupboard is full of Kashi bars of all types, but I especially gravitate toward the ones with 120 calories or less. Some have two bars per pack, and I'll usually just eat one for a snack and save the other for another day. - 6/4/2009   9:44:55 AM
  • 36
    I'd love to see you review some protein drinks! - 6/4/2009   9:30:32 AM
  • CHER321
    This cereal sounds deliciouse. I'm going to see if my market carries it. - 6/4/2009   9:28:50 AM
    I've tried the cereal it was delicious - 6/4/2009   8:50:59 AM
  • 33
    That cereal sounds good! I'd love to try it. - 6/4/2009   7:32:05 AM
  • 32
    I LOVE Kashi products! When will these be available in Canada???? - 6/4/2009   6:46:45 AM
  • 31
    watch for sales and use coupons!! it helps a lot.
    - 6/4/2009   6:44:14 AM
  • 30
    Are thse available in Canada? Are they in the cereal isle or somewhere specific? Help?? ;) Thks - 6/4/2009   1:06:18 AM
  • 29
    I just recently tried Kashi and like the granola bars haven't tried the cereal or any others. - 6/4/2009   12:51:14 AM
    ooh, i'd give those a shot. especially if i had a coupon or it was on sale (only way i can buy cereal--too expensive). mmm...i've fallen for shredded wheat recently, this'd rule! - 6/4/2009   12:00:13 AM
  • 27
    I love Kashi and have tried almost all their products. I can even get my kids and husband to eat them so they must be yummm. For a savings though I shop at the Grocery Outlet store which is located on the east coast only. then normally have these products for about half off (In my stores the cheapest I've found is almost 5 bucks a box of cereal but I get them for about 2.49 a box). - 6/3/2009   11:09:19 PM
  • 26
    I like the crackers a lot. And, I will definitely try this cereal! - 6/3/2009   8:52:08 PM
  • 25
    I make my own granola cereal then mix it with some bran cereals, raisins, nuts and seeds. It's a lot cheaper that way and we eat only the things that we like. Yet I have to be very careful with my healthy and economical snacks because I tend to eat too much of it. - 6/3/2009   8:08:15 PM
    I used to eat Kashi before I was diagnosed with food allergies. I am very creative with my snacks now . . . - 6/3/2009   6:34:47 PM
  • 23
    "a calming flavor oasis....." I LOVE the marketing. Makes me laugh (and almost makes me want to go buy it). I mean....who really says, "gosh....if I could just find something that was a calming flavor oasis, I'd really enjoy breakfast." :-) - 6/3/2009   5:33:38 PM
  • 22
    I just tried the Kashi cookies. The oatmeal ones are good, a little crumbly, but a nice addition to a cup of tea in the evening. They are 2 points on WW plan. I may try the cereal, I think I would like it. - 6/3/2009   5:27:25 PM

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