Didn't See Birdie on 'Good Morning America'? Watch Her Video Now


By: , SparkPeople Blogger

Birdie (DR_BIRDIE) has been a member of SparkPeople since August 2007 and lost more than 142 pounds. She is featured in the current issue of People magazine in a bikini, and today she shared her story on Good Morning America.

If you missed her this morning, watch her inspiring story now! Now Birdie, a neurologist from Orlando, talks about her motivation to slim down, her success wtih SparkPeople and her favorite healthful meals with Diane Sawyer.

Watch now! (Birdie is the second of three women featured in the video, and at the end of the segment, she shares her favorite SparkRecipe!)

Congratulations on your success, Birdie!

How did Birdie's story inspire you?

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  • 109
    Birdie, I read your article and you expressed yourself with such clarity and candor. You are an inspiration to me as you were steady and didn't lose focus. You look amazing! I'm so glad that the video was available to us! - 5/27/2009   1:37:04 PM
  • 108
    Alright! Just what I needed this morning,motivation. Thank you. And, good luck to you Brentanr! This is a great site "Spark" Love it! - 5/27/2009   12:12:22 PM
  • 107
    Congratulations! You did a lot of hard work and you look healthy and beautiful. - 5/27/2009   12:00:59 PM
  • APO5758
    Way to go, Birdie! - 5/27/2009   11:27:39 AM
  • 105
    Its because of you and your testimony on GMA, I am here on Sparkpeople. You motivated me enough to register and do something to get healthy. Thank you. - 5/27/2009   11:09:24 AM
    A very inspiring story. I know you are very pround of yourself. I know that I am unhealthy at my current weight. I am an RN and managing a cardiac rehab program. I also feel like a hypocrite saying one thing and doing another. Thanks for sharing on Good Morning America. - 5/27/2009   10:23:09 AM
  • 103
    GREAT JOB!!!! A doctor that took a dose of her own medicine LOL
    Birdie you ROCK - 5/27/2009   10:19:24 AM
  • 102
    What a great inspiration you are. Thank you so much for sharing your success story with us. CONGRATULATIONS!!! - 5/27/2009   10:15:17 AM
  • 101
    Congrats Birdie! Awesome job. - 5/27/2009   10:02:11 AM
  • 100
    Woo Hoo Birdie! It takes a lot of guts to be photo'd in a bikini! And you looked great! Wonderful story and a true inspiration. Thanks for being brave and for spreading the Spark on national TV. Congratulations on your journey. - 5/27/2009   9:59:43 AM
    You inspired me Birdie!! Thanks - 5/27/2009   9:53:52 AM
  • 98
    You are a winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 5/27/2009   9:47:09 AM
    Thank you for sharing. You encourage me.

    T. - 5/27/2009   9:46:12 AM
  • 96
    Birdie! You look SPECTACULAR!!!!!! I watched the clip and was amazed by the difference. You look like a completely different person and 10 years younger. WONDERFUL! Your story has really motivated me and helped me to realize that I CAN reach my weight loss goal and look as great as you. CONGRATULATIONS!! - 5/27/2009   9:30:19 AM
    You look marvelous, you are a inspiration for us all.
    - 5/27/2009   9:26:42 AM
  • 94

    and a wonderful representative for Sparkpeople! - 5/27/2009   9:25:48 AM
  • 93
    Dr. Birdie, seeing your picture yesterday was the same as seeing all those other "after" pictures. A kinda, good for her, but I can't do it thing. Seeing you alive and SLIM and just gorgeous, well, that makes me say: I CAN DO IT. As a neurologist, I'm sure you know that makes all the difference (*my* neurologist told me that if I lost some of Tere, I'd start feeling better - and he was right!) to being successful.

    Thank you for sharing your story. Thank you for sharing your recipe! I do that with pork, but wouldn't have thought to do it with chicken! - 5/27/2009   9:06:42 AM
  • 92
    birdie, you're so beautiful, awe-inspiring, motivational, feeling good, in control, and IN THE ZONE!!! YOU ROCK! nancy - 5/27/2009   9:00:00 AM
  • ANSIN2011
    Wow, this is amazing! Congratulations..what an inspiration you are. You look wonderful!! - 5/27/2009   8:38:01 AM
  • 90
    Glad you got your life turned around. Now the hard work is keeping it off, since 95% of people regain the weight they lose, but I know being a SPARKER, you won't do that. - 5/27/2009   8:36:15 AM
    Your before and after pictures, the grace you exhibit, the amazing weight loss are all very inspiring. I find myself saying, I can do this . - 5/27/2009   8:31:38 AM
  • 88
    Great job, Birdie! Congrats on your accomplishment!!! :)
    Hubby and I like that salsa chicken recipe too. - 5/27/2009   8:31:23 AM
    Way to go! Keep sharing your story - very inspiring.

    Tanya - 5/27/2009   8:15:19 AM
  • 86
    Again, thanks for the inspiration! - 5/27/2009   7:54:54 AM
  • 85
    Way to go! Congratulations on being able to share your success story with the rest of the world! I know I got great motivation from you and the others featured! - 5/27/2009   7:51:44 AM
  • 84
    Congratulations Birdie, you worked hard and it sure paid off, you look wonderful! I cried watching this, because it is something I want for myself, this will make me strive a little harder to succeed! Hugs Elaine - 5/27/2009   7:25:05 AM
  • 83
    I laughed, I cried, I was truly inspired. I read your story yesterday and then watching your video today just reinforced that "stick with it power" through Sparking can really take you to your dream weight. You go girl! - 5/27/2009   6:30:40 AM
    Wow! you are a great inspiration, thanks so much:) - 5/27/2009   4:02:15 AM
  • 410JUDY
    Hi Birdie,
    Thank God you seen the Heart Attack Train Coming and decided to do something about it before that took place. Some of us are not as smart as you. I too have the family history of heart disease and unfortunately I did have a heart attack almost a month ago. I am doing well though, thank the Lord. I have also decided to change my life and start taking care of my body so hopefully I do not have another heart attack. I do belong to the Spark People website and now I will use all of the benefits it has to offer. You look fantastic but I can also tell you are so happy that you made yourself stick with your convictions to get healthy. Your whole family will always appreciate it. - 5/27/2009   1:38:53 AM
  • 80
    Your story shows us all that being busy in NO excuse not to take care of yourself. You are awesome! - 5/27/2009   1:06:27 AM
  • 79
    You are awesome, Birdie! Thank you for sharing your story with us! - 5/27/2009   12:44:26 AM
  • 78
    So inspiring! Congrats Birdie, I was truly moved. - 5/27/2009   12:33:01 AM
    Now that's what I'm talking about!!! Hooray for you Birdie, you have inspired me for sure :) You look great, congradulations on all your hard work, determination and success. I feel that I have finally found the place for me right here at SparkPeople. - 5/27/2009   12:11:46 AM
  • 76
    Hello Birdie. I usually watch GMA but today I missed it. I just watched the excerpt and I am happy to know that you have accomplished so much and you look great. I started here a little over a month and will continue. Thank you so much for your inspiration and keep up the wonderful work that you are doing. Good Luck Doc. I am proud to be a part of SP. - 5/27/2009   12:05:34 AM
  • 75
    I purposefully watched GMA this morning to see you! You looked wonderful on TV and did a great job! Your story has inspired me to keep going toward my goal. Like another person mentioned above, I was almost to the point of just trying to eat in moderation and be happy where I am. But you have inspired me to keep striving to reach my weight loss goal and to keep exercising and living a healthy life. In fact, I plan to pick up my pace and intensify my efforts! Thanks! - 5/26/2009   11:29:28 PM
    This is what I call REAL WOMEN losing weight the hard way. Not like the "stars" who claim to have so-called "diet secrets". This is better than Valerie Bertinelli losing her weight. These women need to sell videos and how-to books. I am more motivated by watching them, than any "star". - 5/26/2009   11:28:54 PM
  • 73
    Congratulations Birdie!....I saw you this morning on Good Morning America!...You look Great!...Thank you for sharing your story with all of us! - 5/26/2009   11:28:17 PM
  • STEFFI264
    I am at 100lbs lost
    if I lose 30 more I am at the top of my recommended weight on the medical charts
    I will go to my MD next week to ask about whether this weight is safe for me as I am wearing a size medium and I don't feel fat anymore.
    I am very muscular thanks to the added exercise and I don't have a clue as to whether I should stay here or lose more - 5/26/2009   11:09:50 PM
    WOW! That is amazing, you are amazing to have transformed yourself into such a healthy person. It truly is inspiring to us who are starting out and I believe that success can be for all who stick to practicing the same good habits you did. I think you rock, I loved the recipe idea, and your before and after photos are dramatically different. Good for you and I am so happy for your accomplishment Doctor and fellow sparker!!:) - 5/26/2009   10:35:13 PM
  • 70
    Thanks for sharing this with all of us... It is a real inspiration! - 5/26/2009   10:29:31 PM
  • 69
    WOW, Amazing!!! I started to cry, tears of joy for you. I'm shedding and it feels great, I'm looking forward to getting back into my size 6 clothes and each week I get closer to that goal, by doing what you have done and continue to maintain.

    Thank you for your inspiration!!! Way 2 go girl - 5/26/2009   9:38:56 PM
  • 68
    You inspire me to succeed!! - 5/26/2009   9:37:42 PM
    You rock girl!!!! - 5/26/2009   9:31:54 PM
  • 66
    Congratulations You have inspired me to join SP. Hope I can do as good as you:) - 5/26/2009   7:53:27 PM
  • 65
    Wonderful t.v. spot Birdie - you and the other two women are definitely inspirations! - 5/26/2009   7:48:04 PM
  • CHER321
    I just watched the video. You did a great job! Very inspiring! - 5/26/2009   7:46:10 PM
  • 63
    Saw the video. You did good. Congratulations on your accomplishment.! - 5/26/2009   7:45:47 PM
  • 62
    Congratulations Birdie - you're an inspiration that with hard work and determination that it can be done !!
    - 5/26/2009   7:34:05 PM
    Just saw the video. Awesome job, Birdie. You look fabulous! - 5/26/2009   7:20:46 PM
  • TILLIS47
    Thank Dr.Birdie for you encourage, You have really encourage me to stick to my diet. I had try the Salsa chicken, again thank you and I thank sparkpeople also. - 5/26/2009   7:19:39 PM

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