We Ate It: Healthy Ones Lunch Meat

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Who doesn't love lunch meat? It makes for a quick and easy protein fix any time of day. However, most cold cuts are full of sodium and fillers. When we heard about Healthy Ones lunch meats, which have received the American Heart Association seal of approval, we asked to try some. The Healthy Ones lunch meat has less sodium than other lunch meats, says it contains no fillers and is 97% fat free.

We tried the Honey Ham and Oven-Roasted Turkey Breast.

What they say:
Now you can pursue your healthy lifestyle and get that hearty lunchmeat satisfaction you crave, all at once. Thatís because every variety of Healthy Ones lean ham, lean turkey breast, lean chicken breast and roast beef is 97% fat free. And because we start with the finest cuts of meat, cooked in natural juices with no by-products, no artificial flavors and no artificial sweeteners, itís way high in taste!

The Healthy Ones full product line is certified by the American Heart Association (AHA) signifying that our products meet their food criteria for saturated fat and cholesterol for healthy people over age 2.

With the product information overload that can accompany a trip to the grocery store, this heart-check mark is a quick and reliable tool to help you choose heart-healthy food options.

To be certified, a product must meet all of the nutritional levels listed to the right. These levels are based on a single serving size as specified by the FDA for an individual food. Other aspects of federal health claim regulations may also apply.

When you see the distinctive heart-check mark on the Healthy Ones products, youíll know that theyíve been screened and proven to meet the AHAís certification criteria.

What we say:
The lunch meat had a rich ham taste instead of a sodium taste, like other lunch meats. It has the ease of lunch meat with the taste and nutrition of fresh-cooked ham.

I tried the ham on a sandwich and plain. Overall, I thought it was good. It tasted about the same as the normal ham you would get at the store. I don't know if I would pay the extra money, if it costs extra. I usually get lean meats such as turkey and chicken. The nutrition of the turkey and chicken seem to be pretty similar to the ham/turkey by Healthy Ones. If I was looking for ham though, I would consider this because normal ham is probably much higher in fat.

I liked the turkey. I didn't notice a difference, which I took as a good thing. So often when foods are made "healthier," the taste changes. This tasted like the lunch meat I usually get. I'd pay more money for a healthier product.

Healthy Ones also makes chicken, roast beef and breakfast sausage.

Nutrition: (for the oven-roasted turkey breast)
Healthy Ones:

Other leading brand:
Calories 50
Total Fat 0.5g
Cholesterol 20mg
Sodium 620mg
Total Carbohydrates 2g
Dietary Fiber 0g
Sugars 1g
Protein 9g

Healthy Ones isn't the only brand of lunch meat with the AHA seal of approval. Click here for the full list.

Healthy Ones: (for the oven-roasted turkey breast)

Other leading brand:

Price: $2.29 to $4.00, depending on the size of the package, store and location

We're also giving away this Healthy Ones lunch bag and a voucher to try two Healthy Ones products (worth more than $30). All you need to do is tell us your favorite sandwich in the comments below. What goes on your sandwich? How do you keep it healthy? (The rules are here.) The contest ends at midnight EST on April 22. The contest is now closed!

Have you tried Healthy Ones lunch meat? Would you?

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Don't think I am going to read these articles anymore. I want natural, unprocessed foods. Want turkey, etc ...then give easy recipes to cook them and put into healthy sandwiches for lunch. Sheesh, I could put chicken breasts in the oven, take a walk around the block and my food is done and I got excercising in too ( or do some laundry, gardening, relax, etc....but we can eat healthier and save money by putting in a tiny bit of effort. SP is getting off track of the main goal. Report
Turkey is so much better lower in calories than beef ....so now it turkey steaks, tocos, lost ten pounds still so many too go...
I still don't know how to do alot of the things they have on the Spark pages...for instant today I spinned the wheel to sign in and 50 goodies points came up and was told to go get something but click where it said but the goodies points went away went back to spinner and it said you used you points but I didn't and it said you don't get them in rewards points. Help please....giveup30 Report
i liked the turkey! Report
I've tried this lunch meat and yes it is good. I also like the plastic food storage container it comes it. It seem like you can never have too many of those! Report
I love ham on a good whole grain bread with a with a half slice of provolone, a piece of romaine, tomato, some sprouts, light miracle whip and grey poupon, yummy! Report
My favorite healthy sandwich is 2 slices light wheat bread, 2 tsps Duke's Light mayo, turkey breast, lettuce (right now I get it from my garden), tomatoes and dill pickles. Sometimes I use mustard instead of low fat mayo. Report
Nope, wouldn't try or buy after reading the label, of this or any other processed food. This may be a bargain in convenience, taste, and price; but it's not a bargain in WELLNESS and in food allergies. A lack of wellness and the presence of food allergies are both very expensive to treat medically; NOT a bargain or even a good deal.

Also "natural flavoring" is usually a whitewash term meaning MSG, monosodium glutatmate, which is a neuro-excito-toxin. After ingesting, MSG travels to the brain and stimulates neurons to repeatedly fire, which is addictive (so you want to eat more), until they are stimulated to death and DIE. I need all my remaining brain cells, thank you.

If you're not cooking your own healthy food at home, fresh, natural, unprocessed, and organic whenever possible, you have a large bill coming to your mailbox, sooner or later. If the bill is only financial in nature, you'll be in the extremely lucky minority.

My favorite sandwich is roasted chicken, turkey, or beef (not lunchmeat) with mustard and lots of veggies, on organic whole wheat tortillas (as a roll up) or rolled up in cabbage or romaine leaves, instead of served in a carb. Report
Hmm, I wouldn't eat the turkey because it has chemicals added. I really enjoy Applegate Farms coldcuts. None of them have chemicals and are all natural. I don't eat ham but I get the Applegate ham for my husband, again the ham has no nitrates. The sodium level of the Healthy One Turkey is higher than Applegate's. Another good brand is Nature's Promise. It's a brand that is sort of a "store brand" for a lot of supermarkets. Report
These were good, but not that much different from the lean turkey and ham I usually buy. Not saying I wouldn't buy them again, but wouldn't go out of my way to look for them. Report
Tried & liked them :) Report
These are pretty good... I have liked all the ones I have tried. Report
I am going to try the healthy ones lunch meats because you guys made it sound pretty good as well as being heart healthy, I like that. Report
I really like the veggie delites at subway. In the summer when the veggies are in season, I like to make my own. Report
I like a turkey sandwich, on whole wheat bread with homegrown tomatoes, lettuce and a little red onion. Sometimes I will use a little bit of light Italian salad dressing on my sandwich to add a different flavor. Report
I buy good quality like Boar's Head. Report
whole wheat bread with turkey, lettuce, tomato amd mustard Report
I love a hearty, healthy, high fiber whole grain thin sliced bread with hellman's lite mayo, sliced ham, 2% swiss cheese, lettuce and sliced tomato. This just screams summer to me. A few pickles on the side (never on the sandwich). This sandwich is a perfect meal of complex carbs, protein and fat. Report
I guess im just plain I like whole wheat bread with a little butter and mustard, slice of cheese and 2 slices of ham. Report
Whole wheat bread tomato, lettuce,mustard and turkey breast meat. Report
I like Hilshire Farms Chicken Deli Slices w/ Mustard on Wheat Bread- very yummy. Report
Crunchy PB and Blueberry jam on "hearty" bread- sturdy and yummy!
Wendy Report
my favorite sandwich is Maple Honey Glazed turkey breast, with shredded lettuce, ripe Jersey tomatoes, some oregano, a little bit of red wine vinegar, and honey mustard (actual mustard, not dressing)...either on light whole wheat bread, or my favorite: Flat Out Light Whole Wheat wraps....yummmmmmm Report
My favorite sandwitch is whole wheat bread,lite mayo,lettuce,shaved chicken breast and a slice of tomato. Report
My favorite sandwich is shaved turkey with lettuce and light mayo on Arnold's Natural Flax & Fiber Bread! Report
I love a good smoked turkey on rye with swiss cheese. Low fat of course. Mustard and dill pickles. Only about 140 calories. Gets me through the night. Report
My sandwich is one of 3 meats (chicken, turkey or ham--usually Land of Frost brand) 3 servings wrapped in romaine lettuce with 1 ounce of mozzarella cheese. I may or may not add mustard. Report
Yikes...hate to admit it, but my favorite lunchmeat is Ham'n Cheese Loaf. I do, however, eat it on whole wheat bread. I am definitely going to try the Healthy Ones when I see them. Report
Low calorie wheat bread, honey mustard, laughing cow cheese, and reduced calorie/ sodium deli meat, YUM! Report
I actually discovered the healthy ones lunch meats about a year ago and I love them. I like to do a sandwich that is 4 slices of the oven roasted turkey breast and 2 slices of the honey ham. (I don't like sandwiches just with ham because even the lower sodium ones taste too salty to me). I sometimes add some fresh spinach leaves and a slice of low-fat cheese and I put it all on a toasted whole wheat hamburger bun. Very yummy. Report
Turkey on wheat with a little horseradish and mustard and lettuce and tomatos and salt and pepper YUM Report
I Love ham or turkey on 12 grain bread or arnold sandwich rounds with mustard , and whatever fresh veggies I have in the house. Report
By far my favorite sandwich is thin sliced turkey on dark rye with lettuce, tomato, sprouts, spicy mustard, light mayo, muenster cheese and a little s&p. Makes the day better! Report
My favorite sandwich is a turkey vegetable wrap on a whole-grain tortilla. It consists of 1 slice of all natural turkey breast, baby spinach leaves (about 1/4 cup), cucumber slices, red pepper slices and 1 tablespoon of reduced fat feta cheese. Sometimes I'll use a wedge of Laughing Cow lite garlic herb cheese instead of the feta. Either way, it's yummy and has all of the ingredients to keep me full and satisfied for a few hours. Report
My favorite sandwich would have to be tuna salad on toast with crisp lettuce. Report
I'm a ham sandwich girl myself. I like mustard, onion, a little low-fat cheese, and fresh tomatoes if I have them handy on fiber-rich bread. yum. Report
I prefer turkey, with some type of marinade (for a little extra flavor). I have tried the turkey - and it was great!
Because I am trying to lose weight, my favorite sandwhich actually is not a sandwich - just slices of lunch meat, with one slice of cheese, and hot (spicy) pickles. WAHOO! Report
My favorite sandwich is home grown tomato slices on white bread with a little mayo.

My next favorite is turkey and lettuce on whole wheat with a little mustard.

Yes, I will try the Healthy Ones when i see it in local stores. Report
My favorite sandwich would start with a whole wheat and grain bread, then some honey mustard, lean turkey breast lunchmeat, avocado slices, sprouts, tomato slices, and swiss cheese. Report
Paninis are my favorite sandwich (just about any kind), but I choose to have them only rarely. Vegetarian ones are my favorite, but I like one with prosciutto, arugula, fontina and tomato. Normally I do avoid lunch meats and all processed meats because of the nitrites. While not everyone agrees, there exists much scientific evidence that nitrosamine (formed in the body from nitrites) is linked with cancer (a simple google search will bring you lots of information to consider). Report
The ultimate Sandwich
2 slices of 7 grain bread ( toasted)
2 oz of Healthy ones roast beef
2 slices of tomatoe
2 leaves of Boston lettuce
1 slice of red onion
bean sprouts
1 tablespoon of light thousand Island dressing

perfect for the porch on a sunny day with a tall glass of homemade brewed tea. yummies

toast your bread, spread dressing on both sides . add tomatoes to one slice of bread, add roast beef, onion slice,bean sprouts, lettuce. Place top on insert 4 tooth picks to quarter off- slice in half then into quarters.. Enjoy ! Report
I like rotisserie chicken on whole wheat bread with provolone or pepperjack cheese. I spread a little light mayo and pesto on it for taste and finish it off with some lettuce and tomato. Report
My husband and I have been trying a lot of different brands of "healthy" lunchmeat over the past couple weeks, trying to find one that tastes good but is lower in fat and sodium--Healthy Ones is our favorite so far! Good taste and texture with pretty good marks on the nutrition side too.

Favorite sandwich--turkey and swiss with mustard on a whole wheat wrap for me Report
My favorite would be a salmon patty cooked on my George Foreman grill, either on whole wheat bread or a bun with tomato, mustard/ketchup, lite miracle whip, onions & a pickle. YUM! Report
I compared the Healthy Ones Turkey with the Thin and Trim brand I get from the deli, and sad to say the Thin and Trim is lower in sodium, fat and calories. Report
I love the Healthy Ones Low fat turkey on Sara Lee 45 calorie multi-grain bread with low fat mayo, low fat sliced cheese. I also will throw on some fresh spinach leaves and cucumber. I love to have something crunchy with my sandwich so I have some sort of baked chips. Report
Turkey on whole wheat with homemade hummus, fresh greens piece of cheese, and mustard. For a special treat I'll sometimes sub. mustard for low fat mayo.! Report
Ya, that's right - - they still contain Nitrates AND they're still loaded with sodium!!!
Whose side is the American Heart Association really on? - - the biggest contributors / donors?
If this new product is "healthy" then I'm "skinny" (at 250 pounds). Report
They still contain nitrates Report
My favorite is a club type sandwich -just not with the big roll. Turkey, bacon, ham with lettuce, tom, and mayo. This Healthy Choice fits the bill! Report
I love tuna! I take a pouch of tuna with 1 tsp of light mayo and spread it over WW multi-grain. Add a little lettuce, onion, and tomato slices! Yum. Report
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