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Katherine Schwarzenegger shares advice on body image

Get a 14-Day Trial Membership to Snap Fitness

How I Found My Passion

A New Name for High-Fructose Corn Syrup

5 Stretches For Strong and Limber Wrists

Teaching Doctors About Nutrition and Diet

Enter to Win a Year of Free Yoga from Manduka

Short n' Sweet Desserts (3-Ingredient Recipes)!

5 Fun Ways to Work Out at the Park

Chick Pea-za & Apple Cupcakes

10 Questions To Ask Your Next Health Club

Deadly Comeback: Whooping Cough Outbreak Largest in 55 Years

Stuffed Roasted Acorn Squash

Which stories piqued your interest this week?

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    Very good links. The one on nutrition and doctors was quite interesting. It answered a lot of questions for me, like why my doctor never recommended a good diet just told me I needed to go on a diet. - 9/22/2010   4:20:50 PM
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    I have to laugh when seeing Katherine Schwarzenegger (daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver) writing about body image. What a JOKE! But, she will laugh all the way to the BANK, I'm sure. - 9/22/2010   1:21:20 AM
    Great blog. Loved the squash recipe. - 9/21/2010   2:55:14 PM
    Good stuff, Denise - thank you! Many gems here, but the whooping cough story has me concerned. My Depression-era mother related some scary accounts of kids who got whooping cough when she was a kid. - 9/21/2010   7:30:45 AM
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    A recent study proposes that physical activity can make children smarter -

    Does anyone else feel sharper and more alert after a good workout? I think we need more studies like these to show that (yet again) exercise is good for you and to keep physical education an important part of the school day. - 9/20/2010   8:58:29 AM
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    The information about doctors and nutrition was interesting.
    I like the look of the wrist exercises as well, because mine are quite weak.
    I am also interested in ways to use squash as they are not a common food in the UK, so when they appear in my supermarket I want to know how to enjoy them. The acorn squash recipe was good timing as some of those have appeared locally.
    Thanks for collecting these up for us. :-) - 9/20/2010   6:17:35 AM
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    I liked the "teaching Doctors" article - I've never found discussing weight issues with a member of the medical community was much help - more often, they are insulting. My Gynecologist, who I have gone to for years, used to be quite overweight herself - no negative comments from her then. She signed up for a supervised fasting program at one of the hospitals she has privileges in and lost a substantial amount of weight - so much that I was shocked when I saw her and didn't think she looked very healtyy. She brought me to tears during that visit when I said I couldn't travel 60 miles daily and keep my job to participate in it. - 9/19/2010   11:40:34 PM
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    Sugar is sugar is sugar. We all have to reduce our consumption of high fat, high sugar, high sodium foods that ALL food manufacturers are selling to the American public. Restaurants load food up with highly salient food and we develop cravings that we must attempt to appease. Unfortunately, what we are eating is making us want to eat more and more and more of the unhealthy foods we desire. Read Dr. David A. Kessler's book The End of Overeating to find out if you are a Hyper-conditioned eater. Learn to avoid tempting foods and enjoy whole foods that haven't been processed into a "baby-food" type texture to make it more palatable.

    The corn industry are the least of our problems. - 9/19/2010   10:58:35 PM
    The How I found my passion was my favorite. - 9/19/2010   9:41:00 PM
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    I like those that started with numbers, always catch my eyes compared to others that started with words LOL. I like the first link as it's about body image and from that link, I went to ANOTHER link, about Danielle Steel's new book, Big Girl, which I think a good story (at least the description is, hehe) - 9/19/2010   9:18:31 PM
  • 8
    Thank you for the list. . .great. - 9/19/2010   6:33:23 PM
  • 7
    1. The new name for high fructose corn syrup: frightening ... I have seen that ingredient already on some labels.
    2. I hope I win that year of yoga from Manduka. Now that I have, after all this time, found a studio I can live with ...
    3. Young women need a voice of reason like Katherine Schwarzenegger on their side ...
    4. How I found My Passion ... this is one Bakery I would love to be a (figurative, not physical) waif in front of ... and she's a yogini and beauty blogger, too ..

    I think this blog hit it out of the park this week, Denise .. ! :-)

    - 9/19/2010   6:28:41 PM
  • 6
    Thanks for the list, will be reading several! - 9/19/2010   3:42:17 PM
  • 5
    I just went though something my doctor thought was whooping cough. I was coughing hard enough to keep me awake for weeks. It was not fun. - 9/19/2010   2:25:55 PM
  • 4
    terrific links, thank you! - 9/19/2010   1:39:29 PM
  • 3
    i love the blogs they are great.. i printed out some of them great great great
    thanks so much - 9/19/2010   12:56:59 PM
  • 2
    Whooping cough is making a comeback in adults, too, and it's very often misdiagnosed until the patient is quite ill. You can check out the characteristic sound of whooping cough by googling it. Something to be aware of! - 9/19/2010   10:14:47 AM
  • 1
    The whooping cough doctor warned that when they removed the DTP from the boosters mychildren were getting years ago, eventually this would happen....he was prophetic. - 9/19/2010   8:59:29 AM

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