Ways to Dress Thinner


By: , – Linda Moran Evans, Family Circle
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Trim Your Top Half

Visually pare arms and chest with these upside tips:
  • Live in V-necks -- camis, tees, cardigans, anything and everything. The downward diamond shape elongates you. Just be sure to stop short of major cleavage; it looks tacky at any size.
  • Wear a minimizer bra. Seek out styles that dip low in front to go with your V-necks. (If you've never been professionally fitted, do it ASAP at your local department store.)
  • To cover less-than-toned arms, pick three-quarter-length sleeves. Check that the body of the shirt or sweater is tapered -- you don't want an allover blousy effect. 

Manage Your Middle

To slim your tummy, Charla suggests a one-two punch: compression and diversion.
  • Buy a pair of high-waisted, supercontrolling shaper shorts, such as Spanx Hide and Sleek Hi-Rise panty.
  • Go for jackets with feminine details to draw the eye upward. The best silhouette is fitted at the shoulders and bust and hits at the top of the hip.
  • Opt for monochromatic dresses. Styles like a simple sheath or an A-line with no natural break in the center can whittle your waist.

Downsize Hips and Thighs

Make over this region with Charla's below-the-belt fashion regimen.
  • Choose skirt styles that flatter, such as straight, pencil, and trumpet. Get extra "slim" points for finding fabrics with a Lycra blend that offer some support.
  • Look for wide- or straight-leg trousers and jeans with built-in panels to smooth bulges. Avoid pleats, pockets, and buckles whenever possible -- they're fattening!
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  • STATS2332
    I don't believe in spanks
    - 3/24/2013   7:32:43 PM
    3/4 length sleeves are my warm weather go to
    - 3/17/2013   8:35:25 AM
  • 18
    Thanks for the great info. - 3/10/2013   4:34:57 PM
  • 17
    Still trying to figure out how to deal with that little tummy pooch that has come to stay now that I'm 50. Keeping my weight/BMI where I want it, but the flubber is messing up my silhouette. - 3/9/2013   1:23:40 PM
  • 16
    second the reccomendation for Missus Smartypants body type fashion advice.

    For the larger breasted lady who doesn't quite have a matched pair, the V-neck will point down and aside toward the larger of the girls. pttttttthhhh! (raspberry noise)

    I find that narrow U neck is the best. Gathers from the shoulder, from the neck seam, from the button band in a henley style are highly desired as the little extra over the bust stops the torque towards the larger. There have been a few things lateley with pleats along the neck edge on a very slightly scooped neck they work well too, the inverted box in the centre with the rest symetrically matched works slightly better than all the pleats pressed the same way, but both are excellent. I have seen dresses with this neck recently and I own several very flattering tops constructed this way. - 2/13/2013   4:37:48 PM
    Don't wear tops that have a band of white or light color at your hips, unless you're slim. They draw the eye to the widest part of the body, and are not flattering at all - even if they are popular.

    Look at yourself in the mirror before you leave the house. If your clothes are too tight, and you're "busting out" over your bra or the neckline of your top, or there's a gap between the buttons of your blouse, change your clothes. It's not a good look.

    Don't wear jeans/pants that sit below your waist if you have a muffin top. They make you look bigger than you are. You're better off with a pair of pants that sits at your natural waist, and a top that fits properly.

    Sorry, but Spandex/Lycra is NOT flattering if all of your ripples show. - 2/13/2013   1:00:24 PM
    I am a pear-shaped and I have major trouble with waistbands----they gap HUGELY in the low back waist area, leaving me quite exposed when I sit. And the front cuts of digestion. How is THAT fixed? - 2/13/2013   8:55:29 AM
  • JMB369
    Good ideas, but too much of this information is one size fits all. Google MissusSmartypants for ideas on dressing for your specific body type. Some of us are hip heavy, some are top heavy, some are heavy all over but still have a waist, etc. etc. I think the most important information here is to wear clothes that fit, regardless of size. Alterations are absolutely worth the money. I often buy pants that fit my hips and thighs and have the waist taken in. I also have most jackets shortened to a more flattering length. Someone mentioned scarves. A statement necklace or earrings can also draw the eye upward, if that's what you want/need. BTW, I agree that someone should write an article for men. Baggy shorts and oversize tees don't hide a bulky body on a man any more than on a woman. But I'm not sure what a guy can do about a big belly, short of wearing shirts untucked. I'd love some ideas to offer to DH. He has taken off about 35 pounds, and is much trimmer, but still has a big gut. - 2/13/2013   7:17:27 AM
  • CANDEE412
    I love clothes. It is my new best friend. - 2/12/2013   7:49:40 PM
  • 11
    Sheath dresses and simple dresses are ok. Sometimes that shape can appear shapeless and frumpy. I find that dresses with an empire waist are much more flattering. - 2/12/2013   5:33:49 PM
    Thanks for the super suggestions!!! - 2/12/2013   4:42:22 PM
    Good ideas.
    - 2/12/2013   2:24:48 PM
    Good ideas.
    - 2/12/2013   2:24:47 PM
  • HILLSLUG98239
    For both men and women, clothes that fit always look better. Too tight emphasizes things you probably don't want to emphasize, and too big actually makes you look bigger, too.

    I'm about 35 pounds over what I want to weigh, and I'm guilty of wearing things that are too big and too small. Clothes that fit don't hide the fact that I'm fat, but they do look more professional.

    Another thing to consider: carry yourself with confidence. Fake it if you have to. Most people do not realize how heavy I am because I don't act like a fat lady. I walk with my chin up and my shoulders back. When you make eye contact with someone, don't immediately look away - smile! As Jack Palance used to say in those ads, "Confidence is very sexy." - 2/12/2013   12:49:17 PM
    I agree with Bumps that men could also use help dressing to flatter. If you live in a cool place, nothing is more flattering for a guy than a dress shirt and suit jacket...even with jeans. Casual it down by scrunching up the sleeves to just below the elbow if the sleeves will stay there. Golf shirts can also be flattering and are a comfortable replacement to the t-shirt. T-shirts are only good for lawn-mowing and work outs. Same goes for sweat pants. Nicely tailored shorts can look great on a man of any size as long as he doesn't wear them with sandals with white socks. Or runners with socks pulled up to the knee. The most important thing is to ALWAYS dress for your weight. Skin tight looks ghastly on us chubbies. Oh, and men, burn the wife-beaters tank tops. They just look gross. Finally, the sexiest thing a guy can wear is chivalry. - 2/12/2013   12:24:06 PM
  • 5
    Yes, I think the men need an article like this. I would sure read it for ideas about how to dress DH! - 2/12/2013   11:47:17 AM
  • 4
    I THINK it's time for guys to have their own section with hints that could make us comfortable and coordinated. That would help us a lot. How about it women...don't you think you can have a hand in telling us what you like to see on men? I am not making fun or joking...I'm tempted to joke...but this is really serious. - 2/12/2013   11:39:36 AM
  • 3
    Good article, and to go even further with these ideas, see the book "The Science of Sexy" which gives illustrated examples of clothing based on your body shape, no matter how much weight is on that shape. GREAT book! www.amazon.com/The-Science-Sexy-Uni

    - 2/12/2013   9:23:09 AM
  • 2
    I like to add a slim scarf in a bright colour or pattern over top of a monochromatic shirt or blouse. It keeps the eye focused on the face--and cheers me up too! - 2/12/2013   6:29:37 AM
  • 1
    I love 3/4 sleeve cardigans over a simple v-neck tee! It's perfect for my college student wardrobe! - 2/12/2013   6:23:10 AM

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