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This Week's Healthy Headlines


I liked the get and stay motivated article. I need to remember - progress not perfection. Report
the gwyneth paltrow article is really mean. i don't think it fits in with the SP philosophy of keeping things positive. Report
I loved the How to Get (and Stay)Motivated article--she says so much in so few words. How nice to be so wise while so young, so one doesn't spend half her life messing up and the other half fixing up. Report
I read the article about what to drink in the summer. Just as I thought--WATER. Report
I think most bottled drinks are a waste of money and calories. If you want vitamins and antioxidants, have a glass of milk, an honest cup of tea, or a piece of fruit and a glass of water.

I've recently discovered some wonderful sparkling water. Makes a great smoothie punch: freeze some berries, bananas, and peaches, blend, and add sparkling water in any nice flavor. Splash of rum is optional.

Can't stand Jillian Michaels, period.

I don't take health advice from celebrities, duh. Report
I found the article on Vitamin Water interesting and informative. I always wondered if they were worth the money and if they are really good for you. The information she gave about the body requiring 1 milliliter of water for every calorie consumed finally gives me the reason for drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day other than it was one of my goals. I needed that to keep me motivated to keep drinking 8 glasses of water or more a day. Report
I think that Jillian is doing a fabulous job - changing America one family at a time. I like this better than the ranch way because they get to do it in their usual environment and learn to manage better. Go Jillian!!!
Oh She Glows, Healthy Tipping Point, That's Fit, and more? Awesome blog overload! Great links. =) Report
The Jillian Micaels story was great. She tells it like it needs to be told. Report
Liked the Jillian Michael story. Report
I didn't realize that Gwyneth was trying to become a real life Skelator, but what person in real life would pay attention to what she blogs about anyway? She is an actress, doesn't mean she knows anymore than what someone tells her to think. Don't pay attention to these celebs, you can bet she is paid for all she says she "thinks". Report
can't wait for my oven to be repaired! So trying that Zucchini Gratin recipe!!! YUMM!!!! Report
The lack of bone density problem also happened to my sister, who had been successfully dieting for the greater part of over 50 years. Except her diet was balanced (she had a healthy omnivore's diet with "cheat days" too) ... IMO a little high on the carbs. So, with Gwyneth (as with Sally Field before her) ... an interesting development.

I would love to hear more "human interest" stories about that otherwise frightening Jillian Michaels!

TinierTINA Report
Who is it writing about Gwen Paltrow? WOW, what stupidity. I've read lots of articles about her and Gwyneth hasn't been on "weird" diets. Apparently, she does need to increase her calcium and Vitamin D. I'll bet she has great arteries. Report
The blog about Gwenyth Paltrow was too snarky to be any good -- would that same blogger make fun of a smoker who found a spot on their lung? I'd like to think not, but the tone of her attack on Gwen makes me doubt the author's integrity.

The article with low-cal summer cocktails was great though, and very reassuring!! Report
The blog about Gwen was interesting!! I really like her a lot and its very saddening to see what she is doing to her health!!! Somebody please tell her that!!!!! Report
great blogs.....I especially liked the one by Caitlin Report
The blog entry about Gwyneth Paltrow is misguided and mean-spirited. It doesn't belong on a highlights list. Report
I ended up reading all of them! Thanks, especially liked the blogs by Caitlin Report
The Gwenyth Paltrow article peaked my interest. Sad that the need to be thin has caused an avoidable poor health condition. Report
I enjoyed the article about VitaminWater, even though I was pretty sure I knew what it was going to say. My husband and I, awhile back, had a discussion about vitaminwater and we were on opposite ends of the spectrum. He teaches public speaking in college and one of his students gave a speech about vitaminwater being healthy and a good thing to drink, and naturally, he bought it. I wasn't there for the speech, but to me, it just seemed like empty calories and you'd just end up peeing away the extra vitamins anyway. (Sorry, no other way to put it) My husband got on this kick for awhile where he'd drink TONS of these vitaminwater drinks instead of drinking soda. Sure, its healthier than soda, but empty calories nonetheless.
I'd show him the article except he'd probably be annoyed I'd bring this up after its been so long...and he's been following my lead and drinking water more often. I drink only water... He drinks water and unsweetened tea.
Well I read the Vitaminwater,and watch what you drink in summer heat.Neither were much changed from what I have read before,cause I worked jobs mostly outside types.So know water is important to drink in hot weather ,or anytime really.But iced water in the heat can give one more then they want,like kill you.So hot as one may be in outside heat,if you are going to drink a large iced drink,do so if you are taking break out of the sun ,and rest awhile before working more .As to the vitamin water its like plain bottled water ,a big waste of money. Oh sure it may be convent away from home ,but get a reuseable bottle ,same as a cup to drink whatever.And its a way to go green if that helps you feel like you do care about the world you live in.Over all the stores are great ,and with hope people read them to get worth out of them.Not just read and forget.Thou yes some things are not true and later they find oh well the story was not checked out as said.How many times has whatever been said to be bad for us ,then later on they make tests and find ,oh well it is good for us, like ( eggs ,milk,) or say yes this is good and later Not. Old saying dont believe all you see or read ,in short check things out yourself,and use old common sense.And even if dont believe in bible, Its very true ,if you over do anything ,it will become bad for you,even water .look it up ,see for self.The mind is power,when used.Have a great 4th,be safe,stay well Report
great, thanks for sharing!! Report
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