We Ate It: Muffin and Pancake Mix from Fiber One and Bisquick


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Recently, we received some new baking products to try: Fiber One Pancake Mix, Fiber One Muffin Mix, and Bisquick Healthy Heart mix.
We thought we'd give them a shot.

The Fiber One mixes each have 20% of your daily fiber recommendations, while the Bisquick has half the fat as the original.

Find out what we thought.

Fiber One Pancake and Waffle Mix ($3.49)
We made the Fiber One waffles last weekend. We all liked them a lot. They cooked up very crisp and nice in our waffle maker. We topped them with some strawberries, which went really well with the waffles. They had a rich taste. We used milk instead of water, so that may have helped. I felt very full after eating one and was full the whole morning.

(A photo of one of our "testers" enjoying his Fiber One waffle!)

1/2 c mix (makes 3 pancakes or 1 waffle)
180 calories
3.5 g fat
25 mg cholesterol
440 mg sodium
36 g carbs
5 g fiber
4 g sugar
6 g protein

Fiber One Muffin Mix ($3.29)
These were pretty good. They are a little heavier than the muffins I usually make, but I like that they contain 20% of my daily fiber intake for each one. They had a nice apple cinnamon taste, but next time I'd probably add some real apple and cinnamon to bump up the flavor. I would definitely try these again.

130 calories (1/2 cup mix makes one muffin)*
2.5 g fat
210 mg sodium
29 g carbs
5 g fiber
15 g sugar (the No. 1 ingredient is sugar!)
2 g protein
*Each finished muffin has 190 calories and 9 grams of fat.

Bisquick Healthy Heart ($3.49)
What they say:
A healthy alternative for your favorites, Bisquick Heart Smart Pancake and Baking Mix is an excellent source of calcium and is naturally low in cholesterol. It's low fat with 0% Trans Fat, earning the seal of the American Heart Association.

What we say:
I buy this at home all the time. When I make protein pancakes for my girls, this is what I use. They don't notice the difference and neither do I. It makes really good, fluffy pancakes, just the way we like them!

1/3 cup (makes 3 pancakes)
140 calories
2.5 g fat
0 mg cholesterol
430 mg sodium
27 g carbs
1 g fiber
3 g sugar
3 g protein

Original Bisquick: 20 more calories, twice as much fat (5 g), 90 mg more sodium, the same amount of fiber, 2 fewer grams of sugar, and the same amount of protein

Have you tried any of these products? Will you?

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  • 186
    Love the Fiber One Complete Pancake Mix. I throw a few chocolate chips and some Cary's Sugar Free Syrup and I have a reasonable breakfast. - 4/21/2012   5:42:58 PM
  • 185
    I have tried the Fiber One pancake mix and both the blueberry and apple cinnamon muffins. I think they are both really good. - 3/2/2012   1:45:29 AM
  • 184
    I love pancakes. I will give this brand a try too - 5/20/2011   5:03:16 PM
    I already use the Fiber One Pancakes, and the Apple Cinnamon as well as the Blueberry Muffin Mix. They are all really good, and have an excellent amount of fiber. However, after reading some of the comments, I will definatly try to make a similar mix to see if I can reduce the sodium content. - 1/18/2011   8:51:25 AM
  • 182
    We regularly buy all of those products, and we love them! The Fiber One waffles also freeze well, so I make extras on the weekends for an easy breakfast during the week! :) - 10/31/2010   2:50:52 PM
  • 181
    I don't like the sodium levels in processed foods. I don't think I'd try either.
    Fiber One bars cause me major unmentionable problems. - 9/2/2010   3:41:46 PM
  • 180
    I will have to try these! - 9/2/2010   11:17:24 AM
    I have used both pancake and muffin mix...I make mini muffins...fun as a snack.
    pancake mix also excellant....ummmy - 11/23/2009   1:41:30 PM
    tried the muffin mix using pan to make mini muffins..put in freezer and warm in micro wave. DELICOUS..now to find pancake mix.... - 5/27/2009   3:47:33 PM
  • 177
    No, I won't be trying these products. It is so easy to make your own mixes with organic products and cut down on the salt at the same time! - 4/22/2009   2:25:25 PM
  • 176
    I am excited to try some of these products. Anything that is healthier, but still tastes good and will fill you up is a great product in my book! I will be sure and add comments after I try these! Thanks for the info!! - 4/2/2009   4:50:16 PM
  • 175
    after reading this article i went out and bought the fiber 1 pancake mix. i loved it! i put some fresh strawberries on top with a little sugar free syrup. very good! it was sweet and filling. i love breakfast, and i made the pancakes for dinner one evening.

    i have also tried the fiber one muffins and i really like them as well. but usually i want to eat more than one so i dont make them very often. - 3/5/2009   2:36:28 PM
    I have not tried them but if the heart smart bisquick tastes the same as the original, I am willing to switch. We use bisquick often enough and a more healthy version is always a plus. I am just frequently concerned when trying a "healthy" version. I am never sure if it will be as good or if it is overall healthier. So many products will reduce fat and increase sugar/calories or things like that. Good blog. - 2/21/2009   5:12:34 PM
  • NAYNAY69
    I bought the Bisquick Heart Smart Pancake and Baking Mix to use with a recipie I found on SP for Pizza. It makes a wonderful crust! Lower cal and top with tons of your fav veggies! - 2/18/2009   7:06:54 PM
  • 172
    I just bought the Fiber One Apple-Cin muffin mix...can't wait to try them! - 2/16/2009   12:16:27 PM
  • 171
    I love the Fiber One muffin mix! The first time I bought it was actually from a scratch and dent grocery store for 75 cents. I hadn't thought of adding real apples, applesauce, or cinnamon, but that's a great idea. Best of all, my Sunday newspaper has been running coupons for the new Fiber One products! - 2/11/2009   10:09:57 PM
  • 170
    I have been using the Bisquick mix for a couple years now and love it. I recently had for the first time the fiber one apple cinnamon muffins for christmas. There were so good and my family loved them. I have yet to try the fiber one mix, I can't find it at the store. I'm sure I'll like it though. - 2/11/2009   7:59:47 PM
  • 169
    i use the heart smart bisquick all the time, all praises for it. - 2/10/2009   3:01:34 PM
  • 168
    I haven't tried any of the Fiber One products, always worried they will taste aweful - but after reading all these great comments about them - I will!!

    Thank you - 2/10/2009   2:02:01 PM
  • 167
    I am so trying all of these! - 2/10/2009   10:01:31 AM
    Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. Thanks for posting this! - 2/10/2009   4:25:15 AM
    I tried the Fiber One "Pop Tarts" wow I thought they would taste really gross however I was happily proved wrong. They taste just as great as the originals they had icing and came in Strawberry my personal favorite. CHEAPER as well. They were a $1.38 when the other no so good for you ones cost 2-3. Try them. As a Part-time nanny I don't think your kids will notice! I gave both of the girls I care for on Fridays one cause they only had room for sweets not dinner that they refused to eat. No complaints they wanted another. I insisted they eat dinner w/ vegetables...I won both ways!!! - 2/9/2009   8:55:22 PM
    I tried the Fiber one pancakes and I love it, I used milk instead of water and was full most of the day, I am going to try the fiber one muffins. I am a Fiber one nut every time I find a new Fiber one item at the store I have to try it. - 2/9/2009   10:42:57 AM
  • 163
    I have tried either yet, but I will now. Sounds yummy - and good for me! - 2/9/2009   10:08:20 AM
  • 162
    I have tried both Fiber One products. The pancake mix is great. I add just a little vanilla and can eat them without syrup . The muffins are good, but leave me wanting more than one, and thats not good. I like all the fiber one products and buy them often. - 2/9/2009   7:15:26 AM
    Are these available in Canada? - 2/8/2009   11:55:11 PM
  • 160
    I made the BananaNut muffins last week and loved them! Today I made the Apple Cinnamon....will try tomorrow morning for breakfast! But these are definetly going on my weekly shopping list! - 2/8/2009   3:06:41 PM
  • 159
    I like the heart healthy version of Bisquick. At first I tended to make too much, but as I got into measuring (as advised here) and tracking nutrients (love our database), I noticed that the sodium content was just a little higher than I expected. I started adding small amounts of whole wheat flour and instant oatmeal to the mix, giving more fiber and volume to my nice tender biscuits while taking advantage of the qualities of the mix. Hope this helps someone else make the best of the product! - 2/8/2009   2:08:30 PM
    I tried the Fiber One Apple Cinnamon muffins. I thought since they were "fibery" they would taste "wheaty" or "grainy", but NOPE I was wrong!! They were GREAT!!! The box I had already had chunks of apple and lots of cinnamon flavor, which I LOVED!!! - 2/8/2009   11:39:43 AM
  • 157
    I use the Bisquick all the time now. My better half can't tell the difference and it allows me to have Breakfast for dinner once in a while. We love it. - 2/8/2009   10:05:36 AM
  • 156
    I enjoy the muffins also. I have not tried the pancake mix as it was too pricey and we make our own, of course with not as much fiber, but good for you. - 2/8/2009   10:04:42 AM
  • 155
    We use the Bisquick mix all the time at home. I have always doctored up the mix with cinnamon, cocoa, vanilla, or anything else that strikes my mood on a day (sometimes even chocolate chips for the kids). With some fresh fruit, honey, or syrup - they are great!! We also use egg beaters instead.

    We have also made some of the recipes for dinners on the back. They are good, too. Just watch, they are only recipes for two, so you may have to change them up a little. - 2/8/2009   9:59:39 AM
  • 154
    I love the Fiber one muffin mix's. I've made the Apple and the Banana ones. My family didn't know the difference. - 2/7/2009   7:05:20 PM
  • 153
    my mother and I were just on the phone last week comparing notes about pancake mixes we bought.
    I will definitely go out and try this Bisquick mix.

    Thanks! - 2/7/2009   9:16:37 AM
  • 152
    All this reading made me hungry, so I opened up my cupboard, whipped up some Fiber One Panckake mix and made myself two good-lookin' pancakes. YUM, and all within five minutes. Very Convenient!!! - 2/6/2009   11:02:52 PM
  • 151
    I LOVE Fiber One! I haven't tried their pancake mix yet, but I have tried their apple muffins. They were great! Even my kids ate them! The FO Caramel Clusters cereal is delicious also (think Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but not as sweet). I keep the bars and the yogurt in stock here and I am looking forward to trying the Toaster Pasties as well! - 2/6/2009   8:53:20 PM
  • 150
    I have recently come across the pancake mix myself. I like it but some may think it is a little plain. There are some things you can do to flavor it up a little. For instance, the first time I made them, I mixed in some blueberries and they were pretty good. Since then I have been mixing in cinnamon and they are delicious. I would definitely recommend them if you haven't tried them yet! - 2/6/2009   6:45:06 PM
    My husband thinks he's the pancake connoisseur (LOL!!) so he dabbles in the kitchen on a Saturday or Sunday to 'do' his pancakes, and he always adds wheat bran (for fiber) to his batter. I used to use Bisquick (a long time ago) and I think I'd like to try these out too! THANKS for sharing!! - 2/6/2009   6:00:17 PM
  • 148
    Thanks for this post. I never get enough fiber during my day. I have to work extra hard to get in enough fiber, So i love finding food that are still good for you , good to eat and also can increase those nutrients that I seem to fall short on so often. I'm on a mission to make my boyfriend and I healthier before we dive into things like marraige and kids, and I've noticed as the fatty foods he loves have been replaced by healthier alternatives, he rarely notices unless he reads all of the package. For instance, at a italian restaurant to went on and on to our friends about how he hated whole wheat pasta when I order them to substitute my pasta. He was surprised to find out that he had been eating just that for months and had no idea. - 2/6/2009   3:46:16 PM
  • 147
    I, too, have been using Fiber One Products for a whiel now. They are execellent. I often use the 4 oz yogurts in my protein shakes. They are great!!! - 2/6/2009   2:05:33 PM
  • 146
    I make my own from scratch - I use half whole wheat, half white, then add wheat germ, ground oatmeal, and ground flax. Less expensive in the long run and I grind everything fresh (in my cheapo coffee/spice mill) when I need it. - 2/6/2009   1:57:59 PM
  • 145
    I've been buying the Fiber One Pancake Mix since i got on Sparkpeople.. i happened to find it at the supermarket one time and i love it.. and so does my family.. great find! - 2/6/2009   1:50:28 PM
  • 144
    These products are not available where i live!. Is it possible to have a few blogs and/or emails that might involve those of us who do not live in the US??? - 2/6/2009   11:51:23 AM
  • 143
    I only use the Fiber One Original Cereal. It has aspartame, which they could leave that out in my opinion and have no sweetener in it. If a product it has sugar or high fructose corn syrup added to it I won't eat it. - 2/6/2009   11:18:07 AM
    I use the Fiber One products, including others not mentioned here. The only Fiber One products I won't use are those made with aspartame, even though I am diabetic. None of that aspartame!!! Hopefully they will start using stevia for their products that have aspartame at present. - 2/6/2009   10:59:23 AM
    I tried the fiber one pancake mix this morning. I mixed in a mashed up banana and they were delicious! So moist and fluffy! They were great, even without syrup. This will become a regular at my house. - 2/6/2009   10:48:16 AM
  • 140
    I love the Fiber One pancake mix, I buy it all the time. My sister just recently made me the Fiber One muffins and they are really delicious! I loved them, and so do her kids! - 2/6/2009   10:38:47 AM
  • 139
    I am so glad you guys reviewed this. I love Fiber One cereals. I wanted to make sure that this worth it and not just a cake with some added fiber. I saw their pop tarts, and I didn't think that was such a good idea. My kids love pancakes, and I make them several times a week. I usually abstain from eating them due to the low fiber content. I've even tried a whole grain mix, it wasn't such a hit with the kids, but I found it to be ok. Although the calories were a bit high...So glad I have another alternative. - 2/6/2009   9:03:30 AM
  • 138
    I have had the Fiber One cereal (raisin bran clusters) which were very good. I think that I will give the pancakes a try. - 2/6/2009   1:37:36 AM
  • 137
    I bought the FiberOne pancakes when I was at the store yesterday. It was a good deal compared to the store brand speciality pancakes. The FiberOne pancakes were a dollar cheaper and weighed 12 oz more--definitely the better value. - 2/6/2009   1:13:06 AM

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