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Exercising in the Heat from the Fit Stop

Vegan Values: Chickpeas and Dumplings from Peas & Thank You

7 Reasons to Try Interval Training from Fit Sugar

8 Avocado Recipes (Besides Guacamole) from

Real Personal Trainers Won't Make You Puke from ACE

4 Tips to Stay Healthy During Summer Travel from Diet Blog

Vegan Whole Wheat Chocolate Cupcakes with Spiced 'Buttercream' from Oh She Glows

Burn Calories in the Pool - Without Swimming a Single Lap from Shape

The Big Popper (3 New Recipes!) from Hungry Girl

Are We Built to Run Barefoot? from The New York Times

Apricot-Pistachio Bars from Carrots 'n' Cake

Which stories piqued your interest this week?

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  • 14
    I grew up barefoot, as often as was allowed. Still love it, but don't run as much! - 6/14/2011   10:04:41 AM
  • 13
    I liked the water exercises. Gave me more ideas. Thanks! - 6/14/2011   8:43:14 AM
    ALTs sound good! My middle son does not cre for tomatoes, so he might try an ALC: Avacado/Lettuce/Cucumber sandwich. - 6/13/2011   9:33:00 AM
    wow... lot of good information.. 10 Healthy (not so much) and the burning calories in the pool were great! - 6/13/2011   8:20:19 AM
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    The barefoot running article is very interesting to me as a runner -- one of my good friends is a barefoot runner who has been able to return to the sport after YEARS of not running. He overtrained for a marathon and had to drop out of the sport because he was injured -- barefoot running has helped calm his knee and gout! It's really impressive to me how well the body can adapt to new situations and how we can best help our bodies re-acclimate.

    But thanks for being judgmental and putting an end to the conversation as usual, JIBBIE. - 6/13/2011   6:49:51 AM
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    I enjoyed the Woman's Day article, 10 Healthy Foods that Aren't. Most of the facts were things that I had already heard or knew, but it was a good reminder to read labels, login food eaten and track calories. - 6/12/2011   6:55:08 PM
  • 8
    Real Personal Trainers Won't Make You Puke from ACE is a well-written, to the point, timely article! I don't get how showing obese people with their shirts off and making them weigh on a freight scale is respectful. I'm surprised at how many people find these shows "motivational." I think many of us who struggle with our weight have abused ourselves enough with our negative self-talk. I'm finally being kind to myself and am not about to let someone else verbally abuse me!
    - 6/12/2011   4:16:41 PM
  • 7
    LOVE the pool article. Most of these will work in a backyard pool where you can't swim laps (even the intex ones with flimsy rails and walls - use the ladder instead of the wall) and there are so many ideas!

    The avocado article was timely as I've been having avocado cravings. Thank you! :) - 6/12/2011   1:43:47 PM
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    I am eager to try out the recipe in the blog: Vegan Values: Chickpeas and Dumplings- looks nutritious, economic, delicious and comfort food for our cold season.
    The article about barefoot running interests me. I thought the comments were excellent but the article lacked somewhat.
    Get this runners: shift your running form so you land lightly towards the front of your foot pad, instead of pounding your heel with long strides. - 6/12/2011   12:15:55 PM
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    PRUSSIANETTE - I agree with everything in your comment!

    That's one of the reasons I stopped watching the Biggest Loser!! - 6/12/2011   11:26:53 AM
    I liked the "Real Personal Trainers Won't Make You Puke" article. I thought it was spot on. Although I realize Biggest Loser is trying to show people that they can lose weight no matter how big you are, common sense would tell you that puking and collapsing from working out is simply not safe and could possibly be life-threatening. In fact, if someone has never worked out on a regular basis, this show may actually scare them off--overweight people do NOT want to attract attention in a gym, and if they think they may throw up, that may be enough to deter them from trying.

    I also had to smile at how the writer has overheard some people say that overweight people did it to themselves. All I could think of was, when I was young and thin and in perfect shape, I would look at overweight people and, although I never said anything, often thought "how did they get to that point"? Well, here I am, so no longer have to wonder!! However, since my Mom was overweight, I never criticized overweight people, I just "didn't get" how it happened. - 6/12/2011   10:01:40 AM
    I got a chuckle out of "10 Healthy Foods That Aren't from Woman's Day". I can think of hundreds of healthy foods that aren't from that magazine... :-) - 6/12/2011   9:54:03 AM
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    Well we weren't born with shoes on our feet. So yes i would say that we are built to run barefoot. I would also say that just because we are built for it does not mean that we allow ourselves or our children to adhire to it for whatever reason. Many places have broken glass, snakes, etc. In some places it is safe to and in others it is not. I used to run barefoot more than not when i was a kid. Then I became a paranoid adult and started to wear shoes. Now I am trying to run with my shoes off but the back and forth is kind of painful. The spread of your feet change when you wear shoes and when you go barefoot. To each their own and may both prosper! ^_^ They are both great!
    - 6/12/2011   8:55:35 AM
  • 1
    Are we built to run Barefoot? I think the idea is just stupid. I'll keep my shoes, thank you. - 6/12/2011   7:24:18 AM

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