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We recently chatted with Hungry Girl, aka Lisa Lillien, the queen of guilt-free food. (Read the interview here.) One of the perks of her job is seeing her animated likeness on various food products that she endorses.

She and Fiber One have a long history. She has pulverized their breakfast cereal and used it to fake fry everything but the kitchen sink, and she's a big fan of other Fiber One products, too. Fiber One offered us some samples of their newly reformulated and lower-calorie yogurt. They sent us the strawberry and key lime pie flavors, and with Lisa's assurance that we'd like them, we asked some SparkPeople employees to try them. (Learn how to buy the best yogurt!)

What They Say:
Fiber One: "Introducing the creamy Fiber One yogurt you already love, but now at 50 calories. This high-fiber, low-calorie, strawberry yogurt is packed with real fruit and taste, making your day a bit sweeter. Plus, adding more fiber to your diet helps you feel more satisfied. So celebrate getting a lot for just a little and you'll get 20 percent of the Daily Value of fiber. Hungry Girl approves and we think you will, too! Dig in!"

Hungry Girl: "A brand-new version of the delicious Fiber One Yogurt is debuting next month. Same amazing flavors (and taste!), but with only 50 calories, zero grams of fat, and a whopping five grams of fiber per 4-oz. cup (POINTS® value 0*)! We've tried these and love them so much that they'll now feature Hungry Girl and our seal of approval ALL OVER the pack."

What We Say:
"I tried one of each flavor of the new yogurts. I really liked the Fiber One yogurts. I could not tell a big difference between it and regular yogurt and it has the extra health benefits."

"The key lime pie is really good--it's super sweet but doesn't have that weird artificial aftertaste. I can really taste the lime. I wanted to dip graham crackers in it for a snack."

"I can't believe these are 50 calories. They were really filling--I guess that's the fiber? I had one in the afternoon and it kept me full until dinner. The strawberry one was really good, and I couldn't tell that it had fiber in it. It was really creamy."

"Even though I don't like artificially sweetened foods, I liked this yogurt. I tried the lime. I thought it was tasty and filling… however, the added fiber (in the form of inulin) doesn't sit well in my stomach. I had a gurgly, upset stomach all night, which happens every time I eat a fiber-fortified food. I can't eat inulin! It tasted good, but I already get more than enough fiber from vegetables and whole grains, so I think I'll have to pass on eating this again."

Nutrition and pricing info:
$2.49 for a pack of four 4-ounce cups Click here for a $1 off coupon!

Have you tried the new Fiber One yogurt? Will you? Do you like foods with added fiber? Which flavor is your favorite?

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    I am HUGE fan of Fiber One bars & cereal. I eat a FO PB bar every morning for breakfast. YUM! I tried the yogurt, but because I have to stay away from dairy, I let my kids finish them. They REALLY enjoyed them! - 8/16/2009   10:17:21 PM
  • 160
    I haven't had them yet due to the price - but I recently got the AE yolite yogurts when they were on sale (seriously stocked up and I get one every day) They have 80 calories but also have the 5g fiber - would really like to try these one day - hopefully the price will go down soon. - 8/16/2009   10:07:08 PM
  • 159
    I don't really like the fiber one products I have tried so I am doubtful I will be trying this one. - 8/16/2009   10:06:34 PM
  • 158
    I purchased a pack this evening and tried one (strawberry). It was okay but not worth all the hype. I like my Activia light much better. - 8/16/2009   10:04:27 PM
  • 157
    I havn't tried it yet but I will definately give some of my favorite flavors, strawberry, peach, and cherry a try. - 8/16/2009   9:18:55 PM
  • 156
    There are yogurts with only five carbs: why would you virtually triple your consumption wth this one? - 8/16/2009   8:03:14 PM
  • 155
    I'd really rather eat yogurt that doesn't have a lot of extra artificial sweeteners, flavors, and colors. I get plenty of fiber from eating real food. - 8/16/2009   5:38:03 PM
  • 154
    Just an observation: The 50 calories is not all that surprising, since this is a 4 ounce cup, and there are quite a few low fat yogurts out there that are 6 ounces and are 70 to 80 calories.

    Also, I am a little confused on why adding fiber to yogurt is a good idea. There are plenty of ways to get fiber where fiber normally happens. And too much fiber isn't good either, it is just the trendy thing to do. - 8/16/2009   5:24:46 PM
  • 153
    I will never try this. I wouldn't even if I ate dairy products. I believe in getting nutrition from where it naturally occurs. I don't like lab foods. i don't like food dyes, additives, preservatives or artificial sweeteners. - 8/16/2009   4:35:52 PM
  • 152
    I love Fiber One Strawberry Yogurt. I didn't know they now made it 50 calories. I wish they made a variey pack. - 8/16/2009   4:31:53 PM
  • 151
    I love most Fiber One products, but not their yogurt. I think it's the aspastame that bothers me. My fave yogurt is Dannon All Natural.

    BTW, I totally agree with Theaspins (comment #104): "The description made it sound like it might be good, but after reading the ingredient list, NO WAY! There is more to healthy food than just low calorie count." - 8/16/2009   4:07:35 PM
  • 150
    I pass on anything with aspartame, sorbitol, splenda, equal, saccharine, or any other artificial sweeteners. Not good for me at all! So, no I won't be trying any. I try to get my fiber from whole fruits and vegetables. - 8/16/2009   3:41:52 PM
  • 149
    going to have to get some - 8/16/2009   3:00:07 PM
  • 148
    I've only tried the key lime pie flavored & I loved it! The extra fiber is great since I sometimes struggle with getting my daily amount. - 8/16/2009   2:34:33 PM
  • 147
    I LOVE Fiber One Yogurt. It's my favorite, right next to Greek yogurt. :) - 8/16/2009   1:19:26 PM
  • 146
    I've been cutting out aspartame and modified starches so I won't be trying these. Besides that I already get 40+ grams of fiber per day. - 8/16/2009   12:46:13 PM
  • 145
    I would need to get it quite a bit cheaper, as if it is available here, it will cost more. So instead I buy Yoplait Source in Canada in slightly smaller containers (100g) for about 45 cents each and add in the fiber somewhere during the day. These have 35 calories. - 8/16/2009   12:39:05 PM
    I prefer natural, plain Greek yogurt (full fat or low fat, it doesn't matter) and if I need to sweeten it would use a natural sweetener and/or a little fruit.

    I need to reduce artifical, fake foods that are still in my diet and reach for more natural (real) food. This is loaded with chemicals.

    Why add all this to yogurt, why not eat real yogurt with whatever additions or fiber that is desired.

    Sorry, not meaning to be negative but I've gone down that road of fake manufactured foods too many times in my life to be impressed by yet another one lol, plus the neon green in the picture really is not so appetizing.

    I like Hungry Girl, though. She's amusing and her books have some good recipes.

    - 8/16/2009   10:43:38 AM
  • 143
    I'm looking forward to trying it... anything that packs an extra punch to keep me full is worth trying. - 8/16/2009   9:29:31 AM
  • 142
    I tried the Key Lime as I already like their fat free Key Lime (in the blue container). It was excellent! It actually tastes like it already has a graham cracker crust in it. Whenever I can get it on sale or have really good coupons for it, I'll be getting it in place of their regular one. - 8/16/2009   9:21:12 AM
  • 141
    I love how well SP members read ingredient labels. It is a great sign.

    Read on! - 8/16/2009   9:19:43 AM
  • 140
    Day-glo green? Leave out the chemical food coloring and use stevia instead of aspartame... allow the live cultures to live... then with the coupon I MIGHT try it... - 8/16/2009   9:18:19 AM
  • 139
    I just don't get it. Nonfat plain yogurt with some fruit added and a bit of wheat germ is just 20-30 more calories but none are empty and there's no chemical ingredients (like food dyes etc) with their associated potential toxins. ANd this earth doesn't need more un-necessary packaging- the pollution from manufacturing the containers, the wasted energy and resources....
    Call me a crumudgeon. But really, we have to have this product just because we don't know how low cal nonfat yogurt is, how naturally sweetened it can be by FRESH fruit or how smooth the consistency of the yogurt remains if we add wheat germ????? O and did i mention cost?
    Still, this is a whole lot better than a diet jello pack, i suppose.....
    or than eating toy plastic food even though that has zero calories, hungry girls! - 8/16/2009   6:43:26 AM
  • 138
    Sounds wonderful! And so does 0 points! However, we live in a small town and the only major market is Safeway and they don't always carry every new product. They have finally started carrying a lot of WW products tho', including some varieties of their yogurts (yummy, and only 1 pt.) and several frozen desserts. I've noticed some other Fiber One products on the shelves lately too and really like the muffin mixes. Thanks for the great update on the yogurt. I'll be looking for it and maybe even ask the manager if they can order it. - 8/16/2009   2:22:37 AM
  • 137
    Can't wait to buy some!! - 8/15/2009   11:07:59 PM
  • 136
    I love Key Lime Pie and really get a desire for it when I am dieting. It's good to know that there is something WITH fiber that is diet friendly!!! I will try this. I have just printed my coupon! - 8/15/2009   10:54:51 PM
  • 135
    I really like these; they are my everyday "take to the office" for a snack. Yum!
    T - 8/15/2009   10:35:45 PM
  • 134
    Not for me - I lost my weight with old fashioned sugar - no artificial sweeteners. If you are diabetic that's one thing, but either no sugar, a little sugar - but not the chemical stuff for me. - 8/15/2009   10:13:07 PM
  • 133
    Looks like I won't be trying it, as it contains gelatin and that's a no-no for me. I'm a vegetarian. - 8/15/2009   9:47:32 PM
  • 132
    I tried it and it was so good . I got it in vanilla. janet - 8/15/2009   9:41:44 PM
  • 131
    Never had it but I will now!!! - 8/15/2009   7:39:09 PM
  • 130
    Never had it but I will now!!! - 8/15/2009   7:39:08 PM
  • 129
    I have eaten the Fiber One Vanilla, Key Lime and Peach flavors and love them all!

    Great yogurt! - 8/15/2009   6:11:29 PM
  • 128
    There's more to nutrition than low calorie high fiber fast food. I'll stick with natural n/f yogurt without the gelatin and aspartame and a healthy serving of whole grain cereal or granola with fruit. That gives me all the fiber, dairy and natural sweetness I need! - 8/15/2009   5:58:07 PM
  • 127
    The Fiber content is great, however I won't eat yogurt sweetened with Aspartame! BAD!!!! - 8/15/2009   5:54:29 PM
  • 126
    4 ounces. Humm. If I only ate 1/2 my delicious Yoplait it would be 4 ounces at 50 calories too and I can add my own fiber, or not. Right now I'm adding fresh blueberries and raspberries from my garden.

    It's is great if a lot of our members love it, but it just sounds like same song different tune to me. And someone's name plastered all over a bunch of products never impressed me much. They have to make a dollar too which is no doubt what she is doing one way or the other. - 8/15/2009   4:28:55 PM
  • 125
    Aspartame and gelatin are definitely two ingredients I do not want to eat. Give me my plain Greek yogurt and let me add in what I want and I am much much happier. And I have the added bonus of getting a ton of protein.

    I don't have to worry about getting enough fiber because I eat a lot of fruit and veggies...this is definitely a pass for me. - 8/15/2009   4:26:45 PM
  • 124
    I haven't tried it but my mom has and she says they're delicious. I'm trying them out with the coupon. - 8/15/2009   3:44:18 PM
  • 123
    I have to agree that I also get a strong after taste due to the artificial sweetener. Will stay with my soy and greek yogurts. - 8/15/2009   3:32:15 PM
  • 122
    I tried they Key Lime and thought it tasted okay but like other people here mention my body doesn't react well to inulin (chicory root extract). I eat a lot of real fruits, vegetable, whole grains so I don't really have a problem meeting my fiber requirements for the day anyway. - 8/15/2009   3:07:05 PM
  • 121
    I've been gradually learning to enjoy my yogurt without additives - even good ones, like fiber. There is so much fiber in the other foods I eat that it's never been a worry for me. Yogurt is on my list for the probiotics, vitamin D, calcium, protein ... Lately it's been plain yogurt run through a sieve overnight to make "Greek Yogurt" aka yogurt cheese - very yummy, high protein, and less fat that way! Quite good and you can mix it directly with a little fruit, or even mix it with peanut butter to get a smooth lower-calorie higher-protein spread.
    - 8/15/2009   2:53:53 PM
    I tried it. The first time it made my stomach hurt. I thought it may have been something else I ate. Tried it two more times, did the same thing. Almost like sugar alcohol kwim? I gave the last one away. Won't be buying this anymore. - 8/15/2009   2:47:25 PM
  • 119
    FiberOne yogurt is my favorite! I had to learn to enjoy and like yogurt. I like the smaller 4oz packages. Lately I have been putting them in the freezer, yummy. I will continue to use this product on a regular basis. - 8/15/2009   2:40:31 PM
  • 118
    I will be giving this a try, I know they have it where I shop, so on the next trip I will pick some up..... - 8/15/2009   1:48:25 PM
    One of these days I am going to try Yogurt again, last time I tried it was 15 yrs ago, made me sick . Maybe I will give this a try. I do cook with it and add it to stuff just not alone.
    bj - 8/15/2009   1:46:27 PM
  • 116
    I do love the Key Lime by Fiber One. they were on sale for $1.49 and I had a $1 off coupon so it was worth trying to me. I only wish though that they were in the food tracker. GUess I could add it myself, lol. - 8/15/2009   1:32:32 PM
    Sounds great, except I do not consume artificial sweeteners - particularly aspartame. It turns into formaldehyde inside of you! I'd rather eat something natural, even if it's higher calorie. - 8/15/2009   1:28:46 PM
    Wow! This product caused some reaction. I am examining my consumption of artificial sweeteners so don't plan to try it soon. May, though, as I am using other yogurts with sweetener. - 8/15/2009   12:37:38 PM
  • 113
    I recently started making my own yogurt. It's the only way to go! - 8/15/2009   12:34:38 PM
  • 112
    That yogurt is a scary green color. ; ) - 8/15/2009   12:25:16 PM

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