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We love breakfast, and we love cereal. We've always got a half-dozen healthy varieties in the SparkPeople kitchen, and plenty of us keep a box of our favorite cereal at our desk. Right now I've got a nostalgic box of Quaker Corn Bran (it was my favorite as a kid!) and Coach Nicole--who loves to mix and match cereals--has some Golden Flax cereal from Trader Joe's.

When we learned about the company [me] & goji, which lets you customize cereals, we were intrigued.Then the company contacted us and let us make our own cereal to try. As our resident cereal expert, Coach Nicole agreed to create a blend for the folks here at SparkPeople to try.

What they say:
"You design your cereal online from our 30+ all natural and organic ingredients. We hand mix it in New England and ship it to your home within a week in our cereal capsule."

" [me] & goji is the dream of three friends Adam, Alexander, and Carl combining our passions for healthy food, unique products and good design: cereal couture, if you will. we are a mission-driven company that believes in using our resources in ways that benefit the environment and social needs."

What we say:
"This cereal was tasty. I love blueberries and almonds--and flax. I don't like cherries very much, but I didn't design this cereal. Still, I liked it. This had everything I wanted: flakes, nuts, berries and fiber! It was filling and tasty, and I think that it had generous amounts of blueberries, almonds, cherries and flaxseed."

"I love this idea! DIY cereal--what a cool concept. This cereal was great, but I want to design my own with chocolate and raspberries. I think this would make a great gift for a health-conscious friend! And it comes in a really neat cylinder."

"I was really eager to see what this cereal would be like, because "designing" it online doesn't give you much of a concept of what the ingredients look like or how much of each ingredient will be in the cereal. I thought there was a good amount of each added ingredient (dried blueberries and cherries, flaxseed and almonds), but would have preferred even more because I love those foods so much.

"Although it was a fun experience, it was also expensive. I'm always mixing cereals and adding fresh and dried fruits, granolas and nuts to plain cereals anyway, and I think I'll stick to that--you have more control and it's more cost effective. But specially designed cereal could be fun for special gifts, party favors and stuff like that.

(will vary based on the cereal you choose!)

Cereals start at $5 for 21 ounces but can run higher depending on what you include.

Where to buy?
Visit meandgoji.com to order.

Have you tried [me] & goji? Would you? What is your favorite cereal combination?

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  • 84
    Great idea, but a little to pricey for me - 12/7/2009   3:33:20 PM
    I agree with the others that it is a bit pricey, but as a gift, it's a great idea! You could also buy it as a gift for yourself, like when you reach a goal or a milestone. - 4/21/2009   10:16:52 AM
  • 82
    I ordered cereal for myself as a reward and an incentive to eat more fiber :-) Just got my can yesterday and had some for breakfast this morning. All I have to say is YUM! My mix was very tasty and quite filling - and15 servings per canister. It is a little pricey, but as an occasional treat or a gift, why not? I plan to order something for my husband, who loves his morning bowl of cereal. - 4/10/2009   4:34:07 PM
  • 81
    That's a great idea customizing cereal. But, it's a little too pricey for me. - 4/10/2009   4:35:05 AM
  • 80
    As soon as my me&goji arrived (I made two mixes, one more healthy, one more fun) and I tried them, I bought a gift certificate for my sister's birthday -- she says she loves hers, too, both the creating it and the eating it! - 4/9/2009   6:52:35 PM
  • 79
    I enjoy making my own...and my hubby always enjoys it as well though he never knows what he might find in the cereal canisters...hehehe. I am too big a penny pincher to pay someone to do for me what I can do for myself at a fraction of the cost. - 4/7/2009   7:37:15 AM
    Neat idea. My cereal came out to be $14.75. I don't think so... - 4/6/2009   6:36:28 PM
  • 77
    I'm going to the website now! How fun! - 4/6/2009   11:58:52 AM
  • 76
    What a neat idea! - 4/6/2009   9:11:13 AM
  • 75
    Sounds like it would be fun occasionally, but not overly cost effective. Gifts are a great idea. I do add stuff to my cereal as well, dried fruit, nuts etc. That chocolate/raspberry sounds really good though. - 4/6/2009   12:45:36 AM
  • 74
    This would definatley be neat for gifts! But to eat for your normal morning cereal a little to expensive. Going to keep the site in my favs for gift giving time though! - 4/5/2009   11:21:00 PM
  • 73
    i wouldnt try it, but thats not because i dont think it wouldnt be good. i dont think it is worth the price. i buy almonds, and dried cherries, and flaxseed, and make my own granola, and i make my own in a bowl. all it would take is a container, breadcrumb container (small) or a freezer ziplock bag. you could mix and match flavors and combinations, save on shipping and save on total cost. it wouldnt take much time. - 4/5/2009   9:16:41 PM
    I would be willing to try it. I love bran cereal ( I add ground flax seeds and different kinds of fruit. - 4/5/2009   7:36:36 PM
  • 71
    I think I'll stick with mixing my own cereals. Certainly not as expensive and I can change around anytime I want. - 4/5/2009   3:22:38 PM
    That's dumb. Okay, I suppose it might fill someone's special niche. But geez... - 4/5/2009   1:19:38 PM
  • 69
    Sounds interesting but pricey. I might try it sometime. I love Heritage Flakes mixed with golden raisins and walnuts with either lo-fat milk or organic low fat soy milk. - 4/5/2009   12:29:45 PM
  • 68
    I will keep this in mind for hard-to-buy-for people on my Christmas list. Thanks for the tip! - 4/5/2009   9:24:37 AM
  • 67
    It does sound good, but I think I'll stick with my Fiber One. - 4/4/2009   10:37:37 PM
  • 66
    I'm way to frugal to spend money on anything like that. And, no, I don't spend money on $5 coffee either. - 4/4/2009   7:19:58 PM
  • 65
    I'm not much for cold cereal. It sounds like a nice gift to give someone who is hard to buy for. - 4/4/2009   12:16:41 PM
  • 64
    Sounds like it would taste great, but way too expensive for me.
    I'll stick to buying my cereal from the grocery store; with sales and using coupons, I rarely pay more than $2 per box. - 4/4/2009   11:28:29 AM
  • 63
    I went to the site and made my own custom cereal. It was easy, but boy did the price really shoot up. $12 for a small container of cereal? I agree that it would be a great gift for someone, but not practical for every day. - 4/4/2009   6:23:04 AM
    Ooh, I'd love if they also offered hot cereal mixes! - 4/4/2009   3:17:44 AM
  • 61
    You get what you pay for. If you want premium food, then you're going to have to pay a little more. However, I don't think the cereal is all that expensive, considering that I can buy a venti skinny latte for $4 to $5, depending on location.

    The cereal looks great. - 4/3/2009   9:52:45 PM
    That is nothing new for I have done that for years! I like to mix Great Plains cereal and corn flakes or rice chex. You can do your own cereal a lot cheaper! - 4/3/2009   6:32:30 PM
  • SSMITH_29
    Shipping is too costly but I would love to mix and try the cereal. - 4/3/2009   4:20:25 PM
  • 58
    I prefer the idea given of just mixing your own ingredients and dried fruit! Sounds much more cost-effective! - 4/3/2009   3:00:47 PM
  • 57
    Not a big fan of cold cereal although, do eat to benefit from iron once in a while! I enjoy Kashi go lean crunch with added fresh fruits, goji berries and raisins on my own. We always have at hand Post crunch with almonds, DH's favorite for daily week day breakfast. Now that he will retire from tonight, I doubt we will have cold cereals much more......however, it is an interesting way to gift your health conscious friends when we visit them, which we plan on doing. Thank you much for the information! - 4/3/2009   2:54:46 PM
  • 56
    I rarely ever ate breakfast before I joined SP. Now I have a bowl of multi-grain cereal with blueberries every morning. I am noticing the value of a good start to the day. However, when I read the ingredients on what I thought was my healthy start (MutiGrain Cheerios), I found that sugar is listed as the third ingredient. So, I just ordered a custom cereal from this site as a reward to myself. I can't wait to try it! - 4/3/2009   2:00:17 PM
    Hi all!

    I am Carl, one of the co-founders of [me] & goji! I wanted to thank you for the great write-up and the great response so far.

    Regarding the cost of the cereal it is important to note that you are receiving is a premium cereal. Our ingredients come from the top natural food distributors in the country from which we allow you to customize to your liking. Our "Pringles can on steroids" offers 50% more than the average cereal box - a $10 capsule of cereal, means about 67 cents a serving.

    If you still feel you are not getting your money's worth, consider us as a thoughtful gift to a for family or friends. For $20, you can give a unique and thoughtful gift for someone.

    Once again, thanks for the great response. If anyone has questions or suggestions, you can e-mail me directly: carl@meandgoji.com

    sin-cereal-y yours,

    - 4/3/2009   1:37:03 PM
    Now, now, how many of you go to Starbucks and get a speciality drink? Even just a latte? Now you have the opportunity for good, fresh, healthy ingredients suited to your health needs, not just a prepackaged cereal which you hope gives you the vits and mins you are seeking in your daily diet. Be kind to yourself and order quality and not quantity! - 4/3/2009   1:30:48 PM
  • 53
    Great idea, but too expensive. Like the make your own granola bars from last week - would love to do it otherwise! - 4/3/2009   1:00:18 PM
  • 52
    maybe I'll tell my husband it can be one of my bday gifts. (one of them) - 4/3/2009   12:41:09 PM
    As much as I love the idea, it's way too expensive for me. I can do that myself for far less. - 4/3/2009   12:06:27 PM
  • 50
    With 3 kids it would coast me to much.. My 14 year old can eat like 2-3 bowls at a time.. - 4/3/2009   12:05:38 PM
    Won't be trying this. Way too expensive when there are so many less expensive alternatives. I think people would be surprised at how much of the price is because of the sleek packaging! - 4/3/2009   11:08:15 AM
  • 48
    Mix and match foods seem to be the new thing, huh? First the granola bars and now this. I think I would be more likely to try the cereal than the granola bars, but I like the idea of chocolate in my cereal... haha... I'm such a kid at heart! :-) Thanks. - 4/3/2009   10:55:08 AM
    I love cereal but I hardly ever mix it. It's an interesting concept but I think it's too expensive for me to consider... I just bought a huge box of cereal from Costco for $6.50 and it has 2 regular-size cereal bags in it and it's healthy with lots of fiber. I'll stick to that! - 4/3/2009   10:18:01 AM
  • 46
    i will try it - 4/3/2009   10:07:04 AM
  • 45
    I WILL TRY IT , SOUNDS GOOD... - 4/3/2009   9:53:57 AM
    I don't eat cereal, far prefer an omelette! - 4/3/2009   9:51:51 AM
  • 43
    The price is too much--but, I love the idea of mixing my own. I already mix Kashi in with my normal cereal to up the fiber, but, thanks to the idea here, I am going to take some of my toasted almond slivers and the dried fruit that I always have in the pantry, and make my own mix. - 4/3/2009   9:47:06 AM
  • 42
    Since my gastric bypass (November 2007), I'm not much of a cereal eater. My kids do have cereal, but I'm not willing to pay extra for cereal to be shipped to us. I'll stick with the Multi-Grain Cheerios and the Nature's Choice Raisin Bran for the kids for now. - 4/3/2009   9:04:59 AM
    I just took a quick look at the website. They even have gluten-free cereal, which one of my daughters will appreciate. I will most likely order tomorrow! - 4/3/2009   8:35:43 AM
  • 40
    We're not huge cereal eaters - although I'm dying to try Trader Joe's cereal w/ chocolate in it!!! I like to vary the fresh fruit I add by season to TJ's Honey O's: right now we're gorging on Gaviota strawberries.... - 4/3/2009   8:18:25 AM
  • 39
    Sounds very convenient at a price. I mix .5 cup Wheaties and .3 cup Kashi Autumn Wheat with 1 Tb raisins, 2 Tb Flax Seed and .5 Banana when I have dry cereal and that's not a very hard chore for me to do on my own. However, I agree, if you know someones favorite mix of cereals, it would be an innovative gift idea. - 4/3/2009   7:45:01 AM
  • 38
    I eat my own cereal mix every morning, but this is too expensive for an every day habit. But this is a great gift for someone that's hard to shop for. I bought gift certificates to [me] & goji for my dad's and brother's recent birthdays. - 4/3/2009   7:28:50 AM
  • 37
    Meant to mention another idea.

    If you have (or get) a set of stackable lidded containers. Mix your blend in a large bowl and then divide it out into individual servings in the stackable containers. Use containers that are large enough to add milk and fresh fruit directly to the containers. You can then also add the blend as a food group in your nutrition tracker. This way you can have breakfast ready in about 1 minute and add it to your nutrition tracker with one click. - 4/3/2009   7:06:40 AM
  • 36
    Wow Zorbs, I don't pay anywhere near that much for Kashi. It is less than $3 where I live. - 4/3/2009   6:53:40 AM
  • 35
    Cute idea, but as you say, it is so easy to do yourself and much less expensive. So I think the idea may cause potential customers to mix and match their own cereal blends from individually bought ingredients which is good for consumers, not so good for the company. Even as gifts, it is so easy to do packaging them blends in cookie tins or canning jars.

    I generally don't pre-mix and store mine, but I might start doing that just to save space in the panty from all of the different cereal boxes and baggies from the bulk section that I have.

    My go to blend is about 1/4 wheat bran (for the fiber), 1/4 Total whole grain (for the vitimin and mineral fortification) and the rest either Kashi Go Lean or some other ingredient high in protein). I'm not a big fan of dried fruit in cereal so I usually add fresh fruit and soy or almond milk (sometimes chocolate) at serving time.

    I also use cereal ingredients a lot in other things like muffins, pancakes, and in place of croutons on salads, or crushed cereal in place of bread crumbs in stuffings, fillers, and toppings. - 4/3/2009   6:50:27 AM

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