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Hit the Hay to Hit the Gym

Report Questions Need for 2 Diet Supplements

Double Shot Hazelnut Oatmeal

Consume more omega-3s to protect your eyesight

Asian Sesame Glazed Brussels Sprouts

5 Moves to Kick Off Your Morning

Vanilla Wins

Breakdown of Eggnog Alternatives

The Hummus That Changed Everything

10 Easy-to-Recycle Kitchen Items

Baby, It's Cold Outside! (Winter-Weather Recipes!)

Deck the Balls

Which stories piqued your interest this week?

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    I enjoyed the brussel sprouts recipe, been doing that on my own just to get my dh to enjoy them too. The supplements article was interesting, also. - 12/6/2010   9:03:49 PM
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    Deck the BALLS. Ouch. - 12/6/2010   4:58:41 PM
    The article for Asian Sesame Glazed Brussels Sprouts caught my eye and look delicious!

    I have never been an eggnog fan (hate the texture, taste and smell) but it was interesting to know there are eggnog alternatives - 12/6/2010   11:28:36 AM
  • 9
    I loved the eggnog alternatives. I tried the Silk version this weekend, and I approve!! Which is surprising b/c one of my FAVORITE THINGS about this time of the year is the nog! I will probably be trying the Rice Dream version as soon as I can get my hands on it.

    I also enjoyed the 5 AM exercizes... I need to do those, I only hope I can remember in the morning (I'm the EXACT OPPOSITE of a morning person).

    I also enjoy HG's recipes, although none of these posted really pique my interest. I might try the pumpkin rosotta but leave out the mushrooms or find an alternative to mushrooms as I'm not a mushroom lover... maybe I could marinate tofu in a garlic sauce or something?? - 12/6/2010   10:01:30 AM
  • 8
    Yeah! Winter Weather Recipes! - 12/6/2010   7:07:26 AM
  • 7
    5 Moves to Kick Off Your Morning.....I am going to do these! Thanks!
    - 12/5/2010   9:52:03 PM
  • 6
    Thanks for the articles. - 12/5/2010   8:29:34 PM
  • 5
    these articles are very informative and very nice to read ive liked most of them - 12/5/2010   3:08:46 PM
  • 4
    Report on supplements, which I take regularly. - 12/5/2010   2:12:42 PM
  • 3
    For the 5 moves, it was clearly written for someone who sleeps alone. I don't think my husband would appreciate me doing exercises in bed when I get up in the morning, since I have to get up a couple of hours before he does. - 12/5/2010   12:57:48 PM
    The vitamin D report was interesting. The public needs to know that the new recommendations are aimed at populations not individuals. Getting your vitamin D level tested is the best way to determine your own supplementation needs. - 12/5/2010   12:20:47 PM
  • 1
    All of those winter recipes sound wonderful, especially since I've got a cauliflower craving! - 12/5/2010   11:56:49 AM

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