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Things My Mom Never Told Me

City Walking Tours: the Perfect Fitness Staycation

Undercover School Lunch

Go Fish: HG's Slammin' Salmon Recipes!

Family Fitness Challenge: Getting fit, making memories

A more healthful mayonnaise? Maybe

Recipe Rehab: Lasagna

Summer Roast

Banish Belly Bloat

Cheeseless Pasta Bake

Sneakers Are the New Stilettos

5 Tips To Stay Cool During Your Summer Workouts

Which stories piqued your interest this week?

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  • 13
    Thank you so much for the cheeseless pasta bake!!! Finally a casserole that doesn't (gasp!) require cheese!!

    OTG - 7/20/2010   7:07:26 AM
  • 12
    I found the article on shampooing enlightening. - 7/20/2010   4:42:07 AM
  • 11
    The citywalk article was the most interesting to me, because I've got a vacation coming up and I live close to SF. Haven't really had a chance to read the others. - 7/19/2010   2:56:43 PM
    That's Fit's "5 Ways to Stay Cool During Your Summer Workouts" offers some great tips! Be staying cool you will not only get in a better workout, you will also prevent the risk of heatstroke or dehydration. - 7/19/2010   12:03:46 PM
    I'm not sure about the bloat article...I do all of those things in spades and I still feel bloated. I think there are a lot of "old wives' tales" concerning bloating and that a lot of things are up to the individual digestive system... - 7/19/2010   9:30:43 AM
  • 8
    Lots of great recipes, & info. I like the things your mom never told you articles too, & the stay cool fitness tips. Thanks! - 7/18/2010   9:43:14 PM
  • 7
    Things your mother never told you" About shampoo. Well, I saw a program on "60 Minutes" that taught me what a waste most shampoo is. The woman said the shampoo cost about 4 cents for what is in a bottle and the rest is just fragrance. She said NEVER wash twice, since that it just to get you to use MORE shampoo and use it up sooner. Once gets your hair clean. So, I buy the cheapest shampoo I can as it just goes down the drain. - 7/18/2010   9:13:20 PM
  • 6
    The article about Undercover School Lunch makes me rethink signing up my kids for free lunch this year. Some of the pictures of food choices are things I would never serve at home. And there is not an ounce of a vegetable (other than the canned green beans). Don't get me started on the processed mystery Rib-b-q! It turns my stomach! - 7/18/2010   8:33:38 PM
  • 5
    My mom spent years trying to shampoo and treat her psoriasis. The doctor should have discussed with her that the chemicals in many shampoos were most likely the main culprits in making them worse. Change your shampoo! The shampoo to pick is something in which you know what every ingredient is and you can pronounce the names of all ingredients. I use Mill Creek shampoos now. My daughter, who had severe plaque psoriasis on her scalp, now also uses a natural type product and is doing so much better. Stop paying the doctor for light treatments and expensive prescription shampoos that don't work...take your health in your own hands and make a reasonably easy change that will save you time and money also in the long run. - 7/18/2010   4:09:53 PM
  • MS_DAR
    New recipes are always great - 7/18/2010   12:25:19 PM
  • 3
    The article on 5 ways to stay cool was pretty good. They all make sense! - 7/18/2010   11:50:00 AM
  • 2
    I liked the ling for the cheeseless pasta bake. It led to a interesting blog with alot of other vegetarian recipes! Im not a vegetarian officially but I dont eat meat very often and am always looking for new healthy meal options! - 7/18/2010   10:45:13 AM
  • 1
    The lasagna recipe sounds good, although since I don't like mushrooms, I'd use zuchinni in it instead. I'd have to cut the recipe in half too, 9 servings is a lot for a one person household, even if I froze part of it.

    The "cheeseless" pasta sounds good too! I never would have thought to combine hummus with pasta.

    As for the sneakers, I do wear them a lot. I suffer from sciatica, and bone pain from my cancer treatment, so many times when it comes to shoes, comfort trumps fashion. I usually have to save my "cute shoes" for the times when I won't be doing a lot of walking or standing. - 7/18/2010   10:08:58 AM

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