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I'll just come right out and say it. We're nutty!

Peanut butter, almond butter, it doesn't matter… we love nut butters here. Nuts are full of fiber, heart-healthy fats and protein, and they're a quick, portable snack.

We recently reviewed some new nut butters that contain flax seed and a few other tasty ingredients. Right around the same time, we learned about another nut butter company that's fortifying nut butters.

This one is called Naturally Nutty, and it was started by--get this!--a SparkPeople member. Katie Kearney used the site to lose her baby weight, and in a way, SparkPeople helped motivate her to start her business!

She said:
"I started with SparkPeople just after my last child was born, six years ago. I knew that she was to be my last (I have three perfect children) and wanted to get back into the pre-child size! Scanning the internet for recipes and motivation, I came across SparkPeople. I loved the idea of being able to plug in what I ate in a meal, find out the calories that I had consumed and what I had left to take in that day.

Exercise has always been a huge part of our lives, but I needed a diet makeover! After each meal, I would log on to my computer and plug everything in. After a very short while I noticed that I was more conscious of what I put in my mouth, adding more fruits and vegetables and less of the filler foods.

I also found that training for a marathon, I needed more protein in my diet….which can prove to be difficult for a vegan. I also had that kids who, by this time, wanted to eat peanut butter but bucked the organic kind that I bought. Did I mention that I decided to make it even more difficult by purchasing only organic food for my family?

After thinking about this for a day or two, I realized that I could come up with a solution to my problems: create my own nut butters. I decided to use organic peanuts, add some organic/natural flavors along with the hemp seed and flax seed for those Omegas (the full spectrum of 3,6 and 9). I tested all different flavors on all of my children, my husband and my whole neighborhood! The rest is history."

About her company:
Made by a Mom for her kids, this is amazing natural nut butter in a variety of flavors, all made with organic flax and organic hemp seed. Containing wholesome and organic ingredients, each jar has been handcrafted with the following benefits:

  • Organic Flax Seed (Omega-3, Omega-6)
  • Organic Hemp Seed (Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9)
  • American Grown Peanuts and Almonds
  • No Stir Formula - Minimal Oil Separation! (Peanut Butters)
  • 12 Unique Flavors!

What we said:
Naturally Nutty's niche is flavored nut butters. Katie sent us three to try: Vanilla Almond Butter, Butter Toffee Peanut Butter, and Honey Roasted Cinnamon Peanut Butter.

They're all fortified with flax and hemp seed.

I put these three jars of nut butter in the fridge, and they were gone in a week!

We liked the flavored peanut butters on toast on their own, and with jelly. We dipped carrots into the vanilla almond butter and even topped oatmeal with it.

We imagined making baked goods with these or drizzling some atop ice cream. In sandwiches, on a spoon or atop a toaster waffle, this nut butter was quickly gobbled up by the office.
While many of us said we prefer plain ol' PB or AB for our PBJs, this is a nice change. It would make a great gift for a friend who likes nut butters.

Prices: $4.75-$9.99 depending on the flavor and size

Where to buy? At the Naturally Nutty online store

Have you tried a flavored nut butter? Would you?

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  • 76
    I used to work at a bakery where we sold these! So of course I had to sample them all! The plain Almond Butter, Butter Toffee PB, and Honey Cinnamon PB were personal favorites. Gotta be honest...the Vanilla and White Chocolate Coconut weren't very good. But the others were EXCELLENT! High prices but very yummy. - 11/30/2009   10:48:32 AM
  • 75
    Butter toffee sound great, I'm afraid I'd eat the whole thing with a spoon! I'm off to check out the samplers. - 11/3/2009   7:00:55 AM
  • 74
    I ordered plain almond and peanut butter along with cherry, cinnamon peanut butter. I just had the cherry, cinnamon peanut butter with a sliced apple along side my bowl of cheerios this morning. Delicious! I cannot wait to spread it over some nice, hot toast :D - 8/28/2009   6:58:30 AM
    i ordered the sampler. the toffee is pretty tasty, but the honey roasted cinnamon is incredible. still need to get to the chocolate cherry, but i am sure that will be a great taste sensation also. - 8/7/2009   5:44:16 PM
    I read this article, then went to the web site, where I bought 2 sampler packs! Got them a couple days ago and have been sampling them with breakfast each morning - yum! - 8/6/2009   10:24:09 AM
  • 71
    I love PB and my BF makes me almond butter. I love that the woman was a member of SP. I will give these a try. - 8/1/2009   3:37:04 PM
  • 70
    They do ship to Canada! Woo!!! I am definately buying some samplers =) I am a nut butter addict lol. - 8/1/2009   6:42:27 AM
  • 69
    Sounds delicious! - 7/31/2009   4:04:16 PM
    We have never tried anything but brand name peanut butter, but these look REALLY good. I will visit the website and order one to try! Thanks! - 7/31/2009   1:33:54 PM
  • 67
    I have tried almond butter and I think sesame butter. I found them at a natural food store. Any nut butters that I have tried have been sooooooo good. But my favorite, hands down, is Almond Butter! Thanks for the article. Sometime I will have to splurge and try these new ones. - 7/31/2009   11:28:23 AM
    I love peanut butter, never had any other kind, I'll have to try them! - 7/31/2009   10:45:57 AM
  • 65
    Why can't they ship to Canada? =( I want to get some soooo badly! I love nut butter!!! - 7/31/2009   10:35:38 AM
  • 64
    I will definitely look! I just tried almond butter and it was real good. - 7/31/2009   10:32:55 AM
  • 63
    I make my own spreads from nuts.. All natural..love it. - 7/31/2009   10:32:35 AM
  • 62
    Yummmm that does sound good, I love peanut butter. I'll have to try it - 7/31/2009   10:01:59 AM
    mmmm can't wait to try it - 7/31/2009   9:46:13 AM
  • 60
    Oh yumminess!!! I have to try these! I am a huge fan of the Naturally More Natural peanut butter with flaxseed, so I am sure I will love these. I wish they were available in a stores though, not just online. - 7/31/2009   9:15:57 AM
  • 59
    I placed an order for both the almond and peanut samplers. I don't let a little added sugar stop me because I work my a$$ off in order to add a little now and then. I've got to have my nut butters!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 7/31/2009   7:39:56 AM
  • 58
    I hope the business expands and you export them to the U.K. I would love to be able to try them - 7/31/2009   3:58:00 AM
  • 57
    I love the idea of the non-stir. The separation is what has put me off with some of the healthier alternatives to big brand or store brand PB. I am highly sensitive/selective with food textures. The flavors sound oh so delish of a melange. Love the addition of hemp and flax, as well as the protein/fiber content. Just book-marked and plan to order when I am through sparking. - 7/30/2009   10:34:53 PM
    I used to mix peanutbutter and honey and wheat germ and make it into balls that I would then roll in more wheat germ. I can't eat peanuts or wheat any more so I now use almond butter and honey and ground flax seed instead. The nut butter mixtures that were mentioned sound great. - 7/30/2009   8:46:21 PM
    To Katie Kearney, and those who seem to have a problem getting enough protein in, and especially if you are vegans. Check out protein shake mixes at GNC. They have all kinds, including some for people in training, and some are vegan, as well.
    As a post-gastric bypass person, I can't eat the volume I used to. It's not a choice, I simply can't eat that much! After the surgery, the patient's stomach is about the size of an egg. It expands over time to about a half-cup. So, I do two protein shakes a day. I use 'IsoPure' which comes in quite a few flavors and is a really good all-purpose shake mix. Not only do you get 50 grams of protein/shake, you get 50% of a long list of vitamins and minerals/shake, too.
    I 'dress up' the shake. My 'recipe' is 5 oz of water, 5 ice cubes, fruit (mostly berries, but I use banana or pineapple chunks, too), then add the shake mix. Blend (with a strong blender) until it freezes or is completely mixed and enjoy. The combinations are endless. Cookies & cream shake mix with frozen bananas slices is good. Frozen black cherries with vanilla shake mix tastes like cherry vanilla ice cream! Raspberries, or black raspberries, in vanilla shake mix is great. Strawberries in strawberry shake mix is yummy. Mix & match.
    I've never felt better in my life on this regimen. - 7/30/2009   7:05:50 PM
  • 54
    I am intrigued with the ingredient modified potato starch instead of modified corn starch. I've been avoiding modified corn starch, but now I must learn more about using potato instead!! - 7/30/2009   6:23:34 PM
  • 53
    These sound very yummy -- would love to try them if I could find them locally but not really interested in paying for shipping.

    Will be on the lookout tho! - 7/30/2009   3:22:04 PM
  • 52
    My spark friends where would we be if our ancestors said "Oh,I don't like hot crusted meat and plants, I have always ate them cold and raw". I know I'm being silly. I think this is a great Idea and my order goes out tomorrow...Chef Jim - 7/30/2009   3:01:09 PM
  • 51
    I love nut and seed butters, but seeing this ingredient list took me aback! Adding oils? I realize that palm kernel oil isn't such the nasty as once thought despite being a saturated fat, but more peanut or canola oil? Potato starch and guar gum as stabilzers to make it "no-stir"? I'd rather stir, thanks.
    I also have had success pouring off the oil that rises on my peanut butter, then stirring and storing at room temperature. It keeps it spreadable unlike refrigerating and I've reduced the fat, even if I cannot quantify it. - 7/30/2009   2:53:52 PM
  • 50
    I haven't tried any flavored nut butters, but the Safeway in my area has a nut bar and will grind almost any kind of nut into butter for you. It's great, although I'm sure they'd be better with Omegas added. We love the almond and the cashew. - 7/30/2009   2:11:17 PM
  • 49
    I am not tempted in trying flavored nut butter because I love the nutty taste... ;-P - 7/30/2009   12:42:09 PM
  • 48
    my kids love peanutbutter and love to have it on there pancakes .. - 7/30/2009   12:36:57 PM
  • KIKI8508
    I've never actually tried a flavored nut butter, I stick to the usually (peanut butter). But I think I'll either order some of these or see if I can find some in the supermarket to purchase. - 7/30/2009   12:06:17 PM
  • 46
    I started eating (and totally LOVE) naturally more PB after reading about it on SP. If I had a store that sold these nut butters, I would try them too. Best wishes on the business, hope they have much success! - 7/30/2009   11:10:21 AM
    I would like to try it, but only having access on the internet and the price, just made me say no. - 7/30/2009   10:37:45 AM
    I would love to try these since I love to eat nut butters. I have had chocolate peanut butter from Whole Foods that I was able to grind fresh. I will look for these at that store. - 7/30/2009   10:36:33 AM
    I wish her the best of luck in her business, but I'm with the folks that don't want any additional additives to my PB, just peanuts and a little salt for me. Why the extra sugars? To help with the natural separation of oil, I store my PB in the refrigerator up side down, it works. RIVERHAG is correct, flax seed has to be ground in order to reap the benefits of their Omega 3's - 7/30/2009   10:07:19 AM
  • 42
    I love peanut butter......have at least 1 Tablespoon a day.......so I might just have to try these nut butters. :) - 7/30/2009   10:00:19 AM
  • 41
    Sounds delicious. I love peanut butter and the added omega richness is a plus. I do not like the added sugars though so I probably would not try it. Maybe there are a few without added sugars? *hope* :) - 7/30/2009   9:57:30 AM
    I have never tried any flavored nut butters, but I am always willing to try new things! - 7/30/2009   9:35:33 AM
    I love peanut butter and this sounds like a great alternative. - 7/30/2009   9:33:56 AM
  • 25LADY
    I love peanut butter so much that I could eat it every day!! I am going on-line tomorrow to try the Naturally Nutty's! I know I will like the taste if I keep an open-mind. - 7/30/2009   9:26:15 AM
  • 37
    Hemp seed? I'll pass. - 7/30/2009   9:23:59 AM
  • 36
    I have not seen any flavored nut butters anywhere near where I live. - 7/30/2009   9:20:16 AM
  • 35
    Sounds good. Yum. - 7/30/2009   8:59:30 AM
  • 34
    My mouth is watering!! - 7/30/2009   8:57:41 AM
  • SZNN4570
    I buy naturnal peanut and almond butter. They are blended in front of me. I can have honey, sugar or pure extracts added, if I want. I purchase small amounts, because they are fresh with no preservatives. Next time I will ask for some flax seeds thrown in. - 7/30/2009   8:27:47 AM
  • 32
    I most certainly would! I enjoy peanut butter once a day as a "treat" swirled into Fage greek yogurt and this would be a delightful change.

    As a vegetarian, nut butters serve as a protein source, which in moderation is FABULOUS! - 7/30/2009   8:21:34 AM
  • 31
    I wish her the best! :)

    I buy our store's house brand of natural peanut butter. Ingredient: Peanuts. That's it. :) So the added sugar, salt and starch would prevent me from buying it. - 7/30/2009   8:17:17 AM
  • 30
    I don't think I would try this peanut butter. I love peanut butter so I buy "Better'n Peanut Butter" They have half the calories of regular peanut butter, low sodium and low fat and to top all that I don't have to stir it before use. It does have to stay in the fridge but it tastes great - 7/30/2009   8:06:47 AM
  • 29
    I love peanut butter and vanilla is my very favourite flavour! I wonder what the mix would taste like? - 7/30/2009   7:33:50 AM
  • 28
    This sounds very interesting. - 7/30/2009   6:09:06 AM
  • 27
    Great idea! I hope her business does well.
    I personally won't try them because they aren't vegan, contain sugar and are expensive compared to the organic & all natural pb I already buy. - 7/30/2009   1:09:19 AM

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