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'Health Hero' Lauren Niemes takes on bad foods from

For BILLALEX70, weight loss is a way of life from The Marion Star

1 in 3 Adults Have High Blood Pressure or High Cholesterol from Diet Blog

Garbanzo Bean Soup from Oh She Glows

School Lunch (Finally) Gets a Makeover from That's Fit

Dance Your Way Slim from

Tattooed from Peas & Thank You

10 Winter Health Myths Exposed from Woman's Day

Get Hilary's Hot Arms! from Fitness Magazine

5 Cooking Tips to Make Your Meals Heart Healthy from Fit Bottomed Girls

Healthy Vegan Spinach Artichoke Dip from Daily Garnish

Global Obesity Rates Double Since 1980 from AOL Health

Butternut Squash Enchiladas from Healthy Tipping Point

Which stories piqued your interest this week?

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    Not at all interested in any of the recipes you list on this blog even when they look so good.
    Why do you always include ones that have no nutritional counts when there are so many great recipe blogs that do have that info???? Most of us are tracking our food and it is really a lot of work to enter the data and find the values are not within our guidelines. They don't seem as useful as they coud to SparkPeople users. - 2/8/2011   8:35:02 AM
  • 21
    Well, the recipe for the butternut squash enchiladas interested me. If I wanted my husband to divorce me, that would be the dinner to fix for him to push the deal through, lol. - 2/7/2011   9:22:10 PM
  • 20
    I was pleasantly surprised to see the sweet potato pinto bean soup recipe on the Tattooed blog. Sounds delish. Thanks. - 2/7/2011   7:39:56 PM
    These choices were great, I went with Hummus soup and dancing exercises. I am going to check out what SP has to offer for dance routines. - 2/7/2011   4:17:50 PM
  • 18
    Good Articles...messages i needed to hear, thank you! - 2/7/2011   1:59:23 PM
    Dudley Laufman wrote a great dance your way fit book--Traditional Barn Dances with Calls and Fiddling. It has written instructions for 53 dances, plus an instructional DVD to learn how to dance the traditional barn dance steps, and music CDs with and without the calls. I dance around the kitchen all the time listening to them.
    I also call dances and work with a band, if anyone is interested, leave me a message on my SparkPage. - 2/7/2011   9:48:19 AM
  • 16
    Dance yourself slim sounded good to me - 2/7/2011   9:08:29 AM
  • 15
    I want Hillary's arms! - 2/7/2011   8:30:58 AM
  • 14
    Good articles! - 2/7/2011   8:24:13 AM
  • 13
    I want Hilary's arms! :) - 2/7/2011   7:58:01 AM
  • 12
    Thank you for this round-up! I especially liked the links plus the words after saying where they came from. It helped me not do any unnecessary clicks to see if I had read something already or not! - 2/7/2011   1:13:17 AM
  • BABA04
    we are big soup lovers and I love to dance for excerise so I've read many of the stories and intend to try a few in the next week, thanks - 2/6/2011   11:53:15 PM
  • 10
    Garbanzo Bean Soup! - 2/6/2011   11:53:08 PM
  • 9
    For BillAlex70 Weight Loss is a Way of Life. Bill is an amazing Sparker. So many people consider him a friend and look for his friendhsip. He a a leader on our FitBuckeyeFans team because of his inspirational ability and perseverance. He knows, we know he knows. We too will make healthy living a way of life. - 2/6/2011   10:56:20 PM
  • 8
    Several of them: Global obesity, blood pressure, 5 cooking tips, and school lunch. Thanks! - 2/6/2011   10:49:03 PM
  • 7
    Dance Your Way Slim...! thanks. - 2/6/2011   10:15:48 PM
  • 6
    We've just had a member of our family go through open heart surgery, so the heart healthy cooking tips are really great. I also really appreciated the article on Lauren Niemes in Cincinnati. Indiana is in as bad a shape as Cincinnati. We've got such a long way to go as a society. Hooray for people like Lauren who never quit trying. - 2/6/2011   8:07:09 PM
  • 5
    I have never liked Hillary Swank, so I wasn't surprised she has muscular arms. LOL She's a "pill."
    Global obesity was an interesting article. - 2/6/2011   7:36:18 PM
  • 4
    I liked "'Health Hero' Lauren Niemes takes on bad foods (from" She's committed her life to helping people fight the big industry that seems so intent on sabotaging our efforts to live a healthy, fulfilling and strong life. She could easily get discouraged, but she keeps on keeping on! - 2/6/2011   1:36:51 PM
  • 3
    this looks...interesting. We'll see how it goes! - 2/6/2011   12:52:15 PM
  • 2
    Definitely the healthy vegan spinach artichoke dip! yum! The Daily Garnish is a site I'll be returning to often for great healthy recipes. Thanks! - 2/6/2011   11:26:10 AM
  • 1
    Thank you for sharing they all were good it was hard to pick the best one. - 2/6/2011   9:43:31 AM

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