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SparkPeople has been fortunate enough to team up with MISSION Skincare, a great company that was founded by one of our "celebrity" members. Josh Shaw, the founder of MISSION Skincare, is a longtime SparkPeople member who used SparkPeople to lose 40 pounds after his appearance on NBC's The Apprentice in 2005.

Josh and his team have quickly built MISSION Skincare into a great company with revolutionary and affordable skincare products ranging from sunscreens and lip balms to anti-friction and foot creams. Their athlete partners are very involved in the product development and marketing, and together, they are not only creating breakthrough products, but they are also helping to support their various charitable foundations. MISSION Skincare donates a percentage of its profits to the athletes' foundations.

We got to try some of the products and wanted to share our opinions with you.

What They Say:
Teaming up with scientists and skincare industry veterans, we've established an entirely new category--high-performance, athlete-engineered skincare. Engineered in MISSION Labs, the entire MISSION Skincare line is designed, and has been proven, to meet the specific needs of athletes across all sports. With vital nutrients and antioxidants, MISSION Skincare is the best equipment for your skin, allowing athletes to focus on their sport and maximize their performance.

It's our MISSION to make a difference, not just by making the best skincare products. We want to make a difference in the world. MISSION Skincare proudly supports the charities and foundations of our professional athlete partners.

Though the products are designed with athletes in mind, they're for anyone with an active lifestyle--whether you are running a marathon, taking a brisk walk or trying to keep up with your kids at the beach. For example, the Anti-Friction Cream won the Shape Magazine Innovation Award for 2009 (perfect for any skin-to-skin chafing or even for rubbing of shoes and bra straps).

The products are all paraben free, not tested on animals and manufactured in the USA. They are also rich in vitamins and antioxidants. (See individual product pages for more details about ingredients.)

What We Say:

"I have been using Serena Williams' Pomegranate Lip Balmer SPF 15. It was great in the sun and wind when we were hiking in the sand dunes this summer at Lake Michigan. Lips stayed moist and with the SPF they were well protected from the sun. It isn't heavy or overly greasy but does stay on while drinking both hot drinks like coffee or tea as well as cold drinks like water or diet soda."

"I have the lip balm in mint and sweet vanilla. They are both SPF 15. I like both of them--they seem to last, feel smooth and the scent is nice without being nauseating. Since they are paraben free, I let my daughter put them on once in a while when we are going to be out in the sun."

"I ordered the MISSION product line at the end of June. They arrived within a week of placing my order and were wrapped very nicely in silver tissue with a few extras lip balms thrown in. I love the lip balm. Not only does it not have the waxy feel of other lip balms, but it keeps my lips from getting chapped or sunburned, especially running in the Texas sun and heat."

"My four all-time favorite products are the Fast-Drying Sunscreen SPF 30+ Spray, High-Performance Anti-Friction Cream, Ultra-Soothing After-Sun Revive Gel and High-Performance Foot Synergy Gel. As a runner preparing for my first marathon, it wasn't uncommon for me to develop blisters on my feet especially during my long, slow distance runs, that was until I started using the Anti-Friction Cream. In the past I have tried Body Glide and Band-Aid's Blister Block, well-known to most runners in helping keep blisters and chafing at bay, but that was not the case with me. I had to go out of my way to buy Body Glide at my local running store and it did not live up to its name. I am proud to say I have run over 5 runs of 10 miles or greater totally blister-free since I started using the Anti-Friction Cream. I like that a little goes a long way and it isn't greasy and scented.

What I love about the Fast-Drying Sunscreen, besides the high SPF (30+), is the fact that it does what it says-it dries very quickly, so I can apply it just before I get in the car to drive to the running trails without having to worry about my car's seat being greasy and stained. It isn't sticky or greasy like many other products I have used. It is lightly scented but not overpowering. What I also like is that I can go out for a good 2 1/2 to 3 hour run and not have to worry about reapplying. It is a staple to my sunscreen arsenal and is my all-time favorite Mission product.

This brings me to the Revive Gel and the Foot Synergy Gel. After I am done with my runs, I love to shower and then rub on some of the Revive Gel and Foot Synergy Gel. The thick, unscented Revive Gel leaves a nice cooling sensation on my skin which is great after a hot run. The Foot Synergy Gel has a nice light scent but like the Fast-Drying Sunscreen, it is not overpowering. The Foot Synergy Gel keeps my feet smooth and soft and I can wear sandals right after applying and it doesn't ruin my shoes.

I have also used the Anti-Sting Sunscreen SPF 30+ Facestick. This stick sunscreen, which I carry in my pouch during my long runs, allows me to apply more sunscreen to my face during my runs if I need to. I just pull it out and rub it on my face and because it is in a stick form I don't even have to stop running to apply it.

I love these products because a little goes a long way with them. I am well into 5 weeks in using these products on almost a daily basis and I still have a lot left. They will definitely be a part of my skincare routine from now on. And the great thing is, the cost of these products is no more than what I would pay for other similar products at the local department or drug store and best of all I can order them all from the comfort of my home at anytime."

Prices range from $3.99 for lip balmers to $49.99 for a Deluxe Bundle Kit of 12 products.
Most products are less than $10. (SparkPeople members can save 15% by entering the coupon code Spark15 at check out. This offer is limited to ONLINE ONLY.)

You can buy MISSION products online or at various national retailers.

Have you tried MISSION products? Will you?

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As of December 2016 the Mission link above seems to be all about clothing, hats, towels, etc for runners and their website search did not know about the "Anti-Friction Cream" etc. So I guess that side of their business is over. Report
They sound so good, I want to try them

http://www.true-cuban-cigars.com Report
I will have to check these out. Thanks for the feedback! Report
Hi Team Spark...we have 8 new Personal Care skus that just launched a seconds ago at www.missionskincare.com (Hand + Body Lotion, Face Moisturizer, Foot Cream, new Lip Products and more)...posting to my Spark friends first (be sure to use your 15% discount "Spark15" for all items)...hope everyone had a great weekend! Report
I tried the High-Performance Anti-Friction Cream and was impressed that it worked well on inner thigh rub. Woo Hoo! I found the cream at Dick's Sporting Goods. . It's not greasy, and glides on. Fragrance is practically non exsistant. It makes my walks more enjoyable.

I think it was the best $10 I ever spent

Now I want to try the foot gel. :) Report
I bought the bundle kit when there was a discount code offered through SP. Love these products! It's nice to have a lip balm that doesn't taste like sunscreen. I'm a big fan of the pomegranate and strawberry balms. The sunscreens, anti-friction cream, and synergy foot gel have all come in really hand this summer during my workouts. Report
Need to check the products out. Not so much the sunscreen, but the Lip balm and anti friction cream sound great. Report
The lip balm and anti-friction cream(will this work on inner thigh rub?) along with the future face moisturier and body lotion have really sparked my interest. Thanks to Todd from Mission Products and Sparkpeople for this opportunity. Report
I can't hardly wait to try these products PLUS we get a 15% discount! I want to try that Face Moisturizer, and Hand+Body Lotion when it comes out!! The Anti-Friction Cream sounds like a winner in my book since I've got two SparkFriends that run, Jennifer (JKPONYGIRL) and wog, Sue (SUETINGE) (Sue had to teach me that THAT wog is a walk & jog) so I'm checking out- If the Shoe Fits blog, and any similar blogs again, to plan for my new routine to wog (my start) then run. I want to try that sweet vanilla lip balm too.

It would be sooo GR8 to have the MISSION products AT our SparkStore, though! Right? Report
No, and no, since I'm much to frugal to spend money products that just have some name attached to them. BERT'S BEE'S has a good lip balm and is at the Health Food Store. Report
Everytime I change products I go through this major breakout period....it's miserable so I won't change products unless my products change on me. Report
Thank you so much! I need to switch up my skin care products. I've been using the same one for about three years, and I've read where it's important to switch products every so often so your skin doesn't go into "maintenance" mode. I think I'll give them a try! Report
going to have to check them out thanks Report
I just ordered the 12 product special with free shipping. Good value Report
Thank you. As soon as I get off this site and log on to yours, I will try your products. Report
Saw these and ordered them for an upcoming week long vacation on a houseboat at Shasta Lake. I was diagnosed with melanoma in 2007 so being in the sun for a week was a little nerve wracking. I had purchased the whole set that was offered with additional lip balms. I love the whole line of products. I was able to enjoy my vacation without any sunburn, even though the weather was sunny and over 100 every day and I spent lots of time in the water. These products are amazing! Report
I have products that work for me now but as they run out I'll be sure
to check out these new ones.. ~~! Report
Never heard of it before, but would definately give some of the products a try Report
Never heard of this line before! Report
The reviews are certainly good for this line of products and I'll keep watch for them in stores in my area and if I get a chance will try it. Report
These products sound great and are reasonably priced. The only issue I have is the addition of OXYBENZONE. It's been shown to promote aging, and if you're using sunscreen you're trying to prevent it, so I don't know why companies are using it. I thought zinc oxide and titanium dioxide (I think those are right!) did the job just as well or better and are better for your skin. Report
Are they sold in the UK? Report
I bought the deluxe bundle. I loved using the the Fast-Drying Sunscreen SPF 30+ Spray and the Anti-Sting Sunscreen SPF 30+ Facestick on the kids this summer. I gave away two the lip balms out as door prizes at the SparkMpls/St. Paul Sparkrally in June. Haven't had a chance to try the rest of the stuff yet. But the kids loved how fast the sunscreen went on - I loved the ease of it. Report
Is the product sold in Canada? Report
I love the Serena Williams lip balm and the ultra-hydrating lip protector with SPF 20. After taking care of all other inches of my body at the beach, I experienced the worst sunburn on my lips. Will not make that mistake again. I really enjoyed the sample of Foot Synergy Gel. Will be buying that one in full size. Shipping was uber fast and packaging was impeccable. Report
Can't say enough good things about their products...they will all be traveling to Chicago with me in a few weeks, especially Anti-Friction Cream and the Foot Synergy Gel! Bring on the Chicago Marathon! Report
Very cool! I just ordered the bundle and can't wait. I've been concerned lately about the amount of sun exposure I'm getting on my runs, but don't like the slimy feeling of running with lotions on. Sounds like these will be the perfect solution.

Todd - Thanks for the discount! Report
Hi...it's Todd with MISSION...thx for all the great comments...our products are all Paraben free, not animal tested and manufactured in the USA. They are also rich with Vitamins and Antioxidants. Each product page on the site has an ingredients tab on it, so you can check to ensure that you are ok with what's inside. We have some great new products coming out soon (Face Moisturizer, Hand+Body Lotion, etc) that have some great organic ingredients, and every new product will have our M-10 complex of Vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K as well as Gogi, Acai, Pomegranate and Cranberry antioxidants. SparkPeople will continue to get 15% off all of our products (including any already discounted bundles on the site)--because we love you guys! Report
I would have loved to be the winner of this product during your anniversary give-a-way, I'd love to try these products, although I'll have to wait, my budget is already too stretched. They would be nice to have since I'm participating in more outdoor activities in the California sun. I have 2.5 hrs of tennis plus walking, and I spin outside on Friday's woo hoo! I also have other outdoor activities but those are my main events.

The products sound good, I reviewed the company website. Report
I'm also curious if the lines are cruelty free. I'm assuming the lip balms have beeswax (natch, I very rarely find accidentally vegan lip balm) but the friction stuff would be great if it were free of animal products/not tested. I'm guessing they are tested, since most companies that don't test tend to make it really obvious that they don't since it's a huge selling point nowadays. Report
(i really, really like the amanda beard's organic strawberry lip balm. it's got a sweet strawberry scent that isn't too overwhelming and it goes on really soft and smooth. it's the first lip balm i've ever found that i like as much as my burt's bees lip balm. so that's saying a lot.

i wish their sun protection products didn't contain oxybenzone.) Report
Do these products test on animals in their labs? This should be something addressed when advertising for any skin care line. It matters. Most of us who care about what goes in our bodies, care about what's on them to. Report
oops didn't realize there was a link there...haha duh! Report
I would love to use some of these products! Where can I get them? I live in on the East Coast in Delaware, not sure its sold in stores here. Report
I have used the Serena William's lip balm too and I like it a lot. I am glad the products are affordable. Report
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