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Raisinets have long been a favorite of movie-goers. Those little chocolate-covered raisins are a good combo of chocolate and fruit. Now the folks at Nestlé have introduced a cranberry variety. They asked us to try them, and we obliged.

What They Say
"A beloved, better-for-you snack for more than 80 years, NESTLÉ RAISINETS chocolate covered raisins have been a sweet treat of choice for consumers on-the-go, at the movies and at home for generations. Today, a second spotlight shines bright with the debut of NEW! NESTLÉ Cranberry RAISINETS. These chocolate covered cranberries are a delicious new addition to NESTLÉ RAISINETS line of 100% chocolate covered whole dried fruit.

Cranberry RAISINETS are tangy, whole, dried cranberries covered with smooth Nestlé Milk Chocolate. … Cranberry RAISINETS have 30% less fat than the leading chocolate brands and provide 1/2 serving of real fruit in every 1/4 cup."

What We Say
"These are just what you'd expect. They're dried cranberries covered in chocolate. I like that they're portion controlled."

"The cranberries are slightly tart and the chocolate is sweet. Good combination."

"I like the cranberry-chocolate combo, but I wish they were dark chocolate instead of milk! Give us some antioxidants (haha)!"

"I had these for an afternoon snack. I liked them. I'd like to see 100-calorie packs at the movie theaters. What a great idea!"

"The company boasts that there is a 1/2 serving of fruit in each 1/4 cup. However, you would have to eat 250 calories' worth of the chocolate cranberries to get a half-serving of fruit. These are definitely a snack food, not a fruit substitute. However, they are a tasty treat that is portion controlled. Let's hope these pop up alongside larger bags of their grape-y brethren at ballparks and theaters!"


5.5oz Stand-up Bag is $3.29
Single serve 100 Calorie Pack $0.89

Have you tried these? Would you?

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  • 174
    Sounds good. Milk Chocolate or Dark? - 12/13/2014   10:04:03 PM
  • 173
    Sounds good to me...I love craisins and with chocolate? YUM!!! Great lunch time snack after my cottage cheese. - 10/31/2010   9:19:07 PM
    TIME4ANEWME47, I wish I were allergic to chocolate! LOL! - 9/14/2010   11:55:05 AM
  • 171
    I'd try them, but considering they are dried fruit and milk chocolate how many are in a 100 calorie serving? - 2/5/2010   11:46:46 PM
  • 170
    sounds good, I would try these - 11/5/2009   12:44:02 AM
  • 169
    I'm sure they are good, but they are still CANDY! - 10/28/2009   12:52:06 PM
  • 168
    I would definitely try those! - 10/23/2009   12:10:35 AM
  • 167
    I will have to try them, checked them out before, but not brave enough to try. Will do so soon. - 10/22/2009   9:45:48 PM
  • 166
    I buy large bags (27 oz) at the discount club we belong to of Dk Chocolate covered cranberries by Brookside. I use it for a small daily "medicinal" snack so the $10.00 bags last me about 2 mos. I have been getting them probably a bit better than 2 years. - 10/19/2009   4:46:46 AM
    They sound good but I am allergic to chocolate so I could not eat them. - 9/13/2009   12:10:45 PM
  • 164
    Sounds delicious! It's not the sort of thing I would take over regular dried fruit (which I love), but it would be a great substitute for a candy bar at the movies, for example. - 9/7/2009   3:44:54 PM
  • 163
    They sound really tasty, but too much sugar. - 9/6/2009   10:25:16 PM
    sounds good but I don't think I will try them. - 9/5/2009   8:08:05 AM
  • 161
    I just tried these today and they are so good! A great portion controlled, sweet treat. Even my 10 yr old like them and he's picky! - 9/5/2009   12:53:39 AM
  • 160
    These sound great, but the fat content! Whoo! I'd be happier mixing craisins with dark chocolate chips, I think. Yum! - 9/4/2009   11:35:07 AM
    It seems too sweet for me. I'd rather mix dried cranberries with almonds or peanuts with a few dark chocolate chips as a snack mix. - 9/3/2009   9:08:21 PM
    I rarely buy Nestle products, so I doubt I would buy them. Also, I prefer dried cherries to dried cranberries. Like serpentine suggested, I would rather mix dried cherries (from my local bulk store) with some good chocolate chips! - 9/3/2009   4:24:09 PM
  • JMB1011
    I have tried them and they re VERY good!! - 9/3/2009   3:12:28 PM
  • 156
    too much sugar in them for me. would not buy them. - 9/3/2009   11:49:40 AM
    that's a lotta sugar! I wouldnt try them but I'm not into packaged food, especially the "100 calorie packs." a good idea is to get a bunch of cranberries in bulk (and you can usually find them unsweetened or fruit-juice-sweetened) and some chocolate chips, dark or milk...measure it out into single servings. but I'm a cheapskate :) - 9/3/2009   11:10:34 AM
    I love cranberries, and chocolate is great as well so how could you go wrong for a tasty little treat. - 9/2/2009   10:07:16 PM
  • 153
    I would like to try these. Like many of you, I would prefer the dark chocolate, but hopefully the milk chocolate is not of the waxy variety. - 9/2/2009   4:20:42 PM
  • 152
    I did try them and they are a great candy-like treat. - 9/2/2009   2:19:42 PM
  • LRICH2009
    I also have not tried them or even seen them here yet? I do like the dried cranberries and put them in my trial mix with unsalted peanuts, raisins, semi-sweet or dark chocolate chips and unsalted roasted sunflower kernels. Yum! - 9/2/2009   12:13:10 PM
  • 150
    Chocolate and cranberries sound good together, but I think I would stay away from these. The milk chocolate coating on Raisinettes always seemed a bit waxy to me. I think I will try rolling my Craisins in my Special dark cocoa or just having a few chocolate chips with them, like trail mix. - 9/2/2009   11:55:14 AM
    I haven't tried them but plan on it. Has anyone tried sunsweets dark chocolate covered plum bits? VERY good and full of antioxidants. For all who don't like the taste of dark chocolate..... splurge and buy some really good dark chocolate. I've had some horrible tasting dark chocolate. Try some Lindt or even Dove. - 9/2/2009   10:41:55 AM
    Sounds like a good combination. I would definately try these - 9/2/2009   10:41:40 AM
  • 147
    I would probably eat them, too. Lately, though, I've been doing the small 100-calorie packs of craisins, along with the cocoa infused 100-calorie packs of almonds. Yummy!! And very filling -- and even somewhat nutritious. - 9/2/2009   9:26:13 AM
    Ya, they look good. But, like everything else on the planet, if I could get my hands on a pound of them... I'd eat every last one. A single bag with no access to more is all I'd trust myself with. - 9/2/2009   9:19:52 AM
  • 145
    Yes, I also would like to see them in dark chocolate . . . - 9/2/2009   9:19:50 AM
  • 144
    I would try them, love dried cranberries! I'm surprised no one had thought of this sooner!! - 9/2/2009   7:23:18 AM
  • 143
    Oooh, I can't wait to see them in-store! I'd love to try them. - 9/2/2009   7:20:45 AM
  • 142
    Sounds like a good combination. I haven't seen them yet, however, I will be on the lookout for them. - 9/1/2009   10:15:25 PM
  • 141
    How have I not haven't noticed these in the store? Well, I'm interested and will be on the lookout. It's encouraging to read that many here who have tried them like them a lot. Another positive for me is the milk chocolate, which I vastly prefer over dark. - 9/1/2009   10:07:19 PM
  • 140
    This sounds delicious; I've been staying away from my food triggers, but sometime in the future I won't mind trying these. I would much prefer if they made them with dark chocolate....mmmmm - 9/1/2009   9:15:28 PM
    My grocery store used to sell chocolate covered cranberries in the "trail mix" aisle. They were delish, so I will definitely give these a try. They may be a portion controlled solution to curb my sweet tooth mid afternoon. - 9/1/2009   7:44:39 PM
  • 138
    I've had them - Amazing! I love craisins and these are such a treat. Now, if they decide to make them in dark chocolate, well that would be heavenly!! - 9/1/2009   6:13:07 PM
  • 137
    Haven't tried them yet, but will be looking for them on my next trip to the store! sounds great! Would like to see a dark chocolate variety too. Really wish they would offer 100 calorie packs of stuff at the movie theater! - 9/1/2009   5:17:00 PM
  • 136
    Tried them...love them! Hoping they do come in a dark chocolate variety soon! - 9/1/2009   5:13:53 PM
  • 135
    I'll definitely give these a try. I've always enjoyed Raisinets, but with the tartness of cranberries, I'm thinking I'll like that even more! - 9/1/2009   4:48:48 PM
  • 134
    That sounds fantastic. I will look for them next time I'm in the candy section in the grocery store or at the movies. - 9/1/2009   4:48:19 PM
  • 133
    sound good. - 9/1/2009   4:21:52 PM
  • 132
    I love dried cranberries - I can't wait to try these! - 9/1/2009   3:58:14 PM
  • 131
    I had a coupon for them so I tried them. Yumm-o! I like them better then the original. The tart cranberry is a perfect mate to the smooth milk chocolate. - 9/1/2009   3:55:07 PM
  • 130
    I think I will pass on the Chocolate Craisins. Would rather prefer the plain craisins. - 9/1/2009   3:48:09 PM
    I haven't seen them in the store. I might try them if I had a coupon. like cranberries and really like chocolate. - 9/1/2009   2:29:53 PM
  • 128
    I used to prefer milk choc., but my taste has changed. I do prefer dark choc. now but I would probably try them if my children brought some home. Don't think I would purchase. - 9/1/2009   2:13:55 PM
    I bought a bag today while I was on a long walk. They tasted good. I think they would taste even better with dark chocolate. But, I like the fact they come in a single serving, 100 cal package. I will definitely buy more. - 9/1/2009   1:51:09 PM
    If they were in dark chocolate and in a portion that would equal a serving of fruit then definately maybe.

    - 9/1/2009   1:36:59 PM
  • 125
    I would try them! I would definitely prefer the dark chocolate however... - 9/1/2009   1:24:37 PM

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