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How to Create Career Happiness FAQ from Oh She Glows

Diet Crutches: What Works, What Doesn’t from

Frozen Green Beans from Savvy Eats

Sunless tanning safer but can have a dark side from Los Angeles Times

Nut Butters - your questions, answered! from The Edible Perspective

The 11 Most Contaminated Foods from Woman's Day

Roasted Butternut Squash Black Bean Enchiladas (With Homemade Sauce!) from Daily Garnish

How Your Thoughts Can Lead to Weight Gain from Fit Sugar

Skip the Salt: Healthy Alternatives to Please Your Taste Buds from the Fit Stop

10 Foods that Cause Inflammation from Shape

Tips to Read Food Labels Wisely from Diet Blog

12 Tips to Find Your Workout Motivation and Be Your Own Cheerleader from Fit Bottomed Girls

Fake-Out Mac 'n Cheese! from Healthy Happy Life

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    I read the thoughts can lead to weight gain and the frozen beans articles. The frozen bean because I lost the one I had. I use to do lots of canning and freezing when the kids were little. It was a huge way to help us with the grocery bills. Of course my daughter never appreciated all the work that went into it. She would make comments like I should be like everyone else's mom and just buy it at the store. One of the older gals who came to help us during harvest times would tell her canning your own foods meant your mom really loves you and looking out for your health. Of course the older gal has since passed away. I struggle not putting up as much food as I once did when the kids were little.
    The other article about our thoughts and weight gain...hit the nail on the head. I had many of those same messages and the evidence on my frame to prove it too. So this is ongoing struggle the self talk we do to ourselves. I'm glad I read the article I needed the pep talk, those negative message creep up on me. - 4/8/2012   12:45:47 PM
    I elected to read the article on alternatives for salt. I'm learning the many different choices one can flavor food with other than salt. I would like to see additional alternatives for oil, butter, those grease type things to flavor foods. Yes, I understand olive oil is a choice to add for healthy but if your body says nope that too strong....yogurts, applesauce, prunes, things like that work well in baked goods. How about alternatives in general cooking? - 4/7/2012   4:46:18 PM
    Great articles. I really liked the review in "Tips to read food labels wisely". Hope to share this with my First Place 4 Health class. - 8/29/2011   7:58:05 AM
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    Fake Out Mac'n Cheese and Skip the Salt...Good stuff! - 8/29/2011   3:16:05 AM
  • 19PITSY53
    12 Tips to Find Your Workout Motivation and Be Your Own Cheerleader - 8/28/2011   8:08:54 PM
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    A great round-up of recipes and information! - 8/28/2011   7:46:51 PM
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    10 foods that cause inflammation. - 8/28/2011   4:08:29 PM
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    11 Most contaminated foods - 8/28/2011   10:07:21 AM
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    I needed to read "Tips to read food labels wisely". I believe it will help. However there are other articles that look interesting as well. - 8/28/2011   6:51:01 AM

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