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5 Tips for Staying Hydrated in the Heat from Fit Bottomed Girls

Which Vitamins Do You Need? from

Heat Wave Summer Salad from Oh She Glows

Five Ways to Dance Your Way Fit from the Fit Stop

Understanding Yogurt Labels and How to Choose Wisely from Diet Blog

Summer Vegetable Quinoa from Savvy Eats

Diet Sabotage: Nearly 1 in 5 calorie counts wrong from That's Fit

HG's Top ATE Junk Food Swaps! (Recipes & Finds!) from Hungry Girl

7 Tush Exercises to Go From Flat to Full from Fit Sugar

Hidden Veggie Cherry Lemon Smoothie Recipe from fANNEtastic Food

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Taste Buds from Woman's Day

The Vegan Cobb Salad from Healthy Happy Life

Which stories piqued your interest this week?

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  • 11
    Tux, I agree with you about Hungry Girl. Occasionally, she has a "clean" recipe. Other times, I modify her dishes. - 7/27/2011   8:04:07 PM
  • 10
    I wrote down the moves for the glute exercises and printed the Heat Wave Summer Salad recipe. I found both articles very useful! - 7/26/2011   1:31:20 PM
  • 9
    UGH on Hungry-Girl!!!! They still promote too many over-processed foods as alternatives!!! I know- for those who have been eating really heavy and need to cut calories, the HG choices are lower in calories- and you can lose some weight. But in the long run- all the processed chemicals, fake fats and fake sugars... will still leave your body quite unhealthy despite being a smaller body.

    I used to like HG- until I started learning about the crap that processed foods contained- and how all the corn/soy/wheat products can just KEEP you fat, too. It's not helping!! - 7/25/2011   1:25:38 PM
  • 8
    The glute exercises are great! - 7/25/2011   9:56:42 AM
  • 7
    The Vegan Cobb salad sounds interesting, I may try it - 7/24/2011   11:37:52 PM
  • 6
    This one: Diet Sabotage: Nearly 1 in 5 calorie counts wrong - very disappointing, since I still eat out a lot, but have been changing my habits due to the increasingly easily available nutritional info!
    Yikes! - 7/24/2011   11:30:03 PM
  • 5
    I liked the glute exercises. I was genetically cursed with a flat butt :/ - 7/24/2011   7:09:48 PM
  • 4
    What vitamins do you need? I wondered what the article would say. I've read that most vitamins are a waste of money & end up going down the toilet. My doctor recommends "Flintstone Chewables with IRON" since they absorb easily. I've read that the hard vitamins often pass straight through a person & that is what he told me. - 7/24/2011   5:09:43 PM
  • 3
    i love Hungary girl recipes there great thanks - 7/24/2011   2:45:54 PM
  • 2
    Diet Sabotage: Nearly 1 in 5 calorie counts wrong; Which Vitamins Do You Need?; and Summer Vegetable Quinoa. I am going to make the quinoa this week! - 7/24/2011   1:10:40 PM
  • 1
    Heat Wave Summer Salad sounds delicious!! - 7/24/2011   12:50:31 PM

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