DVD Review: 10 Minute Solution Ultimate Boot Camp

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One of my fitness goals this year has been to incorporate more strength training into my routine. I've found that if I'm going to push myself, it doesn't happen with a bunch of exercises I just do on my own. I need a video to follow. So far this year I've tried some short and long ones, good and bad ones, and some that are more challenging than others. A few weeks ago, I tried one that was such a good balance of difficulty and length that I wanted to do a review of it.

Recently, we received a new package from the folks at 10 Minute Solution.(Coach Nicole reviewed some of their cardio DVDs last year.) When I read the packaging for the Ultimate Boot Camp DVD, I decided to give it a try. Would I really feel like I got a good workout in just 10 minutes? I was surprised at the result.

There are five segments to the DVD, each one lasting about 10 minutes: Fat Fighting Skills and Drills, Ultimate Upper, Lower and Total Body Training, and Six Pack Ab Attack. The videos use a mat and a set of hand weights. I tried the Upper and Lower Body workouts, as well as the Six Pack Ab Attack. What's so nice is that they are only 10-minutes long, so I could easily fit them into my day even if I didn't have 30 minutes all at once. I have young kids (ages 3 and 1), but could even keep them occupied for 10 minutes while I did one of them.

Jessica Smith is the instructor on this DVD, and it is obvious that she has a lot of experience leading fitness classes. She gives good instructions during the workout, and also mentions alternatives if you can't do the exercises like she demonstrates. She does a very short warm up at the beginning and stretch at the end of each workout, but I could see adding more exercises to make the warm up and stretch a little longer. (I understand that there's only so much you can do in 10 minutes.) I was pleasantly surprised at the intensity level of the workouts. I found myself counting the minutes until the ab workout was over because it was quite challenging. The upper and lower body workouts got my heart pumping enough to be considered a light cardio workout, too. For example, the lower body workout does squats and lunges while pumping the arms to keep your heart rate elevated.

I probably wouldn't use these videos as my only form of strength training for an extended period of time, especially since they are only 10 minutes long. But they have been a good addition to my DVD rotation, especially when I'm short on time and need an easy way to fit in a workout.

Have you tried any of the 10 Minute Solution DVDs? What kind of workouts do you like to do when you're short on time?

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I just did 10 minute solutions for the first time. I did the Fighting Skills and Drills, Ultimate Upper and started doing the Six Pack Ab Attack but found that I didn't have the energy to continue it. For short workouts they sure do pack a punch I was out of breath and dripping sweat at the end.
I plan on alternating these and my kettlenetics workout while throwing in some walking as well.

Just keep me moving and sooner or later I am bound to get to where I want to go.
moonlit Report
I like the Ten Minute Solution DVD's and have several. Report
I need to find this DVD! Report
I have some 10 min. DVDs haven't tried them yet. With all the comments about them, I think I need to give them a try. Report
I have about five of the 10 minute solutions DVD's. They are very convienient for people who are too busy to get a good workout in a short period of time. I mainly use Jessica Smith's and I assure u will be satisfied with your results. I do them everyday rotating them so that I won't get bored. I use them in conjunction with Billy Blanks cardio DVD's. Report
any exercise to do with my stability ball... I just did the one for my upper arms... awesome! Report
I have two of the 10-minute Solution DVDs and really love them when I'm short on time or just want something different from my everyday routine. My favorite is the Yoga segment for a little strength and relaxation. The Pilates segment really works the abs and I still can't do everything exactly how it's demonstrated, but I still get an excellent workout. One of the DVDs is devoted to dance and it really helped me get started on my fitness program, I still use the toning band for most of my upper body strength training.

Overall, I think the 10-Minute Solution DVDs are terrific, especially for someone just getting started. Report
I bought the set 10 minute solutions with dance exercise. It came with a weighted belt 2lbs. Have not tried it yet but wondering if the belt is good or bad for you. I do like the 10 minute Solution Videos, however...I have a couple. Report
I have not used any of these but use the "30 Day Shred" JM and "TBL bootcamp" w/Bob. 30 Day Shred is about 22 mins + cooldown, even though JM keep saying 20 mins. I have timed this over and over again on my dvd player and it really closer to 27 mins with the cooldown. Bob's you can pick and choose with the 5 mins warm up or cool down and 10 mins segments. I also have the Sparks dvd "The Firm". Report
Good to know! I'm not a huge fan of exercise videos, but it sounds like this one would be a good one to have! Report
I have tried a few of the 10 min dvd's. My favorite is the 10 min dance off belly fat with Petra. Report
I love Jessica Smith! She's my new fav. DVD instructor. I'll definitely keep this one in the back of my mind when I'm looking for a new one to buy. The 10-min. solution DVDs are great when you're looking to mix things up (I usually do several segments at once).
Thanks for the DVD reviews! I only workout with DVDs, so any suggestions/advice is really appreciated! Report
I have two of these, well actually three, but one is a pilates Video that i haven't done in a while. I borrowed 5 Day Get Fit Mix from my sister and I have to say that it is the best of the ones I have tried. I also would like to try the kickboxing one and a few others. They are great if you only have 10 or 20 minutes for a short workout, or combine all of them for a great 50 minute workout! Report
I have the cardio kickboxing from the 10 min solution and I really love it. I like that I can set up my own workout session using the 5 different workouts in the order I want to do them (or repeat if I want). I will be getting this one to add to my library. Report
i usually reserve my 10 minute solutions for dance-inspired cardio. because the segments go by so fast and i enjoy dancing so much, i always try to see if i can squeeze in one more session. Report
I will think about these . when i am short on time i usually play the wii. Dancing or stepping to it is just what i need. Report
Glad you liked it. I ordered it just last week. I hope it lives up to MY expectations. I want to use it for a warm-up to do tabata intervals. Report
I LOVE the 10 minute solution DVDs. I have a handful and I love them all. You can get an intense workout in a short time. I can't wait until I get a house so I can actually do more of the high cardio ones I own. I can't exactly be jumping up and down on my neighbor's heads! =) Report
Well I need to kick it in gear, maybe the ten minute Dvd will help me! Report
I have never heard of this series of videos, but based on Jen's review and the review of other spark members I'm going to see if I can find one and give it a try. I love Coach Nicole's 10 minute videos and try to use them when I can't get to the YMCA for a full workout, so this would just add to my repertoire. Thanks for the review! Report
The 10 minute solution DVDs are surprisingly effective! I have a pilates one that really targets what it says it will and before you want to quit the workout is over. Report
I really like the 10 Minute Solution DVDs (and I have a bunch of them!), just because it's so easy to squeeze in a couple of the workouts when I have time, or to do them in addition to other exercises. I really love the KnockOut Body one that Jessica Smith did, so when I saw this one by her, I got it right away. I like it a lot, and feel like it's a good addition to my DVD lineup. Report
Exercise every day Report
I have a few of the 10 minute solutions dvds and love them. IN fairness i usually end up doing the whole workout of 50 min, but it is great to mix and match or only do a few if i'm short on time. My favorite is the kickboxing one that comes with weigthed gloves! Report
I have a few 10 minute type videos and they work. You are right that it can't be all you do forever, but when I want more I can do all of the workouts in one setting. I think all efforts to get fit should be incorporated to keep us motivated and interested. Report
The 10 minute solution videos are awesome. I've tried a bunch (Thank you streaming netflix!) and I just love them! they're always to the point where it burns/I want to be done and then it is. 10 minutes is the perfect amount of time to challenge yourself without getting too worn out to use that video again. Too often I do some crazy biggest loser bootcamp video or something and never want to do it again because it was just TOO much. Report
I really like doing I guess what people call "circuit training" where I will do a yoga dvd or Wii fit plus yoga routine then I move onto doing my SparkPeople site strength exercises in workout form. I've recently added into this strength workout by doubling up and doing the Fit,Firm, & Fired Up! dvd and following along with the days. Then I hit either the elliptical trainer or go for an aerobic walk.
When short on time and motivation to get myself centered to workout I do find its better for me to follow along with a dvd instructor for workouts. I LOVE SparkPeople Cardio Blast workouts, and will combine them and work them in my schedule when I only have a few minutes and want to do some fitness. I am always looking now for other ideas- so thanks everyone for your comments. Report
I do have 3 of the 10 Minute Solution DVDs and absolutely love them! I don't know the exact names, but I have a pilates one, dancing one, and kickboxing bootcamp one. I love that you can break the segments down to work with your schedule or just pop the whole thing in for a total body work out. Report
When I am short for time, I put on some music and dance even for a song or two. Report
I also do not always like doing workouts "on my own" and really like the structure and everything a video offers. I can always pause and look at the screen to decide if I am doing good form or not. Report
I am not good at doing exercises by myself. Glad to hear this was a good workout. I will mention this to my sister who is looking for things to do at home. She also is on Spark People. Report
I have a Women's Health Total Workout in TEN! DVD that i really enjoy. It is challenging and fun. It includes four 10 minute segments, cardio, upper body, lowerbody and flexibilty and balance. I have used it with my middle school students during our In Motion class. The movements are easy to follow but do work up a sweat. It had some very fit teachers huffing and puffing. I recommend it. Report
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