We Tried It: Adidas Adizero Feather 2 Running Shoes

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Recently, I was asked if I wanted to try out a new pair of running shoes and blog about the experience.  I usually hesitate with things like this (because I’m picky about my running shoes), but was very intrigued by this product. Maybe these shoes could give me the Olympic speed I’ve been dreaming of!  Or, more realistically, perhaps they would feel good on my feet and give me a slightly different running experience.
The Adidas Adizero Feather 2 is marketed as one of the lightest running shoes available, designed to help athletes become faster.   It is available on adidas.com and also through national sports retailers like Finish Line and Champs.   When they say the shoe is light, they aren’t kidding.  The women’s shoe weighs 5.6 ounces, and the men’s is 6.7 ounces.  I felt like I was barely wearing anything when I put them on.  I also liked the color of the women’s shoe (black with pink accents), since it was a little different than the running shoes I traditionally wear.
The shoe didn’t come with instructions, but I think they are the kind of thing you should slowly ease into using.  I wouldn’t consider these to be a minimalist shoe (like Vibrams, for example), but they definitely didn’t give me as much support as a regular running shoe.  That took some getting used to.  The first time I wore them was for a 5-mile treadmill run and afterward I felt like I probably did a little too much, too soon. 
For anyone who is new to running, I always recommend you visit a specialty running/walking store to be properly fitted for the right shoe for you.  Although one brand or model might work great for me, it might not be the best shoe for you (based on your feet and running mechanics).  I think it’s important to let the professionals help you decide what to wear to avoid injury and discomfort.   If a shoe like the Adizero Feather 2 is one of your options, you might consider giving them a try.
Looking for additional information?  Here are more tips to Find the Perfect Workout Shoe for You.
Do you have a specific type of running/walking shoe that you tend to stick with?  Have you found those through trial and error or do you go with recommendations from a specialty store?

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I'm actually in the market for a new pair of cross-trainers & I was looking at this shoe. Thanks for the info! Report
Great review, Coach Jen! I always read and respect your shoe assessments! Report
After reading member comments, I think that I will go to a specialty store to be fitted. I agree that my feet are too important to just toss on any old shoe. I have had great success with Merrills, but I want the shoes to be fitted so that I don't get the rubbing that I've found I get when I size my own shoes! God only gave me one set of feet, so I need to give them the best possible care! Report
My physical therapist recommended New Balance shoes to me a few years back when I was being treated for heel problems. I went into one of their stores and got fitted and have found fabulous shoes. They're wide enough to hold my custom orthotics and they're super supportive. I never stray when I wear shoes for exercise! Report
I have Asics Trail Runners and I love them, even though I can't run. They have a nice arch suppport and are cushiony. I was told to get New Balance several years ago (couldn't afford to, as I was told to get them from a special New Balance Store), but when I got the Asics I was told they had, at that time, surpassed New Balance. They were better for the Arch support than the New Balance I tried then. The New Balance feel great, too. Report
I am searching for sneakers wide enough to fit over my swollen feet. Just ordered some Merrill shoes; love them, but sad that I have to return them. Report
I've have gone through a number of shoe brands and models over the decades, so it never hurts to go to a specialty running store and get remeasured and try new options every once in a while. You may find a shoe you love, and that will encourage you to get moving. Report
I have orthotics, but I tried Orthaheel walking shoes about 8 months ago, and they are wonderful! Great arch support. I also use their slippers and sandals daily. Dansko has changed their lasts recently and are very uncomfortable for me now. I loved my old Danskos. Report
I wear New Balance because they have several wide lasts, and the shoes are reliable as to size and fit. Report
After reading the" Born to Run" book I purchased Merrill Barefoot running shoes. I love them.I was starting to get flat feet from too much support.It made a huge difference. Report
I have broken my foot in the past and have a really tough time finding and fitting shoes that don't cause blisters and sores. I can't order online. Report
Keen's are the right fit for me, after trying on all the really good looking and comfortable looking shoes, I ended up with a pair of brown and black keen walking shoes. I went to a specialty store with my physical therapist. He watched the way I walked in each shoe and these are the ones he said (and my feet said) they were happiest with... many bucks later and a half a year later I am walking in them everyday. BUT for training it's gotta be and always has been asics. Report
I'm in the market for new athletic shoes, but I need something where I can take out the insoles & put in my orthotics. Even my dress shoes, I have to do that or I suffer. Report
I love New Balance, the right ones for my feet. Report
New Balance is the only brand I wear. They are much wider than Nike, so they fit better for me. Report
I used to like Reebok although I used to almost exclusively wear Adidas once I got older. But I think these are ugly. The stripes go the WRONG way!! Report
I love ADIDAS for running..I have worn the Boston Classic for years-fitted for it by a professional running store, unfortunately they discontinued it so I am on a search for a new one once my last pair of Bostons dies. Luckily I have a neutral foot and easy to fit for running shoes. Report
I love asics for my walking shoes. With knee replacement, cannot run. Report
Nike all the for me but thanks for the info been a Nike supporter for a long time now and will continue to be, new balance are also cool. Report
Just Do It!!! Nikes fitted at the store. I'm a walker (Dr's orders-no running) and Nikes have served me well. Report
I run 4 days a week. I buy my shoes at a speciality store but I have found which shoes work the best for me through trial and error, not a salespersons recommendation. This took time and a lot of money. I now buy Brooks and Nike Air Max. I tried cheaper shoes, but the more expensive ones really do make a difference for me. Report
I am working up from long distance walking to running and am starting to look around for shoes. I agree with the lame girly colors. Pink is nice but come on, enough already. Report
I do not run enough to benefit from a special running shoe right now. I usually get mine from Payless or Walmart. I do not walk as much as Blue42Down does either to get custom insoles. Report
I, too, would love to see a wider range of colors for women. I also believe that a specialty store is the best way to go, for a variety of reasons.

I'd be interested in the new Adidas for travel - it would be great to eliminate some of the weight and bulk of my current pair! Report
For those who know how many miles I put in it always made them frustrated with me to know I never invested in real running shoes until about 6 weeks ago. I had one pair of Adidas cross trainers I picked up at costco that served me for 5 years. Barely. They were horrid by the end. I finally caved, went to my local running store, got fitted and have a pretty new pair of Brooks. I love them. My only complaint, unlike Blue42down, mine are toned down green where I was really hoping for some funky florescent colors after 5 years of dingy white! :)
My three pairs of running shoes (for my walking) so far have been Saucony's (men's shoes actually - one pair white and orange and the other white and grey) and Brook's (women's shoes - dark grey and pink). I'm really enjoying the Brook's, though I wish shoe manufacturer's didn't think pink = woman. Give me greens (dark, not flourescent) and blues, pretty please?

I definitely go with a specialty store at this point. My feet are too important and all my walking has caused issues that the shoes (and custom insoles ... oh, those are NICE) have helped immensely with. Report
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