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Here's what we're reading this week:

Better Bread With Less Kneading

What's Wrong with This Picture: Exercise Edition

The 10 Dirtiest Foods You're Eating

Slow Eating Cuts Calories

Water-Based Chocolate As Good As Normal Bar

Which health stories piqued your attention this week?

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    Doing what wrong with this picture taught me a little this morning. - 5/4/2013   11:22:16 AM
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    As always, I'd be willing to try the water-chocolate and see how it tastes. I love chocolate, but don't eat that much of it now. I am curious to see what it would taste like. - 3/6/2010   2:23:25 PM
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    The 10 dirtiest foods was an eye-opener. Cantaloupe?!? - 3/4/2010   11:35:10 AM
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    Wow i LOVE this! Everything is so brilliant and informative, i will be using these sites in future, loving the fit sugar site, as i think everyone else is! Woohoo!

    THANK YOU!!! =D x - 3/2/2010   2:01:41 PM
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    I will try baking bread without kneading and see what happens. I have always kneaded with such frenzy. - 3/2/2010   1:27:36 PM
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    I love this Sparkpeople feature because it keeps me current and turns me on to articles I may have missed. This week I especially enjoyed "What Are You Doing Wrong At The Gym?". We've been making no-knead whole wheat bread for a year now. It's so healthy, easy, and good. I no longer buy any bread. - 3/2/2010   8:32:22 AM
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    I'm skeptical about the water chocolate. Just take a look at all the low-fat food that is out there, but isn't all that much lower in calories than the full fat version. They just fill in with extra ingredients to give it a similar taste/feel in your mouth. It's not really any healthier. I just heard a story on NPR this evening about chocolate that you enhale--no calories!! Check it out:
    - 3/1/2010   8:12:20 PM
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    WOOHOO!! I got 4/5 right on the What's Wrong with this Picture quiz! Guess all the reading and learning I've been doing is helping, and I learned something with the one I got wrong, too!

    I'm intrigued by the water chocolate - I would try it if I saw it, but I'm sceptical about it tasting 'just like' regular chocolate, LOL!

    I also read and enjoyed the Better Bread article, as I've been doing a lot of bread baking lately. - 3/1/2010   7:48:56 PM
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    Give me some water chocolate! Can't wait for that one to hit the shelves! - 3/1/2010   5:17:14 PM
    I read the 10 dirtitest foods article.... disturbing. - 3/1/2010   4:24:48 PM
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    What's wrong with this picture and definitely the water based chocolate. - 3/1/2010   2:17:50 PM
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    Both the dirtiest foods and the "water" chocolate - 3/1/2010   1:01:24 PM
    The dirtiest foods caught my attention. Short of growing everything yourself it seems like a loosing battle! - 3/1/2010   12:49:01 PM
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    Fit sugar site. - 3/1/2010   12:18:46 PM
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    I love the fitsugar website! I got a few of those questions right and learned a lot from the ones I got wrong! - 3/1/2010   11:13:24 AM
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    Love that fitsugar website! - 3/1/2010   10:09:25 AM
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    After reading 10 Dirtiest Foods I am convinced that factory farming is causing more harm than good. I have sourced out an organic beef grower and now I need to do the same for chicken and pork and start my own veggie garden. Oh yeah, I also want to now build a chicken house and raise chickens for the eggs. So it seems that getting back to the land is the thing that can keep us safe from food borne illnesses.
    Bon appetite! - 3/1/2010   9:25:25 AM
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    I knew more about correct form when exercising than I thought!
    Also, I have an obsession with learning about "dirty" foods...Food, Inc....scary! - 3/1/2010   8:56:36 AM
    the 10 dirtiest foods caught my attention. Thanks for the info!! - 3/1/2010   7:53:21 AM
    Great info - 3/1/2010   7:34:24 AM
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    Ugh. Factory farming of animal products is so foul. Makes me really glad I've been veg/vegan for a decade now. I was really disappointed to see the article suggest buying irradiated meat as a solution to beef being contaminated.

    No. The answer is to make the food system such that the food produced is SAFE to eat. That means rehashing so we move away from intensive confinement/factory farming methods that treat animals like widgets and basically stress them into sickliness. Also, slaughterhouses need to be slowed down, cleaned up and made safer - both for the sake of the animals (if even one isn't properly stunned, that's one too many) and the workers - who are often impoverished and treated unethically and immorally.

    The answer isn't zapping the bugs in dirty meat with radiation, it's about making sure the process is clean enough and well run enough that the food they are making out of animals isn't contaminated in the first place. - 3/1/2010   2:12:38 AM
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    I just learned some things from the what's wrong with this picture article! - 2/28/2010   11:53:58 PM
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    I enjoyed the video about better bread with no kneading. - 2/28/2010   11:42:48 PM
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    I liked the exercise quiz. I got 4 out of 5. And the dirtiest foods article. I am glad I use lots of mustaed on my lunchmeat sandwiches.I also liked the "water" chicolate article. I love chocolate!!! - 2/28/2010   9:12:14 PM
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    I only got 3 of 5 of the wrong pictures right. Oh, well...always have something to learn. I'm also up for a healthier form of chocolate! - 2/28/2010   9:09:33 PM
    I found for myself that if I don't workout I also don't eat healthy. The two go hand in hand for me.
    I also found for myself that if I walk on the treadmill for 30 mins. in the morning and do my wts. in the afternoon, and then walk another 30 mins. after supper I lose wt.
    I find that breaking up my walks allows me to do better in the long run with the cardio. I also seem to walk much faster during my second session too.
    I think everyone needs to find what works the best for them and do it.
    As far as food goes, it depends on what I'm eating that day that either makes me more hungry than normal. Protein fills me up and I try and eat that for lunch and dinner. Carbs are in the morning. I find my body does better eating this way.
    Very interesting reading.
    Thank you! - 2/28/2010   7:05:54 PM
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    The Dirtiest Foods List, as is pointed out by the comments on the article, is a bunch of bunk. It is important to cook food properly. It's nothing new that this is important, but young people do need to be reminded, I suppose. Except for chicken and turkey, I only occasionally eat these meats anyway, not because they're dirty, but because they're nutritionally unhealthy due to fat and salt content. And fish is increasingly unhealthy because of mercury contamination, but it isn't even listed! I guess damaging your brain is considered less important than getting a belly ache. - 2/28/2010   5:27:22 PM
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    I, too, will be looking for the water-based chocolate. Hope it's dark chocolate. - 2/28/2010   4:25:25 PM
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    When I read the 10 dirtiest foods article, I just wasn't surprised at what was on the list and why. Chicken, Ground Beef, Ground Turkey, Raw Oysters--which I think are nasty anyway!, Eggs, Cantaloupe, Peaches, Prepackaged Lettuce--which is full of MSG too!, Cold Cuts, Scallions---it actually makes sense when you think of growing conditions, and packing...

    More Food Lists

    Read more:

    - 2/28/2010   2:11:02 PM
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    I will be looking out for the "water" chocolate... - 2/28/2010   1:15:09 PM

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