We Tried It: Healthier Options at Dunkin' Donuts


By: , SparkPeople Blogger

Earlier this summer, Dunkin' Donuts unveiled a new breakfast menu called the DDSMART menu.

According to the company, "Labeled with a distinctive new logo, DDSMART menu items include both new and existing Dunkin' Donuts food and beverages that meet at least one of the following criteria: 25% fewer calories; 25% less sugar, fat, saturated fat or sodium than comparable fare, and/or contain ingredients that are nutritionally beneficial."

We've heard raves about the new egg white flatbread sandwiches, so we thought we'd taste test these items and others from the DDSMART menu.

So what did we think?

We loved the flatbread sandwiches. Some other menu items didn't go over so well. I picked up an assortment before work, and--like many of you--made impulsive choices and paid for calorically.

Egg White Turkey Sausage Flatbread Sandwich
Egg whites, turkey sausage, spinach, reduced-fat mozzarella on multigrain bread
280 calories
6 g fat
2.5 g saturated fat
820 mg sodium
37 g carbs
3 g fiber
19 g protein
"This is good. I've eaten it before, and I'd eat it again. Yum."

"This tastes very healthy to me. I liked it. I can taste the spinach and the cheese. The egg whites are flavorful and moist. The bread is good, like toast but crunchier."

"I don't feel greasy and gross after eating this. I sometimes like to get Egg McMuffins, but they're so heavy--and then I smell like a McMuffin. This is a nice, lighter alternative."

Reduced fat blueberry muffin
400 calories
5 g fat
2 g saturated fat
490 mg sodium
78 g carbs
3 g fiber
8 g protein

"Tasted like a blueberry muffin to me but a little sweeter. I could probably only eat half of it because it was sweet, but still very good."

"Blueberry muffins are my favorite kind, but I felt that the sugar overpowered the blueberry. Still, as far as muffins go, this one isn't bad."

"This was really good, but 400 calories for a muffin? I would not eat this again. I knew it couldn't be all that healthy. It has a sugar crust."

Egg White Veggie Flatbread Sandwich
Egg whites with peppers, onions, mushrooms and reduced-fat cheddar cheese.
290 calories
9 g fat
4 g saturated fat
680 mg sodium
39 g carbs
3 g fiber
11 g protein
"It was good for a lower fat option. It tasted like a southwestern omelet but a little drier. I did like that if I was eating this on the run, it had no messy sauce and didn’t fall apart on me, the flatbread held it together. I would eat this on the go for breakfast."

"This was pretty good. The bread isn't as moist as I'd like, but the eggs are delicious and the cheese is abundant. I taste all the vegetables, but the pepper is particularly pungent. I would eat this again."

"I liked this one. It was tasty and filling, but it wasn't heavy or greasy. I'm not a fan of doughnuts, so it's nice to have a savory option at Dunkin' Donuts."

Coffee Coolatta with Skim Milk (16 oz) Water, Skim Milk, and Coffee Coolatta Concentrate
170 calories
80 mg sodium
0 fat
41 g carbs
0 g fiber
40 g sugar
4 g protein
"Mmm, hazelnut. I like it. The only think I don't like is the brain freeze I got from drinking it too fast. Ha!"

"This is weird. I can't taste coffee. (I checked on it, and the Coolatta contains no coffee, just coffee extract. All I taste is sugar and hazelnut. I wouldn't waste 170 calories on this. I'd get a regular coffee. It has no calories!"

"This has 40 grams of sugar! I heard that and stopped after one sip. I’m pretty sure that's 3 tablespoons of sugar."

Reduced Calorie Berry Smoothie (16 oz. – small)
Yogurt, Reduced Sugar Berry Smoothie Base
(Medium has a whopping 370 calories and 3 g fat; the large has 490 calories and 4 g fat!)
250 calories
2 g fat
1 g saturated fat
160 mg sodium
49 g carbs
1 g carbs
41 g sugar
6 g protein
"Yuck, it tasted like artificial raspberry and left a bad aftertaste in my mouth. A little watery for a smoothie."

"This tasted a little fake to me. I think it's too creamy. I prefer just fruit and ice in my smoothie."

Multigrain bagel with reduced fat cream cheese
This seemingly light and healthy item is the highest calorie choice on the "DDSMART" menu.
500 calories (380 for the bagel)
15 g
7 g saturated fat
980 mg sodium
5 g fiber
75 g carbs
18 g protein

"This was a good choice, and I like that there is some fiber and more protein than the veggie flatbread sandwich. It's smaller than the usual takeout bagel, but it's still a good size."

"I didn't notice that the cream cheese was reduced fat. It was rich and creamy. I really liked this, but I wouldn't eat it very often."

"I can't believe there are 500 calories in this. I would much rather have the entire egg sandwich than just a bagel and cream cheese."

If you're at Dunkin' Donuts--or any other fast food joint—for breakfast, choose carefully. The egg white flatbreads are good choices, as is regular coffee. We've declared these our new favorite fast food breakfast!

As is turns out, you can have two glazed doughnuts for fewer calories (but more fat) than the muffin or the bagel and cream cheese. That bagel is a good reminder that "healthier," "reduced fat" and "lower in fat" doesn't necessary mean low in calories.

Have you tried the egg white flatbreads? What did you think?

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  • 90
    interesting - 6/13/2017   3:49:33 AM
  • 89
    I agree. This IS an old article. I have coffee with friends nearly every Friday morning and I get the egg and cheese wake up wrap with my coffee. 180 calories,11 fat, 14 carbs, 1 fiber, 8 protein.

    The lower fat muffin is sweet because it does have more sugar to make up for the flavor that's missing from the fat. If a product has low sugar it has more fat and vice versa. - 8/28/2015   12:19:17 PM
  • 88
    This info is 7 years old, why does the story show up still. Maybe it's time to flag stories like this as archive and retire them from showing up in the rotation on the main pages. - 4/11/2015   10:12:18 PM
  • 87
    Tried the egg white flatbread and the wake up wrap. Both were good and small, so I didn't feel like I filled up on fastfood. The calorie count and nutrition content helped me not feel guilty, too! - 3/21/2013   2:24:33 AM
  • CINNA2011
    the carbs and sodium alone are enough to make me leave it rather than take it. I'll stick with a bowl of Ezekiel 4:9 with vanilla almond milk and a nice steamy mug of green tea sweetened with Xylitol. - 5/21/2012   11:27:29 AM
    I used to be a fan of DD's but no more - I actually think that McDonalds has better coffee - and more healthy breakfast choices. - 3/29/2011   8:44:37 AM
  • 84
    Yes, I have tried, and enjoyed the flatbread breakfast sandwiches.
    I order them without the cheese, to cut down on fat,
    but they are very good, and work in the framework of my Spark
    eating planner. Paired with a black coffee, it works when there are
    few alternatives.

    A great example of how a chain eatery thought 'out of the box' for
    customers who won't/can't order the donuts.
    I used to be a donut addict, but no more. - 1/3/2011   1:07:51 PM
  • 83
    I like knowing about it but I don't think I would ever risk going in there-it's the smell that gets me every time! - 4/10/2010   12:41:16 PM
  • 82
    I eat one every once in a while and think they are very good. You really can't beat a breakfast (or sometimes lunch) on the go for 280 calories.

    - 9/1/2009   10:52:36 AM
  • 81
    I hardly ever go to Dunkin Donuts since we have Wawa's near me (much better coffee at Wawa!) The breakfast sandwiches at Wawa are pretty bad though (they taste great but way too much fat). I am glad to see that there are some healthy breakfast options at Dunkin Donuts. Now I know what I can get when I do actually stop in for breakfast! Great article. - 8/17/2009   9:15:46 AM
    I love the flatbread sandwiches! When I don't have time to make myself breakfast in the morning, there is one on the way to work :)

    I'll also have it as a treat breakfast if I've been having a good week. - 6/24/2009   9:04:47 PM
  • 79
    I love the egg white wheat faltbread sandwiches! I just treat myself every once in while. Sometimes a also add a vanilla nonfat latte. Their syrups are sugar free - no whipped cream. I never end up having time to drink the whole thing so I pass the large size. - 5/5/2009   8:55:24 PM
  • 78
    I can't go to places with doughnut in the name.That would be like a alcholic going into a bar to order a near beer.Just wouldn't work for me.Just seeing the word doughnut in these blogs has made my mouth water...somebody stop me...lol. - 4/28/2009   11:28:56 AM
    The Dunkin' Donuts website says the reduced fat blueberry muffin has 450 calories and 10 grams of fat now.

    That aside, it's good to know there are healthier breakfast sandwich options out there! - 4/22/2009   10:20:46 AM
  • 76
    The Dunkin Donut near our house is about 30min away that's far enough for us. Thanks but no thanks I rather save my money and make my own breakfast. - 3/27/2009   10:26:32 AM
  • 75
    I like the Egg white turkey flatbread..but sometimes in my store they don''t cook it all the way through so the middle gets cold :( - 2/9/2009   12:49:24 PM
  • 74
    The Carbs are kinda high in all of these selections, so I guess I won't be going to DD, any time soon. - 1/26/2009   10:08:01 PM
  • VALERIE1157
    Too much sodium in their foods. I have high blood pressure. Can't eat that stuff.
    I do like the coffee extra light with skim milk and 1 sugar. - 1/23/2009   9:52:46 AM
  • 72
    A Dunkin Donuts shop recently opened in my neighborhood right near the subway station! I went in one day to buy one of my favorite "bready" donuts and to my surprise, the calorie count was listed under each tray of donuts! When I realized the donut I wanted was well over 400 calories (and I was planning to buy two of them), I was stunned! I ended up leaving the store (without the donuts) and I haven't been back since. Seeing those calorie counts cured me of donuts immediately! I just couldn't bring myself to buy and eat them! - 1/13/2009   2:21:50 PM
  • 71
    I've been eating the egg white flatbread sadnwiches for a while, they are amazingggg and they really help fill you up. It seems like the bagel and muffin may not be worth it simply because its so many calories for something that might leave you hungry an hour later. At least DD is trying and has succeeded with a few menu items. - 1/12/2009   7:14:57 AM
  • 70
    I haven't tried the flatbread sandwichs but their coffe is heavenly, I usually get iced coffee with half and half and splenda. - 1/7/2009   8:16:36 PM
    I'm a big fan of their regular coffee with cream/no sugar. I drink it at home, and drive through on my way to work a couple times a week. I wonder how many fat grams I'm drinking though as the cream is what really makes it......... - 1/7/2009   9:37:42 AM
    Looking at these offerings I would not go there. Even the coffee drink disappoints me. I'll stick to my regular coffee in the morning and my cereal with Fiber One. - 1/6/2009   5:18:38 PM
  • 67
    i love the turkey sausage flatbread. on monday mornings, i'm always on the go, so i pick one up on the way to work, along with a regular coffee. i figure, once a week isn't too bad. the other options on the DDSMART menu have a lot of drawbacks. - 11/21/2008   9:43:34 AM
  • 66
    it's simple if you make it a habit eating fast food you will not loose weight. even if these are "lower" calories it should still be just for emergencies. everything is going to be high in salt, sugar etc. - 11/18/2008   8:28:36 PM
    i love love love the egg and cheese on an english muffin. 280 calories. and tastes like everything you wanted it to be.
    and i love the iced coffee...i can't stand milk in my coffee, so a little splenda is all i use. its delicious. - 11/18/2008   4:46:56 PM
  • 64
    I love the egg white veggie flatbread. It keeps me really full and tastes great. It's also an easy way to get a serving of veggies. I haven't tried the other one because I really don't like sausage, turkey or otherwise. I get it with unsweet iced tea, so breakfast is under 300 calories. - 11/12/2008   1:56:05 PM
  • 63
    This blog post got me very interested in trying the flatbread sandwiches. I drove over to my local DD and found that they didn't carry them. The people who worked there didn't even know what they are. I called another local DD and they didn't have them either. Bummer. - 10/29/2008   2:04:07 PM
  • 62
    We have Tim Hortons in our area, their donuts are less calories and I like their bagels more. BUT the flat bread sandwich interests me and I might make a DD stop - 10/26/2008   6:10:02 PM
  • 61
    Nice that they are offering something a bit healthier to their patrons. My hubby is a cop, so he frequents their store, it will be something that he likely tries (he knows better that to eat donuts, but he does do the occassional sandwich there). - 10/19/2008   12:25:41 PM
    I grew up near Boston, where there is a DD on every corner, and lived on their Iced Coffees, (the plain ones, not the fancy stuff) but not so much their food, although I am a huge fan of the orange cranberry muffins. Lucky for me, the nearest DD to us now is 120 miles away, so unless I'm going to the airport, no muffins for me. I will always buy one and a coffee for the ride home though. Figure once every 4 or 5 months won't kill me ;) - 10/17/2008   4:44:13 PM
  • 59
    I don't eat at Dunkin Donuts so I'm not likely to endulge in their new menu options. But they are donuts and muffins. How can they be healthy to eat? - 10/11/2008   1:43:00 AM
  • 58
    Way, way, way too much sodium. Sorry, but I would never eat these. - 10/10/2008   6:42:17 AM
  • 57
    They might taste good but the sodium level is quite high, especially for breakfast. One item has 980 sodium which is more than half a day's "allowance". It's a possibility in a pinch but only in a pinch. - 10/9/2008   2:35:37 PM
  • 56
    I work at DD (yes it was hell the first week or two of trying to lose weight to try not to eat any donuts). You can go to the website and they have most of the nutrition labels for what or use splenda and that cuts the sugar down to around 9g instead of 40g, plus using skim milk cuts down on calories to. Yeah, 400 calories for the muffin is alot and personally I think they should leave the sugar off if it's supposed to be "healthier" (whenever I do the muffins I try to put less sugar on them). But have you heard of/tried the pumpkin muffins?? They are 560 calories (they are heavenly though, especially when they are still warm). Unfortunately this is one thing not listed on the website. We happen to have a nutrition list printed at work so that's how I know the calories. As for the flatbreads, the eggwhite ones are less calories, but they're also smaller than say the turkey bacon cheddar flatbread. They come pre-made and are supposed to be oven toasted. I don't imagine they would taste that great if they were nuked. They are not greasy and are fairly satisfying. I like the turkey sausage one, but haven't tried the veggie due to the fact it has mushrooms in it. Someone mentioned a plain donut was 300 calories, it's actually 280, but if you look on the website they have jelly and Boston Kreme donuts listed as 270 calories and the maple frosted is 240. So you can't assume the plain ones are better for you. A co-worker and I found out that 4 glazed munchkins - 300, are more calories than eating one glazed donut - 230 (still trying to figure that one out). I have to agree about the cream cheese. I like the taste of the regular plain better, but if I am hungry enough I really don't notice. When I was trying to lose weight 3 years ago I was going to dunkin's alot (wasn't working there then) and calorie wise it was better for me to get a coffee(340) roll than to get the 2 donuts(570) I was getting and it was more filling. So no, most of it is not healthy, but for an occasional treat it's okay and if you shop the menu you might just be surprised. - 10/8/2008   9:23:27 PM
    I agree with you eggwhite flatbread lovers! It can actually be addictive. What a great way to enjoy fast food! - 10/8/2008   12:39:59 PM
  • 54
    Never realized that the coolatta is coffee extract! That is aweful!
    I thought I was getting my coffee too! - 10/8/2008   12:21:59 PM
  • 53
    I love the egg white turkey sausage flatbread sandwich. I like that it has 19 grams of protein and 280 calories. I usually get black coffee and add in sweetner. It's nice to have a reasonable alternative from a drive thru. - 10/8/2008   12:12:35 PM
  • 52
    I love everything on the ddsmart menu! - 10/8/2008   11:03:10 AM
  • 51
    I tried the multigrain bagel yesterday, it was very good and filling. At the time I ordered it, I thought this would be a good low calorie choice and later on when I checked the nutrition information was surprised to see that the bagel alone had 380 calories. Not such a low calorie choice in my book. Thinking now that maybe I should have opted for one of the egg white flatbread sandwiches - 10/8/2008   10:34:25 AM
  • 50
    I just tried the veggie flat bread this morning, it was good, but I agree - very dry! I think if they melted the egg and cheese onto the flat bread it would be moister, instead of just slapping the flat bread on before wrapping it up. Very tasty, though! - 10/8/2008   10:27:57 AM
  • 49
    I've never cared about DD. - 10/8/2008   10:07:42 AM
  • 48
    Always on the run I enjoy the veggie flatbread almost every weekday morning. Hubby and I are slowly transitioning into eating at home.

    I don't like the sausage one though. - 10/8/2008   9:36:20 AM
  • 47
    DD still seem high in calories. Glad there is none near me. - 10/8/2008   9:33:22 AM
  • 46
    I was recently out-of-town, staying at a hotel where I couldn't make my own food. I found the egg white veggie flatbread a good option considering my circumstances. I wouldn't eat it daily or weekly, but it's great to have an option when traveling. - 10/8/2008   9:14:26 AM
    i tend to not go to dd as much as i used to.. when i do (and its rare) I get an iced coffee but thats about it - 10/8/2008   8:35:08 AM
  • 44
    There is a DD very close to my house. I try to avoid it. I've been curious about the new flatbread sandwiches. Thanks for this blog. - 10/8/2008   8:21:13 AM
  • 43
    I tried the flatbread sandwiche and found it to be terribly bland. Perhaps it is because I am used to eating real food with real seasonings cooked at home. - 10/8/2008   12:31:59 AM
  • 42
    Not yet, but that first picture looks soooooo good! - 10/7/2008   11:21:05 PM
  • 41
    Interesting that this blog would come up I got a different take on it from Brandaid which tests all these so called healthy foods in the market place. There was nothing healthy about this one once all the ingrediances were decoded. Very important to understand what your eating, and when I go shopping now I am very very careful, and I am glad I get brandaid to keep me up on what's good and what's not. This one failed the Brandaid test. I won't be eating it. To each their own - make sure of all things. - 10/7/2008   10:19:10 PM

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