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When I was a kid, my mom cooked hot cereal most winter mornings--the good kind, not the flavored stuff that came in packets. Rich, warm and filling, the cream of wheat, oatmeal and other "healthy" cereals tided me over until lunchtime.

These days, who has time to cook whole-grain cereal in the morning? Sometimes I soak barley overnight and eat it with yogurt and berries, but that's about as much effort as I can expend during the week.

Amy's makes it easy to get a filling, high-fiber breakfast.

The multi-grain cereal ($2.29 - $2.49) contains plenty of organic whole grains and seeds: cracked wheat, barley, corn, millet, steel-cut oats, rye, brown rice and flax seeds. There's even a grain that's new to me: triticale, which I've recently discovered is a rye-wheat hybrid that has less gluten and more protein than traditional wheat. (I've been eating quinoa and amaranth since before they were hip and trendy. I LOVE grains, so to find one I've never tried is exciting!) It's lightly sweetened with agave nectar and has the texture of Cream of Wheat.

When I shot a photo of the cereal, I was surprised that the variety of grains and seeds were still visible. Those brown flecks are flax seeds!

The cereal is creamy and smooth, but the grains still have a bit of a bite. It's sweet but not overwhelmingly so. The cereal was warm, filling and delicious. I ate this with a handful of blueberries (I added those after I took the photo), and I was full until lunch.

I'm forever nagging my boyfriend to eat breakfast. (Coffee, I tell him, doesn't count.) I think that a bowl like this, which he could microwave and eat at his desk, would appeal to him. I'll definitely pick up one of these again.

Nutrition info:
190 calories
1.5 g fat
300 mg sodium
40 g carbs
5 g fiber
12 g sugars
4 g protein

You'll like this cereal so much, I promise you'll swear off those packets of flavored oatmeal. Find a store that carries it, along with Steel Cut Oats, Oatmeal and Cream of Rice hot cereals!

In the mean time, Amy's has inspired me to hunt down triticale in the bulk bins section and experiment with it. Anyone ever try it? What do you do with it?

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  • 17
    Another good breakfast is Scottish oats. It's like steel cut oats, but a finer cut so it cooks faster. Throw in some flax seed and fruit, and it's a great warm breakfast.

    I'd like to suggest a product to review -- PB2. It's a powdered peanut butter. It says the fat has been pressed out of the nuts. You add water. I have been adding it to smoothies. It's 50 calories for 2 Tbsp. instead of 180. - 11/13/2008   9:48:14 AM
  • 16
    It's a little pricey, but I would have loved to have one handy today - I was running late for work so I grabbed a Fiber One Bar to eat on the way. Having this on hand at work would have been a godsend. I may pick up a few to have handy on these sleepy mornings. - 11/13/2008   9:28:39 AM
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    I eat Hogdson Mill's hot cereal (with flax), every morning for breakfast. It is delicious. It is really quick to make; only takes 2 minutes to cook, has great fiber, and is not too expensive!
    Try it!!! - 11/13/2008   9:04:56 AM
    I was really interested in this topic as I also need to eat good grains in the morning and wish you would blog on your recipe for barley for breakfast as I am lame at knowing what to do with barley.

    Anyhow, this would be too pricey for me when I could buy the ingredients in bulk and cook ahead, but it's a good effort by Amy's.

    I second what someone said about the manufacturer should know better than to put whole flaxseeds in. They need to be ground to digest and it's fooling the public to stick whole flaxseeds in something and make people think they are getting the benefit of them. :)

    - 11/13/2008   9:03:22 AM
    i wonder how i can make this myself and freeze it???
    I have cream of wheat, flax and oats at home? - 11/13/2008   8:42:21 AM
  • 12
    For some reason, hot cereal/grains in the morning (even brown rice) makes me physically queasy. It kills me - I love it, but I just feel awful and sick after eating it!!

    I should try something different I think - oatmeal, rice, and even multi-grain hot cereal have not worked for me! - 11/13/2008   8:40:57 AM
  • 11
    Looks good but too pricey for me!!! Kashi has a few varieties of hot cereal that are really yummy and a lot cheaper!!! - 11/13/2008   8:37:03 AM
  • 10
    This looks great, but the cost would stop me from buying it when I can get a large container of oatmeal or bag of steal cut oats, etc. for about the same price as one of these bowls. - 11/13/2008   8:23:22 AM
  • 9
    LOVE having my oatmeal/flaxseed-apple,mixed breakfast!! YES does keep me full till lunch...Everyone should start there day out with a high fiber breakfast.. - 11/13/2008   8:18:38 AM
  • 8
    Looks Yummy and fillingt. Its cost is to high for me. - 11/13/2008   8:13:53 AM
  • 7
    I am not much of a hot ceal person, but I might give it a try to keep me full till lunch. - 11/13/2008   8:02:15 AM
  • 6
    This one's a passer for me b/c of the wheat, but I just wanted to mention that almost ALL of Amy's products (salsas, soups, chili's, and a few frozen dinners) are awesome. Another "gee whiz," on the cereal above: it always irritates me when companies (especially cool ones in the know) add WHOLE flax seeds to their products. What a waste of time. They need to be (freshly) ground to deliver a nutritional punch. Whole seeds pass through your system mostly undigested. I think companies do this b/c flax is back in vogue, and the unground seeds are cheap fillers. - 11/13/2008   7:55:17 AM
    Although the Amy's product looks like something I would really enjoy that price will keep me away. As for triticale, I have heard of it but never used it. Sounds interesting. I would be interested in some recipies. - 11/13/2008   7:43:18 AM
    May possibly be too grainy but I would definately try it. - 11/13/2008   7:40:19 AM
  • 3
    I'm also going to hunt this down. The "low sugar/low fat" oatmeal packets are just too sweet for me. - 11/13/2008   6:59:00 AM
    Jimini - I use Triticale in most of the bread I make. I have been using it since 1975, when I first joined a food co-op in Vermont. It boosts the protein, and I really like the taste. The first time you use it - substitute 1C for 1C whole wheat pastry flour -or whatever you use for your primary flour. I also was a member of a co-op when I was a student in Berkeley, CA (1966-11968). If you have never shopped at such a store please try it at least once - it will be an experience that educates you, delights your senses and, provides healthy, quality, foods at a moderate price. - 11/13/2008   6:39:33 AM
  • 1
    i'll definately try these, as i'm always looking for something to keep me full longer. tx - 11/13/2008   6:27:04 AM

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