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When I was a kid, my mom kept us on a short leash when it came to food. Two words: Corn Bran. (See previous blog about Kashi Honey Sunshine.) Needless to say, I had never seen a Pop-Tart.
Then my parents amicably split, and my dad, bless his heart, didn't quite know how to feed my sister and me when we visited every weekend. He actually let us pick out what we wanted at the grocery store. (Bad idea, he quickly learned!) And that, my friends, is how at the tender age of 9, I developed an addiction to Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tarts (toasted and slathered with tub margarine, no less)! (210 calories and 7 grams of fat per pastryŚmaking my breakfast 420 calories and 14 grams of fat, excluding the margarine!)
Thankfully, I outgrew that phase and so did my sister. I've graduated to oatmeal or whole-grain, high-fiber cereal with berries and soymilk in the morning.

The other day at the supermarket, I noticed a new product alongside the Pop-Tarts: Fiber One toaster pastries. I'm slightly obsessed with fiber, so I thought the dailySpark taste test team should try these.
These come in a variety of flavors (though how many is hard to verify because these products aren't yet on the Fiber One site) including strawberry and chocolate. I picked up the Brown Sugar Cinnamon, of course.

The Fiber One toaster pastry has five times the fiber (5 grams, or 20% of the recommended daily amount) and half the fat of a regular Pop-Tart. However, Pop-Tarts now come in a whole grain version, so we'll compare those with the Fiber One pastry:
Fiber One Toaster Pastry
190 calories
4 g fat
140 mg sodium
36 g carbs
5 g fiber
16 g sugar
Whole Grain Pop-Tart
200 calories
7 g fat
170 mg sodium
34 g carbs
3 g fiber
14 g sugar

What we thought:
"These certainly aren't an everyday breakfast food. But when I'm in the mood to indulge in something sweet, these are perfect. The added fiber and whole grains eliminates some of the guilt, and I feel nostalgic when I eat them!"

"The Fiber One toaster pastries are excellent. They're not exactly health food, but they're certainly a step above regular pop tarts. They taste 99% as good, plus the whole wheat and fiber... plus they're slightly lower in calories."

"I really liked these, especially if I'm in the mood for something sweet in the morning. I might consider these (as a treat) for the kids."
We had one complaint:

"The two-tart pouches are no good. They really make you want to eat two at once! Other than that (which is a problem with Pop-Tarts also) A+!"

Hear that, food companies? If you put two pastries (or cookies or carrots or anything else) in a package, we think we are supposed to eat both. We want to eat both. We will eat both. Please either adjust the packaging or the label.

These were $1.89 (regularly $1.99) for six pastries.

Are you frustrated by serving sizes that don't reflect the packaging? (Like 20-ounce bottles of soda that are 2.5 servings!) How do you limit your portions?

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  • 101
    More fiber is good. In my other experiences with Fiber One products, however, I find I have an issue with gas about 3-4 hours later. Not conducive to a happy work environment, nor to spending an hour and a half with myself in the car on the way home. The extra fiber is good, but what do people to do offset the offending gas that comes with it? - 9/24/2008   3:39:19 PM
  • 100
    I have gotten in the habit of ALWAYS checking the serving size even before I look at calories, fat, carbs, fiber, etc. That way I know EXACTLY how that item will fit into my daily nutrition plan. If the packaging is deceptive, I then decide whether it will be worth my time to repackage and if it's not . . . I won't buy it.

    Why would I spend my money on something that will tempt me to eat more than one serving? Not only that but suffering the guilt afterward isn't worth it either.

    As for the Fiber One pastries . . . too many calories and deceptive packaging make these a definite NO SALE. - 9/21/2008   4:55:24 PM
  • MICHAELA2780
    Publix has these on BOGO this week, and I HAD to try them...they taste like Pop-Tarts to me, and I love the added fiber!

    I wish they would package them individually, because I am definitely guilty of eating BOTH of them in one sitting...of course, I just adjust accordingly throughout the day so that I still stay in range. But I love how the added fiber makes me feel full! - 9/18/2008   8:29:39 PM
    I find myself purchasing more things that are already pre-portioned for me. It just makes my life easier. Pfffft... if I purchase those pop tarts I can tell you right now I would eat both!! Heaven forbid that one pop tart stay in the package by itself!! Maybe after I got the tarts home though I could open all of the packages and re-wrap them in separate servings... it's a hassle... BUT it's a healthy(er) pop tart people!!! - 9/15/2008   5:42:24 PM
    I always check the serving size. I have to; I'm diabetic. In the case of two servings in one package, I carefully wrap the other serving and put it back in the box *before* I deal with the one I'm going to eat. I agree, the way companies do it is deceitful and designed to overeating - how else are they going to get those sales numbers up? Ultimately, though, it's up to us as individuals to take care of ourselves. Use an eight-ounce glass, or six ounce, or whatever the serving size indicates, then PUT the rest AWAY. If it's out of sight, you won't be so incllined to eat/drink the whole thing. - 9/15/2008   2:58:38 PM
  • 96
    I HATE the old 1 bar serving, 2 bars in each twin wrapped package gag. I haven't found a way to overcome this particular ploy. With larger containers I find it easier to break it down into servings, but when I have to re-wrap just ONE of something.... I usually end up eating it... :P - 9/15/2008   2:38:52 PM
  • JAY75REY
    Scary. Pastries and sweets are my downfall. I don't think knowing about a "healthier Pop-Tart" is going to help me!:) Luckily, I've never even tried a regular Pop-Tart. Still having trouble giving up cookies, doughnuts, cake, muffins etc etc etc. - 9/15/2008   1:22:36 PM
  • 94
    When it comes to an overstuffed package I either try to share or I put the other half in a ziploc bag. With beverages it's much harder. I don't want to throw half of a soda away, since it's a treat, so I'll look for vending machines that still have cans, or some of the gas stations near me still carry cans too.

    As far as pop tarts, once I actually read the label I took the unopened pouches to a school where I volunteer and left them for treats. (the teacher gave half a poptart to each of the kids in this special class and everyone was happy).

    As far as the high fiber ones...maybe in two years when I get the urge to have a pop tart again. - 9/15/2008   11:19:38 AM
  • 93
    I agree with JULISABROCAR so I will not be trying it....

    Thanks but no thanks... - 9/15/2008   3:08:27 AM
  • 92
    I don't think I've eaten a pop tart in 8 years... but if I were going to eat a pop tart I wouldn't go out of my way to seek these out. In my opinion, these are really not much better nutritionally.
    - 9/15/2008   1:28:02 AM
  • 91
    I agree the pkg should contain what a serving is. It would be so helpful. I do spend more money on single serving for I know if i didnt i would eat the whole thing, same thing is I have to measure or I estimate too much. I bought some just to try them havent yet. but that is good to know that they are better than oring pop tarts. - 9/15/2008   12:34:52 AM
  • 90
    ...did you say chocolate? - 9/14/2008   9:37:08 PM
  • 89
    I've never seen these before. I will have to keep a look out for them. I am always looking for healthy and quick breakfast foods. Amy's kitchen sells toaster pastries that are very good and very healthy. - 9/14/2008   9:29:55 PM
  • 88
    I adore all the Fibre One products I've tried so far and I'll probably try these too. It seems the more decadent the taste, the higher the calorie count though. The bars taste amazing but they are around 140 calories. - 9/14/2008   8:57:04 PM
  • 87
    I can't wait until these so up in my store, I'll definitly buy them! - 9/14/2008   6:27:48 PM
  • 86
    It is nice to know there is a little healthier Pop Tarts. - 9/14/2008   10:19:05 AM
  • APRIL66
    Pop Tarts are one of those foods that get me into trouble. As much as I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them, I can't buy them because I could easily be out of control with them. Too bad I don't feel the same way about broccoli. - 9/14/2008   10:13:50 AM
  • 84
    My kids occasionally eat Pop Tarts for breakfast. It's nice to know there is another option out there that is at least a little healthier.
    Thanks for the article. - 9/14/2008   9:45:52 AM
  • 83
    I went grocery shopping yesterday and saw the s'mores pop tarts on sale. I looove those things, but something made me look at the label, and I actually noticed the serving size...400 calories in that little pouch? I left it on the shelf. Manufacturers need to get real. Nothing worse than thinking you're getting a treat, then realizing that a 'serving' is more like a bite. - 9/14/2008   8:49:08 AM
  • 82
    I try to eat things that have more than 1 gram of fiber. My goal is 40+ grams a day, SO important and good for us. But this treat is just that, though it has fiber, it has too many EMPTY calories for me to indulge... - 9/13/2008   5:51:35 PM
    sorry, with no more difference in the benefits vs the calories, I'll pass. - 9/13/2008   3:45:30 PM
  • JUSTME52
    These might be good when camping but I don't think I'd keep them in the house. Thanks for the info. - 9/13/2008   11:47:18 AM
  • CBOYER1022
    I feel that it is deliberate deception when items are packaged as more than one serving, especially an item that it is typically marketed for children. - 9/13/2008   9:02:26 AM
  • 78
    Yeah I am kinda obsessed at the moment with all products marked "fiber one" but . .. I actually checked out the fiber one pop tarts at the supermarket today because I just happen to have a coupon for them. Looked at them and said audibly " this looks like trouble " (i used to eat pop tarts by the boxful!!). Then I looked at the nutrition info and even though they have fiber they do seem high in calories and sugar and said yet again "yep, I really think these are trouble" so. . .. I ended up putting them back on the shelf. Oh, and YES i do agree that they should be packaged in single servings and NOT in twos - that is REALLY asking for trouble. I settled for eating a fresh yummy apple tonight after dinner and it was surprisingly yummy and better than a fiber one pop tart (i guess since I have not tried them). *sigh* - 9/12/2008   6:18:50 PM
    I haven't tried these pastries. I am commenting on the fact that people actually DON'T look at the serving size on the backs/sides of foods. I have always known and done this, and I always see these articles where someone had an epiphony and say to look at the label to see the actual serving size. Hello? Food companies do this on purpose. Instead of trying to get them to change their ways, why don't we, as consumers, step up to the plate and get some knowledge as well as some self control. "Bad" things shouldn't be banned from us by "Big Brother". We just need to grow up and learn to make the right choices. - 9/12/2008   5:55:13 PM
    I used to really love the frosted brown sugar cinnamon poptarts, but alas I find my tastes have changed. The last time I tried one I thought the box would probably taste better (with the frosting and filling).

    Yes, I find it very frustrating that food packages which seem like they should be one serving are 2 or more servings. I am trying to teach my children about portion control and this makes it very difficult. If two are packaged together, you are supposed to eat both, right?! I know how difficult it is for me as an adult to resist eating more than one serving because of the packaging. My children have even more difficulty with this concept. - 9/12/2008   4:37:20 PM
  • 75
    Although I am a fan of the Fiber One line of products I have read an article in Nutrition Action Newsletter that has changed my mind. The fiber used in this line of food (and many others) is a newly modified "fiber" called innulin. There is no data to support innulin as a beneficial fiber. The studies showing all the benefits of fiber have been done on whole fibers both soluble and insoluble. There are several newer more refined/processed fibers showing up everywhere because they are tasteless and textureless hence they can be added to total junk food - to create a new "healthier" version of the junk food. - 9/12/2008   4:09:46 PM
  • 74
    The food values between these two items is NEGLIGIBLE! What's the point?! OMG! Especially, from all the comments, lots of people like/love Pop Tarts, and there are more flavors of Pop Tarts. Maybe people on HERE, on Spark, think to look at lables, but MOST people won't touch healthy-looking food with a ten-foot-pole, ie the "healthier" Pop Tarts used in this comparison. So if people are gonna eat their Pop Tarts, they're gonna eat "THEIR" Pop Tarts. Not some other *version* of "their" Pop Tarts, and certainly, not likely another BRAND of something similar that is "healthier". And, in this case, it really IS NOT. Come on, 2-3 grams difference? Gimme a break. The food industry is making a killing. Literally. People don't even KNOW what's good for them, and have been so tainted by CRAP out their, that GOOD food doesn't even TASTE good to them, or appeal to them, and most kids think "healthy" is synonymous to "punnishment". - 9/12/2008   3:23:18 PM
  • 73
    Mom would not buy Poptarts that often but when she did, she let us know they were for Dad. When I finally moved out on my own I did my own grocery shopping (a dangerous thing for those of us who did it for the first time). At that time, I bought all the boxed meals and quick fixes. Breakfast included the poptarts.
    After gaining all the weight and attempting to lose it, I regretfully stopped buying the pop tarts. Now with this new product on the horizon, it makes me nervous. - 9/12/2008   1:31:54 PM
    Blueberry Frosted Pop-Tarts!!! Oh, for the days I could eat them with impunity!!! I miss my Pop-Tarts!!

    You're right, it's next to impossible to guess serving size when packaged in more than one serving. But the manufacturers don't care. It's cheaper to package them that way, you have to buy more often because you run out sooner and that all adds up to profit for them. - 9/12/2008   12:20:21 PM
  • 71
    I used to eat the strawberry poptarts-UNFROSTED-with margerine of course!!
    Loved them as a kid & young adult. Never liked the frosted ones! Way too sweet! Wish they would make a healthy unfrosted one. May be tempted to try.
    And I agree. Hate the deception that goes into packaging! It comes down to money..they want it! Eat more, buy more! We, have to be smarter and good at math! Unfortunately, I have to struggle with my math skills at times. When in doubt, don't eat a lot of it or don't eat any! - 9/12/2008   12:04:59 PM
  • 70
    Hmm, a healthy alternative to Pop Tarts. I agree with another commenter, why can't manufacturers cut back even more on the sugar? I'm not a Pop Tart eater so I don't know if I'll try these. As far as a high fiber snack goes, Fiber One makes great Fiber One bars, which have only 140 calories and 9 grams of fiber - and they're delicious.
    As far as packaging two in a pouch, I completely disagree that these should come one in a pouch. If all six (or eight) came in one pouch, would you eat all of them? No. It's up to us and our own personal responsibility to monitor what we eat. We need to read labels. If you want one, eat one and put the box away. It's all part of being responsible for our own actions. - 9/12/2008   11:10:19 AM
    Why can't they just cut out the sugar? 14 grams is a lot! I don't like to have sugar, and I don't like my kids to, either. It doesn't really matter how much other good stuff is in there if there are so many simple carbs to deal with as well. Just my opinion. - 9/12/2008   10:40:40 AM
  • 68
    I absolutely *LOVE* the idea of Fiber One toaster pastries, and I definitely will be looking for them in the stores the next time my son (and husband for that matter) ask for or pick out some Pop Tarts. What a fabulous idea! Why didn't I think of that? Now I won't have to feel *as* guilty for a little indulgence every now and then.

    As for the 2-in-1 packaging, typically that's not a problem in our house. Each person will only eat one, and leave the other in the package inside the box, or leave it out for someone else to eat. - 9/12/2008   10:40:34 AM
  • 67
    Yep, the old unit of consumption problem. 1 oz bag of chips = 1 unit of consumption. A giant family bag from Costco = 1 unit of consumption. 1 roll of Ritz = 1 unit of consumption. So yeah, I too, woud have a hard time (though less hard than a couple of years ago) viewing 1 Pop-Tart in a package of 2 as the unit of consumption.

    How do I cope? Avoid! Don't buy the Pop-Tarts unless there is someone I will be immediately sharing them with. And if the crave still overwhelms good sense, I've been known to eat the serving and (horrors) waste the rest (nowadays I'll compost it). - 9/12/2008   10:26:34 AM
  • 66
    Thanks for the info.my daughter loves poptarts and gets them occationally in her lunch as dessert.But her Dad won't eat whole grain versions of anything so getting her to try whole grain is a battle but this might work because its not a now in whole grain option. - 9/12/2008   10:18:51 AM
  • 65
    I hate it when the package size is more than one serving. When you get the pop tarts, it's easier to eat both than to repackage the other one! lol! - 9/12/2008   10:18:21 AM
  • 64
    Oh my gosh, I have to laugh. I just had pop tarts on Labor day weekend on vacation. I had such! a craving for them until I opened the package and questioned if I could really dump both pastry's full of useless calories down and not kick myself. The answer came for me when my husband asked for the second one. We added fruit and a yogurt parfait from Mc Donalds and called it good. Boy it was good though! Luckilly it was a road trip and the remainder of the box got the brunt of the golf clubs going in and out and everything else crushing them and crushing my wanting of them. - 9/12/2008   8:55:05 AM
  • 63
    I actually laugh at some of the serving sizes the manufacturers try to get away with, like the aforementioned 20-ounce soda being 2.5 servings! Come one!
    I think they package 2 pop tarts together so you eat both, thereby running out faster so then you have to go buy more, sooner. - 9/12/2008   8:43:29 AM
  • 62
    Still a lot of calories for 1 pastry. - 9/12/2008   8:26:49 AM
  • 61
    Can't wait to try the Fiber One product, so far all there products are very good. Packageing yes, I hate buying a snack cake (low 100 calorie pack) only to find they are packaged 2. I buy them for my granddaughter after school, but the 2, which usually small, just makes you want to eat both then your calories are double what you actuallly intended for them to be. Package better!!! - 9/12/2008   8:19:18 AM
  • 60
    I use to be a pop-tart fanatic, especially for the Brown sugar cinnamon! I'm so glad there's a better version now, I haven't eaten a pop-tart in years....can't wait! Altho, I'll have to becareful not to let myself fall into a sugar craze after the first bite lol hopefully I'll be able to keep to just eating one pastry :) Thanks for the info! - 9/12/2008   1:23:46 AM
  • 59
    Thanks for the article. I'll look out for them. I actually find a better alternative to Kellogg's Poptart on one of my last shopping trips. Nature's Path Organic Toaster Pastries, Cherry Pomegran. The nutrition stats are not nearly as stacked as Fiber One, but they're really good and a lot better than the alternative. For 1 pastry its 200 calories, 4.5g fat, 3g saturated fat, 37g Carbs, 1g of Fiber, 3g of Protein. I'm check Fiber One out though......not a fan of Cinnamon Brown. - 9/12/2008   1:17:38 AM
  • 58
    I think I will try them. - 9/12/2008   12:42:01 AM
    Can't wait to try FIBER ONE, sounds great. I just have to hope they are extremely low in whole wheat grain. - 9/12/2008   12:06:20 AM
  • 56
    I find the Fiber One bars addictive - with so much fiber, NOT a good thing LOL!
    I worry that poptarts would cause the same addiction for me. - 9/12/2008   12:04:01 AM
  • 55
    These sound excellent. I am definitely going to try them. - 9/11/2008   11:00:20 PM
  • 54
    I like and appreciate when you do those comparisons. I read the one someone did with frozen muffins - and bought the winner today at the store - although I haven't tried it yet.

    I agree about the frustration w/ inaccurate packaging information. The Uncle Ben's steamed rice is one that if you measure it out after you've cooked it, the amount you have doesn't match the serving info. I just called the parent company of a local grocery store - who have just started putting on their shelves their own brand of steamer veggies. The package says 4 one cup servings. After I cooked it I had 2 cups - they said it must have been shorted and are sending me a coupon. The next day it happened with a different variety - same brand - short my butt - they are just misleading people. - 9/11/2008   10:18:00 PM
    In anwer to your question, I hate the companies that package items not to their serving size. Like the personal size ice creams that are 2 servings. I don't buy them because it makes me mad that I have to "guess" at the half of the container. - 9/11/2008   7:23:30 PM
  • 52
    I don't like Fiber One because it uses stuff like High Fructose Corn Syrup personally. Of course thats why the bars tasted so good! Arghh! - 9/11/2008   7:17:27 PM

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