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Did you ever see the Seinfeld episode with the muffin tops? They are the best part of the muffin, for sure! The folks at Vitalicious know that, and they've created lighter versions of almost every muffin imaginable.
Unlike the 400-calorie-a-pop giant muffins at your favorite coffee houses, these muffins are all about 100 calories, little to no fat, and contain at least 5 g of fiber.

We tried a sampler pack of the muffins.
What they say:
"VitaTop muffin tops have all of the healthy benefits of our delicious VitaMuffin- - now even more convenient to carry and eat on-the-run. The VitaTop, a "one-hand" satisfying snack food with the portability of a bar, is easy to eat anywhere, anytime. At your desk or on the road, these handy muffin tops fit conveniently into a purse, briefcase, work out bag, backpack and lunchbox."

What we say:
SuperSampler Pack (100 Calorie Brownies & 2-ounce Muffin Tops)
Deep & Velvety VitaBrownies
I had one of the brownies and it was good. It was nice to have a sweet that was lower in calories, high in fiber and tasted good. It was a bit dry but not so much so that I could not enjoy it!

Low Carb/Sugar Free Velvety Chocolate VitaTops
This is a good substitute for traditional chocolate sweets that might help quell the craving and won’t wreck your diet.

Low Carb/Sugar Free Banana Nut VitaTops
I thought these were really good! Very moist, and I liked it a lot. These were like banana bread but a little heavier. I'd eat this again.

Double Chocolate Dream VitaTops
I tried the “double chocolate dream” – good chocolate flavor, really rich, would cure any chocolate craving. It was very dry (as you’d expect something like this to be). Overall, it was exactly what I’d expect out of a 100 calorie snack, and it gets two thumbs up.

Deep Chocolate VitaTops
This was definitely chocolatey. I liked it. It was small, but it was just enough to keep me full for the rest of afternoon. I'd probably eat this again.

Fudgy Peanut Butter Chip VitaTops
To die for! My complaints would be: the chips were only on top. However, overall, for less than 100 calories, this is one awesome snack.

Golden Corn VitaTops
I dunked this in some chili, and it was pretty good. I don't know if I'd eat it on its own, but it was a nice, low-calorie cornbread substitute!

CranBran VitaTops
This was a pretty good muffin. For a 100-calorie snack, it's a hit!

AppleBerryBran VitaTops
It was "berry" good. This has lots of fiber, which is a good thing. It was slightly dry, but that's OK because it's much healthier than the average muffin. I like that the muffins are made with some organic ingredients.

MultiBran VitaTops
I love bran muffins, but this was not what I expected. The texture was slightly more dense than a typical muffin. I thought it was very filling, which is good because it only had 100 calories! I wanted to slather this with jam or peanut butter. I think most people would like this. It's a great way to get more fiber.

BlueBran VitaTops
Although I can clearly see blueberries throughout this, I couldn't taste any blueberry flavor. The texture isn't bad--about what you'd expect a whole wheat muffin to be like. It's surprisingly filling for its small size and low calorie content. It isn't exactly good, but it isn't bad either. It's just "there." It has sort of a strange taste that I can't place. If I were to be blindfolded and then given this to eat, I would not know what I was eating. But the nutrition and ingredients aren't that bad, so I suppose that if you need a more tasty way to force yourself to eat more fiber and whole grains, you might enjoy this. I would not eat it again.

$35.99 for the sampler pack (2 of each muffin top, plus four brownies);
Sampler packs available online and individual muffins and samplers available in stores

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  • 92
    Thank you for the information. I have always wondered about these, but they seem kind of expensive. now I know they are worth at least trying. - 1/28/2009   8:59:30 PM
  • 91
    Ok the vitatops muffins and brownies are to die for! Hungry girl had a buy 20 get 20 free, so I bought them, you keep in the freezer they are not suppose to sit out more than 24hours. I'm doing weight watchers and these are only 1 point, so for a sweet nightime snack I put some sugar free dark chocolate pudding on top of a chocolote vita-top, and fat free cool whip. It is so yummy and satisfying! I have even warmed up a top in the microwave and throw some coolwhip on it.. These are definately a staple to have at home when trying to fight the urge to splurge on sweets. - 1/28/2009   8:46:48 PM
  • 90
    Seriously...a muffin top without the bottom is just called a cookie. You can buy "muffin" tins and just bake the tops. What a lame food choice. - 1/28/2009   3:52:21 PM
    Vita muffins are my favorite food of all time-especially when you heat them up! - 1/28/2009   1:21:13 PM
  • 88
    I have always wanted to hear about how these were before I spent the money. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Being a person who watches sugar and carbs, this is great news. - 1/28/2009   12:52:46 PM
    Thanks for the blog. I asked about these a couple of weeks ago and no one gave them good reviews. Just the other day I saw them in the store and was surprised I too only thought you could get them on line. I will probably buy them from the store if I can ever get a coupon. - 1/28/2009   12:40:55 PM
  • 86
    For the people who can't find them at the stores listed on the website, look in the organic freezer section. My problem is in my mid-sized Midwest town they only carry one kind at each place and only a few boxes at a time so they are often out, but they DO have them if it says so on the website. Don't ask the people working there - I even asked a manager the first time and he didn't know what I was talking about, but I still found them. I really like the Blueberry Bran ones even though the author said they were weird. I toast mine and it makes it perfect. If you still find it a bit bland put a TINY bit of butter substitute on it - just enough to moisten. It will taste like the real thing! I eat one of these in the morning with Tropicana light -n healthy with calcium (whole meal is 150 calories) and a container of Yoplait Light yogurt for a mid-morning snack (100 - 110 calories depending on the flavor). That means by lunch I am only at 250 calories and I feel satisfied, especially at those times you feel like crumbling and need something to satisfy a sweet craving. - 1/28/2009   10:37:48 AM
  • 85
    I did not like them. I bought the variety pack and did not find one type I liked. - 1/28/2009   10:00:27 AM
    Chocolate and peanut butter is an awesome combo, so I try the Fudgy Peanut Butter Chip ones, but for the price these cost, especially the sampler pack, you can buy bulk ingredients and make several batches of fresh from the oven ones at home. There are some great recipes for low-cal, low-fat muffins on SparkRecipes. - 1/28/2009   7:16:06 AM
  • KAREN214
    I have eaten Vita Muffin tops they are great. There is always sales on line monthly and also on hungrygirl.com has specials monthly. They also have packages of the dry mix that you can make your own muffins which are cheeper. My children even like them. - 1/28/2009   7:11:30 AM
  • 82
    Sounds good. - 1/28/2009   3:58:17 AM
  • 81
    I appreciate your objective review on this product and plan to try it. - 1/27/2009   11:17:59 PM
  • 80
    I've been wanting to try these since HungryGirl is always raving about them, but since it seems like she has some sort of endorsement/sponsorship deal with them, I wanted to hear an objective opinion! :) I definitely want to try these at least, even if they are kinda pricey - worth a shot, especially if they're a good chocolate, baked goods substitute! - 1/27/2009   10:31:36 PM
  • 79
    I hadn't seen this review -- bought a box of the Golden Corn Vita Tops and a box of the Deep Chocolate Vita Tops yesterday. Yes, they are expensive -- 4 to a box for $4.49. I'm not sure whether or not that was a sale price. I couldn't find them in the freezer case, but quite by accident found them in a different section of the store -- a freezer case in the health food section. The Golden Corn is a little sweet for my taste, but was good with the chili I made yesterday. I had a chocolate one for dinner tonight, and found it a little dry and, for lack of a better word, fiber-y tasting. For the price, I'm not sure I will buy them again. Like other posters, I prefer my own. They are a few more calories, but I prefer the taste. - 1/27/2009   7:31:55 PM
  • MEMR28
    I love these!!! I buy them on Amazon because the shipping is always free. They are really good with a glass of milk- cuts down on the dryness. I don't think they are too expensive because they are a lot cheaper than the alternative- being overweight and unhappy or feeling deprived! - 1/27/2009   5:50:08 PM
    It makes me sad that it's just the TOP of the muffin... - 1/27/2009   5:13:02 PM
  • 76
    They are expensive, but at least a company has finally figured out how to make a tasty treat better for you. I might buy some of these, I love muffins and chocolate and all kinds of bad food like that. - 1/27/2009   4:32:40 PM
  • 75
    the sampler pack is expensive, but according to their website, Safeway sells them (I know Safeway isn't nationwide, but if you go to their website it can tell you what local stores sell it) - 1/27/2009   3:59:28 PM
    probably good but much too pricey. - 1/27/2009   1:12:23 PM
  • 73
    I love these! They are filling too, so just one does the trick. The chocolate ones are great for a chocolate craving! - 1/27/2009   12:51:31 PM
  • 72
    I discovered these at the hungrygirl site. I like them warmed in the microwave. As someone mentioned, the shipping is too high, but hungrygirl will sometimes have a promotion for them that includes free shipping. And, that is when I ordered them. I refuse to pay that much shipping otherwise:) - 1/27/2009   12:31:09 PM
  • 71
    I've never heard of them but they sound good. Wish the blueberry one was better; may try it & then comment to them on it. Just learned I can buy them in the town where my husband works most of the time & where most of my doctors are!!! Thanks for the info!!! - 1/27/2009   11:16:17 AM
  • 70
    Their websites lists stores that carry them, but I've found that the list isn't accurate. These do taste really good, but they're pricey, shipping is very high, and I'm not too fond of some of the ingredients. Like others, I have recipes that I make at home without the artificial sweeteners. - 1/27/2009   11:10:09 AM
  • 69
    But what about the bottom of the muffin? Where does that go? - 1/27/2009   10:33:15 AM
  • 68
    Well I've always wondered about these. When I did weight watchers they would always advertise VitaTop on the website and I wanted to try them but I didn't think at the time they were in stores (only online) and I wanted to know how they tasted. So now I see that health doesn't compromise taste. I'm on board to try/buy some! I looked and my local Tom Thumb sells them. - 1/27/2009   10:15:42 AM
  • 67
    I also learned about these on the Hungry Girl site and I am never without them now in my freezer. I agree that microwaving them for 20-30 seconds makes them warm and moist. The chocolate muffins with chocolate chips are fantastic when microwaved as the chips melt and are soooooo good. That, in fact, is the morning snack that I have with me at work today.
    Patti - 1/27/2009   9:49:06 AM
  • 66
    I read the HungryGirl site & have always wanted to try these but didn't want to spend the money in case I didn't like them. I was also concerned about the sugar alcohol-I'm like TARAS2009, ingredients like maltitol & sorbitol just do not agree with me! I'd rather have the occasional "real thing" than suffer the consequences of maltitol!! Plus I really don't like the taste that the sugar-free stuff has. Are all the muffins made with sugar alcohol? I imagine that's how they keep the calorie count down. On the other hand, if you like them & they "agree" with you, they sound like a good alternative when you need a quick snack or breakfast. - 1/27/2009   9:39:01 AM
  • 65
    For those wanting nutritional info. Here is from the Deep Chocolate package:
    100 calories; 1.5 gms fat; 140 mg. Sodium; 170 Potassium; 21 gms. carbs.; 6 gms. fiber; 9 gms sugar; 3 gms protein
    50% DV of these vitamins/minerals: vitamin A, C, D, E, B12, B6, Biotin, Zinc, Folic Acid, Iron.
    20% DV Calcium. 12.5 % Pantothenic Acid. 10% DV Riboflavin. 4% DV Thiamin and Niacin.
    There is a reason they are called VITAmuffins!

    Sign up for the Hungry Girl newsletter and you'll get in on the specials they run. - 1/27/2009   9:00:01 AM
  • 64
    I read an ad for these in one of my fitness magazines and visited their website to find out if they were available in my area. They are but when I went to the store I couldn't find them...turns out I wasn't looking in the freezer section. I will try again and if I still have no luck, will order online. - 1/27/2009   8:49:00 AM
  • 63
    I love Vitatops! If you microwave them (in the package) for 30 seconds or so, they come out more moist. I order them when there is a free shipping special or better yet, 2 for 1 special. Then I freeze them and thaw as needed. It allows me to have chocolate without all the guilt. Yummy! - 1/27/2009   8:48:44 AM
  • 62
    Oh my gosh! I am so excited that these are available in stores now... I've been wanting to try them! - 1/27/2009   8:19:38 AM
  • 61
    I will have to check these out. They sound good. - 1/27/2009   7:46:48 AM
  • 60
    I eat these all the time. They are a bit dry but they go great with a cup of yogurt in the morning for a healthy breakfast. I don't like chocolate and stick mostly with the banana nut, blueberry, apple and cranberry. - 1/27/2009   7:41:40 AM
  • 59
    I heard about these from Hungry-Girl Newsletter over a year ago. I never tried them because at the time-they are only online. Glad to know I can buy them at the store now. - 1/27/2009   6:13:24 AM
  • 58
    Ah, Coach is a foodie after my own heart! I'll be checking for these at Whole Food and BiLo. I'm especially interested in the 2 chocolate varieties and the Peanut Butter. I think I could go for the Banana too. As for the dryness, just wash a muffin down with milk or a good low fat cup of hot cocoa! - 1/27/2009   5:42:45 AM
  • 57
    I have ordered these twice from Amazon.com as I've not seen them in the stores. They come with instructions to freeze them right away so that is where I keep them.

    I first bought a chocolate sample pack and my second order was a pack of just the chocolate fig ones. I found them all to be a bit dry but they do me good when a chocolate craving strikes. AND they're a great source of fiber. They are definitely worth the 100 calories.

    I'm glad I have them in the freezer for the times I want something chocolatey but they are not exactly what I'd call addicting.

    I will continue to reorder these from Amazon to keep them on hand.

    - 1/27/2009   2:25:50 AM
  • 56
    Are these available anywhere in Canada? Sure I can make my own delicious low cal high fibre muffins, but it's ALWAYS NICE TO HAVE something for those days when u are not able or in the mood to cook!!! Convenience is important in life too..after all it's because of a LOT of eating out that we are all in the boat we are in. (just my opinion) ;) - 1/27/2009   1:18:16 AM
  • 55
  • 54
    I'd heard of them in a health magazine, but I thought hey would taste icky. How can you get an awesome muffin for only 100 calories? I found an awesome whole grain recipe on sparkrecipes.com for banana muffins. They are normal sized, VERY moist, and only about 100 calories (I changed mine up a bit, so it was 118). So I agree with Alberttac, I prefer to make mine at home. - 1/26/2009   11:53:17 PM
  • 53
    Id never even heard of these until right now. - 1/26/2009   11:31:07 PM
  • 52
    If I want low calorie, healthy, small size muffins, I would make them myself. I can even use my vacuum seal to package them. No point to waste all that money on something I could make at home with a lot less money. - 1/26/2009   11:11:03 PM
  • 51
    Vitamuffins are good, but I have to agree with many, they are expensive and shipping is high.....better to make your own. They're not empty calories in them, they do have a nutriciopus value to them, just cost too much for such a small box. - 1/26/2009   10:44:33 PM
  • 50
    Vitatops are good but they are expensive, and the shipping is REALLY expensive!! I also bought some from a hungry girl pack and the banana & banana fudge, which were not touted as sugar free, had maltitol in them and gave me the worst stinkiest gas I have ever had & it was so embarrasing because when my husband came to bed he did not know what hit him!

    I just make my own applesause oatmeal muffins & add blueberries - very yummy. I love spark recipes! - 1/26/2009   10:32:02 PM
  • 49
    sounds good - 1/26/2009   10:30:48 PM
  • 48
    My local grocery store has a limited choice of the muffins and the chocolate muffin tops. I keep the blueberry in the freezer for when I need a little sweet treat.
    Great product.
    Frances - 1/26/2009   10:06:55 PM
    i like the corn muffins alot but make them from their mix. a few of us at work order the mixes on line together so it's about $.00 a box which makes 12 muffins. - 1/26/2009   9:21:23 PM
    We did include nutritional info: "Unlike the 400-calorie-a-pop giant muffins at your favorite coffee houses, these muffins are all about 100 calories, little to no fat, and contain at least 5 g of fiber." - 1/26/2009   9:20:05 PM
  • 45
    I, too, would like to see ingredients and nutritional info in review. Is SP just promoting more empty calorie products? - 1/26/2009   8:52:59 PM
  • 44
    VitaMuffins are good, but I know something better! Make your own! Make your own! :) I have become a do-it-yourselfer out of necessity, but SparkRecipes has a delish applesauce oatmeal muffin recipe. I make them all the time and they are awesome! Sometimes I switch the applesauce with mashed banana and add walnuts and raisins. I also sub out the brown sugar for Splenda brown sugar blend. The nice thing is that you can freeze them and just grab one on your way out the door! Now, if only I can find a do-it-yourself version of a vitabrownie!!! - 1/26/2009   8:52:06 PM
  • 43
    keep in mind that they are expensive, but this should be a way to eat less of them at one time. - 1/26/2009   8:15:44 PM

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