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In college, my roommate and I kept pocket sandwiches in our dorm room freezer for late-night snacking. Though the serving size was one, there were two in a box, so we'd inevitably end up eating more than we should. (We never did think to share a box!) Unfortunately, even the lighter versions weren't all that great for us (not that we cared about what we ate at that point in our lives). I recently found a healthier version of our sophomore-year snacks--about eight years too late!

Kashi has a new line of frozen Pocket Breads that hit the spot when you're looking for a quick, filling savory snack.

What Kashi says:
"Made with Kashi’s unique blend of Seven Whole Grains & Sesame plus flax seeds, each sandwich contains no trans fats or preservatives, and provides 21 grams of whole grains, four grams of fiber, between 10 and 15 grams of protein and 400 mgs of ALA Omega-3 fatty-acids in three delectable varieties:

Turkey Fiesta captures the Southwestern palate with turkey, roasted corn, red pepper strips, and red onion strips. The addition of black beans and a southwest sauce with a hint of jalapeno is perfect for those who love a meal with a kick.

Veggie Medley is an enticing vegetarian option filled with a colorful combination of roasted red bell peppers, onions, zucchini, mushrooms, yellow carrots, broccoli florets and sun-dried tomato. The vegetables are complemented by the addition of white beans and a balsamic vinegar and basil sauce.

Chicken Rustico is full of flavor in every bite, combining marinated garlic chicken, spinach, fire roasted red peppers, crimini mushrooms with parmesan cheese and a roasted garlic, white wine tomato sauce."

What we say:
Turkey Fiesta
"This pocket was very tasty and filling. The pocket browned while in the microwave, and had the texture and heartiness of whole grain. The southwest-style filling of turkey, black beans, corn, onions and peppers was true to the great-looking photo on the package. I was able to taste the tomatoes and cumin in the sauce without it overwhelming my enjoyment of the turkey and vegetables. I give this pocket two thumbs-up!"

Veggie Medley (see photo above)
"This was great! I was worried it would be very dry, but it was not dry at all. You could see all the veggies in the filling: peppers, mushrooms, carrots and broccoli. It reminded me of a savory, flavorful vegetable stew inside a pocket. The pocket was soft and chewy, not hard like it can sometimes be when you microwave meals like this. It's really small--I wish it was bigger for the price and calories. It could make a good snack, but definitely not filling enough on its own to be a meal in itself."

Chicken Rustico
"This pocket made a great after-workout snack. It had a hearty, chewy crust that was crispy but not dry. The chicken was flavorful, and there was plenty of spinach and mushrooms. The sauce kept everything moist but didn't drip everywhere. I liked this snack, and I'd eat it again. I didn't like that there is only one per box. I'd buy a larger box of these--or a variety pack. "

The pockets sell for $3.49 each.

Have you tried the Kashi Pocket Breads? What did you think?

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  • 55
    They sound very tasty, but that is way too much sodium for me!! - 10/19/2008   11:51:45 PM
  • 54
    I read it and missed the amount of calories that each contains. Also the salt level is indeed a bit too high for people concerned about high blood pressure like myself. - 10/19/2008   11:27:16 PM
  • 53
    660 mgs of salt for a snack is a bit much.... just another processed food to get people all jazzed up.. i say NO thanks! - 10/19/2008   10:31:31 PM
  • 52
    A little expensive for me, especially since it is probably even more in Canada, and being a snack vs. meal portion, but I will try them once and see what I think after that. - 10/19/2008   8:35:40 PM
  • MSSHEL330
    I would like to try these, they sound good and I like most Kashi products. - 10/19/2008   7:47:19 PM
  • CLAWW855
    I have been very impressed with Kashi products, not just because I need to loose weight, but because of health issues. Loosing weight is secondary to me. Living a heart-healthy life is my goal!! These pockets look like they will help me meet my goals. I'm definitely trying them. - 10/19/2008   6:49:24 PM
    I haven't tried them, but having read this review, and high reccommendation, I definiyely will, I love kashi go-lean so much, that I almost can't have it in the house, because when I eat some, I just can't stop, with these pockets, I'd be limited by what's in the box, or to only 1. I doubt these could be as addictive to me as the cereal, I plan to try them all. Thanks for the input. - 10/19/2008   4:49:48 PM
  • 48
    Wow! These sound good! Unfortunately, I'll never know. I am deathly allergic to peppers. I am constantly disappointed with pre-made diet and vegetarian products; almost all of them contain peppers. :-( - 10/19/2008   3:11:19 PM
  • NIKI778
    These sound great, and for me would be a lunch not a snack, especially pared with a salad or some fresh chopped veggies. I love other Kashi products and enjoy the lean pockets on occasion. I will look for these next time I go shopping. - 10/19/2008   3:00:07 PM
  • 46
    Oh good another KASHI product I can't wait to try. But unfortunately there is only one of the three that I will be able to try and that is the Turkey Fiesta since the other two contain mushrooms.
    - 10/19/2008   2:32:14 PM
  • 45
    No, I haven't tried them yet, but intend to look for them this weekend..They sound great! - 10/19/2008   1:59:27 PM
    I use almost no convenience foods, but these sound like winners. I have enjoyed and respect other Kashi products. I will difinitely give these a try. - 10/19/2008   1:32:43 PM
  • 43
    I like the Vegetable Medley. - 10/19/2008   12:49:01 PM
  • 42
    i may try these. they sound pretty good. i hope to get my grandson to try one. He is NOT a veggie eater but he does like quick fixes such as Burritos. We will see. - 10/19/2008   12:25:47 PM
  • LESLIE49
    Can't wait to try them. I love Kashi products. - 10/19/2008   12:15:36 PM
    Thanks for the review, once they reach my area I do plan on trying! - 10/19/2008   10:54:35 AM
  • 39
    I find it interesting that something with 300 calories and 8g of fat would be considered a "snack". It would totally be lunch for me. Anyway, a good portion of my food is Kashi, and I am psyched to see another healthy, yummy option! I don't see the price as a concern. - 10/19/2008   10:26:38 AM
  • 38
    I say KUDOS to KASHI. I'm looking forward to these being available in my freezer section. I would like to see them make larger boxes as well. I would add a salad and make it a meal. 300 calories is a bit much for me for a snack. The sodium is a bit high for my taste as well, but as a meal, it would work! Gosh, I like Kashi! - 10/19/2008   9:38:00 AM
  • 37
    Not here yet but will try them when/if they show up.......I keep things like this on hand because we are on the run so much! - 10/19/2008   9:27:37 AM
  • 36
    I don't eat these types of things very often but good to know they make a vegetarian pocket. Not too many brands do that.
    I will look for them in the grocery.
    - 10/19/2008   8:53:29 AM
    I will try them - 10/19/2008   8:04:40 AM
  • 34
    When I eat a "snack," it's usually not much over 100 calories. At 300 calories or more, If this is filling enough for a meal, I'll try it. Otherwise, I'm not that generous with my snacks. - 10/19/2008   7:45:12 AM
  • 33
    I went to the KASHI web site to find the calorie count and information. The Chicken had this

    Nutrition Facts:
    Serving Size: 1 Piece (156g)
    Servings Per Container: 1

    Amount per Serving %Daily Value
    Calories 300
    Calories from Fat 70

    Total Fat 8g 12%
    Saturated Fat 2g 10%
    Trans Fat 0g
    Cholesterol 20mg 7%
    Sodium 670g 28%
    Potassium 420g 12%
    Total Carbohydrate 41g 14%
    Dietary Fiber 4g 17%
    Sugars 4g
    Protein 18g 30%

    Vitamin A 20%
    Vitamin C 6%
    Calcium 10%
    Iron 10%
    - 10/19/2008   5:42:35 AM
  • 32
    I think it's kind of funny how so much is said about the price. I think a great and healthy snack for under $5.00 is a bargain. Just think about the times you may "grab a quick bite" in a fast food place. Even if the fast food is as "healthy" as possible, I doubt you would only spend 3.00 or so for it. I'm looking forward to trying these! - 10/18/2008   11:42:55 PM
    I had a half of one of these at a friend's house a few days ago. I did like it, but seemed too high in sodium (I didn't read the label so am not sure, just tasted too processed for me). I thought it was a good product, though. - 10/18/2008   10:36:18 PM
  • 30
    These are great, and much cheaper at Walmart. My kids (in their twenties) say the veggie IS hearty enough for a meal, but then we eat several small meals through the day rather than three larger ones. Everything Kashi makes is a favorite with us! - 10/18/2008   10:05:13 PM
    Dont think we have them in South Australia but they sound yum. - 10/18/2008   10:00:55 PM
  • 28
    Hadn't heard of these. i do the lean pockets a lot, and wouldn't be opposed to trying them, but would like a coupon! - 10/18/2008   9:42:23 PM
  • 27
    I will try them if I find them on sale or a coupon to go with them. - 10/18/2008   9:31:04 PM
    Not sure if I will give these a try as I'm not a big fan of microwave meals. - 10/18/2008   9:20:20 PM
    mmm. sounds delish! - 10/18/2008   9:14:11 PM
  • 24
    I like lean pockets, but Kashi is also always in my home because of the fiber count. I would like to try these, but not at that price.

    No calorie count in this entry ( or did I miss it?) - 10/18/2008   8:41:19 PM
  • 23
    First time hearing about Kashi Pocket Breads ! I will try it! - 10/18/2008   8:40:28 PM
  • 22
    I haven't heard of them but they sound very good can't wait to try them. - 10/18/2008   8:34:31 PM
  • 21
    I love Kashi and wondered about these. Thank you for doing my leg-work! LOL I will try them for sure, especially the chicken. - 10/18/2008   8:21:42 PM
  • 20
    i love the chicken! i haven't tried the veggie and the turkey was too spicey for my liking. another great kashi product - 10/18/2008   8:08:15 PM
  • 19
    I will definitely try these! Mostly I try to eat fresh unprocessed foods, but I like to have a back up in the fridge at work for those really hectic days. Another nice frozen organic brand is Amy's. - 10/18/2008   7:00:14 PM
  • GRACIE0204
    These sound fabulous. I haven't seen them in the store yet but I will keep an eye open. I love the kashi fiber mix-everything has whole grains and is low in saturated fats-no trans fats either. They are making great products - 10/18/2008   6:57:03 PM
  • 17
    Sounds good. Looking forward to trying them!! - 10/18/2008   6:30:49 PM
  • LORETTA1945
    I will be trying them if they are not made with any unbleached flour I hope they are 100% whole wheat. they sound great for a snack - 10/18/2008   5:59:23 PM
  • SLG17324
    The Kashi Pocket Breads do sound like they would be a tasty, quick meal. Just add a salad and some fruit and you would be on your way. But $3.49 for just one pocket? That is outragous! At least with Lean Pockets you get two for around $2.19. - 10/18/2008   5:32:08 PM
  • 14
    The veggie one sounds great! If it's vegan I'll pick some up to try. - 10/18/2008   5:08:32 PM
  • MICHAELA2780
    I really like Kashi and was wishing for a healthier "hot pocket" after a co-worker had one at lunch the other day that smelled SO good...but at that price, it will definitely be just an occasional treat! - 10/18/2008   4:18:55 PM
  • 12
    Looks pretty good but a bit too expensive to eat them all the time. I will stick to my peanut butter banana sandwich for my post workout snack. LOL - 10/18/2008   4:14:34 PM
  • 11
    That is funny about how when there is a veggie something they add every veggie known to man - I hadn't thought of that, but it's true. I know that Amy's frozen dinners have some vegetarian options that aren't all mixed veggies....

    As for the Kashi pockets - if I would have read this before I went to the store I would have them now. I love this kind of easy lunch - let's hope the sodium levels aren't through the roof and we have a winner!

    - 10/18/2008   3:52:03 PM
  • 10
    Might be willing to try the turkey pocket. But, only if they are on sale! - 10/18/2008   2:52:36 PM
  • 9
    Yeah! An all veggie pocket, I'll will be trying these. - 10/18/2008   2:32:11 PM
  • 8
    Yeah, a veggie option that doesn't add cheese!!! I've GOT to try this one!!! - 10/18/2008   2:12:00 PM
  • 7
    I hate how everytime there is a vegetarian option they have to add every veggie under the sun. I don't like half of the ones in there so I guess I won't be trying these! - 10/18/2008   2:09:38 PM
  • 6
    i love how something that is supposed to be healthy manages to be as eco-unfriendly as possible - one per package? what a waste of material even IF everything is from recycled materials and recyclable. I love Kashi products, but i won't be buying these in the near future. - 10/18/2008   2:05:30 PM

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