We Ate It: Amy's Multi-Grain Hot Cereal Bowl


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When I was a kid, my mom cooked hot cereal most winter mornings--the good kind, not the flavored stuff that came in packets. Rich, warm and filling, the cream of wheat, oatmeal and other "healthy" cereals tided me over until lunchtime.

These days, who has time to cook whole-grain cereal in the morning? Sometimes I soak barley overnight and eat it with yogurt and berries, but that's about as much effort as I can expend during the week.

Amy's makes it easy to get a filling, high-fiber breakfast.

The multi-grain cereal ($2.29 - $2.49) contains plenty of organic whole grains and seeds: cracked wheat, barley, corn, millet, steel-cut oats, rye, brown rice and flax seeds. There's even a grain that's new to me: triticale, which I've recently discovered is a rye-wheat hybrid that has less gluten and more protein than traditional wheat. (I've been eating quinoa and amaranth since before they were hip and trendy. I LOVE grains, so to find one I've never tried is exciting!) It's lightly sweetened with agave nectar and has the texture of Cream of Wheat.

When I shot a photo of the cereal, I was surprised that the variety of grains and seeds were still visible. Those brown flecks are flax seeds!

The cereal is creamy and smooth, but the grains still have a bit of a bite. It's sweet but not overwhelmingly so. The cereal was warm, filling and delicious. I ate this with a handful of blueberries (I added those after I took the photo), and I was full until lunch.

I'm forever nagging my boyfriend to eat breakfast. (Coffee, I tell him, doesn't count.) I think that a bowl like this, which he could microwave and eat at his desk, would appeal to him. I'll definitely pick up one of these again.

Nutrition info:
190 calories
1.5 g fat
300 mg sodium
40 g carbs
5 g fiber
12 g sugars
4 g protein

You'll like this cereal so much, I promise you'll swear off those packets of flavored oatmeal. Find a store that carries it, along with Steel Cut Oats, Oatmeal and Cream of Rice hot cereals!

In the mean time, Amy's has inspired me to hunt down triticale in the bulk bins section and experiment with it. Anyone ever try it? What do you do with it?

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  • 67
    It sounds good and not that outrageously priced, but I agree, that's more sodium than I want to swallow for a single serving of cereal. - 5/29/2010   11:17:51 AM
  • 66
    I love Oatmeal and Cream of Wheat, especially when the weather turns cold. Sometimes, I'll eat it for breakfast AND lunch on weekends! I do admit that I don't make my own by buy the "flavored" packet ones of which you spoke. I do try to buy the organic versions. I also like plain, and add some fruit or a little honey.
    I LOVE Amy's other products. Her pizza pockets, pizzas, dinner bowls are all delicious. I am NOT surprised this is as well. I will have to pick some up next time I am at the super market!!! My son loves his oatmeal now as well!!! - 12/8/2009   11:55:28 AM
  • 65
    I prefer making my own in the morning - I've most recently been eating Mother's Oatmeal - It takes 3 minutes in the microwave and instead of opening a packet - I measure 1/3 cup and add water - pretty simple! I've found by eating an oatmeal/grain cereal in the morning - I'm not hungry and I don't crave carbs! I add no salt - but do add berries, flax seeds and/or a teaspoon of sugar free jam. Yummy! - 5/29/2009   8:40:15 AM
  • 64
    I use Arrowhead Mills Organic Steel Cut Oats hot cereal. I soak it in water for 20 minutes - and then cook it. A whopping 8 grams of fiber in only 1/4 cup and trust me 1/4 cup is enough. - 2/5/2009   3:25:58 PM
  • 63
    I'll try it. currently I have Quaker Wgt Mgmt Oatmeal and add flax and blueberries to it for about the same cal's. - 2/4/2009   4:29:07 PM
    GaiaGirl- hair of any kind is no fun in food- how could you distinguish it was pubic hair? - 1/25/2009   5:02:38 PM
    I have not been able to bring myself to eat any Amy's brand food since finding a pubic hair in an Amy's frozen/reheated burrito - after biting into it! - 1/19/2009   9:39:13 AM
  • 60
    I am going to try this. I checked and there is a store near my home. I eat Quaker weight control oatmeal many mornings at work. I am up at 4:45 and @ work by 6:00 am. This sounds like a good fit for me. Oatmeal fills me up and I feel like it revs up my engine - so to speak. - 1/17/2009   3:34:20 PM
    I'm a cheapskate when if comes to frozen instant meals. Honestly, boxes of mixed rolled grain are much cheaper (think 30 a serving) and cooked in a reusable bowl in the microwave in about 3 minutes. Add milk, berries, cinnamon or whatever you like.

    Looks tasty but cheap is best! - 1/12/2009   6:33:46 PM
  • 58
    I can't! I jst can't eat the cooked oatmeal! A nice bowl of granola has all the same things as far as I'm concerned and it's nice and crunchy! - 11/21/2008   3:25:03 AM
  • 57
    Hmm. You must not have grown up with Star Trek. In the calssic "The Trouble with Tribbles" episode, the grain the tribbles gorge on is "quadrotriticale." The writer of the episode liked the word "triticale" but felt it would have been improved on in the future so he added the "quadro." Anyway--that's why triticale is a familiar grain to many, many people who don't necessarily eat healthily. - 11/20/2008   10:28:19 AM
  • 56
    Loving the Amy products - 11/17/2008   2:24:12 PM
  • 55
    sounds good, but pretty expensive for a bowl of cereal. For that price and the sodium count, why not cook your own? I am in love with steel cut oats and the texture is probably better than Amy's! - 11/17/2008   1:14:25 PM
  • 54
    LOOKS AND SOUNDS WONDERFUL!!!!!! - 11/16/2008   9:38:08 PM
  • 53
    What the heck! I'll try it! - 11/15/2008   10:40:14 PM
    I don't care for prepacked hot cereals as they taste awful to me. I cook my usual old fashioned oatmeal and add cinnamon, ground flax and dried, fresh or frozen fruit. Amy's is expensive but being that I've got a $10 certif to my favorite vegetarian store, I'm going to give it a try. - 11/15/2008   4:01:35 PM
  • 51
    this isn't something i would normally eat but when I am traveling it would be wonderful.. I really detest those little instant oatmeal packets and thats what I take on the road with me.. these bowls would be a great alternative.. they would be good when the electricity is out too.. we use the generator to run the microwave for quick stuff.. - 11/15/2008   1:22:07 PM
  • 50
    This looks yummy! I love your review. I am just wondering how long it takes to prepare? i think I will try to find this in the store and try it myself. - 11/15/2008   12:01:53 PM
    Cook your Oatmeal or Cream of Wheat on Sundays while you are cooking other foods and put it in the Fridge. It will last all week. If you put it in containers in individual portions you can even grab one to take to the office if you are running late. Much less waste. Much more flavor. - 11/15/2008   11:18:55 AM
  • 48
    This looks good; I'll have to try it out. Thank you.
    I usually just make old-fashioned oatmeal with vanilla-flavored soymilk or almond milk. Sometimes I add PB and/or raisins or dried cranberries. Oatmeal really doesn't take that long to make. - 11/15/2008   10:54:45 AM
    I use Quaker Mulit-Grain hot cereal which is the same as their old fashioned oatmeal but has other grains in it. I make it with soy milk and it takes about 7 minutes on the stove. It has zero grams of sodium. I hesitate to buy pre-packaged oatmeal because of the amount of sodium in it. - 11/15/2008   9:21:10 AM
  • 46
    I make my own with Old Wessex brand oatmeal. They also have Scottish oats, and multi grain varieties. Priced under $3 you can make 13 servings. I often add my own flax seeds, unsweetened dried coconut or cranberries. - 11/15/2008   9:02:02 AM
  • 45
    "These days, who has time to cook whole-grain cereal in the morning?" Well, just about anyone who can boil water and get up 5 (for oatmeal) to 30 minutes (for steel cut oats) earlier than usual. Amy's sounds good, but I would not buy it simply for the reason that it comes in individual packets (too much waste) and is microwaved.... I can get my own grains and create the same product without the added ingredients (like sodium) and without the excess waste. - 11/15/2008   9:01:37 AM
  • 44
    I would try tjis. like you i hate the small packets of microwavable hot cereals. they taste like slim. I love oatmeal , it keeps me full til lunch. - 11/15/2008   8:38:31 AM
  • 43
    I have enjoyed Amy's foods in the past, but doubt I'll buy ready-made cereal. Also, it has 300mg of sodium--if I were to make my own at home it would have significantly less. - 11/15/2008   8:14:02 AM
  • 42
    I love Amy's products. This cereal looks good but one one thing the flax seeds are whole. So needless to say we are not getting any benefit from them. I will stick to my Old Fashioned Oats and Oat Bran which are both good and less calories. I add my own flax seeds which are ground to get the full benefit of eating flax. - 11/15/2008   7:35:17 AM
    Amy's products are great! - 11/15/2008   7:05:41 AM
  • 40
    Red River Cereal is a nice healthy helping of grains too. I add brown sugar to sweeten it, and a serving of dried fruit, like raisins or crasins. It takes a couple of minutes to cook, I make it on weekends when I am not so rushed. - 11/15/2008   7:04:15 AM
  • 39
    Simple is the best. I'll stay with Quaker Oats. - 11/15/2008   3:26:07 AM
  • 38
    Sounds and looks great! I can't wait to try it. Lately I've really been trying to eat foods with lots of fiber, cause most people don't get enough, and it's a fabulous/healthy way to lose and/or maintain a healthy weight. I am going to look for it next time I run to the store! :D - 11/15/2008   12:31:07 AM
  • 37
    My husband and I are really into the Steel Cut Oats cooked in the crockpot overnight. So nice to get up in the morning and breakfast is ready! Add some pecans, almonds, or walnuts and it's ready to go. Chill the balance and breakfast is ready for other mornings. Just reheat. (SP recipe)
    And so much cheaper than Amy's. I found good prices on Steel Cut Oats produced by Bob's Red Mill or in bulk food stores. - 11/14/2008   8:20:38 PM
  • 36
    I'm a Quaker Oats gal - I throw in a handfull of berries and/or nuts and call it good. - 11/14/2008   7:16:31 PM
  • 35
    I also use plain Quaker Oatmeal. I prefer the kind that takes a few minutes to cook because of the consistency. I add brown sugar to sweeten. This is cheap, does not take that long to cook and is filling. The fiber content is great too.

    On Saturday I make up a big pot of it and have it for breakfast then, I refrigerate the left overs. During the week, I just scoop out a serving, splash in some milk and microwave until warm. It has a lot less sugar then the pre-packaged junk has and IMO it tastes much better. The texture is not effected by being refrigerated and then rewarmed. (Although quick cooking oatmeal probably couldn't handle that.) - 11/14/2008   11:02:00 AM
  • 34
    Good old Quaker Oats works just fine for me. It is also not too pricey and I like it. - 11/14/2008   1:49:20 AM
  • 33
    I love ALL things Amy's. I have not seen this in the stores here, but I will look. - 11/13/2008   9:20:02 PM
  • 32
    That is a pretty hefty amount of sodium. - 11/13/2008   7:43:41 PM
    I love the Amy's products!!! I will definitely have to keep my eyes peeled for this! Looks really yummy!!!
    - 11/13/2008   4:58:46 PM
  • 30
    Thanks for the blog on this. I am going to go look for it..I LOVE hot grain cereal in the morning - 11/13/2008   4:45:09 PM
  • 29
    As momoko has said, I always grind my flax seeds.
    I do the steel cut oats the night before, in my microwave and while I am doing other things it cooks for 15 min on medioum power in a large glass measuring bowl. Before I go to bed I stick it in the fridge.
    - 11/13/2008   3:10:50 PM
  • 28
    I'm always looking for healthy, new breakfast ideas. This one is great because it's perfect during the cold winter months! Thanks for sharing. - 11/13/2008   1:50:02 PM
  • 27
    I keep an inexpensive coffee grinder on the counter to grind my flax seeds as I need them. That way I can be sure they are used by my body and don't just travel out the other end undigested. - 11/13/2008   1:46:59 PM
  • 26
    Thank you for the pointers. I might even try this one. Is this the same Amy's that makes to organic canned soups???? - 11/13/2008   12:44:18 PM
    I have not try this one yet but Amy's products are pretty good but also expensive. I decorate my oatmeal by adding maple syrup, flax seeds, puree pumpkin, walnuts and wheat germ to mine. - 11/13/2008   12:25:50 PM
  • 24
    Do like old fashioned oatmeal along with cream of wheat and cream of rice in the winter months. I jazz um up with frozen berries, every now and then 1/4 bananas, and a few sunflower seeds, and almonds. Sometimes I use a few spoonfulls of oatmeal and ground flax seeds for a fruit smoothie. Someone mentioned for diabetics some protein should be added. Cheese, cottage cheese are good. Even better are a few almonds or sunflower seeds. Yummy! - 11/13/2008   12:19:50 PM
  • 23
    Amy's Kitchen is a godsend to the vegetarian who either can't cook, or isn't able to. Tasty and filling, but a bit pricey. To those who have Grocery Outlets, I frequently see Amy's or Ethnic Gorumet in the frozen case. - 11/13/2008   12:10:46 PM
  • 22
    Speaking for all diabetics breakfast needs more protein than this. So meat or cheese or another form of protein will need to be added. But I'll try this. - 11/13/2008   11:27:01 AM
  • 21
    I really enjoy your articles! I wish I could easily get Amy's but when I travel out to the city, I will look about getting some of this. - 11/13/2008   11:15:54 AM
  • 20
    Has anyone tried Bob's Red Mill Muesli? It is quite delicious and easy to make. - 11/13/2008   10:27:52 AM
  • 19
    too many carbs and not enough protein for breakfast! - 11/13/2008   10:01:05 AM
    a little pricey, but they look pretty good! - 11/13/2008   9:51:01 AM

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