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Jane Fonda's Workout Revamped


Exercise is My Easy Button

Vegan Gluten-Free Waffles

All That and a Bag of Chips

My Favorite Recipes of 2010

Study finds probable carcinogen in tap water of 31 U.S. cities

Cinnamon Vanilla Sauteed Persimmons

10 Morning Mood Busters

Holiday Breakfast In a Jiffy: Carrot Cake Oatmeal

Which stories piqued your interest this week?

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    Just read "10 Morning Mood Busters"--great article! Thanks - 12/29/2010   9:48:57 AM
    I wish the recipes included were a little healthier and had nutritional counts. As it is, I don't use them because they don't sound that good for you and I'd have to enter a lot of data in order to find out calorie count etc. So I'm a bit disappointed. Also while I'm at it, the article on Jane Fonda's new workout seemed like a commercial.......Sorry to be so negative--maybe I needed to read the "10 Morning Mood Busters" before I posted this:). - 12/29/2010   9:44:30 AM
    old dogs and new tricks .. or old goats and old tricks . same old revamped . been there done that . old news old moves .. lets get fresh new light ideas .. - 12/28/2010   6:16:49 PM
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    Thanks, Beatletot...your point is comprehended and it is valid. I appreciate your response. - 12/28/2010   1:03:38 PM
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    I get you, OutOfIdeas. I came back, because I feel a little bad...I was having an ornery morning. I can see the professionalism of these blogs, but many of these things really aren't NEWS, and I would still argue that they aren't headlines. Just because they're professional, it doesn't make them professional news sources. And they're avoidable when the link is labelled something really obvious, but the second one, for example, is not.

    I just get antsy because, even after all this time that this weekly post comes out, I still expect to get a healthy dose of news, not the other. Studies, actions being taken by governments, even the light articles like the "Morning Mood Busters, and even many of the things on into the genre as features. And it grates on me a little bit. But that's my problem, not Denise's, not yours, not the blog writers', so I should have kept it to myself. - 12/28/2010   8:27:26 AM
    i will definitely be trying the carrot cake oatmeal!!! sounds amazing!!!

    ::edit:: Also really enjoyed the morning mood busters article!! - 12/28/2010   4:33:39 AM
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    Kale chips sound funny but they arn't bad, still raise blood sugars though, for those that worry about that little fact. The kale growers should be happy though, perhaps they can finally sell more of their product. - 12/27/2010   9:27:08 PM
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    I feel compelled to respond to Beatletot's derogatory comment that many of these "blogs" are produced by full time writers, journalists, artists, cooks, and photographers who have commercial sponsers for their work. That counts as being an actual "publication" in most circles these days. If their content doesn't appeal to you, that is fine...but that in no way diminishes the professionalism of their work. - 12/27/2010   1:17:10 PM
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    Any of the ones that come from actual publications and not blogs are preferable to the other. Even though I liked the "Morning Mood Busters" article, I haven't utilized it yet, so I'm ornery enough today to finally say that clicking on these links to find healthy "headlines" and being redirected to someone's pictures of their breakfast is disappointing at best and obnoxious at worst. My interest would be better piqued by newspaper, magazine and wire websites. One or two articles from NYT and Women's Day is not enough. - 12/27/2010   10:36:39 AM
    My favorite was the morning mood buster article! Perfect for an early Monday morning read to end 2010 off right and start 2011 with smiles and energy. - 12/27/2010   9:31:49 AM
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    The Mood Busters article was great!! I've already started doing lots of those things (eating a healthy breakfast, smelling mint throughout the day -- to stave off cravings), but I think I'll try a few more. I like that most of the things on the list are positive and intentional tricks of the MIND, rather than the same old "get enough sleep and get up early so you don't rush" line. - 12/27/2010   9:05:25 AM
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    I did Jane Fonda's workouts "back in the day" when they were full of dangerous moves haha. It was neat to see the changes - her team looks awesome. Boy, does she looks great for her age and it was funny to hear her say she didn't like to do ANY exercise. - 12/27/2010   7:54:45 AM
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    Mmmm. Carrot cake oatmeal and the persimmons (altered to be vegan) sound tasty. And folks saying they wouldn't eat kale chips? You're missing out. BIG time. Kale chips are freaking fantastic. I don't think I'd want the curry version but I've tried the "ranch" and they were great. My bestie makes the BEST dehydrated kale chips - tahini, garlic, lime and nutritional yeast. So so so good. - 12/27/2010   12:58:09 AM
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    Jane Fonda back again? Oh, Lord. I like JF, but her exercise videos were a JOKE since she didn't even DO the exercises in them, but just INTRODUCED them. I'll stay with DENISE AUSTIN, who is a REAL expert on exercise. - 12/26/2010   7:06:30 PM
    As a proud Vietnam veteran and true liberator of many Vietnamese I object to anything pertaining to Jane Fonda, a well-known, traitorous, airhead. She'll not live long enough to avoid an anonymous burial site lest there be long lines awaiting to wee on her grave site! Oft, the hasty, ill-conceived act of youthful innocence can follow one to the grave. Fonda's is one such case. Ask her. She admits she was a fool! - 12/26/2010   4:47:39 PM
    And that is why I don't drink tap water. Albuquerque is one of those 31 cities.

    All that and a bag of chips was funny--detox in the car! Curried Kale Chips I am not sure I would try that.

    Mood busters involves a couple of cups of coffee or the day is just not right!

    Since I love carrot cake without the frosting I would defintely make the carrot cake oatmeal! YUM! - 12/26/2010   2:31:11 PM
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    "10 Morning Mood Buster" caught my attention and was full of some good tips. I love it when my morning coffee is a positive thing! - 12/26/2010   11:25:07 AM
    I recommend everyone read the "10 Morning Mood Busters" article. There are great tips in there for starting the day in a better frame of mind - always a good idea. I'm going to keep a copy of it as reference and guide. - 12/26/2010   9:39:39 AM

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