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Denise Austin's Trim & Tone Walking Workout from Woman's Day

Fun Blockbuster Film-Inspired Recipes from the Fit Stop

The Best and Worst Burgers from

High Protein & Oil-Free Basil Pesto from Oh She Glows

Does Eating Air Help With Weight Loss? from Diet Blog

What's True, and Not, About Stress from AOL Healthy Living

Grilled Chickpeas + Kale Chips from The Edible Perspective

Train Your Brain to Crave Healthy Foods from CNN

Cook-Me-Not! (No-Oven-Required Recipes!) from Hungry Girl

Get the Funk Out! The Best Ways to Wash Workout Clothes from Fit Sugar

Friendly Workplace Linked to Longer Life from The New York Times

Which stories piqued your interest this week?

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    I liked the article about stress. It's true it can damage the spirit. A couple of months ago I let go of a friendship with a very negative person who was causing me stress. I have noticed since then I feel so much more at peace with myself, and my problems that I can't control, (such as health care costs and dealing with my cancer treatments) are a much easier load to bear now that I am only surrounding myself with people that bring positivity to my life. - 8/8/2011   3:48:30 PM
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    I liked the hints on teach your brain to crave healthy foods. Might work!
    - 8/8/2011   3:24:08 PM
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    I love Denise Austin. She is 54, the mother of two grown girls and 5'4" & 112#. She looks great and is always full of energy. - 8/7/2011   11:33:08 PM
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    good tips on cleaning workout clothes! - 8/7/2011   8:50:16 PM
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    Austin's workout is 30 minutes. The times aren't the amount of minutes for each exercise. They are the times at which you do each exercise. For example, from the beginning to minute 4 you walk then from minutes 4-9 you do the next thing. Each thing takes about 4 minutes. It's not saying to do 4-9 minutes of knee-ups. It's saying after 0-4 minutes of walking do five minutes of knee-ups, and so on.

    And as for doing the exercises with bad knees or whatever, you do what you can to your ability. If you can't do jump squats because of bad knees then do squats as low as you can go without hurting yourself or just don't do the jump squats and do something you can do.

    Routines are not set in stone. You can modify them to your ability. I do it all the time. - 8/7/2011   3:34:40 PM
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    GREAT BLOG THANKS - 8/7/2011   3:20:09 PM
  • 6
    going to make grilled chick peas and kale right now! - 8/7/2011   1:44:22 PM
    Jumping squats in the Denise Austin's workout? Seriously?? Not if you are severely overweight or have knee or other joint problems.

    I am definitely going to try the pesto recipe, and the idea put forth in the training your brain article about sandwiching the craved food in the middle of the meal sounds like an idea I may try.

    - 8/7/2011   10:53:22 AM
    with these 58 yr old knees I might not be able to get back up from the lounges and squats and really..think I'll stick to the one foot in front of the other routine.. - 8/7/2011   10:40:32 AM
    I think they are saying to do those things at that time period IE: 25-29 minutes would be the end of the workout.
    - 8/7/2011   9:36:01 AM
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    I don't see how D. Austins walking workout is 30 looks likie a couple of hours to me. I wonder if you are supposed to pick one or two of the activities a day? - 8/7/2011   7:40:03 AM
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    the best and worst burgers article got my interest. i can't believe some of the combinations restaurants, etc... are putting together- krispy kreme donuts as a buns for a burger???? that's craziness! - 8/7/2011   6:57:17 AM

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