We Ate It: Chobani Greek Yogurt

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Frozen, fruity or fat-free, yogurt is a tasty and popular snack. Full of calcium and often low in calories and fat, it's no wonder yogurt comes in almost every flavor imaginable. It's good stuff!

A stroll down the yogurt aisle in any grocery store yields a multitude of choices. There's fruit on the bottom, custard style, Swiss style, European style and Greek style, among other types of yogurt. (For more info on what to look for in a yogurt, read this story by Dietitian Becky.)

Recently, we decided to sample a Greek style yogurt that we've read about on other food blogs: Chobani Greek yogurt.

Greek yogurt is typically thicker and creamier than other yogurts. Our friend Shauna Reid, aka Dietgirl, is a huge fan of the stuff. "Go Greek," she told us. "If you’re a cream or sour cream fiend, 0% or 2% Greek yogurt is an excellent substitute. It's low in fat, protein-rich and incredibly creamy. Dollop into meringue nests and top with fresh fruit. Splodge onto a bowl of chilli. Swirl into butternut squash soup.”

In addition to being tasty and creamy--even when fat-free--Greek yogurt is higher in protein than regular yogurt. Here's why:

According to the folks at Chobani Greek yogurt, it's because of the straining process.

"We are taking the water and the whey out of the milk when we process it, making Chobani more concentrated than a traditional yogurt. If you think about our product compared to any other brand, we are using about three times more milk to get the same 6oz container that (other) yogurt would use (a ratio of about 3lbs of milk gets turned into 1lb of yogurt). Since we use more milk, we are now getting more protein."

However, because the whey is drained off, there is slightly less calcium in Greek yogurt.
Comparison of standard 6-ounce servings:
Standard yogurt (plain, fat-free)
80 calories
0 g fat
9 g protein
30% Daily Value calcium

Chobani Greek yogurt (plain, fat-free)
100 calories
0 g fat
18 g protein
20% Daily Value calcium

OK, enough talk. Let's eat some yogurt!

What they say:
  • All Natural
  • Live & Active Cultures
  • Great source of protein
  • Perfect way to increase energy
  • Rich smooth creamy texture
  • A great mid day snack
  • Helps prevent the risk of Osteoporosis
  • Includes 3 active probiotics
  • Gluten free

    What we say:
  • I liked Chobani yogurt. I tried the plain and the peach varieties. I usually eat plain yogurt and add my own fruit, so the peach seemed really sweet to me. It seemed more like dessert to me, but people who like sweet yogurt will like this.

    There were real pieces of fruit in the yogurt and no artificial sweeteners or corn syrup, unlike most supermarket yogurts. I don't like corn syrup or artificial sweeteners, so I am happy to find products that are sweetened with sugar. The fruit tasted fresh and delicious!

    The plain yogurt was everything I want in a yogurt: tangy, creamy and rich. The nonfat variety didn't have that weird chalky taste that many nonfat yogurts have. In fact, I couldn't tell it was nonfat!
  • This was my first time every trying Greek yogurt (I had the nonfat strawberry), so I wasn't sure what to expect or how it'd be different. I did not like this yogurt. While I appreciate that it has 14 grams of protein and it has a surprisingly thick texture for something that's fat-free, I did not enjoy the taste or the strange aftertaste I experienced after each bite. If you like Greek yogurt, maybe you'll like this, but if you're used to regular yogurt, it might take some getting used to. I think I'd like it better with added dried or fresh fruit and/or granola.
  • I tried the blueberry nonfat yogurt. Creamy and rich, I didn't even know it was nonfat. It was thick, and the blueberries tasted like real blueberries! (And for good reason--the yogurt contains real fruit and real sugar.)

    Chobani is available in three sizes; 6 oz., 16 oz., and 32 oz., with suggested retail prices of $1.59, $3.99, and $6.59.
    Find out where to buy Chobani, and get coupons for your next purchase.

    What kind of yogurt do you typically buy? Do you like Greek yogurt? Have you tried Chobani?

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TRI2_BFIT 6/20/2017
This is one of my favorite yogurt brands. My preference are the fruit flavors. I usually purchase the 0% fat free. It's very, very good! Report
4LMHJCR 6/13/2017
just saw the date on this article - that explains why the link for coupons for Chobani doesn't work. I do prefer plain yogurt and I have tried plain greek yogurt. Will give Chobani a try next. Report
FISHGUT3 5/12/2017
thanks Report
SDANLSON 3/27/2017
One thing you can do with plain Greek yogurt is open the package a bit before and put a little frozen berries on top. I just put it back in the refrigerator while the berries thaw. If you are in a hurry you can microwave a couple of Tbs for a couple of sec and pour them on top. No added sugar that way and if you keep some frozen berries around anyway, it's another way to use them. Report
YMWONG22 3/26/2017
Love yogurt. I have it with cereal and milk. Report
Sugars 19g? More than half an ounce? That's crazy! Report
Me and my 20 month old daughter love the Chobani Flips. They are super good, though they don't have a wide variety of flavors in it at any of my local stores. Boo! Overall Chobani is a good, high protein snack. I wish they carried Strawberry Banana fruit on the bottom Chobani Report
I ate a lot of Chobani when it came out. It seems to be one of the few yogurts that has banana as a flavor, but it is still infrequent at the market. I liked it a lot. I am beginning to find it too sweet as well. Now it's too expensive for me to buy little varied containers for a week of lunches, even at Walmart. I generally buy a large container of plain or vanilla yogurt or only 2-3 small ones per week, and I prefer the large container Karoun honey yogurt which is only at Food Maxx. I will buy the little yogurts at Trader Joe's if I am in there buying a premade salad. Report
I like the Chobani yogurt for an afternoon snack, it's great for tossing one in my lunch bag and satisfies my sweet tooth. I usually get it at Sam's Club ($9 something for a 12-pk) or wait until Kroger has it 10/$10, otherwise it's kinda pricey. I also buy the plain in the big size in place of sour cream or whatever when I'm at home. At first it seemed too tart but I guess I got used to it and now I can't eat the regular. Report
Way too sweet for my tastes. Do not appreciate the added sugar. Report
I am Greek, and this tastes nothing like greek yogurt. Try the Fage brand, WAY better! Report
I am a Huge Lover of CHOBANI Yogurt. The all natural ingredients was the reason I first tried it, though I was immediately hooked. I buy the 32oz. & depending upon what I have a taste for is what fresh fruit I add. The consumer loyality program Chobani offers is just one of their many perks.
Love the stuff! Lemon, coconut, raspberry...yum! The company itself did a GREAT job responding to an issue they had a few months ago, making me a loyal customer. Go Chobani! Report
I like the Chobani bites that come in a 4-pack at the store. I get the coffee and dark chocolate.With a little granola, it is a perfect thing to eat when I first get up in the morning at about 3 or 4. then I have a more substantial meal later in the morning Report
The very best Greek yogurt, especially if you like it in place of dessert, or just need something a little sweet, is ZOI. It can't be found in very many places so I always stock up when I go to WinCo. Every one I make try it ends up hooked on it just like I am. So good.
First time I tried Greek yogurt I felt like I was eating cream cheese, it was so much thicker. But now that I'm used to it I don't like the "regular" stuff anymore - too watery. Chobani was the first I tried, and I've tried other types of Greek yogurt but keep coming back to Chobani. I like the Strawberry, strawberry-banana, black cherry and mango flavors - not opposed to the blueberry either! Report
I love Chobani pineapple the best. But they are all great. Report
Chobani and Fage are my favorite Greek yogurt. To me both are like a dessert. Perfect treat in the afternoon. Report
I eat a lot of Greek yogurt. Mostly my brands are Fage and Chobani. Both have some really good flavors, and I like plain too. Report
I eat a lot of Greek yogurt. Mostly my brands are Fage and Chobani. Both have some really good flavors, and I like plain too. Report
I love this yogurt. Pomegranate is my favorite. I love that it has pomegranate seeds. I also add flaxseed. Have tried and love all the flavors. Great as a snack. Report
I especially like Chobani Pinapple yogurt. And, yes, it is like having desert. For plain Greek yogurt I prefer Fage. While the thick richness of Greek style yogurt is great, I also still enjoy Mountain High Plain Low Fat for everyday use. I sometimes strain it myself to thicken it up when making raita or other dips. Report
I have never discerned any bad aftertaste with Chobani! I think that I've tried all their flavors and, while I do have favorites, I have never been disappointed. I admit that I tend to buy the yogurt when it is on sale .. and then I buy a bunch. Report
I find Greek yogurt bitter. I can see how cooking with it would be beneficial. Report
My favorite! Report
I tried plain and vanilla. I didn't like either of them very much as is. I made smoothies with them. I might try another flavor. Or another brand. Report
i dont usually like to eat yogurt and i tried a key lime flavor greek yogurt once and it was good but it had a powder texture to it that didnt work for me. i also dont like fruit on the bottom yogurt so that limits what i will actually eat. yogurt should not have chunks. so i get all the different flavors and put them in my fruit smoothies. i put protein powder in my smoothies too so mixed with the greek yogurt i get my daily allotment of protein in one meal. and since i drink it in the morning it works better and i feel full for hours after. i drink a smoothie around 9 and im not hungry again til almost 4. by then i just eat a small snack because dinners at 6. i love greek yogurt in my smoothies. Report
I strain my regular yogurt and use the whey. I find the Greek to be too expensive. I bake with Dannon Natural have done for a ,long time and my baking works great with it Pat in Maine. . Report
I love Chobani. My favorite flavors are the Apple Cinnamon and Blood Orange. Since it does have a lot of sugar, I eat 1/2 for breakfast with blueberries and flaxseed mixed in, and the other 1/2 for a mid-morning snack. I also like the Oikos Key Lime Greek yogurt. It's definitely like eating a dessert. I would like to try the plain Greek yogurt, but I'm so used to the sweetness of the fruit yogurts I'm not sure I will like it. I'll try some of the suggestions listed below. Thanks! Report
I like thick textured things like yogurt, sour cream, and cream cheese, but greek yogurt has this weird, chalky feel to it. I tried 2 different chobani flavors and was not satisfied. I did try Liberte greek yogurt, of the lemon variety. That was better, but I have a feeling it was because the lemon pulp distracted my tongue from the yogurt's chalky consistency. Report
LOVE LOVE LOVE Chobani!!!! My favorite flavors are the 2% mango, 2% pineapple, 0% lemon, & 0% blueberry.

I agree that the fruit on the bottom varieties are on the sweet side, but the plain is excellent as well. I use it as a mayo substitute in my chicken salad. The chobani website also has a recipes section with smoothies, muffins, anything you can think of using chobani.

Recently, I tried their new "flips" product (Key Lime Crumble). It is key lime flavored chobani with a section of graham cracker bits and white chocolate chips. It was absolutely delicious! I had eaten most of the yogurt before I realized that I never mixed in my "crumble"; it was great either way! A dessert with only 170 cal & 3g of fat (25g carbs, 11g protein)? I am SOLD! Report
I really like the plain chobani, I have it in my smoothies each day. Also Oikos is really good too, never been a fan of yogurt but when I tried the greek yogurt I was hooked! If its too bland then add whatever your favorite fruit is. I try to keep it as simple as possible, blueberries, raspberries etc. I never add any type of sugar, regular or splenda or stevia. I find the berries have enough sweetness themselves. Report
I had never liked yogurt until I had Oikos Key Lime Greek Yogurt. It is creamy and smooth, tangy and sweet, and I'd eat it over icecream any day! Every person I have shared it with loves it as well. :) Report
I enjoy this yogurt - esp strawberry, but like the idea of controlling the amount of sugar in it. I'm going to try other commentators suggestion to buy the plain version and add my own extras - thanks fellow sparkers! Report
Yeahhhhh! My very favorite!!! Report
I prefer Oikos fat free plain then I add a little honey and bare naked granola. The flavored yogurt have too much sugar for me. Report
I buy unflavored Greek yoghurt and add my own fruit and a splash of vanilla or almond extract. My favorite brands, in order, are Trader Joe's, Fage, then Chobani. The one I won't buy again is Greek Gods! Report
I have never really liked yogurt very much, would buy it and leave it in my fridge until it expired. However, I LOVE greek yogurt and am a fan of Chobani--love the mango, pomegranite and black cherry flavors particularly. Report
I've eaten Chobani and it was really good. Then I found Taste Inspirations (Food Lion chain brand) Greek yogurt. It's under a dollar and I like it better than Chobani. I eat the vanilla kind with a tablespoon of flaxseed mixed in. Love it! Report
I do love this yogurt but not the price. Report
I love this yogurt. I enjoy it as a late morning snack. It keeps me from overeating at lunch. Report
Chobani are my favorite, I only buy this brand. I love them all. Report
I recently found out about this product and while some flavors do not have the awesome-ness as other flavors (calling Honey out here)... I will never go back to "normal yogurt" again. I have a great sweet tooth that normally dictates what sugar I put into my mouth, but I am able to tame that beast with this delicious treat, that at times even seems like a facny dessert. Report
I prefer Chobani to regular low-fat yogurt - like the thickness of it, and especially that it's natural. I like the fruit on the bottom, but think I'll try the plain and put my own fresh fruit on it. Report
Greek yogurt is very expensive to eat every day. I have found that making my own is the ticket. I have tried several brands including Yoplait regular and lite vanilla, walmart store brand vanilla, and Mountain High Lowfat Vanilla and the Mountain High works the best. There are so many additives in the other brands, you just can't strain them out! Mountain High lowfat plain and vanilla strained through a coffee filter overnight makes the BEST yogurt in the morning. I add in a small sliced banana and a sprinkle of grape-nuts cereal and its a perfect healthy breakfast or snack and a low cost. Report
I've tried several of the greek-style yogurts and Chobani is by far my least favorite. The plain and vanilla varieties were really bland and barely palatable. No wonder most of the commenters like one of the fruit varieties of Chobani.
I would recommend people try some of the other brands, like Greek Gods and Fage. I would even take the Trader Joes non-fat plain greek-style yogurt over the Chobani, even though it is bland as well. Report
While watching Biggest Loser one night, Bob was telling one of the contestants that non-gat Greek Yogurt was a good snack especially due to the higher protein. I showed it to my daughter and the next thing I know she brought one to me. It was the vanilla and while it was good, seemed bland. I now buy the 12 pack box at Costco and love the blueberry and peach. Not fond of the strawberry as the strawberrys seem "old" and I'm not particularly fond of strawberries in the first place. I would love to try some other flavors but the stores in my area seem to have only blueberry, peach, strawberry and vanilla. Hoping to find a pomegrant one.

After eating the Chobani, tried a Yoplait and could hardly eat it. Will have to see if I can find Yoplait Greek. Report
I recently tried the strawberry banana one. yum. I usually eat soy yogurt because I prefer to be vegan, but I had to see what all the hype was about with Greek yogurt.pretty good, really! I loved how thick it was but low fat unlike those custard style Yoplaits. Still, the chobani yogurts may just a once in a while thing though . . Report
I have a question - I have been using Voskos Greek Yogurt, which has 9 grams carb and 23 grams protein. Regular plain yogurt has 17 grams of carb and 12 grams of protein. So how come straining doubles the protein and halves the carb? Is there sugar leaving with the whey?

Thanks for answering this. It has been preplexing me!
My wife and I love Siggis yogurt and it is easy to make: http://www.recipezaar.com/recipe/ma

On a 6 oz cup basis, a quart would cost up to $16 retail but I make it for $1 including extra dry milk in only 3 hours.

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