We Ate It: Fiber One 'Pop Tarts'

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When I was a kid, my mom kept us on a short leash when it came to food. Two words: Corn Bran. (See previous blog about Kashi Honey Sunshine.) Needless to say, I had never seen a Pop-Tart.
Then my parents amicably split, and my dad, bless his heart, didn't quite know how to feed my sister and me when we visited every weekend. He actually let us pick out what we wanted at the grocery store. (Bad idea, he quickly learned!) And that, my friends, is how at the tender age of 9, I developed an addiction to Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tarts (toasted and slathered with tub margarine, no less)! (210 calories and 7 grams of fat per pastryŚmaking my breakfast 420 calories and 14 grams of fat, excluding the margarine!)
Thankfully, I outgrew that phase and so did my sister. I've graduated to oatmeal or whole-grain, high-fiber cereal with berries and soymilk in the morning.

The other day at the supermarket, I noticed a new product alongside the Pop-Tarts: Fiber One toaster pastries. I'm slightly obsessed with fiber, so I thought the dailySpark taste test team should try these.
These come in a variety of flavors (though how many is hard to verify because these products aren't yet on the Fiber One site) including strawberry and chocolate. I picked up the Brown Sugar Cinnamon, of course.

The Fiber One toaster pastry has five times the fiber (5 grams, or 20% of the recommended daily amount) and half the fat of a regular Pop-Tart. However, Pop-Tarts now come in a whole grain version, so we'll compare those with the Fiber One pastry:
Fiber One Toaster Pastry
190 calories
4 g fat
140 mg sodium
36 g carbs
5 g fiber
16 g sugar
Whole Grain Pop-Tart
200 calories
7 g fat
170 mg sodium
34 g carbs
3 g fiber
14 g sugar

What we thought:
"These certainly aren't an everyday breakfast food. But when I'm in the mood to indulge in something sweet, these are perfect. The added fiber and whole grains eliminates some of the guilt, and I feel nostalgic when I eat them!"

"The Fiber One toaster pastries are excellent. They're not exactly health food, but they're certainly a step above regular pop tarts. They taste 99% as good, plus the whole wheat and fiber... plus they're slightly lower in calories."

"I really liked these, especially if I'm in the mood for something sweet in the morning. I might consider these (as a treat) for the kids."
We had one complaint:

"The two-tart pouches are no good. They really make you want to eat two at once! Other than that (which is a problem with Pop-Tarts also) A+!"

Hear that, food companies? If you put two pastries (or cookies or carrots or anything else) in a package, we think we are supposed to eat both. We want to eat both. We will eat both. Please either adjust the packaging or the label.

These were $1.89 (regularly $1.99) for six pastries.

Are you frustrated by serving sizes that don't reflect the packaging? (Like 20-ounce bottles of soda that are 2.5 servings!) How do you limit your portions?

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I used to buy the low-fat ones for my kids as a once-in-a-while treat. Never the frosted ones though, they didn't even want them! I have never understood why cereal companies have to sweeten up everything (or chocolate coat stuff). There are many, many people who just want it plain. Report
I never viewed Poptarts as a breakfast food. They're a treat, like cake or cookies. If I'm going to eat them, I'd get the healthiest version I can. For those of us who grew up in the 70s "fake" food is what we ate! Froot Loops, Wonder bread, Kool-aid and bologna were staples. I eat whole foods most of the time, but I still crave those lovely artificially flavored products. Report
I'd eat them if they weren't "frosted". That's the worst thing manufacturers did to "pop-tarts"! Report
I find it pretty scary and awful how many of you love, love, love these fake foods full of unnatural fiber and high fructose corn sryup. Personally, I'd rather have a some real fiber and real sweetener in the form of a nice fresh fruit. Fiber One is not the Food of the Gods if you have ANY palate whatsoever. Report
I have been (occasionally) enjoying Fiber One pop tarts since they first came out. I hate admitting thes, but when I work, I eat breakfast in the car. Toaster pasteries are perfect for that! I have also tried the higher fiber Pop Tarts. I really like the Fiber One brand better, but...if on sale, I will buy the other--plus there are 8 in the box! Report
Mmm...can't wait to try these. I HATE buying Pop-Tarts for my daughter, and only occasionally do, but these seem like at least a healthier version that I wouldn't mind on those mornings we're rushing out the door. I like other Fiber One products as well. Report
Can't wait to try these! I HATE buying Pop Tarts for my daughter, and only occasionally do, but these at least seem like a healthier alternative that I won't mind having around especially for those morning when we're rushing out the door like chickens with no heads! Thanks for the heads-up about the double-serving packaging, because even though I would have read the label, I would have taken the serving size for granted. Report
I also tried these. I thought they were very good (maybe a tad dry). My problem was also I ate both pastries. I had every intention of just having one as a small treat and ended up eating both (all three times I decided to open a pouch). With that in mind, I probably won't buy these again unless I can send the other two pouches away with someone else. Report
I like the chocolate ones, especially for a little breakfast treat or and evening snack. I make them once in a while for special occasions. Warm two chocolate tarts and then spread reduced fat cream cheese in the middle. Make a sandwich of it with the chocolate tops in the middle. Warm up a bit more in the toaster. Cut it up into small squares and enjoy. Really yummy! Report
Agreed, I hate that there are two in a pack. I seldom eat them, but my husband does; and if there were only one in a pack, there probably wouldn't be a question about the second one. Sometimes the other one gets stale until you get it eaten.

I've seen the Fiber One toaster pastries and contemplated, but haven't tried. My husband is the PopTart eater and he likes the cinnamon brown sugar without frosting. Does Fiber One make these? Report
I LOVE Pop Tarts but, alas, stay away from them because I know it's dressed up junk food. I've never been able to limit myself to just one pop tart either. The way I see it is that if I'm going to blow almost 400 calories on junk, it might as well be on something that I find really satisfying, like a chocolate cookie or slice of cake. Report
I have tried both the Fiber One and the Fiber Pop Tarts. I tried the chocolate and loved them! Trouble is, I want to eat both of them, not just one. I usually was able to resist and just eat one and a banana, but a couple of times I couldn't resist and ate two. My son who doesn't want anything healthy ate them and liked them. Report
I tried the blueberry and liked them. I would really prefer not to have the icing on them, however. As far as 2 to a package, this isn't a problem for me. I usually just fold it over and tape the package up really good. Report
I tried these thru a freebie I received in the mail. I got the blueberry. I really liked them but at $4 per box they are pricey for me. Report
They sound great ... but you're right. Because there are 2 in the package I would eat both - I'll stick to plain cinamon on my fiber one toast! Report
I love the Fiber One toaster pastries! I totally agree about the packaging. I'll just eat one but then I feel guilty about leaving the second one in the foil wrapper. I always think it's going to get lonely, er stale, in there by itself :( Report
I love these! I think the cinnamon FiberOnes actually taste better than the actual PopTarts. Report
I had the some complaint with the Fiber One pop tarts...they should be individually wrapped. I wrote the company and never heard anything. When I buy poptarts for my kids and husband I open them all and put each one in a ziploc bag and then put them all back in the box :) They grab one and are less tempted to eat the second one:) Much cheaper too! Report
oops. i just had two of them.
they are really good!
but still not very good for you. Report
I cannot see my son, the main poptart connisieur in the family, eating these. Just seeing the name on the box would make him say, "No, thanks, Mama!" I wonder if my husband would try them.

On another note, I now see the error of my ways in allowing him to eat the two poptarts at a time. *GASP* One per breakfast with a piece of fruit and yogurt from now on. If he's going to have the extra 200 calories, then they will be good ones (fruit and yogurt). Thanks for the heads up. Report
We tried the chocolate - It was yucky - I only ate 1 bite of it. I do however like the 20% more fiber pop tarts. Neither are my favorite choice for breakfast, but sometimes for the kids they at least get some nutrition with their sugar. Report
Can you compare the Fiber Ones nutritional values to regular, non-whole wheat version to see the real difference? Use something like their Smore flavor or something equally as bad like oreo or choco chip. Report
I got the Strawberry ones... they're good. I like them every once in a while. Report
Sorry. Yuck!!! Report
I gotta say, I love these. But I am also a poptart lover. I like these better because they aren't shy about the frosting! Yes its not an everyday food, but there are times when you just want something sweet for breakfast on the go. Better then a doughnut. I have tried the Strawberry and the chocolate. Strawberry being my favorite. Report
I am an avid FiberOne cereal fan and i was so excited about the poptarts. I purchased both the Stawberry and the Brown Sugar Cinammon. I was highly dissapointed in them both though. They did not taste similiar to regular poptarts at all. Although poptarts were never my favorite thing, I did eat them and this taste was not familiar, nor was it pleasing. I tried eating more, but I have both opened boxes in the pantry. Different strokes for different folks I guess.
The FiberOne Honey Clusters cereal is AMAZING with fresh banana, a dab of splenda and soymilk! And it's the one cereal I have found with 1 3/4 being a serving..as opposed to just 3/4 a cup.

Thanks for this article!!
I never really liked pop tarts. They always seemed too sweet and when i finally ate one - my suspicions were confirmed. I think we have to be careful when the food industry latches on to an ingredient and then puts it in everything and call it healthy. It's the same thing with the low carb and low fat trends. The food industry slapped low carb abd low fat on almost everything, people bought it all up and STILL gained weight. Whatever diet you follow, stick to whole foods as much as possible. I keep my carbs low to moderate, but you will not find a low carb processed food in my kitchen. Report
We love these! Love these, love these! Did I mention we love these! We love just about anything Fiber One puts out! Report
Love them! I buy a box every now and then when I want to have a slightly-healthier-than junk breakfast. I've tried the brown sugar ones, strawberry ones, and blueberry ones. They are all quite tasty! Report
Has anyone read the ingredients on alot of these Fiber One foods? I WOULDNT eat anything made in association with Fiber One. Especially these, their second or third ingredient is High Fructose Corn Syrop! Dont trust me, go to the Fiber One website and look at the "Full nutritional Information". I was SHOCKED. Look up what that is if you dont know. Or there products with Aspertame in it? You have to put a warning on things in america that have aspertame in it saying it caused cancer in lab rats. Like I say go do your own research on there own website and if you understand whats bad to have in food products its quite shocking... Report
Has anyone read the ingredients on alot of these Fiber One foods? I WOULDNT eat anything made in association with Fiber One. Especially these, their second or third ingredient is High Fructose Corn Syrop! Dont trust me, go to the Fiber One website and look at the "Full nutritional Information". I was SHOCKED. Look up what that is if you dont know. Or there products with Aspertame in it? You have to put a warning on things in america that have aspertame in it saying it caused cancer in lab rats. Like I say go do your own research on there own website and if you understand whats bad to have in food products its quite shocking... Report
They probably don't fill you up for the amount of fat/calories/sugar! I'd stick to something else that would keep me satisfied longer, I definately would hard time being able to stop at one! Report
Packaging is too tempting for me. Report
Tasty but too tempting to eat the two in each pkg, I've got one two pk left......they are an indulgence for me......once they are gone I won't buy more just to avoid the temptation......I'm a blueberry lover, so that's what I bought. Report
I like to take the time to make homemade products.I don't think the cost of packaging,shiping and the waste of resourses makes sence to me anymore.
I guess with me it's a sign of the times but I'm trying to go green in as many things as I can.There are very few things I can't get at the farmer's market and this year I"m starting to can,of all things,who da thunk it.
I get a real feeling of accomplishment when I got a little flour flying about in the air and on my clothes,the smell of yeast comming to life and the little strokes I get from the family don't hurt either ;-)......Chef Jim Report
I bought the Strawberry ones and wasn't too impressed...I still have a couple of uneaten ones at home...maybe I should try another flavor when they are on sale... Report
I LOVE these! When they first came out I ate one a day for a week - then I grew up and realized it was not good for me. I eat Fiber One Honey Clusters about 3 times a week for breakfast. If you eat the cereal watch the box - they've been promoting the toaster pastries with $1.50 off coupons on the backs of the boxes - this means I have yet to pay more than $0.50 for a box since they came out. Last week the Honey Clusters no longer had the coupons but the Carmel Delight cereal did so I ventured to something new - I didn't like it as much but my 19 month old eats a few pieces for snack so we'll make it through the box.

The coupons don't expire until 2010 so I just keep tucking them away every few weeks when I empty a box of cereal.

The Pop Tart brand aren't as tasty - they only drizzle the icing on the whole grain kind. If I'm going to eat these I want the authentic flavor you remember from childhood.

One more note - when I get the box I immediately open all three packages and reseal them in ziploc bags to adjust the craving to eat both - I think I'd feel sick if I ate both anyway - too much sugar (but it wouldn't stop me from trying). Report
Ugh! Like the Fiber One Bars, these things are sugar laden junk food masquerading as something healthy. Oh come on! After months of limiting my junk food, the bars taste disgustingly sweet. I won't be buying these. Report
I never really cared for pop-tarts but my kids love them. I have been buying either whole wheat pop tarts or the fiber one flavors for them for school morning breakfasts. They eat both pastries, but I don't mind too much because its the only thing they'll have to hold them over the 5 hours till lunch at school. I do, however, eat Fiber One cereal every morning. Not the bark kind, but the the raisin bran or honey flakes. They both have loads of fiber and actually taste amazing. Report
Here's why they won't ever change the packaging-- we see two, we want to eat two, most of the time, we will eat two. Then we run out faster, and go buy more! So its great for them to keep it this way. It disgusts me.

Poo, now I'm going to have to try them.

I used to buy the frosting-free strawberry Pop-tarts and put butter all over them when they were straight from the toaster. YUM! Report
I tried these when they first came out and loved them. I have to be careful though cause I want to eat the entire pouch rather than just one pastry. Report
I just had these about a week ago and mmm... they are good...they taste just like a pop tart. I bought one box just in case I didn't like them. I wish I bought more because they were on sale Report
Back in my days as a pop-tart addict I would always struggle to only eat one. My trick was to keep a ziplock bag in the pop-tart box and only take one out of the package, then ziplock the other. I would take my one pop tart and a cup of coffee and walk out the door so as not to be tempted by the other. The problem: one poptart was never ample breakfast to tide me over until lunch. Protein, it turns out, is key in the morning for me. I almost wish I didn't know about this new fiber-one variety...now I'm going to HAVE to try them...
I am always bothered by the serving sizes on things. I mean really, if you're going to pre-package things in what looks like a serving, just own up to the fact that one serving of your product is more calories than a person should eat. My personal favorite is when really low-cal foods make the serving size small enough that it looks "calorie free"
Yes 1/4 of a pickle spear might be less than a calorie, but has anyone ever eaten 1/4 of a pickle spear? Report
I love fiber 1, so I will try these, I do wish they would have some filled with a fruit/berry Report
OH, Pop tarts. I remember those, when I was a little kid many moons ago. They were a lot larger in the 60's and the filling went all the way to the edge. It's awful how some "stuff" stays in your head, isn't it?
I've bypassed the fiber one pop tarts, only because of the 2 in a pkg deal. Yeah, I could have one, and like "press and seal" the other, but I'll know its "out" of its little pkg. Danger. So, I'll keep bypassing them.

I love the brown sugar cinnamon and the blueberry though.
Maybe one day I can have more self control over 2 in a pack. But not now....... Report
I LOVE the brown sugar/cinnamon Fiber 1 pasteries....When I find them on sale..how many boxes do I toss ion the cart. Don't eat them every day..but always gotta have them on hand for my sweet tooth. Report
I LOVE FIBER ONE!! But I never tried the poptarts. I like them but I don't know how to act. I hate the 2 in a pack because I want to eat both. But for a snack or a treat, it can be split in half.

I dislike when u buy something and the serving size never reflects how it is packaged. I would perfer the serving size to reflect the package, but then it will deter people from buying it. It is all about getting us to buy it. That is why we must read the labels.
Even though the packaging is annoying, deceptive and just plain mean to those of us with very little self control, I tried them. It was hard but I managed to eat only one. As with the rest of the Fiber One products I have tried, these are definitely a keeper. Report
I only eat Poptarts, and that's rarely. Same goes for my son. However, he doesn't open them, so when he asks for one, he just wants one at a time (even the ooey-gooey chocolate-y ones.) I'm fine by it, because I just keep the second one in the same packaging and tape it shut. Report
I've tried the chocolate ones & liked them. My husband even liked them (and he was VERY skeptical of them). I agree, they should definitely change the package or the label. In the meantime, I don't heat one up for me unless he's willing to eat the other one, so I'm not tempted to eat them both. Report
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