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10 Fitness Faux Pas from Shape Magazine

Oat-standing!!! (New Giant B-fast Bowls!) from Hungry Girl

How To Build a Better Bottom from That's Fit

7 Great-For-You Pizza Recipes from

All-Natural Ways to Fight Bloating from Woman's Day

Walk On With This Spring Playlist from Fit Bottomed Girls

What's Lurking on Supermarket Meat? from Diet Blog

Lessons in Self-Love from Oh She Glows

Wannabe Recipea: Chocolate Lava Cake from Peas & Thank You

Fake news sites link to acai berry diet, FTC says from USA Today

Spinach Fondue from Savvy Eats

Eco-Friendly Fashion Finds from Fitness Magazine

3 Ingredient Corn Cake from The Edible Perspective

Water in schools - what readers say from CNN

Meet the Pina-Vocado! Avocado Smoothie from Healthy Happy Life

Which stories piqued your interest this week?

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  • 14
    The pina-vacado smoothie looks good! - 4/26/2011   9:22:20 AM
  • 13
    The FTC finally doing something about some of those stupid, lying ads online, whether it's for Acai or anything else!! About time! I can't believe people actually spend money on that junk, in 2011. You would think by now people would be smarter. There's a sucker born every minute apparently is still true. - 4/25/2011   8:35:06 PM
    Natural Ways to Fight Bloating - 4/25/2011   1:57:49 PM
  • 11
    We drank water when I was in school, but we did it at lunch and recess. We knew to get it done as well as go to the bathroom so once we got back into class we didn't distrupt the teacher. I think water bottles in the classroom certainly would do that. - 4/25/2011   2:40:57 AM
    Shape Magazine's Fitness Faux Pas--good info - 4/25/2011   12:49:34 AM
  • 9
    I read the Shape article on exercise faux pas but the pictures didn't match the tips which was a little frustrating. Otherwise a good article, one that mentioned some things that I'm a bit guilty of! I'm off to read about oatmeal and pizza...can't beat either of those! - 4/24/2011   9:10:19 PM
  • 8
    Oat-Standing caught my eye and the recipes look very good. - 4/24/2011   8:21:36 PM
  • 7
    ARTICLE: Water in schools - what readers say from CNN

    I just emailed our superintendent of schools to encourage us to adopt a policy that requires that students be permitted to carry water with them throughout the school day as well as eat healthy snacks throughout the day.

    We have trained our kids NOT to eat (healthy snacks) throughout the day, starve until lunch time, fill up on the unhealthier choices at lunches and deny that they are in need to water until lunch or recess.

    It's time to adopt a policy that REQUIRES schools to permit children to eat healthy snacks and drink water. It's too bad we need a policy to do so but the reality is that right now it is up to individual adults to "allow" kids to drink or eat and for the most part.

    We don't let the children grow up with healthy habits. Our reasons: it might interrupt the learning environment; not all kids can afford a healthy snack; it might mess up the classroom; I (the teacher) don't think they need it, etc, etc. We need to find better solutions to our worries than denying children healthy snacks and plenty of water. It's time to teach life-long habits by allowing kids to PRACTICE life-long healthy habits from kinder through 12th!

    My two cents...
    D - 4/24/2011   11:19:26 AM
  • 6
    Angela's Lessons in Self Love is a great read :) - 4/24/2011   10:50:09 AM
  • JDBD17
    The two oatmeal recipes look delicious. I'm not sure I'd make either one for breakfast because they seem a little sweet. I could see myself putting one or the other in the crock pot for an after school snack though. - 4/24/2011   10:21:10 AM
    Anything about fighting bloating is useful to me. Thanks for the additional ideas. - 4/24/2011   9:05:42 AM
  • 3
    PIZZA suggestions did it for me. - 4/24/2011   8:48:35 AM
  • 2
    Love hungry girl recipes. - 4/24/2011   8:38:18 AM
  • 1
    Oat-Standing--the oatmeal recipes look delish! - 4/24/2011   8:08:47 AM

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