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Michelle Obama and Walmart Join Forces Promoting Healthy Food

Red Quinoa and Black Bean Vegetable Salad

How to Make Time for Health When You're Busy

Clementine Cutie Brownies

7 Ideas to Keep Children Active This Winter

Homemade Spinach Hummus

8 Surprising Reasons You're Tired

Are You Cross-Training? Why You Should Be

Healthy Cheesecake Recipe

Bacne: An Unpleasant Side Effect of Working Out

HG Salutes: Butternut Squash!

Blueberries faked in cereals, muffins, bagels and other food products

Which stories piqued your interest this week?

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  • 31
    Healthy cheesecake... hmm little pieces - 1/27/2011   1:53:31 AM
  • 30
    This past summer, I got into the habit of freezing the "extra" pint of berries whenever they were on sale buy-one-get-one. Right now, I'm "long" on blueberries and strawberries. They are great in smoothies or mashed up with a little maple syrup or honey and served on homemade pancakes.

    Pickanyname: Re: the chili cheese fritoes? Yes I do believe it. I hadn't even heard of such a thing until until I moved to Texas in high school and "Frito Pie" showed up on the menu every week. The next day? chicken fried steak! - 1/25/2011   10:10:14 AM
    Faux berries!!! WOW!

    Besides just outright trickery how about non support of our blueberry growers! - 1/25/2011   8:37:51 AM
  • 28
    I've noticed the fake blueberries for years, except Betty Crocker has one kind of blueberry muffin mix that has canned blueberries inside, you have to open the can and drain them, which probably too many people found "too much work", so quit buying them, hence the fake blueberries. Ah yes, if only everyone could afford to buy enough blueberries to each eat one cup every day, but not at the prices of the danged things, ESPecially "organic" locally grown ones, because it will never be a dreamworld where that happens magically, despite the whining of the few. - 1/24/2011   9:23:14 PM
  • 27
    The fake blueberries story was a surprise to me - not that I really gave it much though, just took for granted that the blueberries were really in the product. I'll be checking from now on. - 1/24/2011   6:48:17 PM
  • 26
    I do love the healthy recipes. thanks. - 1/24/2011   3:50:32 PM
  • 25
    I'm glad to see that someone in the media is paying attention to the false advertising of some food manufacturers. I, for one, am tired of having to scour food labels to actually find FOOD. I am always encouraging my kids to put real fruit on their cereal, rather than giving in to their demands for blueberry- or strawberry-flavored cereals. - 1/24/2011   1:48:36 PM
    Also, as far as school lunches are concerned, would you believe that one periodically offered "entree" item at my son's school is "chili cheese fritos?!?!" ..... I'M NOT KIDDING!!!! This is something you shouldn't even see at a sporting event concession stand much less something you serve kids for a meal at school/home/camp, etc!!! UGH!!!! - 1/24/2011   1:33:45 PM
  • 23
    The fake berries in processed mixes has always been so, for the last fifty years at least,, except the one mix, I do not know if it is Betty crocker or Duncan Hines,, but they have a little can of REAL blueberries in the box,, it is very clear right on the front of the box and back that theya re artificial and the ingredients list has always shown what they ar emade from,, used to read the list as a kid,,!!
    As far as fresh produce prices, I cannot afford to even think of grocery shopping at walmart,, their prices are higher than other stores and do not double coupons,, even if I did not already boycott them and sams,, (walmart store),, - 1/24/2011   1:31:07 PM
    Soooo glad to see that an influential person was able to make headway with food GIANT Wal-mart. I've been complaining that our local Walmart has replaced too many fresh food choices with prepackaged, chemical foods for the sake of convenience. I just wonder why it will take so long to see some of the changes that are suppose to be made come to fruition. Although MUCH more needs to be done to promote an overall healthy lifestyle in this country, I'm glad more people may start walking the walk instead of just talking the talk!!!! - 1/24/2011   1:28:44 PM
  • 21
    I have a feeling blueberries aren't the only fake fruit in cereals, breads and pastries sold under big brand names. I am so glad I have embraced a whole-food, organic lifestyle. This stuff is just disgusting. - 1/24/2011   12:49:09 PM
  • 20
    I have always hated that fake blueberry taste. Now I know why. Give me the real thing or nothing. - 1/24/2011   11:20:25 AM
  • 19
    I loved "How to make time for health when you're busy. The tips were spot on and I loved her recipe for apple walnut muffins - I'm going to try that one and check out her recipes section for her 5 minutes lunches. I passed this one along to several friends! Thanks for sharing. - 1/24/2011   9:52:33 AM
    Thank you, Michelle Obama! The price of fresh produce has become not just high, but alarmingly so, in this country. I'd always rather buy it than frozen or canned versions...and by and large, Walmart does tend to have lower fruit/veggie prices. It's cost quite a bit more to eat healthy for me, but the offset in fewer medications and doctor visits is a more-than-acceptable payoff.

    I wouldn't touch those "fooberries" :) I like mine frozen when they're out of season. If you let them thaw just for a couple minutes, they're like eating a fresh sorbet with fiber. - 1/24/2011   8:02:07 AM
  • 17
    I think it should be illegal to call these additions Blueberries - 1/24/2011   5:47:24 AM
  • 16
    The 1st lady joining with Walmart to promote healthier eating sounds like a good story. My question is whether Walmart's plan to help encourage better eating is going to involve making healthy snacks as affordable as unhealthy snacks. This story is one the I will have to read more about. - 1/23/2011   11:49:39 PM
  • 15
    The 1st lady joining with Walmart to promote healthier eating sounds like a good story. My question is whether Walmart's plan to help encourage better eating is going to involve making healthy snacks as affordable as unhealthy snacks. This story is one the I will have to read more about. - 1/23/2011   11:49:39 PM
    Wow!!! This is so disturbing! Those blueberry products are all things we don't buy anyway, but it ticks me off that they deceive the public that is already suffering terribly from obesity and malnutrition! - 1/23/2011   10:21:24 PM
  • 13
    The story about Blueberry fake muffins, poptarts, bagels etc. was really interesting. It reminds me of HOMEOPATHIC products that are nothing but water and sold for lots of money on the internet. Just fake. - 1/23/2011   9:58:51 PM
  • 12
    I like the article, "How to Make Time for Health When You're Busy". Even though it's mostly about student life, we can adapt that to working people, too. - 1/23/2011   9:37:39 PM
  • 11
    Not a big fan of Michelle Obama or Walmart but anything that will get parents to take more of an interest in what they allow their children to eat is ok by me. Parents really need to be proactive in finding ways to help their children be healthy through nutrition, exercise, and self esteem. - 1/23/2011   9:31:24 PM
  • 10
    I forwarded being tired to a friend. And saved spinach hummus for me - 1/23/2011   5:34:17 PM
  • 9
    What ever happened to "truth in advertising"? It is outrageous for the companies to fake blueberries in products and the pictures show real blueberries on the package. I will be reading labels more carefully after this. - 1/23/2011   3:59:26 PM
  • 8
    I loved the Spinach Hummus Recipe. We make hummus at home frequently but never with spinach. I am excited to try this recipe at home.

    Not all parents are educated about healthy eating habits and unless they read the nutritional info, packaging can be very misleading. For example, just recently we bought for our children chocolate milk to take in their school lunch. In big letters it said how healthy it was for children, low fat and calcium. We made the mistake not to read the nutrition info at the store but we read it at home. The milk box had 200 calories with a great percentage of those calories coming from sugar. Good thing we bought it at a store where we could return it. So I am happy the government is getting involved. Perhaps this involvement will reduce deceptive practices from merchandisers, and help those parents that are not as educated about nutrition. - 1/23/2011   3:43:38 PM
  • 7
    I watched the video about blueberries faked in different products, how dare those prominent companies scam us! I will now check the ingredients in all boxes or bags that are supposed to include different fruits, specially blueberries (which I love!). - 1/23/2011   2:49:06 PM
  • 6
    I work at an elementary school. We have loads of kids that have breakfast AND lunch at school. Not crazy about the government getting involved, but something has to change. Some days they offer "super donuts" for breakfast and then they have waffle sticks and syrup for lunch. Who is setting this menu? What are we teaching our kids besides you have to eat alot of sugar with each meal! Something has to be done. - 1/23/2011   1:54:09 PM
  • 5
    I am troubled that our government is taking control over what kids are eating. Where are the parents in this? So they make the school lunches healthier but look at what kids who pack are eating.....Our kids are not playing outside...they are inside playing video games. Give us back safe parks and playgrounds! - 1/23/2011   1:08:23 PM
  • 4
    i liked that i'm seeing more quinoa recipes being posted..and i liked the bacne article because I didn't really know about the science behind rest between workouts. and that article gave a link to that. it's pretty interesting! - 1/23/2011   12:19:49 PM
  • 3
    How to Make Time For Health When You're Busy - It was comforting to know others face the same time challenges.

    The Fake Blueberry segment was also very interesting - I never considered that those products were artificial, though I can't say I'm all that surprised. I appreciated that they used specific brand names.

    I'm also absolutely impressed with Walmart's move to pressure the food industry to reduce the prices of healthy foods. A really great example of corporate influence used for good. Now if only they adjusted their labor practices... - 1/23/2011   11:41:35 AM
  • 2
    How to make time when you are busy and 8 Reasons for being tired caught my eye - 1/23/2011   11:21:20 AM
    The story on fake blueberries in cereals, muffins and poptarts. I am definately reading labels from now on. - 1/23/2011   11:06:51 AM

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