We Ate It: Frozen Yogurt Treats with Probiotics from Blue Bunny


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The weather at SparkPeople headquarters is finally getting warm. We're saying sayonara to winter with lunch-time pickup basketball games, open windows in the office--and ice cream taste-tests.

Blue Bunny recently unveiled some new ice cream treats that feature probiotics and granola. They come in flavors like double chocolate and double strawberry, so we were excited when Blue Bunny sent us some to try. If it's cold, sweet and creamy, chances are we'll like it--or at least try it.

What they say:
Aspen Snack Bar and Sedona Sandwich: frozen novelties that combine creamy probiotic frozen yogurt and honey oat granola:

Aspen Snack Bars These snack bars combine creamy, probiotic frozen yogurt with a layer of fruit filling topped with crunchy granola crumbles and enrobed in a yogurt coating. This better-for-you snack will be available in two flavors:
  • Raspberry Vanilla: Raspberry low fat frozen yogurt with a layer of raspberry fruit filling topped with crunchy granola crumbles and enrobed in a vanilla-flavored coating.
  • Double Strawberry: Strawberry low fat frozen yogurt with a layer of strawberry fruit filling topped with crunchy granola crumbles and enrobed in a vanilla-flavored coating.

Sedona Sandwiches These healthier ice cream sandwiches feature creamy, probiotic frozen yogurt with thick swirls of fruit or fudge, sandwiched between two chewy honey oat granola wafers. Sedona Sandwiches will be available in two flavors:
  • Double Strawberry: Strawberry low fat frozen yogurt with a thick swirl of strawberry fruit flavor, sandwiched between two honey oat granola wafers.
  • Double Chocolate:
Chocolate low fat frozen yogurt with a thick swirl of fudge, sandwiched between two honey oat granola wafers.

What we say:
I ate the Double Chocolate Sedona sandwich with granola outside....I was really pretty indifferent toward this. The chocolate tasted OK--not great and not bad. I didn't care for the texture of the outside. I think I didn't like the coldness of the granola.

I had the double strawberry yogurt Sedona sandwich. I thought it was tasty, and the strawberry taste was authentic--not fake. I would eat this again. I liked the crunchy exterior! The granola on the outside was sweet and crunchy.

MMM! Raspberry ice cream is one of my favorites (OK, technically black raspberry chip), and this low-fat, low-cal option didn't disappoint--even without the chocolate! But be careful...it will leave you wanting more! (I ate the Aspen raspberry bar.)

Yummy! One word describes this bar. I had mine as an afternoon snack, around the time when I usually crave something sweet. It was delicious.
The granola added a great crunch, and the yogurt had a strong sweet strawberry taste that took care of my sweet tooth craving. I would definitely buy these for sweet treats or even desert.

The raspberry yogurt frozen Aspen bar was REALLY good. I like all three parts, the inside raspberry, the outside yogurt, and the bit of granola. This would be something I would buy to quell an ice cream craving.

I tried an Aspen bar (strawberry) and thought it was really good! I really enjoyed the taste. It is definitely as good as some of the other low-cal options I've tried.

(No one who ate these treats thought that the probiotics made a difference, but they did appreciate the taste, portion size and nutrition info of the Blue Bunny treats. These aren't as "low-calorie" as some other ice cream treats, but we enjoyed them and thought they were a great, premium sweet.)

(for the chocolate Sedona sandwich)

(Aspen bars have 150 calories and 8 g fat)

Aspen bars: $4.29
Sedona: $4.99

Where to buy?
Find a Blue Bunny retailer near you.

Would you try this? Have you?

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  • 47
    With a 3 point count on this for Weight Watchers, I doubt I'll want to use any of my 20 daily points for one of these...maybe for a special treat when I'm not close to going over. They do some yummy tho'. - 4/21/2009   10:46:26 AM
    I will try these sweet treats! I wll look for them the next time I go grocery shopping. - 4/21/2009   10:07:00 AM
  • 45
    They kind of sound odd to me...I would not try them based on the descriptions. The price really makes me not want to try them. Send me a coupon and I'll try them! - 4/21/2009   10:02:17 AM
  • 44
    I don't think I would try these-the price both in money and calories seems too high to me. I like no-fat yoghurt that I fix with frozen fruit and agave nectar. I can control the cals and the organic components. - 4/21/2009   9:54:18 AM
  • 43
    Not sure if I will try it, sugar content too high for me and I am not sure if the probiotics are still live in a frozen state. - 4/21/2009   9:44:00 AM
  • 42
    Sounds like a great binge food for me!!! Nothing is healthy when I eat the whole box. - 4/21/2009   9:35:26 AM
  • 41
    Yes, I would definitely give it a try. I wonder if they offer coupons? - 4/21/2009   9:23:41 AM
  • 40
    I'll have to agree with some of the others. The caloric intake with the sugar doesn't really make this fit into my diet needs. I'll stick with the many other truly low-fat, low- or sugar-free items offered. - 4/21/2009   9:17:43 AM
  • 39
    Those do look good at a replacement treat (esp the aspen bars) but they're not quite clean enough for me. They do have high fructose corn syrup (especially the sandwiches - its listed like three times) and also partially hydrogenated oils. I'm trying to treat my body better besides just worrying about calories, so a lot of "diet" type food ends up off the list because they pump them with chemicals to make them taste better. - 4/21/2009   9:17:30 AM
  • 38
    180cal and 4 grams fat....I think I'll pass. I love ice cream but I think I'm better off having ice cream and adding my own fruit or nuts or better yet blending yogurt with frozen fruit for my own frozen yogurt or just frozen fruit, pureed into a sorbet. - 4/21/2009   9:14:08 AM
    I saw these in the store the other day, but didn't get any. I might one day try them. - 4/21/2009   9:12:31 AM
    At 180 calories and 16g sugar..I'll pass.

    I like the 100 calories slim bear or weight watchers brand, but I don't even eat those too often because I don't want to develop an addiction to sugar. After I finish a box of these, the following few nights I crave something sweet before or after dinner. So I really space it out so I don't get use to having it. - 4/21/2009   9:09:07 AM
  • 35
    I might try the raspberry if I can find them, Blue Bunny is sold in a few places around here but not many, I guess we're too close to the Blue Bell factory here in Texas. If it tastes too good I can have a problem with portion control though. I tried something more healthy yesterday - my daughter had bought some popsicle containers and froze yogurt in them, the one I tried was vanilla yogurt and pretty tasty. I want to experiment with flavors like orange and vanilla for a dreamsicle. - 4/21/2009   9:03:02 AM
  • 34
    This sounds like a great alternative, especially on "those" days where you just HAVE to have a goodie! I love frozen yogurt and these are great because they're already portioned out! So, if I see them at my local WalMart I will buy some and try them out! DH will LOVE it - being diabetic he's GOT to watch those sugars, but he does indulge (more than I do! YIKES!) and again, these are portioned already, not like a tub of frozen yogurt or icecream. - 4/21/2009   9:02:11 AM
  • 33
    Sounds good! I'm cheap, so depending on how much money I have for the groceries on a given week, I may or may not buy these. I didn't think the calorie content was too bad considering it's an ice cream treat. - 4/21/2009   8:02:58 AM
  • 32
    I will have to check them out. It would be a nice treat. - 4/21/2009   7:33:40 AM
  • 31
    These sound pretty good, although expensive. And my one experience w/ something that had added probiotic tasted artificially sweetened (which it wasn't). Not sure I'd rush out and buy this, but I wouldn't turn it down if offered to me. - 4/21/2009   7:31:03 AM
  • 30
    One of the kids gave us an electric ice cream maker a couple of years ago and since then I've gotten spoiled with homemade ice cream. Not only does my home made have a lot less sugar and calories, it makes the stuff that has been glued together and sitting in a cardboard box in the supermarket freezer section for weeks taste just like glue and cardboard by comparison. - 4/21/2009   7:17:48 AM
    Hearing "Be careful, you may want more" is enough for me to say "pass". - 4/21/2009   7:10:42 AM
  • 28
    I would like to try them. - 4/21/2009   7:07:05 AM
  • 27
    Perhaps I missed this, but do they contain high fructose corn syrup? I know the regular Blue Bunny ice cream in the box does. - 4/21/2009   6:53:21 AM
  • 26
    They sound okay. The "coating" doesn't thrill me, and probiotics make me sick (I've tried- withing hours!!!!) so it's a pretty solid no that I'd try them. Thanks for the review though! - 4/21/2009   5:04:41 AM
  • 25
    what a great sounding item...will look for it at the grocery store - 4/21/2009   1:01:44 AM
  • 24
    Well.. maybe once in a while!!! Want to be careful how much of any goodie I have around... the trouble with yummy food is... eating it happens. - 4/21/2009   12:09:34 AM
    So glad I read this blog! I live less than an hour from LeMars, Iowa which is the Ice Cream Capital of hte US and where the head Blue Bunny Plant is at! Just might have to go make a trip up that way to do a tasting and ask for these treats if possible! - 4/20/2009   11:23:05 PM
  • 22
    Sounds great! Blue Bunny is hard to find though. I like Skinny Cow also! - 4/20/2009   11:12:21 PM
  • 21
    I may check these out, but not something I would purchase very often. - 4/20/2009   10:49:31 PM
  • 20
    I would totally buy these. But I would probably bring them to work to share so I wouldn't eat the whole box. - 4/20/2009   9:56:20 PM
    The calories are only 20-30 more than skinny cow and the price on the site is cheaper than the $5.98 skinny cow's 6 ice cream sandwichs are. So not quite getting some of the comments. - 4/20/2009   9:03:56 PM
  • 18
    Blue Bell is a good brand and still makes the real 1/2 gallon carton. - 4/20/2009   8:48:43 PM
  • 17
    Wow, the calories are too high for me. If I have anything like this in the house, I will be tempted to eat too many. One day per month I allow myself a sweet treat. Maybe... I don't know. - 4/20/2009   8:26:35 PM
  • 16
    I would not try these . . . the carbs are high, and for the amount of calories there is not much fiber. - 4/20/2009   8:10:36 PM
  • 15
    The sugar are too high for me too, however, maybe I would try and half it with someone! - 4/20/2009   7:19:05 PM
  • 14
    I don't think I like the amount of sugar in it, because I don't like any thing sweet,so this is not for me, - 4/20/2009   6:43:57 PM
  • 13
    I saw these at Walmart and I was very tempted to buy some and than I saw the price WOW! I wish they would just lower the price.

    I will be buying these because I'm trying to get my husband away from ice cream and cake. He saw them and thought they looked good.
    Thanks for the information. - 4/20/2009   5:56:04 PM
  • TGGR68
    These look like a great alternative to regular ice cream!! I'll be looking for them on my next shopping trip! - 4/20/2009   5:47:27 PM
  • 11
    I think for the calories, I'll stick with my skinny cow. - 4/20/2009   4:56:29 PM
  • 10
    My hubby and I both love the Aspen, any flavor!

    The Sedona sand., we loved the ice cream, but not so hip on the granola cookie. The texture was a little funky.

    Great for a sweet treat though! - 4/20/2009   4:49:59 PM
    I have had the Strawberry Sedona one's before and they were very good. I think they are a little bigger than say a skinny cow ice cream sandwich. The granola "cookie' was very sweet. I would buy them again.

    Also Blue Bunny is a Iowa based brand, so I am not sure if its available all over the country or mainly in the Midwest. - 4/20/2009   4:43:23 PM
  • 8
    I don't believe we have these in Canada. I probably won't spend close to $5 for a snack bar anyway. Oh well... - 4/20/2009   4:22:51 PM
  • LYNDAS9254
    These look yummy and delicious. I wasn't aware of these and I am definately going to look and try these. The only thing is the 180 calories per is a bit high and will add up.....I will check labels as well and watch sugar content....thanks for the udpate on these yummy things.

    - 4/20/2009   4:01:06 PM
  • 6
    I would definitely try the strawberry or raspberry, but Im pretty sure theyre not carried in this neck of the woods... - 4/20/2009   3:24:17 PM
    I just bought the Krunch Lights (Sweet Freedom - no sugar added) on Saturday, Vanilla with a Chocolate Shell and Crispies on the outside. It was heaven! I live across the street from a Culvers (for those that don't know this is a Frozen Custard Place) and Blue Bunny was just the Save I needed. Yes, it's really that good! - 4/20/2009   3:03:49 PM
  • 4
    these look great, and I'm with Shaytaykay, I LOVE anything raspberry! - 4/20/2009   2:46:51 PM
    I hop they are giving out samples the next time I go to the store. - 4/20/2009   2:23:56 PM
    These sound delicious, but i have to be careful with my sugar content, because i've had gastric bypass surgery - 4/20/2009   2:20:42 PM
    I will definitely be looking for this in my grocer. I love just about anything with raspberry. - 4/20/2009   2:17:57 PM

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