We Ate It: Peanut and Almond Butters Fortified with Flax

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Remember when Coach Nicole interviewed her friend Kelly, who participated in a figure competition?

During her brutal training, she ate a very restrictive diet. One of the few foods she really loved was fancy almond and peanut butter made with flaxseed. She shared some with Nicole, who LOVES peanut butter. It was such a unique product that we assumed it would be really pricey and only available at specialty stores.

Au contraire, Kelly told us. She buys hers at Wal-Mart for less than $4!
And so we reached out to the folks at Naturally More.

They sent us samples of the peanut butter, almond butter--and organic peanut butter!

What they say:

"Naturally More easily differentiates itself from other natural peanut butters with the added benefits of Omega-3, fewer calories than other peanut butter competitors, 25% more protein, and 50% more fiber than regular brands currently on the market."

What we say:

  • The nut butters have fewer calories and more fiber than traditional nut butters because of the addition of dehydrated cane juice, wheat germ, flax seed and egg whites.

    Check out the flax seeds in the almond butter!

  • These are thicker and slightly sweeter than normal nut butters. Sometimes, natural nut butters are bland on their own. These are not! They're really tasty on their own.

  • I tried the peanut butter and I really like it. I really like the addition of the flax seed. I would think about buying this just for the better taste, not just the health benefits.
  • The almond butter is DELICIOUS, like a treat. It seems richer than almond butters I have had before. It is pretty grainy, which I like, but people new to natural butters may find it too grainy.
  • We LOVED these nut butters. While I usually prefer pure nut butters--ground nuts, nothing more--and generally choose whole foods over functional foods, these are excellent. I like that they have some fiber and substance to them. The nut butter is gritty in a good way--hard to explain, but trust me.
  • I ate this almond butter with cinnamon chips from Food Should Taste Good. Oh, wow! It's a great snack. More often these days, I eat it with an apple sprinkled in cinnamon.

Nutrition, Location and Cost:

Almond butter: $8.99 a jar (pricier than PB, but AB is)

Peanut butter: $3.99 a jar

Organic peanut butter: $5.99 a jar

We found it at Wal-Mart. It's also available by the case at Naturally More's website. (You can also find other retailers at the company's website.)

Have you tried Naturally More nut butters? Will you? How do you usually eat PB (peanut butter) and AB (almond butter)?

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I buy fresh ground valencia peanut butter and almond butter at my local market and add fresh ground flax seed, which I buy in "bulk" -- by the ounce -- and avoid added salt and sugars of any kind. My friends are always asking if I have any of my "special" nut butters to go on the celery and carrot sticks, or the crackers that are out for munching when the group comes to visit. Report
Hi, I'm diabetic, so I buy all-natural peanut butter (just nuts). I liked the idea of getting more fibre in my PB though, so I thought I'd make my own flax-filled peanut butter. Mine was quite thick, so I microwaved the peanut butter for 30 seconds and then added some flax seeds. Tastes yummy! Sonja
I will definitely look for both the Peanut Butter and Almond Butter at Wal-Mart.
They both sound delicious and soooo good for you! Woo-Hoo! Report
Wow! Would love to try it! Report
I've ate this peanut butter for about 2 years and my kids even prefer it now. I eat my PB on toast with a cup of milk before my long runs (traing for 1/2 marathons again), or I like my PB with apple slices. My children love peanut butter and pickle sandwiches. They use hamburger dill pickle slices. Good luck if you try it cause I sure won't Report
I've seen Trader Joe's versions of this pop into my local store and have been very curious to try them. Thanks for the review! Report
I hope it is avalible at my local walmart. I love peanut butter and almond butter. But I never thought of these two tasty toppings would one day contain flax. If I can find it, I will get it. Thanks Report
Who would have thought Walmart! Trader Joes is out of the way now that I know where to shop. My local famers mart is carring Ezikiel bread. Wooohoo tasty. Report
YUM. PB is my new obsession! Report
It sounds delicious!! I'm going to try the Almond Butter!! Report
Have it. Love it! The flax seeds add an unexpected crispy-crunch and mixed well, the peanut butter is smooth and delicious. I also find I use less of it. I've never been a big peanut butter person, but I eat this on an eight of a banana for a snack nearly every day. Report
I have loved peanut butter since I was a child.

I was delighted to finally find the peanut butter in my local WalMart. My husband and I both really disliked it. To me, it was bland and tasteless and the ground flax seeds are just weird. My husband would eat peanut butter three times a day if he had the chance but he did't like this at all! Report
I LOVE peanut butter... however, sadly, my son has a peanut and tree nut allergy, so we are unable to keep it in the house :( I will have to try it while I am out and keep it at a friend's house or my office.... Report
I love peanut and almond butters but I never buy them processed. Instead, I head over to Whole Foods, where they have a nut grinder, and make my own. The result is a fresh, delicious butter with absolutely nothing added. In moderation, it's a great snack, sauce base or even a quick meal. Report
Looks like this product isn't sold near me! Too bad. Two stores in my area are listed for other regions but not listed for my region. Oh well, another reason to move. Report
I'd love to try one of these. As a kid I hated peanut butter until I discovered the all natural brands like Ox Heart form Upstate NY. I can't find that now so we tend to buy All Nat Teddy's or All Nat Smucker's. In college a friend gave me a jar of almond butter from the local co-op which was great.

I just might have to make the trip to a Super WalMark in hopes of finding these products.

Great sandwich, Wheat bread with peanut butter and cucumbers. Report
i would love to try almond butter- portion size is still important. Report
How long does this kind of peanut butter last???? Report
I've been buying this brand for quite some time now. I really enjoy it. I agree that it is sweeter than your average peanut butter but that sweetness comes without negative side-effects of sugar additives in other "sweet" peanut butter brands. Report
This sounds wonderful. I would love to have the opportunity to try it. Report
sounds great!! Report
I love both PB and AB. One of my favorite ways to eat is, smeared on a marshmallow--yum!!! Report
I have eaten the Naturally More PB w/ flaxseed, and I do like it. I wish they made it without the added cane sugar, though ~ I prefer my PB unsweetened. But it's still good! Report
I recently bought the PB over the weekend!It was good to me! I actually have my spoon in hand from just eating some!Lol Looking forward to trying the organic & almond butter. Report
I have it but I must can not eat peanut butter. I enjoy this PB but I had stomach craps with it and other Pb. Not sure what is going on. I can eat almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkins seeds, walnuts etc nuts in general but not PB. I am disappointed! So it is setting in my refrig. I can not bring myself to throw it away. Kids do not like it. Report
this looks divine. i must find it at my local grocery. thanks for featuring such tempting, yet healthy products. Report
I haven't tried it yet but it will be on my shopping list !!! Report
After reading this post I went out and bought some of the peanut butter and I really did enjoy it. Can't wait to try the Almond Butter, but could not found it in our Walmart. Report
Peanut butter and the elegant almond butter:
1) on a tablespoon straight from the jar with a piece of fruit or cheese stick or both
2) with 1/4 odwallah bar and cup of hot tea or glass of milk
3) crazy sandwich w/ jam, alfalfa sprouts, lite cream cheese on toasted whole grain bread;
4) mixed with curry powder to top a chicken breast, then bake with carrots, and onions for a different entre.
5) mixed with favorite Asian sauce, then mix with cut-up or shredded chicken breast and top a bowl of shredded lettuce for a form of Chinese chicken salad

I have discovered the joys of nut butters in moderation. Yum! Report
I have a version of the peanut butter with flax and I love it! i eat it as a snack on apples when i get the munchies mid-afternoon. Report
Sounds delicious! I eat my crunchy peanut butter straight out of the jar, on celery, on crackers, even on roasted jalepenos! But my favorite way is to slice up an apple, spread on some peanut butter and top with granola. Yum. Report
I love peanut butter and this sounds just great. I like mine on toast with banana for breakfast Report
i LOVE peanut butter! right out of the jar is my favorite, but i also love peanut butter and jelly/fluff/nutella/banana sandwiches, and any chocolate peanut butter combination is usually good :) i tried almond butter once. it was ok, but i think i was just in the mood for peanut butter at the time, and i haven't tried it since. so, i would obviously prefer peanut butter :) thanks! Report
I enjoy peanut butter on celery. I've never tried the Naturally More Almond Butter (I didn't even know they had Almond Butter), so that being a healthier choice, I'd like to try that! Report
I love peanut butter, I have tried so many different kinds, although the organic is much healthier for you, it can be quite costly for a small jar. On the other hand how can you put a price on health right? Report
I found it to be a bit sweet for my taste buds. I like the old fashioned kind without alot of added sugar. It was good otherwise though - although very high in calories. You can't have more than just a serving for sure. Report
I love natural peanut butter, sometimes I eat it just plain on a spoon! I would love to try almond butter. Report
I would love to taste both because its natural.Any one is good.Thank you can not wait. Report
I've got to try these! Report
I'd love to win the Almond Butter, your review impressed me so much, that I visited their website & ended up ordering a 6 pack! Can't wait till it comes, it will be great in my morning smoothy!
Thanks Report
Would love to try on a whole wheat English muffin Report
Love peanut butter and celery! It's a little on the additive side so I've
got to pace myself, but better to go crazy on PB than Potatoe chips right? Report
I would love to try the natural peanut butter flavor. The labeling ingredients would fit perfect into my healthy eating pattern. Report
The website doesn't list it but I know my local SuperTarget just started carrying this brand. Will have to give it a try. Report
This sounds yummy. This is a luxury that I may one day reward myself. Report
A slice of wheat bread and a tablespoon of organic peanut butter is one of my most satisfying snacks when I really need a little something. It's so healthy that I don't feel guilty. It is a standard in my tool box of snacks. :) Report
I eat peanut butter with banana and would love to try the almond butter I know it is sooo healthy! Report
I eat peanut butter on bran crackers to get fiber, protein and healthy fat together! Report
I have never had it, nor have I seen it anywhere near my stores- Would love to try it though Report
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