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Kashi has a knack for making healthy foods taste good.
From granola bars to frozen meals, cereal to cookies, they've got the snack world covered.

Now they have another snack option: TLC Fruit and Grain Bars. From the name, we thought they'd be similar to the Kashi TLC Cereal Bars.

These are a completely different snack! Unlike the chewy and fruity bars, which are great for breakfast on the run or an afternoon sweet craving, these are chewy and rich--more like a combination granolas/pastry bar.

What They Say:
Kashi has launched "an original, new layered granola bar with the introduction of TLC Fruit & Grain Bars. This one of a kind bar, made with real fruit and all-natural goodies, will come in three distinct and delicious flavors: Dark Chocolate Coconut, Pumpkin Pie and Raspberry Chocolate."

"We're proud to announce our new TLC Fruit & Grain Bars because they're made with real fruit in tasty flavor combinations and they have real nutrition - 4 grams of fiber and protein in every bar."

What We Say:
The layer of dark chocolate on this is like icing! I'm a fan of both coconut and chocolate, and you could really taste them both. This was surprisingly delicious and sweet for a relatively low-calorie and "healthy" granola bar. I really liked it!

After Kashi sent us the Dark Chocolate Coconut bars, I picked up some Chocolate Raspberry bars at the grocery store. Wow! These are really decadent. I'm a fan for anything that combines chocolate and raspberries. These tasted like a dessert--a real treat in the middle of an average afternoon.

We had just one complaint: Peanut flour is a minor ingredient in these. One employee with a peanut allergy was disappointed that she couldn't try any of the flavors!

Note: We've heard some people talk about the cost of Kashi products and some of the other snacks that we review. I'm a really frugal shopper, but I always keep Kashi granola bars in the house. My strategy is to stock up when bars go on sale, and I also grab stacks of Mambo Sprouts coupons each time I go to the supermarket. (If they're not available in your area, order them online. They are full of healthy foods coupons.)

I also signed up with Kashi and get notifications about new products. I got a coupon for a free cookie a few months ago, and I just signed up for a coupon for a free frozen entrée! If you don't want to sign up for an email newsletter, just visit the site every few months. They always have coupons and a giveaway.

For example, the crunchy granola bars are usually about $3.89 at my supermarket, but they were recently on sale for $2.79. I had four coupons for 50 cents off, so they were down to $2.29. As I don't eat corn syrup or artificial sweeteners, I'm willing to pay a bit extra to know what's going into my snacks. I know that not everyone can afford to do that, but I wanted to offer a bit of advice.

Have you tried these Kashi Fruit & Grain Bars? Will you?

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  • 146
    I don't think I've ever tried anything kashi.... guess I'll have to give them a try. - 1/30/2012   10:09:56 AM
    I love Kashi products! What else need I say? - 3/13/2010   8:26:01 AM
  • 144
    The dark chocolate coconut and the pumpkin pie flavor are my favorite treats. Absolutely delicious! - 11/22/2009   5:18:59 PM
  • 143
    One of my favorite "fast" foods. Handy to have around in emergencies and low enough in calories while high enough in nutrients to be a great snack choice. - 7/17/2009   11:31:21 AM
  • 142
    Not sure if anyone knows about this or not, but Target last week had Kashi on sale and these were one of the items for $2.50 in my store. I was able to get a mix of cookies, breakfast bars, granola bars, and cereal...a total of 6 boxes, after coupons and Target web coupons for get this...$4.25. Such a GREAT deal that I printed more coupons online and went back and did it again and the second time was a better Kashi coupon shopper and got all 6 boxes for less than a dollar. Check out www.stretchingabuck.com and click on the Sales and Deals then find the store you are looking for. - 7/13/2009   11:03:39 PM
  • ERFAN96
    I tried the Dark Chocolate Coconut ones and my initial response was, "I would do inappropriate things to the Kashi man for another one of those...." I told my dad how amazing they were AND how low the sodium was (only 50 per bar which is great for him since he has to watch his sodium intake) and he and my stepmom scoured the state of AL for them. No luck so I'm taking him some this weekend. :) - 7/13/2009   3:39:49 PM
  • 140
    I tried the cherry dark chocolate on a recent trip to CA - fell in love! Now am excited to see the coconut dark chocolate - haven't eaten one yet, but I bought a box. I love anything Kashi, except the puffed stuff. I love the Kashi cereal that you cook. - 6/22/2009   11:11:49 AM
    My favorite flavor is Pumpkin Pie. There's just something inviting about it. It makes a great snack with a glass of fat-free milk (or soy milk if you like). - 5/9/2009   1:41:01 PM
  • 138
    I discovered the coconut bars in March and they were in my drawer waiting for the 'PMS chocolate NOW!' feeling to hit. It was just what I needed last week! - 4/4/2009   5:05:30 PM
    I have tried both the raspberry and the pumpkin. Loved them both. When you are graving a chocolate bar, these do the trick for a lot less calories and a whole lot more nutrition. Thanks for the tip about thier site giving coupons, I didn't know that. You can be sure I will be looking from now on. - 4/3/2009   4:51:57 PM
  • 136
    I've eaten the Pumpkin Spice Flax bars for years, they're really good with an apple. Nutritious snack or on the go breakfast. I'll have to try some of the new ones. I love pumpkin! - 3/31/2009   10:36:40 PM
  • 135
    I finally tried these. I bought both the Pumpkin Pie and the Raspberry Chocolate and I thought they were just "okay". At the same time I bought Fiber One Oats & Strawberry with Almonds and they are just terrific. 20 more calories than the Kashi bars, but a lot more fiber and taste. Try them. - 3/30/2009   11:33:27 AM
  • GRANNY955
    Thank you so much for the kashi info, I love chocolate and coconut so this would be right up my alley!!! - 3/28/2009   3:28:36 PM
  • 133
    I love Kashi products and this article made me buy the chocolate coconut bars. Love them!!! - 3/23/2009   5:12:59 PM
  • 132
    Yes! I really like these bars, and enjoy them several times a week. - 3/22/2009   9:36:51 PM
  • 131
    I like the Kashi products that I have tried before. These sound great. I can't wait to try them. - 3/22/2009   5:16:15 PM
    I LOVE the chocolate and raspberry bars. The chocolate on top is like fudge! - 3/21/2009   8:36:36 PM
  • 129
    Tried them. Loved them. They keep me full longer than other snacks! - 3/21/2009   5:52:17 PM
  • BMORE73
    I found the Kashi Crunchy and they are good. The box was 6.81 which is pretty expensive so they will only be used as a snack to take to work. I tried to go the website but it was down. I will try again because I will def need a coupon next time. - 3/21/2009   11:47:15 AM
  • 127
    I'm starting to be very careful of what I buy to eat lately and I gotta tell ya, I LOVE Kashi's TLC line! I love the dark chocolate and coconut bars talked about in the article and the cookies (COOKIES!!! And 2 are enough!!!) and even the crackers are all yummy! In fact, it's funny, because I brought up one of the bars just now after putting up tomorrow's lunch (slow cooker is my new best friend!), and there's this article! Thanks for the tips! - 3/21/2009   2:41:33 AM
  • 126
    Sign up at Kashi.com for coupons too! - 3/20/2009   3:06:11 PM
  • 125
    I LOVE the chocolate coconut bars. I'll eat them if I'm having a sweet tooth, and it definitely satisfies! - 3/20/2009   12:13:10 PM
  • 123
    Thank you for commenting on the cost. I have to agree with you, it is worth it to know what is going into my snacks are healthy. Thanks also for the recommendation, I will know be willing to put out the cash to try these out. - 3/20/2009   9:34:56 AM
  • 122
    I just purchased the Cherry and Dark Chocolate Chewie Bars and they are delicious--and I totally agree with what Sparkle Me2009 said about the Tuscan Bake. I had that yesterday for lunch and I was completely impressed; lots of veggies, nice big chunks and the sauce was wonderful. I have also tried their Lemon Rosemary Chicken frozen entree and I fell in love with that also. I have never tasted frozen entrees that can compare to Kashi. It is a bit pricey, but I am willing to pay more for something that I can quickly prepare for lunch and that tastes so wonderful. - 3/20/2009   8:57:43 AM
  • 121
    Not sure Ihave tried these yet. Have tried most. Love the Fiber One cereal bars. Will try the chocolate rasberry because I am not a fan of coconut. - 3/20/2009   7:13:39 AM
  • 120
    I wasn't that impressed with these bars which was a great disapointment because I usually love Kashi. I tried the pumpkin pie and the dark chocolate coconut but they were both pretty dense and kinda unsatisfying in my opinion. - 3/20/2009   3:14:42 AM
    I am a big fan of their older bars - I love the dark choc cherry granola bar! I plan to purchase the newer ones - they seem to be replacing the others in the grocery store. FYI - Target usually has the bars cheaper than anywhere else around here. - 3/19/2009   10:47:05 PM
  • 118
    sounds great, I'll have to try them thanks - 3/19/2009   7:47:47 PM
  • 117
    i tryed the pumpkin bars- wow, loved them. i'm a fan of almost anything with cinamon. i really liked the crunchy (another reason i picked the pumpkin) its sometimes hard to find the crunchy variety of granola bars and i prefer that over chewy. i debated about the chocolate cocoanut as thats another 2 of my favorite ingrediants- opted not to get them in fear that i might not stop at 1! the price is abit high, but that sometimes can keep me from over indulging also. i have liked all the kashi cereals i have tryed, think its healthy, but wonder why kashi doesn't get the best life seal of approval? i try to look for that in products also- they're far and few between - 3/19/2009   6:46:21 PM
  • 116
    Love Kashi but Costco stopped carrying the regular Kashi granola bars :(They have a new one at costco but it is go lean and 180 calories per bar too many for me. Have tried the choc Raspberry yum but made me gassy. - 3/19/2009   6:44:36 PM
    They are delicious. I love the pumpkin pie one. ummmmmmmmmm - 3/19/2009   5:11:57 PM
  • 114
    Nope. I wouldn't go near Kashi products. They about killed me. If I want fiber, I'll eat an apple or sweet potato. You get "extra" nutrition, and it doesn't come in a box, so I'm saving the environment, too :-). - 3/19/2009   3:38:53 PM
  • 113
    I try every Kashi product I can, most are too expensive to buy regularly. I have gotten many free products because of the coupons they offer. I regularly eat their protein bars so these new fruit grain bars might be good. I do not like the cereal and the cookie was ok but not worth the money. - 3/19/2009   1:26:39 PM
  • 112
    I wish Kashi wasn't so expensive. I buy the cereal each week, but the bars I try and buy only every two weeks. They taste so great! (All of the ones I've tried are wonderful) Although these don't seem to have much protein. I like their bars that have 12 grams to help with the filling factor! - 3/19/2009   12:29:14 PM
    never tried them but i will - 3/19/2009   6:30:20 AM
  • 110
    Yes! I tried these because they were on sale, 3 boxes for $8.00, so I bought all three and all three were so good! The only complaint that I had was that they put cinnamon in the Pumpkin Pie ones, so my husband couldn't eat them because of his cinnamon alergy. However, they were such a treat, I was sad to see the last box end. I will definately be buying more of these!!!

    Jenny* - 3/18/2009   9:49:29 PM
    I really enjoy these bars. They work great if you are in the mood for some chocolate as well. - 3/18/2009   9:37:49 PM
    I like most of Kashi's food and I too use sales and coupons to keep them around. The raspberry bars are great, just wish they didn't have chocolate on them, though it's not as bad as milk chocolate. My breakfast many mornings is Kashi Go Lean Cereal. Toss on a bit of fruit and it's great. If I want it soggy (rarely), I add soymilk or rice milk. - 3/18/2009   8:01:55 PM
  • KAREN214
    I hav never tired these bars by kashi but I love their cookies and I am shore I will like theses bars too. I also buy anything that is price when on sale or with coupons. I feel the good nutrition is worth it. Just conpare what you might spend on junk food. - 3/18/2009   7:42:30 PM
    i ran across the pumpkin pie bars and fell in love I want to try all the others but cost wise I can't right now...the only place that has them around here is the kroger 39 minutes away and their $5 a box!!!! - 3/18/2009   7:26:14 PM
  • 105
    I have not tried these, but I eat a lot of different Kashi foods. I love their snackbars- Pumpkin Spice granola is great! I stay away from the chocolate and other dessert-like bars. They spark my cravings for sweets. Kashi has plenty to choose from though, and I always carry one in my purse for emergencies! - 3/18/2009   6:55:08 PM
  • 104
    I love the pumpkin pie! It smelled like a pie fresh out of the oven when I opened up the wrapper! Yummy! - 3/18/2009   6:20:37 PM
    Well I purchased these on a whim and they are GREAT! Very filling and totally cure a need for chocolate. - 3/18/2009   5:58:15 PM
  • 102
    I just tried these over the weekend and they are delicious. Great way to get a chocolate fix without all the fat and calories. - 3/18/2009   5:58:04 PM
  • 101
    I'm a big fan of Kashi products. they are healthy and they acutally taste good. I carry one or two in my car for emergency snacks, grab one for breakfast if I am off in a rush. I eat the cereal frequently too. These new bars sound fantastic and I am sure I will get them. I usually look at the price, and figure the cost of each serving so its not as much of a shock to pay $3.25 a box if you think of each serving as $.54. I will be looking for the coupons though. - 3/18/2009   5:23:52 PM
  • 100
    I LOVE these bars, and buy boxes of the different flavors when they're on sale, which is pretty often at Target. Last week they were $2.50, and I bought 4 boxes. I eat one every day. They are truly decadent without being bad for you. - 3/18/2009   4:29:00 PM
  • 99
    Thank you Stepfanie:) We love kashi products - from crackers to cookies, cereal to granola bars. I don't feel guilty about eating the chocolate chip cookies at all - due to them being low fat and full of fiber.

    With my DH retiring, we need to learn to use coupons - especially for the organic products - yet to print from the Mabosprouts site you gave in one of your previous blogs.

    Here's a tip. I telephoned Kashi corp office at their toll free number to get a recipe for their Pilaf - since the box was tossed out. The lady was so good and sent me coupons for free and couple of dollars off their products for all that they manufacture! Same thing happened with Philadelphia cream cheese. I suggest either visiting some of your favorite products' website or telephoning if you have the time!! I will start too...... ;-) - 3/18/2009   2:44:12 PM
  • 98
    My 2 year old eats Kashi with me in our yoguart. She can't say Kashi so she calls it Ka. I stock up when they go on sale 2 for 1 at Safeway. - 3/18/2009   2:21:16 PM
  • 97
    I have become a real fan of Kashi products. My Mom is a very low sodium diet due to Congestive Heart Failure and Kashi has been a Godsend. With that in mind, I too have a diet low in sodium. I look forward to trying these new bars and I am sure I will find them very tasty too. - 3/18/2009   2:12:16 PM

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