Walking Workout: Walk Your Way to a Firmer Butt


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By Elena Rover, FITNESS Magazine

Use these lower-body toning moves during your regular walking workout to sculpt and lift your butt and thighs and burn more calories on your walk.

Tone Your Rear While You Walk

Surprise: Your average walk is not a workout for your derriere. "Walking on level terrain does not require you to fully contract the gluteal muscles, so it doesn't do much for toning them," says Wayne Westcott, PhD, fitness research director at the South Shore YMCA in Quincy, Massachusetts. That's because the work is mostly in your quads and hamstrings.

The Routine "For the best butt toning on two feet," says walking pro Tina Vindum, walk for 5 minutes, do one of the supereffective shapers shown here, then repeat until you've done all four exercises. (If your route has hills, tackle these moves every time the path hits an incline -- or a set of stairs -- for maximum butt-blasting benefits.)

Get the rest of the workout here. Stories You Might Like:

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Do you rely on walking for a workout? What is your favorite toning-while-you-walk move?

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    I only really take walks when I'm trying to get somewhere, I know its crazy I use my feet to get places. :) I don't really think of them as "exercise." - 6/6/2011   7:08:05 PM
  • 15
    I have to try that the next time I go out for a walk! - 5/23/2011   3:17:21 PM
    I see a few comments below speaking against having to go onto other sites, then having to deal with popups and clicking on multiple screens to see the whole article. I have to agree that in spite of the fact that I have high speed internet, it's still a lot of tedious clicking.

    I suppose that these magazine guest bloggers see it as a way to get more "hits" on their sites. But it really would be helpful if they would put their entire featured article with pic's on SP (I've seen other dailyspark articles take up a much longer length of space). They can still feel free to put links to other articles if they'd like, just like our own regular bloggers put links to other SP locations. - 5/21/2011   10:43:36 PM
  • 13
    Geez, I don't mind clicking on a link to the workout, but dealing with pop ups when I get there is not fun. I ended up just closing it all and not even reading the article. It sounded like it was something I would like to try too :( - 5/20/2011   7:34:50 PM
  • 12
    I agree with CALIDREAMER76... It's tedious to leave SP and go to sites that require multiple pages to read a single article when the article would fit on one page. If SP is going to feature an article from elsewhere, can't they get permission to show the entire article on SP?

    Interesting article but I have severe arthritis, and although I am increasing my brisk walking, I sure can't do these moves!
    - 5/20/2011   4:11:35 PM
  • 11
    Love the article - 5/20/2011   2:13:26 PM
  • 10
    Interesting - don't know that I'll do these down the neighborhood road.

    I'd like to note - I don't care for the blogs that take me to other sites, especially with ad pop-ups and where I have to click from screen to screen. Very distracting. - 5/20/2011   1:37:18 PM
  • 9
    Good article..I also do yoga exercises to firm up my tush. They really do work. - 5/20/2011   1:33:02 PM
    Every half mile or mile during my walk, I do 25 push ups to get my upper body involved. - 5/20/2011   9:49:59 AM
  • 7
    I walk following Covert Bailey's "Fit or Fat" and do wind sprints. - 5/20/2011   12:50:17 AM
    I love intervals; jog, run, walk fast pace - 5/19/2011   6:34:15 PM
    There's a long road that inclines which I can't avoid when I want to go to the local town to do some shopping. I can't tell you how much I used to hate it but I'm (slowly) learning to love it, but that's only because I'm no longer a panting wreck when I get to the end of it. - 5/19/2011   5:31:59 PM
    i love hills! - 5/19/2011   4:25:24 PM
  • 3
    When my dad and I go on our walks we always go up pretty steep hills. - 5/19/2011   3:10:08 PM
  • 2
    I usually do things like walking lunges, skipping, galloping, etc. I like taking outdoor walks anyway and this makes them even more fun...and not tedious at all!

    Carrie - 5/19/2011   2:41:28 PM
    Good article. I actually use these tools during my runs. - 5/19/2011   2:04:10 PM

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