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We Ate It: Gnu Bars, with 50% of Your Daily Fiber

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Do you have a hard time getting adequate fiber?

We're keen on whole grains, fruits and vegetables, so getting adequate fiber isn't usually a problem. However, many of us don’t get the much-needed 25 to 30 grams recommended daily for a healthy diet.

Why is fiber so important? In addition to keeping you regular (thus improving your mood, some say!), fiber can also help aid in weight loss, reduce your risk of heart disease, lower your blood pressure, manage diabetes, prevent certain kinds of cancer and reduce hemorrhoids and diverticulosis. (Find out more about fiber's myriad health benefits in our Fiber Reference Guide.)

Recently, we tried a variety of Gnu Bars. These bars boast that they're high in fiber but don't taste like cardboard, which many people associate with fiber. Find out more.

What they say:
"One Gnu Bar a day gives you 12 grams of seriously good-for-you soluble and insoluble fiber. That's nearly 50% of your Daily Value of fiber in a delicious and healthy bar!"

  • High Fiber
  • Only 130 - 140 Calories (varies by flavor)
  • Fruit Juice Sweetened
  • Made with Organic Whole Wheat Flour
  • Made with Aluminum-Free Baking Powder
  • Loaded with both Soluble and Insoluble Fiber
  • Kosher - OU-D

    What we say:
    Named for an African animal with an ox-like head, horse-like mane and horns like a buffalo, Gnu Bars are appropriate for people who don't get enough fiber. If you already meet or exceed your fiber requirements, adding another 12 grams (about 50% of your Daily Value) all at once could be hard on your stomach.

    A couple of our testers are sensitive to inulin, a source of fiber used in the Gnu bars. They had "gurgly-wurgly" stomachs for much of the afternoon but no dire side effects.

    That said, we liked these bars.

    Close up of the orange cranberry bar

    The Chocolate Brownie bar had a nice, rich chocolate flavor. It is thick and chewy, as I'd expect, but I'm a fan of that texture. (It reminds me of Larabars, which I LOVE!) They are dense and quite filling. I would eat this again.

    The Orange Cranberry was our least favorite flavor. No tester liked it very much, but we all conceded that we're not "orange people." If you like orange flavors, you might like this one.

    Banana Walnut was good, like a vegan banana bread. It was sweet but not overly so, and it had recognizable chunks of walnut. The banana tasted real!

    The Cinnamon Raisin bar was tasty, like a dense muffin. It was filling and I'd definitely eat it again. I usually get a decent amount of fiber, so I didn't notice whether it made me more regular. If I had trouble eating enough fiber, I'd choose a Gnu bar over powders or pills any day!

    You can find Gnu bars with other energy and granola bars at your local supermarket. Find a store near you.

    Each bar is $1.99, but I've noticed that most grocery stores have at least one variety of bars on sale each week. A 16-pack is $23.99, meaning you save 25% per bar.

    Have you tried Gnu bars? Will you? Do you get enough fiber each day?

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I buy them ocassionally when I go to this one health food store-I think they are really good
and I like the cranberry/orange! Report
I got some of the cinnamon raisin bars at TJ Maxx of all places and they were really good. I saw they have them on Amazon for $20 for 16 which isn't too bad (we have amazon prime so we get free shipping). I would like to try the other flavors, but am afraid with such a large amount if I don't like them, I've wasted money. I would certainly eat the cinnamon raisin ones again, though. Maybe Amazon will have them on their deal of the day some time! Report
Come on mkalish ($1.50/bar is too much?)! When are people in this country going to realize that eating properly costs just a little more than eating fast food all of the time. However, the payoff is that they will pay much less for health care costs if they spend a little up front to be healthier. Stop buying candy bars, donuts, fast food, processed foods and starting eating REAL food. You will be much happier with yourself. Report
I love these bars. Yummy. My favorite is the Orange Cranberry, but I love oranges and cranberries. I found them at Fairway in Paramus, NJ. They are pricey at 16 for $25.00. Yikes. Anyone have a code to purchase them online cheaper? Report
These are good but the 15% coupon off is not working. I should have checked as this is an old post. Report
I am late to this post,but I think they are too expensive to even try.

Has anything changed in the way of sales since March? Report
I have never seen them or heard of them. Interesting since I have a fiber problem. I wonder if wal-mart carries them, guess I will check it out. I doubt it though. Report
OMgosh! I've been eating these for over a year now and absolutely LOVE them. Having Hashimoto's Disease and Fibromyalgia, I'm always in need of enough fiber. These get the job done. I personally like the Orange Cranberry, but then again I like Orange and Cranberry. The Banana Nut is my next favorite... just like Banana Bread but without the guilt LOL!
So glad you did a blog on these! Report
Trader Joe's carries these, but I've only tried the Chocolate Brownie bar. They are super delicious :) Report
I could not get the link to "find a store near you" to work. It said there was and error. I would like to know where to find the Gnu Bars. Report
Never heard of these bars. What stores carry this product? Report
I think these look great.....but there are a few too many carbs. in them for me....I follow a 'low carb' diet. Report
Thanks for the article...I've never tried them, but I did know what a GNU was. LOL
If I should catch these on sale, will give them a try.
Fiber (knock on wood) is not issue for me, but I like a tasty treat treat now and then.

Have a great day! :o) Report
i love gnu bars - though the only flavors I can recommend are the cinnamon raisin and the banana. If you stick to those they are good. The other flavors are pretty disgusting. Report
I can't wait to try these! Report
I get plenty of fiber in my daily diet, but when I'm traveling it's harder to work it in. I love these Gnu bars and take them with me when I'm on the road, using them as a breakfast substitute or a mid-day snack. Report
I picked some of these up at Whole Foods the other day and have been adding them in regularly to my diet. They're delicious and now that I think about it, I've definitely been more regular :o) I love the BANANA WALNUT BAR, which tastes very similar to the CLIF BAR version, but has a 100 less calories than the Clif Bar version. I've been having one or two of the Gnu bars for lunch, with a serving of fruit. Because of the extra fiber, they're very filling, so I don't feel as if I've missed out on a meal.

I actually like the Orange Cranberry Bar, as well, but I just love fruits, so anything fruity usually works for me. The Cinnamon Raisin Bar tastes just like a cinnamon raisin muffin and the Chocolate Brownie Bar tastes has the taste of a chocolate brownie with the consistency of a whole wheat muffin. I can't say about the Peanut Butter Bar because I'm allergic to peanuts :o/ Report
Correction, "built in *25% off then an additional 20% off with the code." Report
I have a tough time getting my daily allotment of fiber. My doctor recommended fiber supplements. That's helped but I'm still not regularly reaching my goal. Based on your review, I went to their website and read more about the bars (no high fructose corn syrup, by the way JulCat51). Because the ingredients aren't as processed as other snacks and will actually aid me in my fiber goal, I decided to buy boxes of those I know I would like. (It helps that I'm not a particularly picky eater and that these will be a perfect breakfast for me when paired up with some yogurt or peanut butter and milk.) Lastly, I did a discount search online to see if anyone was getting a discount for reviewing and sending readers to Gnu and found one blogger that was (
/). Enter the discount code "Skinny" ad receive 20% off. So in other words, I bought the boxes, received their built in 20% off then used the code and received another 20% off. Hope this helps others. Report
I have not seen these in the store, which stores carry them. I will try them if I can find them Report
I tried the peanut butter bar and was surprised that I really liked it. I have a hard time finding bars like these that I will actually eat. I tried it one afternoon at work when I was craving a snack and it filled me up! Report
Why are they not listed in the foods to calculate into favorites and calories?
I have used them too! Report
I haven't seen these and I'm ok with that. Inulin and I don't get along. Report
I haven't seen these and I'm ok with that. Inulin and I don't get along. Report
The Banana Walnut and Cinnamon Raisin are delicious. Report
I have tried all flavors and it's a good product, a bit sweetish. No digestive discomfort but too much like a snack food and I can't have snacks around, makes it too easy to overeat.. Report
Any time I eat a fiber bar or something high in fiber, it ALWAYS makes me gassy...and fart-y...which isn't good when you wait tables for a I don't really get fiber in. But i feel like i need to, i eat the fiber one bars. love 'em! Report
yummy Report
That is pretty spendy. Plus I usually get 40-50 grams of fiber a day, so I certainly don't need the extra help! Report
No, I wouldn't try them cause for one thing that is way too much money and for another I find if I eat the right foods I have no trouble getting my fiber. Report
Two bucks is way too much to pay for a cookie, no matter how healthy it claims to be. I can buy a lot of high-fiber grain or produce for two bucks. Report
1 bar has almost my total daily allowance of carbs, I'll pass. Report
Yes, I have tried them. I love them. I do not have any trouble getting in enough fiber everyday in fact I usually end up going over in recommended fiber! Report
I have tried both the Orange-Cranberry and the Peanut Butter.(None of the others flavors appealed to me.) I liked them both very much. Report
I tried these ONCE!!! ?Enough said? Report
I never tried a gnu bar or even heard of them before.I don't usually like these kinds of bars, but i will try it. Report
First I will check out the price. Then will see. Report
I have bought these online from
. They will ship them for less than you pay in the store and they come right to your door! Report
I don't like to eat snack bars that don't have some BENEFIT to my body. THESE with the fiber are excellet. To get my amt. of protein when I have a snack like this, I would also have a stick of low fat string cheese. Gives me about 10 mg. which completes this snack! Report
Never tried a Gnu bar. But I might... Report
These have been in my cupboard for 2 years. I love them! My fave? I can't choose, I like them all. Best tasting fiber around. ;-) Report
Wow the sodium is low! I will try these and hope my tummy doesn't do the "gurgly-wurgly"
christena Report
I tried them the Banana one I like the flavor but the sugar is way too much for me..I dont eat sugar. Report
Just made a trip to the natural food store to look them up. Tried the banana walnut, which was very good. I picked up a chocolate for my DH. However, at $1.99 a whack, it's doubtful that we'll be eating many. Report
Yes, I had been enjoying both the chocolate and banana...1 per day as a snack..but then I noticed in my 'daily report' that I am getting 'too much fiber' I had to stop. Apparently, I get too much fiber, even without them. At first I thought putting all this fiber into food was a good thing....but now, I'm starting to wonder. (It's even in ice cream!!) Report
Hmm...given the cost, I'll stick to my "buddies," i.e., Bran Buds :) Report
They have me interested and there is a store near me! I think I will try it... Report
I look for foods that will give me enough fiber daily. I do the fruits and vegetables but this will give me a variety. Will look for it soon. Thanks! Report
Even with all of the fruit and vegetables I eat daily along with oatmeal, etc., I've been having a difficult time meeting the minimum fiber requirements, so I think I'll give these a try. Thanks for the information. Report
I will stick to Fiber One bars. Report
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