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Saving Time and Stress With Cooking Co-ops

10 Healthy Ways to Jazz Up Your Yogurt

Biggest Loser Controversy: Kai Hibbard Speaks Out

Homemade Coconut Butter

9 Surprising Allergy Triggers

Elude Mosquitoes With These Tricks

Stay Ahead of Arthritis

Healthy Food Swap Ideas From Top Chef

How to Not Be Intimidated at the Gym

Chilly 'Naner, Nib, and Nut Butter Sandwich

5 Ways to Keep Your Brain Sharp

Genetically Altered Salmon Get Closer to the Table

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    Allergy and co-op cooking, where both very interesting. Would love to have cooking co-op around here in Jersey. Would be a great social tool as well as getting fresh meals and new ones at that. - 7/1/2010   11:00:38 AM
  • STACEYJ2008
    actually, a 400 pounds person eating 1200 calories is not absurd. The entire point is to show them how much they can still eat of healthy food. 1200 calories isn't that low. I think it is crazy that people think that it is. You aren't supposed to dip below 1000 calories. When you are 400 pounds, your body has to do a lot of starving to hit starvation mode. Have any people done medical research on losing weight? I have. It is medically healthy for a 400 pound person to eat 1200 calories to lose weight. The thing is, it's hard, working out that hard is tough and people would rather get fat sucked out of them by a machine or their stomach clamped then to exercise and put in the work, mental thinking and effort to take it off naturally. Because I am sorry, but this years biggest loser was over 500 pounds and he was eating 1200 calories per day. I don't think he is complaining about being over 300 pounds lighter. Just saying. It isn't abusive, they just try to make them face reality. Working out isn't going to kill you. You will get tired you will get out of breath thats what it does. This show saved people. And I am sorry, losing weight is rough stuff. They should get some money. Why not? They only get 250,000. People on Survivor and Amazing Race get a million. I think those shows are more ridiculous than anything I have seen on Biggest Loser. - 6/30/2010   12:00:42 PM
  • 20
    It's sad that they have to resort to such bad tactics to get people to lose on the Biggest Loser. I also think to have to keep quiet is a bad tactic too. - 6/30/2010   7:34:28 AM
  • 19
    It's unfortunate that with the health issues we face as a society, BL can't use their platform to EDUCATE people about better health. I've often thought the money aspect of it was a little silly. Isn't losing weight reward enough? People who are active on this site realize that the show sets extremely unrealistic standards (a 400 lb person eating 1200 calories a day?!?!?!??! That's absurd! Especially given how much physical activity they are performing daily!) but what about the people who still don't have a real clue about how to lose weight in a healthy manner? If they are following this show and using it as their guideline, they are only being set up for failure (as are the contestants). - 6/29/2010   9:26:57 AM
    I have never seen an epiode of the biggest loser, but the New York TImes article on cooking co-ops was really interesting to me. - 6/29/2010   7:18:13 AM
  • 17
    I've only watched one season of the Biggest Loser and although I enjoyed it, I knew it wasn't anybody's reality of losing weight in the real world. Even if all they did was eat and work out, those huge losses are pure tv glitz. Would you watch otherwise, I doubt it! I don't think it's sour grapes or looking for her 15 minutes of fame. I didn't even watch the season she was on, so I know nothing about her. It seems to me that she is trying to get the word out that it IS unhealthy, even if they are under a doctor's care. So far, she is the only one with any courage to speak up. There will probably be more to follow. - 6/28/2010   6:11:07 PM
  • 16
    This woman is apparently just trying to get more from her "15 minutes of fame." The show has had over 200 contestants. She could have quit and left if she thought it was so bad. I don't put any interest in someone like her. - 6/28/2010   3:39:22 PM
  • 15
    1. What little I've watched of "Loser" appeared to be mean, abusive, and unhealthy. Forcing overweight, unhealthy people to train for half-marathons, emotionally abusive trainers, kicking people off for not losing fast enough...
    Someone's going to die on that show.

    2. Until we develop ecologically safe salmon-farming methods, we absolutely should not introduce the genetically altered salmon stock. We know that farm stock escapes and mingles with wild salmon. What could we unleash with this gene mod? - 6/28/2010   12:25:48 PM
  • STACEYJ2008
    I highly doubt that the doctors and trainers on the show actually promoted unhealthy habits. They always are telling you and making you drink water, eat all of your allotted calories for the day and if you are hurt, you can't do what everyone else does. Urinating blood can happen, especially if you start working out when you haven't been at all. Ask any doctor that question and they will tell you the same thing. The reason why they drop the weight so fast is because all they do is eat and work out. They don't have a life outside of that Ranch the entire time they are there. If this was really going on, why is there only one contestant who says so? Just something to think about. - 6/28/2010   11:39:51 AM
  • 13
    Thanks Kal for your comments re Biggest Loser I never had a desire to follow it and always questioned that their way would be a healthy way - 6/28/2010   8:30:06 AM
  • 12
    I found the article about Kai speaking out to be the most interesting, because while I knew the TV show pushed limits, I had no idea it actually warped a contestant's sense of self-worth and health like that!

    The links about yogurt, the banana sandwich, and Top Chef subs were great too -- always looking to jazz it up in the kitchen and lighten things up! - 6/28/2010   7:24:27 AM
  • 11
    Thanks for the interesting reads. Loved the Oh She Glows blog. - 6/28/2010   6:56:42 AM
    A lot of television shows that seem real, are reality based.Though some suggestions from the above links may work for some people. - 6/27/2010   10:45:49 PM
  • 9
    I enjoyed Oh She glows and spent an hour on the site. I am not surprised by Kia, I detect sour grapes, and I feel that she chose to particpate in the event. As I recall she was really a gamer and not all that nice to team mates. I love the frozen bananas - how come I am not spelling this well. The Co-op cooking would not work for me, because I am not that social. great idea though. - 6/27/2010   10:24:25 PM
  • 8
    always a good idea to keep our brain sharp as the most vital organ to run our liked that article for tips to help.....we ain't gettin' any younger, u know?! :) and then of course, i pray & thank God for the brain i do have and to help keep it running :-) - 6/27/2010   6:02:55 PM
  • 7
    wow, that near-frozen banana "sandwich" sounds SOOOO good, and I may have to try coconut butter--I have never heard of it before. And the Biggest Loser issue does not surprise me. - 6/27/2010   4:14:19 PM
  • 6
    I always wondered how the BL contestants "gamed" the system. Makes sense now. . .

    But the Top Chef substitutions. Great ideas!! - 6/27/2010   2:24:47 PM
  • 5
    The Biggest Loser controversy sparked my interest the most. - 6/27/2010   12:45:19 PM
  • 4
    I love Jillian Michaels and I watch BL once in awhile for inspiration? However, I know that we don't lose weight that quickly and some of the things they get into seem cruel. It is a game show as someone said.

    I'm not sure the co-op cooking would work for us - fun article though. We have to cook it! We are vegetarians, like to cook fresh, small amounts. Once in awhile we buy our food from the Wellness Forum - but they taught us to cook, so it's all good! donna - 6/27/2010   12:06:48 PM
  • 3
    That was the only thing I didn't like about BL. I thought they should base getting kicked off purely on the weight loss percentages, and play the 'game' less. If it's all about getting people healthy, then do it that way. But it won't happen, because that wouldn't be 'compelling TV' for the network. Oh, well. - 6/27/2010   11:29:43 AM
  • 2
    I'm glad SOMEONE is talking about what goes on behind the scenes at the Biggest Loser.

    And I love Angela and Oh She Glows! I especially love her for turning me on to green monsters. She has some amazing recipe ideas.

    - 6/27/2010   11:13:06 AM
  • 1
    I saw Kai on the TV segment and the first thing I thought was that while what she's doing is admirable, is anyone really surprised that the show where contestants lose over 10 pounds a week isn't somehow unhealthy or rigged? It's a TV show!

    Also read the article in the Times about co-op cooking. Seems to be a bit of a hassle. I think the fresh fruit and vegetable coops are a better bet. - 6/27/2010   10:01:41 AM

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