We Ate It: New Soups from V8

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Mmm, soup. Nothing hits the spot more than a piping hot bowl of soup on a rainy or cold day. Puréed or chunky, creamy or spicy, is there such thing as a bad soup?

When I saw Campbell's new V8 soups, I thought they'd be worth trying. The commercials say there's a full serving of vegetables in every portion of soup.

What Campbell's says:
"Campbell’s V8 soups are a deliciously satisfying line of soups made from high-quality ingredients that provide a full serving of vegetables in every bowl. These ready-to-serve, velvety smooth pureed soups contain no artificial flavors or preservatives."

There's a full serving of vegetables in each serving and no artificial flavors or preservatives.

What we say:
Southwestern Corn
150 calories, 3g fat, 0.5g sat fat, 0mg cholesterol, 620mg sodium, 26g total carbs, 2g dietary fiber, 7g sugar, 3g protein

"It was delicious! It was more of a chowder type of soup than I guess I had expected it to be. The flavor was awesome--it had the perfect amount of kick/spice and was a great quick meal at my desk. I will add it to my grocery list at home to have on hand for when I am running crazy and need something quick."

Serving suggestions:
Add canned crab meat or tuna, plus some leftover baked potato. Sprinkle paprika over the top.
Crumble tortilla chips, add a dollop of salsa and a drizzle of sour cream.

Golden Butternut Squash
140 calories, 2g fat, 1g sat fat, 5mg cholesterol, 750mg sodium, 28g total carbs, 3g dietary fiber, 6g sugar, 3g protein, 40% DV vitamin A, 10% DV potassium

"I didn't like the box size. It's basically two generous servings of soup, I only wanted one for lunch. It was high in sodium. I had butternut squash and thought it was pretty bland, I added my own extra spices."

"I adore butternut squash soup, so I had to give this one a try! I liked the color, smell and even the consistency of this soup, which was thick like I'd expect a butternut squash soup to be. It wasn't runny or chunky--it was pretty smooth. Overall, I thought its flavor was OK--not bad, but not stellar either. It had a decent, very mild flavor but not much in the way of salt of other seasonings. I don't mind minimally-flavored foods sometimes--you could really taste the squash--but this might be too low in flavor for most people's taste buds. If you like butternut squash soup, then you'd probably like this one."

Serving suggestions:
Add cooked sweet potato and chopped apple.
Add chickpeas or some cooked maple and sage turkey sausage, then serve with cornbread.

Sweet Red Pepper
120 calories, 1.5g fat, 1g sat fat, 5mg cholesterol, 620mg sodium, 22g total carbs, 4g dietary fiber, 10g sugar, 3g protein, 25% DV vitamin A, 10% DV vitamin C, 10% DV potassium

"I tasted the tomato more than I tasted the pepper. After a few bites, the overwhelming flavor was salt. The soup reminded me of the base for most canned vegetable soups. It was more substantial than just broth, but this was not filling. I would recommend adding some frozen spinach, a slice of whole-grain toast and perhaps a poached egg to make a heartier meal. I think I would eat it again."

Serving suggestions:
Place a serving of cottage cheese in the middle.
Add leftover vegetables to further boost the soup.
Drizzle with pesto and serve with bruschetta or garlic bread.

The soups are packaged in aseptic boxes, which make for easy storage. However, unlike similar boxed soups, there is way to close the top, and you have to use scissors or a knife to open the box. The soups have two servings per package, and it would be easier to store them if the top was resealable. Those soups also have more servings per package.

Suggested price: $2.99

Have you tried these soups? What did you think?

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I have never seen V8 soups!! But this article is almost 10 years old...maybe discontinued? Report
When they get the sodium down to the 200's then I'll try them. There's sooo much salt in processed foods. Report
I had what I think is the Canadian version... it was called Sweet corn with Chipotle..... there was next to no flavour. The blandness was slightly covered by the spice of the chipotle, but not enough to make any worthwhile difference.
I like the Knorr yellow soup much better, I think. Report
I absolutely love the Southwestern corn,and the Butternut squash,even though I'm not a big fan of soups.They are really creamy and tasty,and I agree higher in sodium that I would like,but really good. Report
I have tried all of the ones listed and I really liked them all. Report
The butternut squash was good (just good) For the price -not so good! I'm bragging here--- my husband makes the best butternut squash soup!! Report
I tried the butternut. I was a little disappointed in it overall. The sodium I felt could be lower and the taste could have been improved. I still think it is a fair substitute for a fast lunch Report
I was excited about these because finally Campbell's made a soup without MSG. But I thought the Garden Broccoli was so horrid, I couldn't take more than 3 spoonfuls. :( Report
As many others have said..The sodium content of most soup makes it hard to buy. So I usually make my own Lentil or Split Pea or Chicken Vegetable soup...as with other cooking if it calls for salt I ignore it ( except baking where it may be necessary and then I just add much less) On the other hand it is sometimes nice to have some canned soup on hand for those times that I don't have time to cook...I think I will try the Garden Broccoli..or maybe I'll just try making Broccoli soup at home. Report
Too much sodium in these to be able to call the "healthy." It's a shame, really...could be a great product otherwise. Report
I tried the Garden Broccoli. It was delicious! The consistency was much better than your average soup. The green color was more vibrant and the taste was much more 'fresh'. I would definitely buy this again. Report
Good to know... I really wanted to try these but now Im not so sure. The other soups out there sound like a better choice. Report
The minate I saw the sodium this contained I knew it wasn't for me. Im on a restricted 2gm sodium diet (2000mg) so this is well over a fourth of what I can allow myself. A high sodium diet can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease and kidney failure ...lol cant help but teach. Im a nurse. Report
I really liked the squash one! Report
The sweet red pepper is NOT good. There's too much weird skin parts in it and the taste is well below average. The butternut squash, however is AMAZING. I have not tried the southwest corn yet, buut I will soon! Report
apparently i dont look around much in the store since i never even knew these existed before! ha I will have to see about trying one next time I stop at the store. I try to watch my sodium, but once in a while I splurge. Report
The only one I can see me even trying would be the broccoli soup. Its the only one of the four I would eat *S* I believe I will have some frozen broccoli on hand because I like some omphh to my soup *S* without bread or crackers *S* Report
I've tried the V8 Broccoli - yes it is high in sodium, but I made 4 meals with one package, adding frozen broccoli a tad bit of water which makes it getting more veggies and cutting down on the sodium by portion size. Makes a great lunch meal. Report
Campbell's has had these soups out for almost a couple of years now, but just recently repackaged them with the V8 logo - guess they're going for the "healthier" vibe (but maybe should have lowered the salt then). I like the flavor of the corn chowder. Report
I've tried the Sweet Red Pepper and the Corn soup. They were both delicious. Due to the sodium content, I wouldn't recommmend eating every day, but this is one that I keep in my locker at work or cabinet at home as a "no time to cook, quick fix meal" Oh, add a salad, topped with lots of veggies and it become a pretty filling meal. Report
I've had the corn chowder- not the best. I agree about the sodium and I think they just aren't creative with the spices they choose- it was a bit bland. Report
Soups are so easy (and cheap) to make from scratch, I never buy premade soups. Even the ones that claim to be lower in sodium are ridiculously high in salt. Report
Foods high in sodium interfer with the body's ability to absorb calcium. This may not be a good choice. You should really limit these foods !!! Report
so sad they use so much sodium..makes it so i can't try it..BUT i buy trader joes and they are delicious and lower in sodium..have had both the butternut squash and the tomatoe...really good..maybe we should all email v-8 and ask for lower sodium choices?? Report
Thanks for the info especially the sodium content! I will not be buying this product. Nothing beats a homemade bowl of chicken soup! Report
I won't be trying these, especially after hearing everyone say about way too much sodium. I also don't like the V8 juice, either. Report
it is expensive but in a time crunch on a cold winter night the southwestern corn is a quick meal. Report
Oh, by the way, the organic soups I mentioned below are also the same price as the V8 soups at about $2.99 per container. Report
Try Pacific Foods or Trader Joe's organic boxed soups instead! MUCH better flavor and quality, and lower sodium content as well. I love Trader Joe's Organic Tomato & Roasted Red Pepper Soup! I add some cooked diced red peppers and scallions at times. Yummy! The sodium content in this is still slightly high at 750 mg per serving, but definitely lower than the V8 Sweet Red Pepper soup! Report
Three bucks for soup? I can get those big cans of Campbell's "healthy selections" if I want, for about 1.65. For three bucks I could get a super-premium weight-watchers frozen entree...! Report
WOW!! The sodium content will keep me from trying any of these soups. They do look really good, though. Report
No, I'll pass. Report
I saw this new line at the grocery store just yesterday. Took one look at the sodium levels and put it right back on the shelf. Report
The sodium is way-way tooooooo high! If they make a version without all the sodium I will try it. In the mean time; I'll continue to make my own soups where I can control the sodium! Report
Yes, i have tried this soup...believe all the different ones.....really enjoyed them....i guess i am used to bland...i enjoyed them. After years of lowsalt menus and cooking.....still a little much on the salt side as with most prepackaged items. and i wish were in smaller single serving containters for on the go. But on the plus side i give this a four star. Report
I love the butternut squash and creamy tomato. If I want more substance to the meal I throw in Uncle Ben's 90 second brown rice. Yummy. Since I'm a saltaholic, the sodium content doesn't bother me. Report
I'm just so tired of the excessive salt in everything. My husband is a heart patient, and so many soups would be healthy, low-fat choices for us if they would just cut the salt in half.

It isn't just soups, either. Frozen pizza and pancake mix are two other examples of foods that just don't need so much salt. Report
Thanks for blogging about this. I want to try the Southwestern Corn. Report
I would love to try the -- but I can't afford to use half my daily sodium allotment on a serving of soup. Why can't they make low sodium AND low calorie prepared foods? Report
I tried the Southwestern Corn and the Butternut Squash. The corn was excellent - had a good kick to it and the butternut squash was good. I would definitely buy them again. Report
Thanks for the info, I will try them, the broccoli soup and southwestern corn look good. Report
Thanks for the info - I had been thinking of trying them. I've decided against it due to the sodium & my high blood pressure. Also Campbell's Select soups or Progresso brands have soups that taste good, plus are lower in sodium. You really have to watch the nutrition labels. Report
After reading the comments I may try the corn and the brocccoli. I can always doctor it up if need be. Thanks for the feed back. Pat Report
I will buy and try it today. Report
I won't be trying these as much as I love V-8 juice.
I make most of my own soup to keep it healthier. Report
I won't buy them to much sodium Like most prepared foods I wish something could be done about this!!! Besides soups are so easy to make. I make a batch and freeze it. Report
I agree with everyone else, too much sodium for me! Report
I was thinking of trying them... but after reading these review think I will pass... I've never been a "soup person" before but thought if I could increase my veggies this way it would be awesome - but the sodium I can do without!!! Report
I won't use them as soup because of the sodium , but tried them instead of water when cooking rice . They came out very flavorful (tomato-pepper was especially good) and with a little chopped onion , mushrooms, parsley, or whatever you wish to add, makes a great side dish. They would also be good in slow cookers where the sodium could be spread out over more servings while giving a flavor burst. Report
I have not tried these, they look really good, but they are so high on sodium I decided not to try them, I do not need to get attached to another food with that much sodium. Report
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